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Where It All Began

Beginning in 2009, The Simply Luxurious Life (TSLL) has been an online destination sharing consistent weekly content to inspire readers to discover and cultivate contentment in their everyday lives.

As the sole content creator of TSLL, Shannon Ables (me!), I made the decision in 2020 to deepen the quality of the content and experience readers have when they visit while affording me a bit more privacy. In an effort to be fully transparent with TSLL Community, 95% of what I earn from ads and blog revenue is reïnvested back into the blog from purchasing the books that inspire blog and podcast content, exploring products to experience first-hand before recommending them confidently to readers, paying for the monthly fees associated with website/podcast/newsletter hosting, investing in custom illustrations for the blog/podcast/books, traveling to France and Britain in order to experience first-hand the cultures that I and so many TSLL readers are fond of in order to inspire and inform readers of where and how they may want to travel, hiring a talented web design team who not only brings my vision to the screen but also maintains the site to make sure it continues to run smoothly, and lastly, as a self-published author, the upfront costs of working with a seasoned, objective editor who works in the publishing industry thereby enabling me to bring books to readers that I am proud to have written.

All the Quality Content You Love,

To offset the cost of removing ads, members who choose the TOP Tier membership can choose to pay a monthly, quarterly (every three months) or annual fee (each are detailed below). However, I recognize that our budgets change as our life circumstances and circumstances in the world’s economy change, so I have also made available a reduced membership offering, the BASIC Tier, that will allow readers to enjoy unlimited content of the blog (a handful of categories will still be reserved solely for TOP Tier – see below) however with ads remaining. Both a monthly and an annual membership price are available for this tier (see below).

By removing the ads for TOP Tier members, not only will the reading experience improve, but the blog will continue to maintain the quality expected by readers and offer a more personal, engaging experience (check out the new addition – A Cuppa Moments with Shannon).

For non-members, each month you will be able to read five articles (with ads); however, a handful of categories will be permanently placed behind the paywall and only available to TOP Tier members. Once you have read five articles, you will be prompted to subscribe in order to read more posts or wait until a new month begins.

Have a look below at the regular content you can count on to spark new ideas, inspire you to cultivate your own true contentment as well as elevate the everyday.


• A Monday Motivational post to help begin the week inspired. Topics ranging from Contentment and Mindfulness to Lifestyle, Health and overall, living well.

• A new podcast episode every 1st and 3rd Wednesday, The Simple Sophisticate (check out the Season’s schedule, 25 new episodes each year). Premiered in 2014. Topics include French-Inspired, British-Inspired, Contentment, Mindfulness, Recipes, Style Inspiration, Décor Inspiration, Gardening, Money, or Beauty and always conclude with a Petit Plaisir.
• Mid-month, on a Wednesday of each month, the Monthly Ponderings . . . post is shared (exclusive to TOP Tier)
• The last Wednesday of each month, the Smile post is shared (exclusive to TOP Tier).

This & That (the most popular post of the week: a detailed post of upcoming book, film, television, play, art exhibit releases and openings, shopping sale and new item announcements, articles and short videos worth checking out, Francophile and British finds and much more.)

The Simply Luxurious Kitchen cooking show – a cooking video series taped in Shannon’s kitchen at Le Papillon. One season each year beginning each September – 6-10 episodes each season.
Seasonally / Annually:

• TSLL’s Seasonal Shopping Guide: released semi-annually on September 1st and April 1st
TSLL’s Annual French Week: The second full week in August (two posts each day, multiple giveaways, special podcast guests and more)
TSLL’s Annual British Week: The third full week in May (two posts each day, multiple giveaways, special podcast guests and more)
• Holiday Gift Guide: early to mid-November TSLL shares Francophile, Anglophile and all simply luxurious holiday shopping finds for those on your gift list (and we don’t forget you, the giver/shopper, either ☺️)
A glimpse into the monthly A Cuppa Moments with Shannon and Testimonials from TOP Tier Members.
“Shannon! I subscribed to your blog a little over a year ago. I am beyond impressed and grateful! The cost is minuscule based on the level of research and information you provide your subscribers. I have followed many book recommendations and made purchases based on your recommendation (currently awaiting my Msant slippers :)) and I have been thrilled with them all! Your attention to detail is amazing. I just cannot thank you enough for making a TOP Tier Membership so affordable. Your books, your blog and your podcast are 1st class. Thank you again.”
— Donna P.

“I am a new member. I was turned on to you and your podcast via another podcast and I have been devouring your content since. I just ordered both of your books, became a TOP Tier Member, and I can’t wait to read all of your past content. You have helped me to realize that I am worth it and my life can be luxurious and fulfilling at any budget or stage – it’s all about my mindset. Thank you.”
— Tuesday T.

