All the Details on TSLL’s Upcoming Changes + A Limited Introductory Opportunity to Save Money
Tuesday September 1, 2020

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The anticipation of sitting down with a trusted and true companion. The ease and comfort to simply be yourself in their company nearly or entirely as you would when on your own, and the time when spent surpassing your hopes for the time spent together. Such a mood and online space is what I hope to cultivate here on TSLL’s with the new improvements and changes.

I count on my list of life’s enjoyments such moments with a good friend as described above. Whether inviting a friend to my home to sit in the garden and share a pot of tea or rendezvous at a favorite coffee shop or café locally or while traveling in France or England or wherever else my travel schedule takes me, losing track of time, catching up, being reassured and being reassuring, listening and sharing, such moments are priceless and in many ways sacred as only the two at the table are privy to what is shared and the ease each feel in one another’s company.

The Simply Luxurious Life is going to be changing and improving for the benefit of both readers and the creator – me – to be able to more fully engage with TSLL Community. As was shared in early August, how the blog is supported financially which enables me to bring all readers have come to enjoy and expect, is shifting in order to create a more engaging and community focused online destination.

But first, I want to bring your attention to a few improvements suggested by readers who took the survey and now already in place:

  • Mobile layout — smoother, less jumbled and easier to navigate
    • With nearly 50% of TSLL readers viewing the blog on their mobile devices, this was a long-overdue improvement. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.
  • Text size and color — slightly larger and slightly darker
  • An easy to find LOGIN and SUBSCRIBE (to ad-free) button in the upper right-hand corner
  • Cleaner LOGIN page

Beginning on Thursday October 1st, TSLL’s Soft Paywall will be in place.

What is TSLL’s Soft Paywall?

Each month, non-subscribers (more information on the different tiers of subscription below) will only be able to read FIVE posts before being prompted to subscribe to enjoy reading more content. As well, a handful of categories (shared below) will permanently be behind the paywall and will not be accessible to anyone EXCEPT Top Tier Subscribers. If a reader chooses to not subscribe, they will have to wait until the next month to read five articles.

How does a TSLL reader get behind the Soft Paywall?

Become a TSLL Subscriber to one of two Tiers detailed below.

What are the pricing options for subscribing?

After reading all of the detailed feedback from readers who took the survey, the prices and subscription options were tailored to fit TSLL readers. More than 80% of those surveyed shared they would be willing to pay to access TSLL’s content and support the blog, and of that 80%, more than 55% shared a price of $5 – $10 was fair and fit with their budgets.

Two Tiers of Subscription will be available to best fit your budget: BASIC Tier and TOP Tier.

Have a look at the table below which details what each Tier gains with their paid subscription.

~Note for existing/current Ad-Free Subscribers, you are already part of the TOP Tier and will receive all of the benefits in the right column. You do NOT have to resubscribe and will be able to continue to pay the price you are accustomed and subscribed to.

~Note for ALL Tiers: At this time, Ad-Free does not include the video ad that precedes each cooking show episode.

TIER Pricing:

  • BASIC Tier
    • $2.50/month
    • $25/year – 15% savings
  • TOP Tier
    • $7/month
    • $18.50/quarterly (every 3 months) – 10% savings
    • $72/year —15% savings

Save 20% on your monthly subscription for a limited time when you sign-up for the TOP Tier monthly subscription.

  • Pay $5.50/month (reduced 20%, regularly $7/mo) when you subscribe now through Friday September 25, 2020. Simply use the promo code ADFREE20 at checkout (discount applies ONLY to the Monthly TOP Tier subscription), and you will continue to pay this low price each month for the duration of your uninterrupted subscription.

What is A Cuppa Moments with Shannon?

