Winter Capsule Menu


The winter season welcomes a period of hibernation, and so often we are drawn to warm and hearty foods during this time of year. From the subtle spicy flavor of the persimmon, to the brothy, comforting soups full of lentils, root vegetables as well as many of the foods enjoyed during the latter half of fall.

As I created the weekly capsule menu for winter, I kept in mind simplicity as we have full schedules and even fewer daylight hours to complete our tasks. Thus, while we are inside, we have projects we are working on, as well as a desire to eat smart, healthy, yet fulfilling meals.

Approximately 18 months ago, the concept of a Capsule Menu was shared here on the blog. And in that time, I have since pulled together a seasonal capsule menu for the fall and spring seasons. And the original sample menu to use for all seasons was shared on this post where the approach to creating a capsule menu was shared in detail. (You can you can access it and print your own copy for free here.) Now that it is winter, I wanted to share with you an approach to the week with simple, yet flavorful meals using seasonal produce as well as incorporating a few simple, go-tos such as my favorite classic chicken and arugula salad topped with a pan-fried chicken tender.



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