Capsule Menu

capsulemenuslarge | The Simply Luxurious Life, “Wellness begins from within; eating well, unprocessed and nourishing food enables you to live a healthier, happier and more energized life. By understanding what is good for your body, making simple, significant changes to your eating and cooking habits and choosing food that is both delicious and good for you, you will look better and more importantly feel amazing.”

TSLL Capsule Weekly Menu Planning Page is designed to supplement the detailed explanation of how and why to incorporate a capsule menu into your everyday life. The Capsule Menu Post full of details, examples & inspiration for why you too will want to incorporate this simple, yet satiating way of eating, cooking and shopping into your life can be viewed here.

Choose a planning page design that works best for your lifestyle:

~Available as a digital download or a tear-off notepad with a full year’s worth of pages

~Available in English or a French translation to incorporate the French language into your everyday routine