One of the benefits of choosing to be a TOP Tier subscriber is the ability to view a Video Post that will be posted on the blog each month on the First of the Month. For the first time in the blog’s history, I will be chatting in front of a camera (aside from the cooking show videos) with readers. For approximately 10-15 minutes, I will plop down usually somewhere in my home with my favorite hot cup of tea (my cuppa), during the summer – sitting outside on my porch, and while traveling sitting somewhere cozy wherever my travels have taken me, and chat about a variety of things:

  • Upcoming posts, projects and news
  • What is going on in my life – past month and upcoming
  • A video of a walk or two with the dogs wherever our adventures take us
  • Answers to questions readers have sent prior to the video post
  • A question or two will be posed to the readers for conversation in the comment section (a closed private section only available to TOP Tier subscribers).
  • A look at progress on home and garden projects.
  • Whatever is at the forefront of my mind that I think TSLL readers might be interested in

I am extremely excited about this new addition to the regular postings, and came up with the idea in lieu of a Facebook Group or IG Live Video chat in order to keep the engagement on the TSLL platform in a semi-private setting where ONLY TOP Tier subscribers can engage with each other in the comment section and hear responses to their questions as well as all of the other information shared in the list above.

Within the first 24-hours of the video post going live on the blog, I will respond to all comments posted within 48 hours, thereafter, as soon as I can which is usually within 24-72 hours in order to answer more follow-up questions, moderate comments, etc..

The Simply Luxurious Kitchen cooking show Seasonal Cookbooks (digital)

Each season of TSLL’s cooking show, recipes are posted with each episode; however, if you are looking to gather all of the recipes up, it can take time to find them, click this link, then that link, then print. In an effort to offer a simple, easy to read and cook with Seasonal Cookbook you can save and print at home, I am making available a digital cookbook for each of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen seasons. Season 1 & 2 will be coming available just prior to September 19th (the premiere of Season 3).

TOP Tier Subscribers will be able to access, download and save/print each of the Seasons’ cookbooks for free ($8/each value) past and upcoming. Season 3’s cookbook will be made available within a month after the season has concluded. You will be able to find the cookbooks on this page when they become available.

Exclusive Content ONLY available to TOP Tier Subscribers

As shared above, the first five posts a non-subscriber reads will be available for free each month; HOWEVER, no matter how many articles you have or have not read for free, certain content will ALWAYS be behind the Soft Paywall. The following content is Exclusive to TOP Tier Subscribers:

  • Giveaways — All giveaways which include British & French Week Giveaways (click here for a list of past giveaways)
  • Tours and Reveals of Shannon’s Home (upcoming posts that will be shared will be Shannon’s Kitchen, Garden Porch, Garden Potting Table & Planting Area, Living Room, Main Bedroom, and eventually my office, dining room and guest room)
  • Tours and Tutorials in the Garden
  • Shannon’s Journey posts (this includes Saturday Ponderings . . . , What Made Me Smile This Month, So Far . . . , as well as many other posts in which Shannon shares an intimate look into her daily life)

Do Subscribers Have to Pay with PayPal?

I am extremely excited to share that my web design team enabled the ability for new subscribers to pay directly on TSLL blog without having to use PayPal. No longer will you be redirected to PayPal to subscribe. By using Stripe (many of you may use it elsewhere online), you simply make payments as you would on any other standard shopping website – enter your debit/credit number – all major cards are accepted, and you are set!

I am still working with PayPal and will continue to do so as many of the current and grandfathered/mothered in ad-free subscribers are using this platform. Both function the same way, current subscribers simply completed their payment on PayPal’s platform rather than TSLL’s.

When does the Soft Paywall begin?

<<Thursday October 1st>>

How do I subscribe and choose which Tier and payment schedule works best for me?

Click here to be redirected to the Subscription page and see all of the options again for each of the TWO Tiers.

Currently, only TOP Tier subscriptions are being accepted during the month of September (don’t forget about the introductory offer mentioned above for monthly – use promo code ADFREE20) as the blog is viewable to everyone with ads through September. The BASIC Tier (both monthly and yearly) will become available on October 1st.

CLICK HERE to Become a TOP Tier Subscriber | The Simply Luxurious Life

86 thoughts on “All the Details on TSLL’s Upcoming Changes + A Limited Introductory Opportunity to Save Money

    1. Sharlynn,

      Good morning and thank you for your interest in subscribing. Make sure you are applying it the monthly only ($7), and make sure the promo code is entered in all caps. You will also need to enter you name and credit card info, then it will recognize it. Often when I do it before I enter my payment details, it just takes a second, then it will recognize the code.

