The final full month of summer in the Northern hemisphere, and as the sunflowers begin to put on their display, popping up in gardens, at the farmers markets and now being moved around from one place to another in my house, each time I see their blooms, I cannot help but smile. I sat down Read More
Sunday August 01, 2021


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Days, just like life, can surprise us most magnificently, and such was the case yesterday when it rained . . . all . . . day . . . long. I haven't been so deeply happy by a surprise from Mother Nature since well, why compare? It was fantastic. As I will share the music... Read More
Wednesday July 28, 2021
The word itself, simple, communicates a life to savor. With the pop of the pronounced 'p' adding a light-heartedness and the etymology of the word (while being interpreted a variety of ways) referencing free from duplicity, offering a sincerity of one thing folded onto itself, my interpretation is a deepening of... Read More
Monday July 26, 2021

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Fresh summer produce. Cool to the taste and refreshing to the palette during hot summer days. Serendipitiously, a cookbook arrived in the mail just as this month of July began. An unexpected surprise from a beloved long-time reader (thank you tremendously Sue :) xoxo). Introducing me to British French chef Raymond... Read More
Wednesday July 07, 2021

Weekly Finds

Bonne Fete Nationale! To those of us celebrating outside of France, we may be celebrating France's national holiday with an exclamation of Happy Bastille Day, but within the borders of France, as I have been reminded more than a few times, it is Bonne Fete Nationale or Le Quatorze Juillet! Whatever you prefer to utter, it... Read More
Wednesday July 14, 2021
What a week of celebration and conversation. I want to extend a tremendous thank you to everyone who stopped by this week to celebrate all things British. This yearly tradition has continued to be one of my favorite weeks here on the blog, and while I am a bit bleary-eyed from the immense screen-time, it... Read More
Sunday May 23, 2021
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The return of a favorite comedy series, a sale on the classic French Breton stripes, a new film inspired by a true story, the kick-off of the Olympics, books for décor guidance, working with Mother Nature in your backyard, inspiration for living well, and a simple, yet must-have beauty item for your daily routine. Yep, Read More
Friday July 23, 2021
Summer sales happen when we are all savoring time traveling, relaxing and typically staying off online more than usual; however, this is often precisely the time to scoop up some great deals on capsule items, and scoop them up fast as I realized when I stopped by Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale too late and missed a Read More
Wednesday July 21, 2021
Wearable pieces of art. Hours upon hours of detailed artistry, beading, stitching and eye for detail, haute couture makes its way down the runways twice a year in Paris and Italy. Tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of monetary value exchange hands from international buyers to designers, and while all of this ensures couture Read More
Wednesday July 21, 2021
A quote I have held on to throughout my life, attributed to Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism states, "Do not seek sanctuary in anyone except yourself." Many people have taken his words and applied them in slightly different ways, and with much contemplation, much time on Read More
Monday July 19, 2021
Sunday morning and, as is our ritual, Norman and I went walking. While we often return to favorite trails just outside of the Bend area and then enjoy the reward of a croissant with breakfast and a cuppa, from time to time, I will explore a new trail just to see where it leads. Not Read More
Monday July 19, 2021
During the past four to six months, I have found myself regularly trying to recall what everyday life felt like just a year ago in the deep throes of the pandemic. And while I cannot remember exactly how I felt, what I do remember is being grateful for was my health and the company of Read More
Saturday July 17, 2021
The premiere of a new documentary many are talking about, a historical fiction novel that will keep you on your toes, returning to the art of Paris to solve two more murders in a favorite series, a new-to-Britbox beloved classic series starring John Nettles, a new Anglophile podcast to tune in to, sales on timeless Read More
Friday July 16, 2021