“I’ve enjoyed being a top tier member from the start of your paywall system. And to me it is worth every penny of the (I would say small) subscription fee. I would spend that on magazines every month likely anyway, and from TSLL offers so much more to my lifestyle. Plus a community of like minded people who all enjoy the quality in every day and looking for enjoyment in the simple things. I feel that TSLL reminds me that how I spend every day is what makes my life time, and I want to enjoy as much as possible.”
Sarah H.

Subscribe-Shannon Ables Author by Fire Place

“Thank you for sharing the tours of the museum, restaurants and gardens with us. I have never had the delight of visiting either place, so I enjoyed them immensely. Now, I am anxiously awaiting the reinvention of the meal you had at Le Café Lignac! It sounds splendid. You’re time in England sounds just as magical as France.”
Michelle W.

thesimplyluxuriouslife.com | The Simply Luxurious Life

“I had been a basic tier member but now have upped the game to tier (the ads were driving me nuts). Anyway, I was always so interested in your A Cuppa Moments. [November 2021] is my first one and wow so worth the upgrade. So happy to be a long-time follower and now top tier supporter. I so enjoy your posts, podcasts and now A Cuppa Moments too.”
— Pauline M


“This month’s conversation is so lovely and you can feel the community growing. I like to imagine us all together chatting with a cuppa.”

“I must admit, when the subscription option was first available, I was hesitant. It was not the thought of paying for the content, it was justifying my paying for the content. Did I really read it enough? Did I really learn that much? Then, I found myself month after month wishing I had more access, and missing out on articles of interest. After a few months, I could no longer resist and made the leap. I am so glad that I did! I find myself pursuing the site several times a week, and looking forward each month to A Cuppa Moments where I feel as though I am visiting with a dear friend.”
— Michelle Warren

“I first ‘met’ you back in 2016. I cannot remember which I came across first, the website, The Simply Luxurious Life or your first book, Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life. But I know it was during a time when I was needing a lifestyle change.”

“I am so glad to have something very special to look forward to each month with Cuppa Moments. As a top tier member I love not having the advertisements but I really love the fact that it seems like we are all just a group of friends having a positive informative conversation. I appreciate the upbeat discussions and book recommendations, recipe ideas, and generally how you are such a positive person.”

Subscribe-Shannon Ables Author at desk

“I cannot wait to start my New Year’s Day tomorrow. Early. Sitting by my garden windows, with a cup of tea and your new A Cuppa Moments in peace.”
Sarah H.

“I upgraded and love it!”
— Marlene

“As a subscriber, I really enjoy the ad free feature as I find ads so annoying as they pop up.  Beyond that, of course, is the expanded content such as A Cuppa Moments and fun opportunity to participate in giveaways for British and French weeks. “
— Judy M


“I canceled all my other subscriptions and decided to become a Top Tier member instead. This is currently the only membership I pay for, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! Thank you, Shannon!”
— Dr. Alisa Chatpra

Membership Tier Levels

Basic Tier

  • With Advertisements
  • Unlimited Reading of TSLL Blog
  • Save favorite TSLL posts/episodes in your personal TSLL library
  • No Access to the Following Content:
    • Shannon’s Home Tours (Le Papillon)
    • Shannon’s Journey
      • Saturday Ponderings . . . posts
      • What Made Me Smile This Month posts
      • Additional more personal posts
    • Giveaways
    • A Cuppa Moments w/Shannon (monthly video chat post with Shannon)
  • Automated payment
  • Grandfather/mothered price once a member. Your price will never increase so long as you do not cancel your membership.
  • Cancel at anytime

Top Tier

  • Enjoy Ad-Free Reading throughout the Entire Blog*
  • Connect, engage and be inspired by fellow TSLL Members from around the globe living their own simply luxurious life.
  • Save favorite TSLL posts/episodes in your personal TSLL library
  • Unlimited Access to ALL of TSLL’s Content
  • Exclusive Access to enter all British & French Week Giveaways
  • Access to A Cuppa Moments w/Shannon(shared the 1st day of each month)
  • Free Digital Cookbooks of each of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen’s seasons of recipes (pdf •digital download•retail price $8/each)
  • Automated payment
  • Grandfather/mothered price once a member. Your price will never increase so long as you do not cancel your membership.
  • Cancel at anytime

*(except TSLK cooking show and A Cuppa Moments video ads)

UPCOMING Price Increase News:

In January 2023, All Membership prices will increase for all new memberships. Please note, if prior to January 2023 you are already a TSLL paying member, your price is guaranteed and will not change. So long as you keep your TSLL Membership Active, your price will remain the same as when you signed up prior to January 2023.