    1. Good morning and thank you for your interest in subscribing. Make sure you are applying it the monthly only ($7), and make sure the promo code is entered in all caps. You will also need to enter you name and credit card info, then it will recognize it. Often when I do it before I enter my payment details, it just takes a second, then it will recognize the code. The code is working currently having just checked and tested.

    1. Only if it is the five posts for the month. Keep in mind the five post limit is an introductory limit and this could and likely will be reduced in the future. As well, this introductory price will only be available once (this September) and then never again. If you have any other questions, just let me know.

  1. I just subscribed to the add-free subscription with an annual payment. How does that recent payment affect the new plan?

    1. Judy,

      Just to clarify, when you say, “just subscribed” you are referring to the old/previous prices? If that is the case, I shared on the post just above the table that you are grandfathered/mothered in to the TOP Tier automatically and do not have to do anything. You are set! Continue to log in as you normally would for your ad-free reading and come October, you will be able to access everything as often as you want at the price you signed up for. Nothing changes. ? Thank you very much for your subscription. If you have any other questions, just let me know.

      1. In your Aug. 7th post, it states that current subscribers will be grandfathered in at the old price when the changes effective today start which would be at a higher rate.   I thought about it and decided to splurge since I do enjoy the blog, so I joined last week to get the grandfathered in price. Yet today the new subscription price was announced BUT for the month of Sept there is 20% off which makes it lower than the old price. Oh, and the paywall actually starts Oct. 1st. So I basically paid more and lost a month.

  2. I just subscribed. I am so excited!! I especially appreciate that you created a weekly list of what content comes out on which day. I don’t want to miss anything!

    1. Beth, Thank you for subscribing! Thank you as well for sharing what was/is helpful. Happy to share the schedule of posts as for me as well, I enjoy looking forward to blog postings, episodes, etc. of my go-raptors sources of entertainment and information. I look forward to offering consistent, dependable, quality content. I do hope you enjoy and thank you again. ?

    1. Barbara, What you need to do is click “Have a Coupon?” it is right below the Description on the payment page, just above where you enter your payment information. 🙂 I hope this helps. If you have further questions, just let me know.

  3. Hi Shannon, I’m excited for the wonderful changes at TSLL. I’ve attempted a few times to sign up for the Top Tier, using the correct code, and keep getting a message that the code is invalid. I’m using all caps as directed. I apologize for adding to your email!
    Many thanks,
    Debbie O.

  4. I just subscribed too and wanted to confirm – if we choose the monthly option for $5.50 (with the code), is our credit card billed automatically each month, indefinitely, unless we cancel? Or do we need to keep checking in and paying each month so that we do not lose access?

    Thank you!

    1. Debby, Good question. Your card will automatically be deducted from each month unless you change or cancel. Technically, you are set to enjoy without doing anything more but simply visit and login! 🙂 Thank you for subscribing!!

    1. Dede, the podcasts will be free wherever you listen to the show. You will be able to acces five posts for free and those include Show Notes unless they fall under any of the categories shared. Good question. Thank you for asking. 🙂

  5. Hi Shannon,
    I’m in Canada; will the coupon work for us ‘foreigners’ 😉 ? Also, presume these prices are in USD and mine will be higher after conversion? Thanks!

      1. Thanks Shannon, I just signed up for the monthly top tier. Nice and simple, too – some subscribe forms are way too complicated. I’ve enjoyed all your hard work for free for 7 or 8 years years now so am happy to subscribe; I often spend $8-$10 on a monthly magazine at the newsstand – and it likely has way fewer articles that I actually read than here. This ad-free format is lovely, too. Really looking forward to the big kitchen reveal, and another season of cooking with you. Best wishes from Canada, Catherine

        1. Catherine, Thank you for your comment and comparison to other items you read. I think for each reader, doing so will be helpful in the budgeting process to Clare what is worth their dollars and their regular interest in reading TSLL. The consistency will continue and I cannot wait for the new additions. 🙂

  6. S:

    Really enjoy your blog. Subscription is beyond my budget, and quite frankly, confusing.

