334: 25 Ideas for Celebrating Le Quatorze Juillet (Bastille Day!)
Monday July 11, 2022

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Bonne Fete Nationale!

To those of us celebrating outside of France, we may be celebrating France’s national holiday with an exclamation of Happy Bastille Day, but within the borders of France, as I have been reminded more than a few times, it is Bonne Fete Nationale or Le Quatorze Juillet! Whatever you prefer to utter, it is a day of celebrations for Francophiles, and while TSLL entire premise when it comes to living simply luxuriously draws much inspiration from the French way of life, today I have lined up 24 ideas for you to celebrate July 14th in your own way.

The above vineyards in Provence take me back to my trip in 2018, and oh, how I long to return. Soon, I reassure myself, soon. But whether we have the opportunity to stand on the terra firma of France at the moment or pay homage from afar, we can absolutely partake in the annual celebration.

I am looking forward to even more deeply celebrating today’s events in the simple activities that fill my day: a sipping of French thé in the morning, watching the 17th stage of Le Tour de France, making herbed gougeres for apéro time in the evening and bringing them with me to gather with a dear friend who grew up in Belgium at her home here in Bend to dine in celebration of today being Le Quatorze Juillet. Parfait!

Now to the list with many links for further exploration on many of the items shared.

1.Watch Le Tour de France

Vicariously travel throughout the countryside of France for three weeks as the annual cycling event takes place. Watch on Peacock (ad-free, $9.99/mo or with ads, $4.99/mo) if you live in the states, and for all other international viewers, read this detailed post on VeloNews for exactly where to stream for your country. Peacock also offers the option to watch the international broadcast rather than NBC’s broadcast which I flip back and forth from every other day from time to time.

2. Plan and then shop for a favorite French meal (check out TSLL’s many French-inspired recipes here)

3. Don’t forget the cheese and salad course (before dessert and after the main entrée)

4. Play a game (or two) of pétanque

(this game was being played in Paris just outside of the window of Hôtel Particulier Montmartre near Sacre Couer)

5. Gather with fellow Francophiles for a French meal beginning with apéro time

6. Pack a picnic and go somewhere amongst Mother Nature (don’t forget to pack the wine and bistro wine glasses – sturdy, but lovely)

from La Rochère – the classic bistrot glass (out of stock at the moment). Shop all of La Rochère’s glasses here. Shop the brand on Wayfair here.

7. Visit a local farmers’ market, and be sure to bring your market tote

8. Begin the day with a fresh baguette picked up at your local bakery

9. Une croissant s’il vous plait!, pair with cafe au lait or hot cup of thé

~explore how to make your own croissants here in episode #6, Season 2 of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen cooking show.

10. Select a bottle of wine from your favorite French region or the next region of France you hope to visit as inspiration to bring your next trip to fruition

~explore Châteauneuf du Pape wines (I pick mine up at both Trader Joes – they carry one varietal at a great price for this vineyard, as well as my local wine shop for more varietals and vintages)

11. Seek out French thé and sip a hot cup in the morning to begin the day – pair with your croissant perhaps? 🙂

12. Cook a classic soufflé au fromage avec fresh herbs

13. Organize a cheese and wine gathering

14. Watch a French cozy mystery series

~explore the latest This & That weekly post which includes additional Francophile Finds, including more French television shows I recommend.

15. Look around your home and discover how you can add a touch of France to your sanctuary, or yet another touch 🙂

16. Shop and purchase French lingerie to update your lingerie capsule wardrobe

~Chantelle is one of the French brands I highly recommend for high quality everyday lingerie (and they are currently in the middle of their annual summer sale). As shared on this podcast episode Aubade is a quality French lingerie brand I also shop.

