More than a few new films that are must-watch, the loooooong anticipated return of a beloved series, a new app I highly recommend if you do much of your shopping online for keeping track of deliveries, the return of a favorite French mystery series, cozy cable-knit sweaters, three documentaries that explore civil rights, educational pressure Read More
Friday December 03, 2021


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“The caterpillar grows wings during a period of isolation. Remember that the next time you’re alone.”   Gradually, ever so tentatively, the world and its citizens begin to emerge as this year 2021 comes to a close. With cautious optimism, we place one foot out into the world of congregation and gathering we once knew, only to... Read More
Monday November 29, 2021
Winter holidays and spices that warm you up tend to be a wonderful combination. In this year's annual Holiday Cooking episode, discover a deeply spice-infused triple ginger cake that to my tastebuds reminds me of the best gingersnap cookie I can remember and then some. Taking only 15 minutes to whip up the batter, the cake baking... Read More
Saturday November 27, 2021

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French cuisine continues to introduce me to ingredients I previously had not known about, and over the course of this year, celery root danced into my life in two delicious instances. I immediately knew I wanted to deepen my knowledge of this root vegetable and share with viewers what I learned because what I tasted... Read More
Saturday October 23, 2021

Weekly Finds

The early autumn weather on the day the video shoot was scheduled dazzled, showing off the beauty that holds my heart here in Bend. The Beaujolais wine region would be visiting Le Papillon to record a cooking segment, sit and chat segment and then tagging along with me to the weekly local farmers' market in... Read More
Tuesday November 23, 2021
What a week of celebration and conversation. I want to extend a tremendous thank you to everyone who stopped by this week to celebrate all things British. This yearly tradition has continued to be one of my favorite weeks here on the blog, and while I am a bit bleary-eyed from the immense screen-time, it... Read More
Sunday May 23, 2021
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More than 20 items to peruse in this week's This & That. Oodles, and oodles and endlessly oodles to peruse. From the impressive discounts offered with Black Friday's arrival - my favorite silk pajamas from La Ligne NYC along with so many other great finds are greatly discounted, Brené Brown's new book, a jazz album Read More
Friday November 26, 2021
November. A month that concludes the time outside in the garden. A month that ushers in the holidays. A month that asks us to cozy-in and prepare for the nearing of the end of the year. Taking more time in my kitchen to cook for myself as the cooking show concluded in October, I have Read More
Wednesday November 24, 2021
A simple touch for the holidays, and certainly a signature touch to décor year-round, brass candlesticks. Rowe & Wren's Bingley Brass candlesticks, with and without handles come in three different styles, and have been something I have wanted to welcome into my home for years. Available at a great price, each fewer than £20, they are Read More
Monday November 22, 2021
The thinking and napping chair as I like to call it. Norman exercises both activities as he finds this chair to be one of his favorites. This month's Saturday Ponderings . . . is full of wide ranging topics from music to art to beauty to holiday and even French wine. While November still has just Read More
Saturday November 20, 2021
So much to enjoy! From fantastic new films, much anticipated music, the new series from Mindy Kaling, books on the history of England, Transcendalists, forging a more civil society, how to incorporate the renewing benefits of time in Tuscany into your everyday life, cookbooks about pizza, cookies, a clothing sale not to miss and so Read More
Friday November 19, 2021
I once heard it suggested by a trusted British interior designer when it comes to decorating for the guests you will invite into your home in the their designated bedroom and bathroom to not simply pass down what you no longer use in your primary suite. From the linens, to the headboard, curtains, towels, you Read More
Wednesday November 17, 2021
A French mystery series set in Saignac (southwestern France, near Bordeaux), Commissionaire/Inspector Magellan is the lead detective solving a new murder mystery each episode. Debuting in 2009, the fourth season was just made available on MHzChoice streaming service, being originally released in France in 2019. The balance of seriousness on the job and playful family Read More
Monday November 15, 2021