    I’ll stay tuned to free service as long as I can.

    Best of luck with your new endeavor.

    You will be missed.

    1. Lily, I am sorry to hear that. I do appreciate your readership. If $2.50/month is too much, please do email me ( and I will absolutely consider your reason for this price being too much. I had felt that was a fair compromise for readers with budgets that are tight right now as I know life changes out of our control. Wishing you well. ?

    1. Diana, I am sorry to hear that. I do appreciate your readership. If $2.50/month is too much, please do email me ( and I will absolutely consider your reason for this price being too much. I had felt that was a fair compromise for readers with budgets that are tight right now as I know life changes out of our control. Wishing you well. ?

  7. I’m subscribed! Very excited to support you and the blog. In the day and age of extra busy, making time for engaging with TSLL content has continued to be a priority. Truly, it serves as balm for my soul.

    As a top tier subscriber, I do have a question. Will the blog posts come to our inboxes or will we need to log oNto the website?

    Thank you for all the content and best of luck as you begin the academic year. Hugs from Charlotte, NC.

    1. Just stop by the blog whenever you want to read. Login, so the ads will disappear Nd you can enjoy it ad-free, all access. If you want a daily email whenever a new post goes live, sign up for the free daily newsletter (button in the upper left-hand corner). Thank you for subscribing!

  8. Shannon, trying to sign up for the top tier & I get an error message that the coupon code is invalid. I’m typing it in all caps. Help!

  9. I wish you well with this venture. I unfortunately will need to cease following you, as I am on a limited, fixed income, and can afford only so many subscriptions a month. That budget is already taken with Spotify and Netflix. I am sure you will be tremendously successful. Best of luck!

    1. Lily, I am sorry to hear that. I do appreciate your readership. If $2.50/month is too much, please do email me ( and I will absolutely consider your reason for this price being too much. I had felt that was a fair compromise for readers with budgets that are tight right now as I know life changes out of our control. However, I know we each have our unique priorities for where we spend our money, and I absolutely respect your choice. 🙂 Wishing you well. ?

  10. Hi Shannon,
    I am a bit confused too but want to subscribe where I can. I have a question about the cooking show. Can we still view it on Youtube once the new season starts or will it be moved?

  11. Hi Shannon, does Basic Tier level provide access to every Frida’s This and That? If not, which does? Thanks.

  12. Hi Shannon! I love listening to you, from my home in France’s Loire Valley. I’m a native Oregonian as well, and spent my adult life as an educator, in the Portland Oregon area. I signed up for the Top Tier, and it was so easy. Thanks for that. I have soooo many problems with things like this, when my FR postal code does not match any USA postal code.
    This may sound like a quirky question, but will there be a list of the products you present on the podcasts that also includes advertising? I enjoy hearing about these new products, and as I visit the USA every few years, I can check them out myself. (No problem if not possible.)
    Merci beaucoup!

    1. Anna, So happy to hear the sign up was smooth. Thank you for your interest and support.?

      Per your question, I am not sure what you mean exactly. If you listen to each episode, the url is listed in the episode for the advertiser of that particular episode, so you can visit the site. I hope that helps?

  13. Hi Shannon,

    Apologies if I have missed a post on this topic, but may I ask what is driving this change? Your blog is an escapism especially during those tough times. However with the current climate of furlough, paycuts and mass redundancies some of us have to think well before subscribing.

    Many thanks for your kind response,

  14. I also have enjoyed your blog in the past but with so many great blogs, You Tube channels, etc. out there that are available at no cost, I’m probably not going to continue to follow you. I may consider the Basic subscription on a monthly basis to decide, but when I compare this with other blogs that are free, while not a lot of money, it’s still money and I will soon be on a fixed budget. What it tells me is that you are using us to pay for the lovely renovations to your home. I’d probably buy another book if you publish one. Maybe paying for a blog is the way of the future, but it isn’t here yet. If you reconsider and the basic blog is free, that’s great and I’ll follow to the end. Otherwise, if there is anything that is free, I’m in. So very sad to lose you, but it seems your time and money is more important that even basic blog readers are, so I guess I’ll be leading a less simply luxurious life, and just live a simple life. I feel that by charging us it shows you are more concerned about money than us. If it is so much work that you need to charge, maybe you need to scale back instead.

