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The beloved weekly newsletter is back! In 2010, TSLL’s free weekly newsletter began being delivered to subscribers inboxes each Friday and continued until 2020. With all of the exclusive letters from the editor (Shannon) which included a more personal dose of inspiration not shared anywhere else, readers asked if perhaps the content might be turned into a book, and guess what? Over the past year (2020-2021), that is exactly what I’ve been busily working with my editor. Look for many of those writings plus more than a third  of the book to contain new content and be published in a book early Spring 2022. But what about the newsletter?

It’s back and this time, while a little different, designed to celebrate the arrival of Friday each week. After eleven+ years of posting, TSLL’s archives are overflowing with content to inspire, motivate, and soothe, so I am bringing back the weekly newsletter to conclude the week well, share a favorite post from the archives to jump-start the weekend and share a list of links from the latest posts shared on the blog this week to keep you caught up on all that is going on with TSLL. An additional perk for being a weekly newsletter subscriber: During TSLL’s annual British and French Weeks, an exclusive giveaway is made available ONLY to weekly newsletter subscribers. Weekly subscribers will automatically receive the book release updates, detailed below.f

~note: If you are already subscribed to TSLL’s Monthly newsletter (prior to August 2021), you are already subscribed to this weekly delivery. 


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