50 Ways to Live Simply Luxuriously
Wednesday January 15, 2020

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With a new year brings a refreshed vision and motivation to live a life that speaks to who we are now as we realize we have grown, our priorities have also changed or evolved and perhaps more clarity has entered into what we wish to pursue.

Over the past 10 years, TSLL has shared posts and episodes to inspire readers to live their unique simply luxurious life. Today I want to share with you a list of 50 ways to do just that. Of course, there are many more than the 50 shared below, but each item on the list today is linked to a detailed post on that topic, so while #3 may suggest infusing magic into your morning, be sure to click on the link and discover 12 specific ways to ensure a great day the moment you wake up.

I look forward to bringing more posts just like the ones below and the journey of living simply luxuriously continues as life shares new lessons and offers more beautiful ahas.

1.Build a foundation from which to cultivate your unique simply luxurious life with these eight pillars.

2. Begin the day with intention each day (discover how to start the day “smart”)

3. Infuse some magic into your mornings for a great day

4. Welcome moments throughout your day and week that allow you to take a deep breath and relax.

5. Understand what true luxury is

6. Make a simple French cookie – savory or sweet depending upon your predilection.

7. Courageously be exactly who you are

8. Create a Lifestyle Grocery List

9. Design everyday routines to savor

10. Invite the skill of savoring into your life

11. Understand this truth today: You are doing just fine in this thing called life.

12. Become the tailor of your life and revel in how well it feels when it truly fits.

13. Find and establish your inner confidence

14. Cultivate true wealth

15. Master your mind and exercise it regularly

16. Understand the equation necessary to experience happiness in your life.

17. Build a lingerie capsule wardrobe

18. Understand the power of regular solitude

19. Welcome regular small and simple touches to your everyday life

20. Live like a Parisienne

21. Grow an herb garden to add exceptional flavor to your meals.

22. Know how to get back to calm and do so regularly

23. Enjoy eating everyday and love the results (discover how to enjoy grocery shopping)

24. Build an all-round life of good health

25. Eat like the French

26. Understand how to have an amazing day in the middle of the week.

27. Embrace the road to success is paved with happiness.

28. Practice regular self-care (31 ways to do exactly that)

29. Let yourself evolve into your signature style

30. Give yourself infinite fuel by being your truest self.

31. Find contentment and enjoy it every day of your life

32. Learn how to cultivate surroundings for everyday contentment

33. Seek out quality rather than quantity

34. Design a luxurious workday

35. Eliminate stress from your life

36. Develop the skills for igniting your creativity

37. Sleep on luxurious fabric that need not be terribly expensive and will last for years.

38. Squash negativity

39. Savor everyday moments

40. Display art in your home that you love and reflects of a glimpse of your life journey

41. Celebrate the ordinary

42. Know that you can create the life you want

43. Enjoy a cup of tea in simple everyday routines or an afternoon tea

44. Let go of the busy mentality (learn how to shift from busy to balanced)

45. Cultivate a grown-up’s living space (16 simple ways to organize your home and keep it organized)

46. Add a touch of cozy French to your decor

47. Establish weekend rituals

48. Welcome serenity into your life (know how to enjoy a good night’s sleep each night)

49. Waking up with excitement, going through your day with clarity and unwinding in the evening with peace of mind and a dose of pleasure and extraordinary comfort.

50. Design the end of your day with intention.

To discover more about choosing and living your own unique simply luxurious life, check out TSLL’s two books – Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide (2014) and Living The Simply Luxurious Life: Making Your Everydays Extraordinary and Becoming Your Best Self (2018)

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