    1. Patricia, I am sorry you feel this way. Yes, many blogs are free to read with advertisements. This post explains in detail why this decision is being made now. The subscriptions are swapping the income that I was making having advertisements on the blog, not adding to it. I am choosing to improve the reading experience for my readers (ad-free is a much better reading experience), provide more intimate engagement with me and also giving myself some privacy. TSLL blog has over 5000 posts and videos and Show Notes for you to enjoy, but it is time I started to value what I do along with continuing to be able to support the talented artists and graphic designers that help bring to this space what the blog is and readers enjoy as well as begin to deepen the quality experience readers have when they visit. I do hope you enjoy your time when you visit. Wishing you well. -Shannon

  15. Hi Shannon – Thank you so much for the beauty and joy you put out into our world. Your blog is my daily refuge and I couldn’t imagine not having it in my life – especially now! I’ve been following you for years, own both of your books and have always been in awe of the life you have modeled for yourself. You constantly inspire and I can’t even begin to list the amazing books, film and other things that you have introduced to me through your blog that have brought so much pleasure into my life. I appreciate the years of beautiful content that we have all gotten to enjoy for free and I look forward to continuing the journey with you as a subscriber. Best wishes from California – Michelle

  16. Hi Shannon

    As a follower of yours for several years I am more than happy to be a paid subscriber you are such an inspiration I have purchased so many of your suggestions.

    You are the only blogger I follow on a regular basis as you cover everything I am interested in.

    Although I definitely check out all the French bloggers.

    I am looking forward to an ad free blog.

    Not sure how to say this as I do not want to offend any of your loyal followers but I totally agree that bloggers
    should be compensated for their hard work. I for years bought many very expensive magazines esp the September issues the cost of your blog is very fair, keep doing what you are doing .

    Even the dollar exchange does not worry this Canadian. 🙂

    Cheers to you…

    1. Judi, Your understanding, long-term regular readership and support with your subscription is greatly appreciated. ?? I am looking forward to sharing a bit more with readers and continuing to offer the regular quality content you enjoy. Thank you again. ??

    2. Thanks for stating this, Judi! I was about to say the same thing as the shaming tone of a previous poster really disturbed me. Shannon deserves to be paid for all the time, effort and love she pours into TSLL. Anyone who disagrees should try creating all the content that she does and then see if they still disagree LOL.

  17. I’m so excited to be a new subscriber! I don’t usually follow blogs, as most tend to be outside of my specific interests, but the moment I found TSLL on a search for France themed podcasts, I was hooked! Your blog, books (and audiobooks, I got both so I could listen at work when I need a pick me up!), and podcasts have helped me through some dark days. Subscribing feels like a tiny thanks for all you’ve shared, but I’m glad to be a part of your evolution! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  18. Hi Shannon, kudos to you for making these changes! I’ve been a longtime reader, it turns out I first subscribed to your newsletter back in March of 2014 so that means I have enjoyed over 6 years of fabulous free content. I support you in your decision to feel safe with how you share intimate details of your home and lifestyle, the internet can be a scary place sometimes. I don’t know if this was the case for you but it can be difficult to ask for compensation for your creative endeavors but I am happy to see that the TSLL community is rallying around you. I think that the cost plan you have proposed is reasonable, I’ve actually paid more for e-courses in the past, and what you are offering is so much more of a special interactive experience that changes with the seasons. I look forward to supporting you and sharing a cuppa come October! Merci!

    1. Deborah, Thank you for your readership for the past six years! I am beyond appreciative for your continued interest, and especially for your understanding for this new chapter for TSLL. xoxo

      1. It was a breeze to sign up and I’m LOVING the ad-free experience (why didn’t I do this sooner?). Also, merci for highlighting the incredible sale on Castaner espadrilles the other day. I bought the pale yellow and the pink versions and they arrive tomorrow. I’m thrilled they were such a great deal for an exceptional brand name.

        Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Hi Shannon,

    I’m a long-time reader and just signed up using the coupon code. I’ve so enjoyed your content over the years, and look forward to supporting your work. One question, how do I change my user name? I’m sure this is user-error on my part, I can see where to update my password, but not my username. Looking forward to seeing what this new season holds for TSLL ?

    1. Bronwyn, Good question. I was mistaken. Currently, you can only change your password. We are looking into seeing how to make changing the username an option. Thank you for asking and promoting our search. 🙂 I will update the Thank You page as I learn more. Thank you very much for subscribing and have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Hello Shannon!
    Apologies I haven’t chimed in earlier, we just got electricity back on yesterday after Hurricane Laura paid us a visit last Thursday. No worries, just a big ol’ mess to clean up around here. (South Louisiana did take an enormous punch, much devastation, so thoughts and prayers are with them.)
    I have LOVED my ad-free subscription. And I totally support the changes going forward. You put in an ENORMOUS amount of work to create this blog–photography+editing, writing+editing, finding sponsors, responding to all and sundry, creating and curating the content+editing etc etc. PLUS you work full-time as a public school teacher. Both require incredible focus, time, creativity, and effort.
    Of course I love the content and tenets of TSLL, that’s why I’ve been following for years and am such a fan. But it goes beyond the that. You have always presented your vision and the content of this space with honesty, good humor, and optimism. And I think that speaks to who you must be as well. So I am honored to be able to support your endevour. And thank you for welcoming us all into your world.
    Enough of all that, about to get a cuppa, and start catching up!!!

    1. Rona, I am relieved to know your power is back on, but I am sorry to learn your household and neighbors were affected by H. Laura. I hope the clean-up goes well and those in Louisiana have now seen the worse and can begin to recover. And no need to apologize. I am beyond chuffed by your comment whenever you are able to stop by. I deeply appreciate all that you have shared. Thank you. ??

  21. Shannon,
    I have been a long-time reader of your blog and books (I own both), listener of the podcast, viewer of the cooking show and follower of your Instagram. I love your content and given I pay Sky for their services, pay for books and magazines, the level of time, energy and likely monetary spend you put into TSLL which j gain so much enjoyment from, it is only fair that you be compensated for your work that we so value!
    I plan to subscribe as top tier this week and thank you for the 20% discount. In England this equates to approx £4.00 a month which I would spend on cheap snacks/trashy magazines/coffee from a shop – id much rather spend it on a service that adds value and heightens my life experience.
    Thanks again, and best wishes with this endeavour

      1. All subscribed and already enjoying the ad-free content !
        Looking forward to the exclusive content – especially the Cuppa Moment !

    1. We’re no longer using PayPal as it takes customers off of the page and requires an account with them which not all readers have or want. However, you can now directly pay on this site with whatever card you work with in PayPal. This was a requested updated and simplifies the process. Thank you for asking.

  22. Shannon, your blog has been on my “Lifestyle Blog List” for years now. I’m somewhat disappointed by these changes. I understand you put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the blog and you deserve to be compensated. I thought that you were being compensated via ads. This new subscription seems elitist. I myself may consider the subscription, but many people may not be able to afford a subscription. It seems subscriptions are everywhere these days and they can add up quickly. While I very much enjoy the content on this blog, I am very often disturbed by the abundant spelling and grammatical errors. This gives me pause when considering a subscription. Do you have any plans to hire an editor?

    1. Pre-recorded. There is no way to do it live at a time when TSLL’s international audience will all be able to tune in. Responses to comments will be made within the first 24 hours for those who respond, have a question within the first 24 hours of the post going live and then I will respond as I usually do (which is still quite promptly).

  23. Hi Shannon, I just signed up for the top tier and look forward to following you, have been a reader of your blog for many years.
    I am an older, as in Senior, follower and am quite impressed by what you offer and how you inspire others. I just got to my email today and missed the cut off for the discount, darn. Wishing you the best in this new endeavor and thank you for this wonderful blog.

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