When I want to savor memories of France, I step into the kitchen. Choosing a recipe I know by heart or a new one I find in a magazine such as Cooks Illustrated (above) or an ingredient I decide to explore, I excitedly imagine what the taste and flavors might be. Doing my best to cook Read More
Monday August 10, 2020


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Welcome to French Week. A week many of readers along, with myself, have been eager to begin. Do you have a glass of rosé handy? Perhaps a seasonal, simple French cuisine inspired meal at the tip of your tastebuds you cannot wait to try? I know I do. Regardless of the year, as you might... Read More
Sunday August 09, 2020
A documentary for bibliophiles, a new film to enjoy, pasta lovers - a must-have cookbook for you, sale items for the home, your wardrobe and more, as well as books for improving your fulfillment in everyday life, shifting your perspective on time and a podcast to help you make it through the pandemic well-fed. Books —The... Read More
Friday August 07, 2020

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My first bite into a Korova cookie was at the quaint boutique diner Måurice Luncheonette in Portland, Oregon. Unassuming in its appearance - simply a small circular (sometimes square, as Måurice sells them in their display shelf) chocolate shortbread cookie with a sprinkle of flaky sea salt on top. I purchased one during... Read More
Wednesday August 05, 2020

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Today is Bastille Day or Fête Nationale in France, and I could not let today pass without celebrating here on TSLL. Above is an image I captured on one of my many strolls in the medieval ville in Vaison-la-Romain during my trip to Provence in the summer of 2018. I can still hear the music... Read More
Tuesday July 14, 2020
Perhaps you have seen them too, ever so subtly the background character that is in many British films and shows set in the country. The plot finds its way to a garden, and the person is holding a wooden basket perhaps full of flowers freshly cut or vegetables they have just picked. This is the... Read More
Wednesday June 17, 2020
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Friday August 07, 2020
Mondays. Whether your work week begins on an actual Monday or whatever day of the week your work "Monday" is, shifting our mindset to look forward to this day plays a significant role in the overall quality of our everyday lives. Originating from the Middle English word monedai, from Old English mōndæg, contraction of mōnandæg "Monday," literally "day Read More
Monday August 03, 2020
Books to encourage you to slow down and become more content and productive (seems impossible, but it's not!), a new olive oil subscription service, simple decor items that offer great signature style and comfort as well as sales, articles and much more. Books —The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor The essential necessity for Read More
Friday July 31, 2020
July arrived before I knew it and flew past more quickly than I could have imagined. For a variety of reasons, celebratory and not so, the month was a speedy one, but thankfully, there were many things to celebrate, and thus moments and events that made me smile. This past Sunday I found myself sitting Read More
Wednesday July 29, 2020
"Creativity takes courage. " —Henry Matisse The last home I decorated, the last home I owned, I played it safe in the living room and in the kitchen (see here). I kept to beige in the living room and white in the kitchen - walls, furniture, dishes, you get the idea. After all, I told myself Read More
Monday July 27, 2020
Sunday morning today is calm, the neighborhood is quiet as more are getting away on the weekends, and the lavender is in full bloom. Picking a small trug full of blooms, deciding where the bouquet once arranged will go may be a matter of me moving it from room to room depending upon where I Read More
Sunday July 26, 2020
A feel-good film, an inspiring new podcast, a French film festival to enjoy wherever you call home, summer sales on essential clothing and kitchen tools and table linens, a new cookbook to inspire you to gather, a book for gardeners, book-lovers and much more. Books —Fear is a Four-Letter Wodr: How to Develop the Unstoppable Confidence Read More
Friday July 24, 2020