127: 20 Ways to Live Like a Parisienne
Monday October 24, 2016

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“A home is a sanctuary, a haven of peace, where we can let down our guard amid the mad race of our hectic lives.” —Sarah Lavoine, author of Chez Moi: Decorating Your Home and Living Like a Parisienne

Being effortlessly stylish takes time, awareness and clarity of what not only looks and feels the best, but what aligns with our truest selves. Part of the reason I am drawn to the Parisienne eclectic style that marries beauty with simplicity is that there is an efficiency, a lack of excess that reduces the stress and decision making, as well as extra work to organize and keep track of things that while not necessary may need to be tended to because we have mistakenly brought them into our lives.

In interior designer Sarah Lavoine’s new book, Chez Moi, I was inspired by her effortless, but thoughtful approach to not only adorning and decorating one’s home, but how to live well within one’s home. So today, I would like to share with you a glimpse of 20 of my favorite ideas which she shares in her book.

~Be sure to tune into the podcast as I discuss each of the 20 items before in detail. You can download on iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play. 

1. Change interior throw pillows seasonally

2. An inviting, large, soft sofa. If possible two facing each other

3. Candles, candles, everywhere. Group them together for greater effect

4. Use wallpaper as a signature wall in small doses.

5. Never arrive empty handed when invited as a guest. Keep it simple, but thoughtful.

6. Add a nice porcelain set of teacups to use when receiving guests.

7. Speaking of tea, use tea bowls to serve up snacks.

8. Curate a mini library of cookbooks in your kitchen

9. Casual or country dining? Choose a cloth or linen tablecloth.

10. Make truffle pasta – black truffles, cream, pasta – oh my goodness. (recipe page 64)

11. Become an expert at making fruit tarts (recipe on page 66)

12. Serve wine in a carafe to add a touch of chic to the table

13. Purchase quality napkin rings, engrave your regular dining companions’ names to add a special inclusive touch. 

13. Create groupings with decor: hats, scarves, umbrellas. Do so purposefully for effortless style. 

14. Add a cozy armchair to your bedroom

15. Curtains in the bedroom. Yes!

16. Wear nails short and neat.

17. Invest in loose fitting v-neck cashmere sweaters

18. Choose Greek sandals with natural leather for summer footwear

19. Invest in a nice, tailored blazer to dress up any look

20. Tie bouquets with natural material such as raffia, sisal twine or cotton ribbon.

Living well asks of each of us to live consciously so that we eliminate the unnecessary (or know consciously never to welcome it into our lives in the first place) as well as what, when we decide to invest, will elevate the quality of our living for a good long while. Little touches make a grand difference, but making significant purchases or buying items of quality will also help build a haven of sanctuary at home that is full of thoughtful meaning and purpose so that we can live well and share our time with those we enjoy spending time with in a place that rejuvenates and awakens our truest selves.

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8 thoughts on “127: 20 Ways to Live Like a Parisienne

  1. Living like a Parisienne is more about attitude than about buying things. It’s adding a scarf, walking with good posture not over-styling one’s hair.
    As far as carafes, they serve two purposes: to let old wine breathe before serving or to improve the appearance of cheap boxed wine (and we do have boxed wine in France–some is quite good).

  2. Love all your podcasts. I truly admire your work…so educational and inspiring! Thank you. One note for your list of number 1. I lived in a small apartment and didn’t have storage for bulky toss pillows. So I chose quality feather inserts and bought toss pillow covers! It is so much easier to store pillow covers after cleaning them when I switch them up. Now, even though I live in a larger home I still follow this idea!

  3. This was a great one Shannon. Merci!

    What’s interesting about this list is that it’s about tending to the details of life.

    The non-essentials are what makes life truly worth living.

  4. I just re-read this podcast and had a huge epiphany!!!! The second tip was to buy a large soft sofa (here is the epiphany part) preferably two! I have a fairly new home and have been struggling with the living room layout. Bam! I now know what to do! Thank you! I have enjoyed looking at the older posts and podcasts.

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