FAQs by TSLL Members/Subscribers

Q: I have subscribed and am paying a monthly/quarterly/yearly subscription price, but I have hit my five post limit and cannot access anymore posts? Why not?

As either a BASIC or TOP Tier TSLL Subscribers, you will need to Login in each time you visit TSLL (The Simply Luxurious Life blog).

Keep in mind the system isn’t intuitive and for security purposes, if you aren’t on the blog after 30 minutes, it logs you out. 

You need to log in each time you visit in the upper right-hand corner on the blog, above the header (woman with the basket of flowers and red and white dog).

Here is a page full of instructions of how to login and begin enjoying TSLL. You can also save this page link and login directly here as well – https://thesimplyluxuriouslife.com/login

Q: I am still seeing ads, but I am a paying subscriber. Why?

Remember to login, and the ads will all disappear. 🙂

You can login each time you visit in the upper right-hand corner on the blog, above the header (woman with the basket of flowers and red and white dog).

Q: When I click on a link to read a post (sent to my email or in the weekly, monthly, daily newsletter), I have to login. When I login, I am not taken to that post (the hyperlink takes you directly to your dashboard once you login in the upper right-hand corner). Why?

Easy fix and I can understand why this is confusing (we are working on fixing this complication in the blog’s redesign in 2022). Solution: Make sure when you arrive on the blog and need to login to login NOT in the upper-right hand corner, but instead below the name of the blog post in the body of the blog post (where the text will appear once you are logged in). This will keep you on the post you are wanting to read.

Q: I am a paying subscriber, but the system is not recognizing my username? Why?

Your username needs to be an exact match to what you entered when you initially paid. Two things you can do to find your username: (1) Find your receipt to view your account’s username or (2) enter your email to be able to login and view your username on your Dashboard once logged in.

You cannot change your username; however, you can change the name that is displayed when you comment, your password and payment information at anytime in the dashboard of your account once you are logged in (see below for how to change your display name).

Q: How do I change my Display Name (name viewable when commenting)?

When you go to your Dashboard (click on the “human avatar in the upper right-hand corner – seen in the screenshot below) having logged in, you will see a tab labeled “Display Name”. Click on this tab to open it up, and then you can write whatever you want in the box where you see I wrote ’Shannon’. Your new display name will appear on all future comments and will not change past comments. (See the screenshot below.)

Q: I am not able to subscribe. Why won’t the system let me pay for a subscription?

Often, new potential subscribers have chosen a username that has spaces OR a username that has already been chosen. Your chosen username needs to have no spaces and be unique to TSLL readership subscribers (no one else has already chosen it). It can have caps or it can be lower-case, but no spaces.

Q: I cannot access TSLL’s A Cuppa Moments, and other content as it states I am unauthorized; however, I am a subscriber. Why?

TOP Tier subscribers are the only readers able to access exclusive content such as Shannon’s Journey’s posts, Home & Garden Tours, and Giveaways. BASIC subscribers have unlimited access to the blog (they can read as many posts as they want), but exclusive content is only available to TOP Tier. Learn more about the different tiers of subscription here.

Q: I am a paying TOP Tier member/subscriber, and when I visit the A Cuppa Moments post, I cannot see the video. Why?

Make sure all ad-blockers are turned off on your computer. Once you have turned them off, restart your computer, then revisit the page. The easiest way to determine if you have ad-blockers is to try to view the video on a different device. Often checking ‘System Preferences’ on both your browser and your computer, then checking Security/Privacy or Extensions will reveal if you have any protections/ad-blockers/etc.. Once you have removed them, be sure to restart your computer/device entirely and turn it back on.

Q: I subscribe to the monthly/weekly newsletter. Why am I not able to access the blog?

The subscription to the monthly newsletter is free and is entirely separate from subscribing to TSLL blog to read more than five posts each month. To learn more about becoming a subscriber and the different tiers and prices, click here.

Q: I have subscribed to the free monthly and/or weekly newsletter which includes all of TSLL’s recent posts. How can I stay up-to-date throughout the month on the new posts?

Subscribe to the free daily newsletter which will alert you via email each time a new post goes live on the blog within 15 minutes of its posting. If you are already subscribed to the monthly and/or weekly, you can subscribe to the daily as well, but the system will not automatically sign you up for the daily/monthly if you have chosen one but not the other. Visit this page to sign-up for free.

Q: I don’t want to miss a post, and I don’t want to have to wait for the monthly newsletter to be shared at the end of the month. What can I do?

Good news! The Weekly Newsletter has returned and arrives every Friday. Learn more about what is included in each delivery.

If you would like to be alerted immediately when a new post goes live on the blog, the best thing to do is sign up for TSLL’s free Daily Newsletter which will alert you via email each time a new post goes live on the blog within 15 minutes of its posting. Visit this page to sign-up for free.

Q: I am a subscriber to TSLL (BASIC or TOP Tier), and I am not receiving the monthly newsletter or daily newsletter in my inbox. Why Not?

Similar to the question above, subscribing to TSLL for ad-free and/or unlimited and/or exclusive content is entirely separate from subscribing to the free monthly newsletter. You can subscribe to one or both of the free newsletters – the monthly (a round-up of all of the month’s posts, news, events, and an extra does of inspiration) and the daily (to be notified of new posts within 15 minutes of the post going live on the blog) here.

Q: How to do I login?

Here is a page full of instructions of how to login and begin enjoying TSLL blog.

Q: I cannot see a “Login” button/link in the upper right-hand corner of TSLL blog. What should I do?

 It sounds like you need to restart your device, as there is a login button in the upper right-hand corner when the screen is fully loaded. This usually happens when the cache gets built up and if there are new changes to a site, those changes don’t show up until the cache is cleared. Not hard to remedy at all. 🙂

While I recommend doing this (clearing your cache and restarting your computer) for the ability to see the full content (as well as doing a hard restart on the browser you are using), save this url https://thesimplyluxuriouslife.com/login and that link will take you to the login page each time. 🙂

Q: Can I change my username?

At this time, you cannot change your username; however, you can change your password and payment information at anytime in the dashboard of your account once you are logged in. However, you can change your Display Name which will appear whenever you comment moving forward. It will not change your username for past comments made. Scroll back to the Q & A above that shares (with a picture) how to change your Display Name.

Q: How do I cancel, update my payment information or change my subscription?

First, log in to your account. Once you are in logged in, visit your Dashboard and select Subscription to cancel or change your subcription preferences. To change your payment information, click Payment in the Dashboard and enter your updated payment information.

Q: I enjoy reading the blog, but my budget has changed, and I have to unsubscribe for a while. Can I keep the price of my subscription when I return as I know prices will increase over time?

I have a better solution than cancelling that won’t cost you a penny until you are ready to return. Pause your subscription. When you Pause your subscription, you hold on to the price you originally purchased, but you won’t be charged until you restart (or unpause) your subscription. Pausing instead of Canceling (you will lose the price you previously held when you cancel) lets you return when you are ready. Where do you Pause? Login as you normally would on the blog. Visit your Dashboard, then click on the Subscription Tab. On the Subscription page you will see the options, to Cancel, Change or Pause.

Q: Will I be able to access all previous posted exclusive content once I become a TOP Tier subscriber?

Yes. 🙂