1st Episode: 8 Pillars of Building a Simply Luxurious Life
Monday September 8, 2014

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~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #1

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The premiere podcast of The Simple Sophisticate is now available for listening via iTunes! I am so excited to begin this new venture and look forward to each Monday sharing with readers and listeners ways to continue to cultivate their own simply luxurious life. Topics will dive deeper into how to live your best life, how to focus on living a life of quality, and getting rid of the excess and unnecessary. From fashion, food, travel and decor, no topic will be off limits. Periodically, I will interview authors, entrepreneurs and experts in fields of interest to investigate share perspectives beyond what are shared on the blog, as well as answer readers’ questions sent to me via “Ask Shannon” (feel free to email me!). Now, enjoy discovering the 8 pillars of building a simply luxurious life that is tailored to your unique personality, passions and preferred way of living. And as an extra bonus in celebration of The Simple Sophisticate‘s launch, a second episode – “Mastering Your Money” is available to listen to as well, see below.

Show Notes

Overview – 8 Pillars of Building a Simply Luxurious Life

I think I’ve been living unconsciously this idea of a simply luxurious life since I was a little girl. It wasn’t until I started my blog just under five years ago that I began to analyze why I live this way, why do I love living this way and exactly how am I living? What exactly are the values that I am prioritizing above all else?

As a way of answering that question for myself, and to share with you today, I broke down the idea of what a simply luxurious life is by looking at the foundation. What is needed, what is absolutely essential, in order to successfully build a simply luxurious life. So today I will be breaking down the eight pillars of building a simply luxurious life.

1. Have a Healthy Self-Respect and Self-Worth

It is paramount that each of us sincerely believes and understands that we matter. Each one of us matters. You are of great value, and no one can replicate or offer what you can once you figure out your unique gifts and talents. And it is important and imperative that you find your unique talents because when you do . . . it’s magic.

2. Financial Security

Whether we like dealing with money or not, we must come to recognize and respect that money is simply a means of exchanging energy. And in order to acquire the life you desire, or simply acquire the basic needs, you will need to have a stable source of money coming into your bank account on a regular basis.  Knowing how money functions in your life, while it may not be fun when you initially begin because you may not have a lot of money at your disposal, is absolutely crucial in order to successfully pursue your dreams. In today’s second podcast, I will break down into six simple steps, how to master your money, so do stay tuned.

3. Healthy Relationships

Building healthy relationships is crucial to building a strong social well-being, establishing a healthy emotional state of mind and building a support system that will help not only you to reach your dreams, but those you love as well. Whether at work, with friends, with our romantic partner or even in our community, knowing that we have a strong network of people is vital. And as with just about everything in our lives, it’s not about how many friends we have, but the quality of friends or relationships.

4. Good Health

The key is consistency and acquiring the knowledge of how your body works and how it responds to what you feed it and how you treat it. Following the mantra of moderation, moderation, moderation – whether it be with the food you eat or the exercise you spend time doing, be smart, be disciplined, but don’t deprive yourself. Respect your body, because as we know it’s a magnificent machine just waiting to be utilized to its full potential.

5. A Sanctuary to Call Home

Let’s focus on the term sanctuary. I use the term sanctuary a lot, and I use it on purpose. A sanctuary is a place where you feel safe, where you can completely let your hair down and relax without worry of judgment and where you go to rejuvenate. The qualities of a sanctuary are a space that is clean, organized (lacking all unnecessary stuff and clutter), decorated with thoughtful personalization and lastly, it is functional which enables you to live your life in this space. I hope you noticed what was not one of the qualities of a sanctuary – a certain size or a particular style.  What allows a home to become your sanctuary is finding and creating a space that fits you best.

6. Establishing Everyday Rituals

By incorporating everyday rituals into our daily routines, we are choosing to make the everyday all the more luxurious. And really living well is about how we go about our everyday lives. One of my favorite everyday rituals is enjoy a single dark chocolate peanut butter truffle paired with black lavender tea. So long as I don’t have dessert in the evening, I treat myself to this seemingly decadent ritual. Such simple, inexpensive routines can bring an amazing amount of pleasure. Not only do you have something to look forward to at the end of the day or during the day, but they also provide opportunities for us to be present, and appreciate the moment. And when we are present, we are not stressing about the future or worrying about the past. Our lives immediately begin to become richer as more opportunities present themselves to build strong relationships and have more meaningful moments.

7. Creating a Signature Style

One of my greatest passions since I was a young girl has always been fashion. But I have to be honest, it took some time to figure out how all of the pieces worked best together for my body and my lifestyle. And since our bodies and lives change constantly, so too it seems that we must constantly be changing our wardrobe. But the good news is, once you figure out your signature style, at its core, your wardrobe doesn’t really change. So once you have your basic capsule wardrobe for spring and fall, the tweaks, changes and additions are much easier to make and far less likely to break the bank. A simplification to your everyday way of life, but the added benefit is that you can rest assured you look timeless and absolutely stylish each time you step outside your door.

