Fall Capsule Menu


The fall season welcomes a bounty of fruits and vegetables that we all have been patiently waiting to enjoy. From the subtle, flavorful fig, to the tart apples to mix with a touch of cinnamon for applesauce, apple pie or a taste tarte aux pommes, and don’t forget the broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, onions and the grape. Saveur magazine, one of my favorite food magazines, offers a list of fall produce to look for when we stop by our farmers’ markets, as well as many recipes to incorporate them into our weekly or special occasion meals. But which ones and how many should incorporate for your weekly capsule menu?

As promised in August when the concept of a Capsule Menu was shared here on the blog, I have pulled together a seasonal capsule menu for the fall season. The original sample menu to use for all seasons was shared on this post where the approach to creating a capsule menu was shared in detail, and you can you can access it and print your own copy for free here. But now that it’s fall, readers have been requesting that I share my fall capsule menu as a change in what we eat, no matter how simple and budget-friendly is a welcome idea and a fun, absolutely doable challenge.



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