Online Courses
& In-Person Gatherings

Create Your Own Simply Luxurious Life…
Tailored To You & The Life of Your Dreams
TSLL is excited to be able to offer online video classes that will share detailed, specific instruction on favorite and preferred skills and approaches to living simply luxuriously. Whether it is taking you into the kitchen and showing you how to elevate the everyday enabling you to feel good about how you nourish yourself to gardening that brings beauty throughout the seasons to living a life of contentment every single day, look for courses to become available in 2024 that will be theme-focused, linear in their content, and address specific objectives so you can follow along at your own pace and receive detailed content and instruction that is all located in one place, yours for a lifetime with your one-time purchase.

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In-Person Gatherings have already begun and are exclusive to TOP Tier Members, announced during each of the annual celebratory weeks of French Week and British Week with a limited window (24-48 hours) to secure an invitation. With the goal of curating intimate, special occasions that span approximately 2-4 hours for Members taking place in both Britain and France, experiences include gathering for a high-tea at historic tea houses in London, dining for dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant in the French countryside or any number of occasions Shannon has experienced and feels Members of TSLL’s international community would enjoy and as well wish to experience with fellow members.

Coming Soon!

Coming Summer 2025: Intro to French Cooking