17. Make a Clafoutis Aux Cerises with the cherries just now ready to harvest!

18. Conclude the evening by watching a favorite French film

19. Listen to TSLL’s Escape to France playlist – over an hour of French music to enjoy

20. Prefer lyric-free music? Listen to TSLL’s French Jazz Cafe playlist

21. Make a simple French crêpe for dessert – Lemon and Brown Butter Sweet Crêpe

22. Speaking of crêpes, make a Buckwheat crêpe (or galette) with prosciutto, gruyére and egg

23. Read a French book to explore further the French culture

~Explore all of TSLL’s Francophile Finds for books here.

24. Add a French cookbook to your kitchen library – add one each year to further inspire your culinary journey into French cooking

~Explore all of TSLL’s recommended cookbooks here.

25. Fall asleep enveloped in French linen sheets

***EXTRA**** Mark your calendars for the 2nd full week in August as each year TSLL celebrates all things French during the Annual TSLL French Week here on the blog. (explore all posts and giveaways shared in previous French Weeks here on the blog)

~Explore becoming a TOP Tier Member of TSLL Community to not only enjoy ad-free reading blog-wide, but also be able to enter all the giveaways presented during the Annual French Week (and access to exclusive content – tours of TSLL’s home), as well as be able to curate a library of your favorite blog posts.

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Petit Plaisir

~Délicieux, the film

~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #334

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26 thoughts on “334: 25 Ideas for Celebrating Le Quatorze Juillet (Bastille Day!)

  1. What a wonderful accompaniment to my ironing session this morning.
    Thank you Shannon.

    Now to catch up with the post and enjoy all the photographs ?
    I love the idea of planning a whole day of ‘France ‘ around the celebrations , with so many great suggestions.

    We have another beautiful day here ,which is really helpful for my painter, who is painting the exterior of my house at the moment.

    The decorating is overdue , because of the pandemic , and then having to wait for my painter to be available.
    It will look so smart when it is finished .

    I will also be very happy to be able to move all my potted plants back into their usual places , or perhaps to make a different placing arrangement , it is sometimes nice to change things up a little bit is t it ?

    I hope you enjoyed Wimbledon , there have been some terrific matches played this year , at all levels of the tournament.

    I haven’t been following the Tour yet , except for the newspaper articles , but now that the tennis has concluded , maybe some watching might be in order !
    I am sure that you have been enjoying it, especially once they arrived in France.

    Have a lovely week with Norman ,Shannon and enjoy your 14th July celebrations.

    x Anne x

    1. Anne, I had to smile when you said you were ironing while you listened to this podcast. I was sorting out some clutter, including my ironing board after a quilting lesson from yesterday. It was “one of those” sessions where I was so exhausted I could not clean up until today. Shannon’s ideas actually transported me and provided a real transition from tedium to diversion for the rest of the day. I have always said that I do my best thinking when I’m ironing. Hope your painting goes well and you can move on with your decorating and your plans.

      1. Thank you Lucy , it’s coming along nicely ?
        Quilting…….how lovely, such a creative thing to be able to do , and quilts show so much history too, don’t they ?
        I don’t quilt, but so much admire the beautiful needlework , colours and creativity which goes into each stitch.
        Some years ago I went to see a wonderful display of work, in the village hall not far from me , quilts made by several different local quilting groups .
        They were so beautiful, many different types , both traditional , and modern, and Scandinavian , American and Japanese patterns as well.
        Many of the quilters were present at the show too, so we could talk to them about their work, and the ideas behind their designs , it was fascinating.
        Have a lovely summer
        x Anne x

        1. Thank You for sharing your experience Anne. I have been doing this for decades and teach a bit as well. It does become a passion, almost an obsession as well. My studio is busy but mostly my work is now directed to organizations that support shelters, cancer centers, and veterans groups. I don’t do this on my own, I am with a group of amazing women who have inspired me. Have a lovely day, Summer is such a treat.

    2. Anne,

      What exciting work to see occur on the exterior of the house. It is amazing how a fresh coat of paint can lift and transform. ?

