Gardening books, books to help you lead well, cosy comforts for the home, classic pieces for your wardrobe, a new film about being behind the camera in the highest office in the United States, a feel-good film and much more. Books —How to Lead: Wisdom from the World's Greatest CEOS, Founders and Game Changers by David Read More
Friday September 18, 2020


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The peaches have ripened! And so, I picked them yesterday, giddily. :) What a delightful sight to see in the midst of all that is going on. Granted, I had seven peaches on my small peach tree that was not affected by the frost this spring, but still, I celebrated! I don't know about you, but I... Read More
Saturday September 12, 2020
A Francophile's treasure of a book, comfort clothing to add true luxury to your evening routine, a film for jazz lovers, clothing to transition into fall, a cookbook for simple baking, decor touches, a mystery series set during the Roaring Twenties and much, much more. Books —A Year at Brandywine Cottage: Six Seasons of Beauty, Bounty... Read More
Friday September 11, 2020

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If you see me eating pizza it is most likely because I am famished, don't have access to a kitchen or am low on energy and need a quick carb boost. And since I usually have access to my kitchen, I am rarely famished, so pizza is sparingly enjoyed. But when it is, I want... Read More
Wednesday August 19, 2020

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The anticipation of sitting down with a trusted and true companion. The ease and comfort to simply be yourself in their company nearly or entirely as you would when on your own, and the time when spent surpassing your hopes for the time spent together. Such a mood and online space is what I hope... Read More
Tuesday September 01, 2020
Perhaps you have seen them too, ever so subtly the background character that is in many British films and shows set in the country. The plot finds its way to a garden, and the person is holding a wooden basket perhaps full of flowers freshly cut or vegetables they have just picked. This is the... Read More
Wednesday June 17, 2020
Discover 20 Ways
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French and British Culture
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Begin living simply luxuriously as you tailor your days to align with your passions to cultivate a life of true contentment.

~Hereu Large Leather-Trimmed Organic Canvas-Cotton Tote~ ~The Curated Classic Camel Coat (more colors)~ ~Vince V-Neck Ball Button Silk Blouse and here (black also available)~ ~Frame Le Serge Trouser (more colors)~ ~Everlane Day Glove leather flats (many more colors)~ ~Citizen Stiletto Square-face watch (more finishes available)~ ~Three Things You Need to Know About Rockets: A Real-Life Scottish Fairy Tale by Jessica A Read More
Wednesday September 09, 2020
Books of all types - novels, gardening, health, France, cooking, decorating and thinking well. Also, Labor Day sales are happening, and I have a couple to share. A series to make you chuckle about the differences between Brits and Americans, a film to take you to the Riviera and an event to take you all Read More
Friday September 04, 2020
Autumn comes each year, and this year feeling good in what we wear perhaps may be even more necessary. Whether our work asks of us to do so remotely or we are back at the office meeting and working with people face-to-face, the workload looks a bit different, asks of each of us to tend Read More
Tuesday September 01, 2020
Books to take you to France, to Scotland, into the garden, into beloved chefs' fridges and through all five of Jane Austen's novels, vintage finds for your home at great prices, as well as new, yet classic tableware finds as well. Oh, and a heads up about a new Poirot film coming this fall! I Read More
Friday August 28, 2020
Recently, I listened to a podcast in which the guest brought to the host's attention the wish to shift how we describe our time with others. For the life of me I cannot remember the show or the guest, but it caught my ear immediately. Sharing time with others versus Spending time with others. When followed Read More
Monday August 24, 2020
The sunflowers are in full bloom in the neighborhoods in Bend that are not towered by pine trees, and discovering them wherever they may present themselves prompts an immediate smile. The beauty above surprised me towards the end of a walk this week, and I could not help but stop and take a pictures of Read More
Saturday August 22, 2020
The Canadian mystery series set in the 1920s I am loving, two new movies on Amazon worth watching, a new novel that takes a look at the famous family of brothers and lesser known sister of the trio, a worthwhile discount on a trusted French skincare company, sales on summer styles and yep, much more! Books —The Read More
Friday August 21, 2020