8. Have an Insatiable Appetite for Knowledge

Part of the reason I became a high school teacher is that I loved to learn. Part of the reason I pursued history as well as English was because I was always wondering why or how something occurred. Whatever you are passionate about or whatever you enjoy doing, continue to feed this curiosity. Because when you feed what you are naturally drawn to, your expertise grows along with your interest. And as you learn more, you fear less because you have become informed about how to prevent or cause certain things to happen. Knowledge is one of the best gifts you can give yourself for three reasons: (1) It can never be taken away from you, (2) It enhances your life no matter what your age, and (3) There will never be a shortage of knowledge.

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32 thoughts on “1st Episode: 8 Pillars of Building a Simply Luxurious Life

  1. I LOVED your podcast, what a brilliant idea and the perfect way to compliment your fabulous blog – I can’t wait for the book! Well done you.

  2. Been lovin’ this amazing blog of yours for over a year, have read every bit of it, and LOVE your podcasts even more. I have a long commute every day and your podcasts are so much sweeter than radio broadcasts discussing the same thing all day. Merci beaucoup!

  3. It’s fun to hear your voice, Shannon! It’s clear you are passionate about your pillars of building the simply luxurious life and I can hear it in your expression. Excellent podcast!
    Cheers, Heather

  4. I just love your blog — I’ve been following it for years. You were actually the first person that inspired me to write my own! I love your positive uplifting posts! I was wondering where you get your lavender tea? It sounds amazing!

  5. I love number 5. I’m an empath and have been somewhat sensitive to other people’s energies and I find now after having a baby that a sanctuary is crucial to my overall well-being. I currently live at home with family an although I have my own room that I do my best to feel like a sanctuary its simply is not. I’m interested in feng shui and it’s amazing what decluttering and placement of possessions does to a space and our energy. Anyway thank you for another insightful post!

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I think there are many people that think there is something wrong with them because they need a clean, comfortable sanctuary when it truly comes down to different sensitivities. I am the exact same way and nothing is wrong with understanding what we need to feel comfortable in any environment. What is crucial is tuning in and listening to what our mind and body are trying to tell us. Thank you for your comment.

  6. Dear Shannon,
    You are delightful and so authentic on your Podcast. We can tell you live TSLL because you speak so naturally about each pillar. Congratulations!

  7. I just completed Lessons from Madame Chic and decided to purchase it! I have shared with my daughters to further enhance the quality of life attitude and it has made quite the difference 🙂 I recently subscribed and I am NOT disappointed to say the least. This is one of my daily rituals that I look forward to, it’s like sharing over a great cup of tea with like a minded friend (in my head). No judgments and always inspired by the end! So thankful to have a vehicle like this to continue to grow and have a better aspect of what is considered the quality of life.

  8. Dear Shannon,

    Pardon the confusion–I mentioned a book that is quite similar to your sophisticate style. My intention was not to mistake you for someone else. I have indulged in the “simplyluxuriouslife” since reading the book which reminds me so much of what you share. Please forgive and charge this to my head and not my heart. I am still awaiting the arrival of your book and to share with my close friends.

    My sincere apologies for the mishap.

  9. I’m new to your blog, thought I’d start by listening to your first Podcast. I love the way you put it… become the curator of your own life. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and I’m looking forward to more of The Simply Luxurious Life.

  10. I just discovered your blog and listening to Podcast 1… and your piece on Self-worth really spoke to me. Even your example of having a bad day at work was spot on. Thank you so much.

  11. Hey Shannon!

    This podcast (and a few others on the first two pages) seem to have difficulty loading as of recently – is anyone else having this problem?

    1. Stephanie, Thank you for your comment. For some reason the first four episodes are not working the way the rest of the episode posts work (pressing play and listening on the blog). I have uploaded a link in each of these episodes (look for Listen to the episode here.) You can click on this and listen to the full episode. You are still able to find all of the episodes on iTunes, Youtube, etc. Beginning with episode #5, you will be able to listen as you have been used to. Thank you again for your interest, and if you have further questions, do let me know.

  12. Hi Shannon, was deciding what podcast to listen to and saw your recommendation to start at the beginning…so I’m thrilled to be doing just that! Savored along with my Trader Joe’s crumpets and Paris tea, perfection. I jotted down when you mentioned there was more on the blog about “find your path” (related to pillar 1 I think) but don’t see that anywhere. If you remember where that is could you direct me, please? Merci, hope your day is lovely!

    1. So tickled you are enjoying the podcast! How you savored listening to the first episode made me smile. Here’s the link.

      It was a post written in 2013. When looking for certain topics, the easiest thing to do is write that phrase “find your path” in the search bar in the upper right-hand corner and it will give you all the related posts – from a decade ago (as is the case here) and new posts that have been shared since. I do Hope you enjoy! (Also, on that note, book #2 & #3 as well as the upcoming Contentment Masterclass speak directly and with much more specificity on finding your path).


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