      Thank you for visiting the Show Notes today. I so appreciate how you savor your everydays. The reminder that tending to little things that change our perspective and deepen our appreciation. Thank you for your comments. They are greatly appreciated. ?

  2. Anne I”m pleased to find someone else who likes to iron. There are so many celebrations here at the moment. Some were held yesterday instead if 14th July. We have some difficult choices to make?. The weather is glorious. Perfect for a new coat of paint. Didn’t way h my h tennis ad we’re glued to le Tour. Do watch it if you can. The last two stages passed through some spectacular scenery in the Jura and Haute Savoie regions. They’re two of my favourite places being in the border with Switzerland. Have a lovely week. Kameela xx

    1. I will Kameela !
      It is more for the scenery than the cycling, to be honest , although Bradley Wiggins was a ‘local lad ‘ , and in fact, once rented my house, when it belonged to the previous owner , but it had been empty for 18 months before I bought it , 16 years ago.
      We have a gold pillar box outside the post office in the next but one village nearby to celebrate his Olympic Gold Medal .
      Some time ago, Carole Drinkwater had a TV series about her life in Provence , which was an absolute joy to watch.
      Enjoy all the celebrations !
      I was once staying with my sister in July ( to celebrate her birthday , which would have been yesterday ) and we went to Cannes to see the celebrations……it was the first time I had ever seen fireworks to music, and it was absolutely spectacular …….although the drive home took a very long time !
      I was also there for the summer of her 60th birthday celebrations , but we didn’t go to Cannes that year, celebrating her birthday at a local restaurant with friends , which was lovely.
      So many happy memories of my times with my sister in France were triggered by this podcast ❤️
      I am very much enjoying your Instagram posts Kameela , you share so much history along with your beautiful photographs , you are so talented !
      x Anne x

      1. A gold pillar box now that’s very stylish. Do the letters get the gilt edged treatment and arrive promptly.? I am only joking. It’s a fitting honour to Sir Bradley even though he was born in Ghent ?

    2. And, as for the ironing , yes, there is something so satisfying about seeing the piles of laundry transformed , isn’t there ?
      I used to do my Mums ironing in her last few years , as she wasn’t a fan , having had ironing for six people in the days before easy care fabrics and modern washing machines and irons .
      I remember the absolute joy of being allowed to iron my nightie for the first time , when I was about seven.
      Before that I had only been entrusted with the handkerchiefs and tea towels ? and my dollies clothes .
      I was very well taught by my Mum , and have always loved it, even when there were five of us in my family and a mountain of shirts to iron !
      I find it quite meditative .
      x Anne x

  3. A fabulous list to enjoy on le 14. As I mentioned to Anne there is so much going on for Thursday and summer in general that we’re spoilt for choice and most of the events are free. We’ll be celebrating with friends eating several courses of delicious food and then will watch the fireworks display in the evening . Added to that there’s le Tour which just for the spectacular scenery of the Jura and Haute Savour regions is irresistible. The weather is glorious. Beautiful big ‘Monet ‘ blue skies. Turning out to be a fabulous summer. Albeit a little too warm some days.Would love to know how others in the TSLL community will be celebrating. Bonne fête Nationale to you and Norman and to the TSLL community. Enjoy the gougères with Vêronique ???

    1. Kameela~

      Sounds as though you have a fabulous day planned. Shannon gave us so many terrific ideas that it will be hard to fit them all in. I usually listen to French music all day, eat a croissant and then cook something from a French cookery book for dinner. This year, I will add a French thé at tea time, and perhaps a movie.

      Enjoy your special holiday!


      1. Michelle,your ideas sound lovely. Shannon.has imbued the TSLL community with the spirit of France. We can’t escape the celebrations. Although the celebrationa are staggered from ladt Sunday to next
        I live in a small village and we had celebrations on Sunday as the mayor who is a farmer will be busy with the wheat harvest on Thursday. With most.people on holiday on Thursday it means there will be many helpers. But it won’t be all work. They will stop for a delicious lunch fit for le 14
        Have a lovely day and enjoy the rest of the week. Kameela?

