The Contentment Masterclass


What You Will Learn:


        • Find peace of mind knowing that while each person’s journey to and experiencing contentment is not a one-size-fits-all approach because just as many people as there on this planet, there are as many styles and approaches to be content; however, each has the same components and utilizes the same skills, and that is what Shannon will teach you in this course.
        • Familiarize or re-familiarize yourself with your true self.
        • Learn how to think critically, a powerful skill that will ensure you are thinking for yourself, making decisions rationally and able to respond rather than react.
        • Understand how the brain and thus your mind works and embrace it as your ally to help you discover your dharma and navigate and savor every single day.
        • Discover the various types of awarenesses and how they foster a life of conscious and mindful living.
        • Learn the importance of being present and how to do so.
        • Understand the purpose for meditating regardless of any belief or non-belief system you adhere to in your life, and how to do it, as well as a guided practice opportunity with Shannon.





    • You will stop getting in your own way (and understand how you were doing so unconsciously before).
      • Your mind becomes your sage, your best friend, your dependable go-to.
      • You begin to sleep well, deeply, through the entire night, and if you do happen to wake up in the middle of the night, you have control over your mind and can go back to sleep with ease.
    • You will enjoy your own company and respect yourself to know whose company to keep when you are with others.
    • You will have a keen antennae for constructive or negative energy from others and make wise decisions for your best path forward in both your business and personal life.
    • You will find your unique path for what and how to live (this includes making a living – i.e. your career) and giving where both the recipient and the giver (you) are enriched and your lives both benefit.
    • You no longer will be waiting for ‘tomorrow’, but rather genuinely enjoying your now, have hopes for the future, putting into place the right habits and efforts, but then hold and savor fully the present moment.
    • The expectations and the waiting for life to finally ‘happen’ will no longer be part of your modus operandi.
    • Serendipity will become a frequent visitor in your days.
    • Opportunities will arise that align with your hopes and passions, and you have the trust in yourself to seize them.
    • You will be part of healthy, loving, and secure relationships of all kinds.
    • Your life will begin to take shape in a unique way, beyond the image you had in your head prior to living in contentment, and you will be overjoyed to let it be what it will be.
    • You will discover (or rediscover) your true self and begin living outwardly as who you truly are


51c+64xe9zl. Ux716 Fmwebp Ql85 .jpgAccompanying each lesson throughout the course (as intro and outdo music – not during the lessons while they are being taught), enjoy listening while you learn to exclusively shared music from The Hot Sardines and the instrumentals from a track on their latest album C’est La Vie.

(Learn more about the band, meet friend of the podcast and lead singer Elizabeth Bougerol and all about this album in episode #363.)



Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the introductory video for the course:



Curriculum Overview:

  • 8 Key Lessons
    1. Introduction: What is Contentment and Why Cultivate It?
    2. Where to Begin? Choose TO Begin.
    3. Understanding the cycle of Transformation
    4. Understand the Language of the Universe
    5. The Power of Presence
    6. Cultivating the Habit of Mindfulness
    7. Navigating the Unwanted
    8. Living A Contented Life Every Day



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~If you would like a Savor, Savor, Savor tote, but were not one of the first 20 to enroll, you will have the opportunity to purchase the tote upon completing the course. Instructions will be included in the Course Dashboard in Lesson #8.