From My Kitchen to Yours

While The Simply Luxurious Life is not a food blog, so much of living simply luxuriously is inspired by the French’s way of living which cannot be mentioned without dreaming about the food I have savored in France. It is the French’s approach to eating – quality, moderation, celebration of seasonal fare and enjoyment rather than excess, processed food and deprivation, the former approach having shown itself to be the key to living well and respecting one’s health.

At various times, I will share recipes on the blog that I have tried in my own kitchen and can’t wait to share with readers. The two requirements for all of the recipes – delicious and simple instructions to adhere to. I hope you enjoy these gems as much as I have enjoyed discovering them.

And be sure to check out my cooking show The Simply Luxurious Kitchen where seasonal fare is shared to elevate the everyday. Many of these recipes are assembled in my very own kitchen. Each September a new season premieres!