"Let go of thinking and rest the mind in awareness. That is when we discover peace of mind." —Andy Puddicombe Positive thinking is powerful, but forcing positivity can be exhausting as it ignores what is. Negativity and cynism is destructive and life depleting, and to walk through life with a jaded perspective closes our lives off Read More
Monday January 25, 2021


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The month of January, the first month of 2021, the year we longed for, begins the latter half today and much is on my mind. Keeping it light and offering a breath of fresh air in today's regular monthly post, I was inspired by the beautiful sunshine which filled the house unexpectedly yesterday afternoon. We... Read More
Saturday January 16, 2021
Monday afternoon, in the middle of January. A bright, simple dish to lift the day. Having enjoyed a phone conversation with a friend who enjoys cooking and is regularly reminding me of simple ways to enjoy food full of flavor, she off-handedly brought to my attention the versatility of crêpes. My meal for the evening... Read More
Saturday January 16, 2021

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2020 invited us to befriend our kitchens and grow our own vegetables, herbs and beautiful flowers, and if there is any gift to celebrate in such an unexpected year, my appetite, and perhaps yours as well, is grateful for the unexpected shift. From a spring of exploration of using what was found in the èpicerie (pantry)... Read More
Thursday December 31, 2020

Weekly Finds

Immersion is best, but when immersion is not possible, brushing up while at home on our French as we wait for the opportunity to walk stand firmly on the terra firma of the land of croissants is the next best thing. All of this is to say, the key is to make the learning enjoyable.... Read More
Wednesday January 13, 2021
While we may not have been able to travel this year, we were given the gift of deepened gratitude for the travel we once had and will someday again with further awareness of such an awesome opportunity. This year, the annual French Week (5th year) and British Week (2nd year) were more largely visited than... Read More
Thursday December 31, 2020
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Books for enjoyment, for inspiration, for good food and slipping away to France and Britain. Two favorite comedy series (one French, one British) return to Netflix with their latest season, two films, one new series, timeless clothing on sale, a pair of boyfriend jeans I am loving and much, much more. Books —Bravey: Chasing Dreams, Befriending Read More
Friday January 15, 2021
New French cuisine cookbooks, inspiration for paring down and amping up the quality of your life, fitness and health inspired books, a new series to take you into the growing of Floret's Flowers, Frankie Drake returns, learn to let go of the burnout and embrace the goodness of living well, and oh, so much more. Books —Burnout: Read More
Friday January 08, 2021
The new year often reminds us how good it feels to feel our best when we are comfortable in our physical skin, and each of us knows if we are doing enough to take care of our bodies regarding exercise. Having workout clothing which enables us to do what we want to do, as well Read More
Wednesday January 06, 2021
Welcome to a new year. Welcome to 2021 and welcome to January's A Cuppa Moments. *deep breath* and *smile* from ear to ear. Delight and peace has been dancing about lately in my life and mind. Not because all is resolved, but because I am confident it can be and will be in its own way Read More
Friday January 01, 2021
In many ways 2020 here on TSLL blog has seen a significant uptick in Decor posts, specifically posts of my home, Le Papillon and a handful of customizations I excitedly was able to see come to fruition. And while my investment in my capsule wardrobe was not as fervent, I am still quite desirous of Read More
Wednesday December 30, 2020
How we spend our days without question is how we live our lives. Annie Dillard could not have been more accurate which is why when I peruse back through the posts of 2020, nearly each post is tied to a lifestyle theme in one way or another - what we cook, how we dress, how Read More
Tuesday December 29, 2020
"I think contentment the greatest wealth." —George Shelley Eleven years ago today, true contentment in my life was absent. Unconsciously, when I began writing in the space that became TSLL on December 26, 2009, it was my hope that the recipe I sought would reveal how to cultivate and nurture and welcome into my everyday life Read More
Saturday December 26, 2020