~5 Good Habits
~6 Steps for Mastering Your Money (podcast)

~7 Traits of the Wealthy
~9 Ways Money Can Buy Happiness
~12 Ways to Save Money in 2014
~12 Ways to Stop Acting Rich and Start Being Rich (podcast)
~Be Attractive to Wealth
~Beauty Money Saving Ideas (2 part series)

~Why Not . . .Become Financially Independent?
~Buy In Season – Save Money, Be Healthy
~Continue to be Financially Savvy
~Cost Per Wear
~End of the Month Financial Celebration!
~For One Entire Week
~Why Not . . . Get and Stay Out of Debt?
~How to Avoid Spending Temptations
~How to Successfully Have a Credit Card
~Live Below Your Means
~Why Not . . . Master Your Money?
~One Week of No Spending Each Month: 8 Ways to Make It Happen
~Pair Up & Save on Necessities
~Pay Yourself Instead
~Why Not . . . Prep for Tax Season?
~Reduce Money Stress
~Self-Confidence Aids Financial Success
~Why Not . . . Shop Local?
~Why Not . . . Shop Online?
~Simple Ways to Trim the Budget
~Take More Responsibility
~Taking Control of Your Spending
~Taking Control of Your Spending: Part 2
~Taking Control of Your Spending: Part 3
~Three Baskets of Savings
~Want Financial Wealth? Continue To Learn
~What is True Wealth?
~When to Splurge, When to Save
~Women Talking Finances

~Wanting to creating your own monthly budget, but don’t know where to start? Download my Blank Month Budget Template and save, upload or print as you need. With instructions on how to use, as well as formulas for an EXCEL spreadsheet, you will easily be able to keep track of your spending and save for the life you’ve been dreaming about.

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