    2. I hope you have a wonderful week and top it off with a grand celebration. Le Tour is showing us spectacular scenery. I feel transported. I am planning a French-themed dinner, plans are incomplete right now but a trip to my favorite bakery is on the list.

      1. Lucy the last two stages of le Tour were in the most spectacular regions of France right on.the Swiss border. I have enjoyed some lovely holidays there. There’s more to come. On Sunday it’s between Rodez and Carcassonne . A beautiful walled city. Will be worth watching.
        Hope the final menu will tickle the taste buds. Enjoy the delicious cakes from your bakery. Can’t go wrong with cakes Yum. Would just like to say quilting is so creative and so very absorbing. A form of meditation . Like minded women creating something together creates a strong bond of sisterhood. I ecpetiemced thst growing up.I dabbled a little a long time ago and I remember making a lovely little one for our second baby and she still has it. She’s nearly 40! Have a lovely day on Thursday . Will be thinking of all you Francophiles. Kameela???

  4. Shannon~

    Thank you for sharing all of your fabulous ideas on how to celebrate, Le Quatorze Juillet. I usually listen to French music, and cook a French-inspired meal for dinner, however this year I will add some of your ideas as well such as thé, croissant, and a movie.

    I purchased linen sheets during January’s white sale (which made them more affordable) and have not looked back. I slide into them every evening with a smile on my face. Love, love, love them! Adding a lavender linen spray also adds a bit of luxury.

    The Brown-Butter-Lemon-Sugar Crêpe sounds delicious and I cannot wait to try it. I have also been building the courage to make a soufflé, so I appreciate the recipe.

    Planning on subscribing to Peacock for the le Tour, and hopefully will be able to watch the stages Kameela suggested.

    Have a wonderful week, and Le Quatorze Juillet!


    1. Michelle,

      Happy to share and that it spoke to your inner Francophile. ☺️??❤️ And so tickled to hear you are enjoying the linen sheets! They really is such an elevation in the quality of sleep and feel against the skin, amazingly year-round. And the fact that they last sooooo long, is a great selling point. The next time you are in France, hunt around brocantes for vintage ones which are even more high quality and really go the distance. Sometimes they have the greatest detail.
      Today’s stage of the tour and the upcoming few days should be gorgeous as they are in the mountains – Mont Blanc in the background! – I do hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I tend to watch it as a way take a deep breath and relax which is a helpful tool reminding me it is okay to do so. 🙂
      Thank you again for sharing how you enjoy the French culture in your everyday life. Have a wonderful Quatorze Juillet!?

  5. What an inspiring podcast Shannon. You have given me several very attainable ways to celebrate this week. While I can find reasons almost every day, I will up the ante this week with some French-inspired food. Have a lovely week.

  6. WOW! What a fabulous podcast. So many great ideas that I will act on. Every podcast is wonderful but I especially loved this one and will be added to my favorites. While I don’t need any nudging to raise the Francophile in me, this podcast has enough energy to keep me going until French Week …..and I can’t wait. Merci Shannon.

  7. I just listened to the Escape to France playlist as I cooked dinner and it was wonderful. I have found cooking to be a lonely endeavor since my husband passed in February but this filled the kitchen with lovely sounds and I think I’ve found another “Shannon” tool to elevate my everyday in a new way. Looking forward to exploring all kinds of music as I move forward. Thank you Shannon.

    1. Sara, Happy to hear the playlist brought a smile and deepened your enjoyment in the kitchen. ? Your kindness to yourself during this time is a necessity. Sending my love and grateful for your readership over the years. ??

    2. Dear Sara, my thoughts and heart will be with you as you forge a new path and learn to live around your grief. Music is a great modifier, cooking for one is a challenge, I am sure. Finding new interests and endeavors come with time and should not be rushed. My best wishes.

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