TSLL’s Fall 2020 Shopping Guide + 75 Hand-picked Items
Tuesday September 1, 2020

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Autumn comes each year, and this year feeling good in what we wear perhaps may be even more necessary. Whether our work asks of us to do so remotely or we are back at the office meeting and working with people face-to-face, the workload looks a bit different, asks of each of us to tend to additional and/or new responsibilities, so once the workday begins, we need to feel confident in what we are wearing.

I will admit, I have not done as much seasonal shopping for the autumn season, and my budget has been saved because of it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my eyes on a handful of items to welcome into my capsule for the fall season. For example, I love the skirt-suit trend this season, and could use a couple of additional pencil skirts, and a good quilted coat for walking the dogs and looking stylish will always catch my attention. Sweaters as well, if I see a boat-neck or an oversized yummy sweater, on my shopping list it goes.

The fall collections when they debuted last February and March went on per usual; however in the midst of Milan’s schedule, crowds were eliminated, and this energy was felt in Paris. Keeping in mind that the collections were created pre-Covid19, I still feel many trends work well with what we are seeking this season – comfort, classics – dependability, rich textures and warmth.

Each year with TSLL’s Fall and Spring Shopping Guide I share with you trends worth investing in, so while I won’t be sharing with you or shopping the fringe trend that was definitely on display throughout the entire fashion month (check out Prada’s fringe here and Oscar de la Renta’s below), it is still a beautiful trend; however, I am not confident you will want to invest as it likely won’t be wearable for multiple seasons without looking dated.

Below I have gathered up runway looks for NINE Trends Worth Investing In. Along with these nine trends, you will notice a handful of trusted go-to trends returned to the runway, and I highly recommend shopping these as well: Grays, Navy, Camel, Leopard, longer lengths and many asymmetrical and off-the-shoulder designs (the latter two, less confidently, but they were seen in multiple collections).

Many collections as a whole captured my ahh and attention. Just about any piece from these collections would be a dream to have in the closet and wear for the autumn season. I have included two such collections below. Check out all of my picks for NYC, Milan, London and Paris by clicking on the respective city name. I will collect my favorites for the upcoming Spring 2021 collections as well on Pinterest, so be sure to follow me – @simplyluxurious if you are curious who will be presenting a collection (the shows will go on, but with fewer designers) and what the new trends will be.

Below the nine trends are 75+ directly shopping clothing items available now in online shops. Simply hover over the item, and click the “+” sign to be redirected to the original shopping page. As well, be sure to shop TSLL’s Capsule Wardrobe Boutique where I have updated the essential shopping items for Fall.

For even more savings, be sure to remember these handy bookmarklets – eBates, Honey and Coupon Cabin. And for all of the items you love, but just don’t want to pay full price, stop by Shoptagr and save each item with their bookmarklet as it will alert you directly in your inbox when it goes on sale.

What you will find in this season’s Shopping Guide below:

  • A list of sales and links to the site, along with the promo codes if necessary.
  • A list of the new trends with runway pics from the Fall 2020 collections worth investing in.
  • 75+ Shoppable, hand-picked items
  • Simply hover over and click the shoppable items and the brand and price will pop up
  • Posts from the TSLL Archives to provide more Style Inspiration.

Current Sales of Note: 

Remember, each Spring and Fall, TSLL’s releases its annual Shopping Guide on April 1st and September 1st. As well, every Friday, the weekly This & That post includes sales of note, hand-picked clothing items I think you might be interested in, and many other current culture news, premieres and releases, so be sure to stop by throughout the year. Now, to TSLL’s Shopping Guide and the trends worth investing in.

The Skirt-Suit

Victorian ‘Little Women’ Jackets & Tops


Mid-century Retro Dresses


Mix & Match Colors & Prints

Puffy Coats

Over-Sized Clothing & Bags

Moving Silhouette Dresses

My Favorites

Shop for Fall

~Polène Le Cabas tote (more colors)

~Tibi Eco Tweedy Knit Deep V Pullover

~Barbour Cornell Quilted Jacket (more colors)

~Shirtini Manner Market Black Geo Silk Scarf, Square

~Frank and Eileen Baby Blue Stripe Joedy

~SHOP 45 additional Fall Capsule items in TSLL’s Capsule Wardrobe Boutique to stock up on your Fall Staples.

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10 thoughts on “TSLL’s Fall 2020 Shopping Guide + 75 Hand-picked Items

  1. Not sure if I don’t understand the instructions on how to see the articles titled “6 Style Combinations…” and “6 Pre-Fall styles….”. Thanks in advance for any help.

    1. Maggie, thank you for your patience, and my apologies for this error in linking. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. All has been fixed for both of the aforementioned posts. 🙂

  2. Hi, hmmm…I did that but I am just getting the image that goes with the title. Must be me or my lack of computer tech.

  3. Dear Shannon, I am on the lookout to buy a new house gown and I want to find that item that wraps me up warmly at the end of a cold day out of the home. Different people call it different things from house coat to dressing gown but the purpose is the same. I am a keen follower of your blog and your podcast and I’m pretty sure that you have featured this item at some point. Unfortunately, I cannot locate it. Could you point me in the right direction? thanks again for the efforts you put into this site and for offering me a comfortable space to grow as a person. E

    1. Edel,

      Happy to help! The dressing gowns shared, recommended and what I enjoy are One Hundred Stars based in England. https://onehundredstars.co.uk/collections/gowns

      Other online shops sell them as well. I shared their links in this post (scroll to “Shopping”) – https://thesimplyluxuriouslife.com/this-that-july-3-2020/ and in this post – https://thesimplyluxuriouslife.com/this-that-june-19-2020/

      I hope you enjoy! If you have any other questions, just let me know. Thank you for stopping by.?

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