A Luxurious Work Day
Wednesday April 7, 2010

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Work is something that we all muddle through at times, wondering in the back of our minds as we dive into our next responsibility how to make it more of a pleasure.  Hopefully your career enables you to be involved in your passion, something that you could spend hours upon hours doing because it truly is something you enjoy.  Even in this case, however, we can all bring a bit more luxury into our daily work lives. With that in mind, here are ten tips that aim at doing just that.

1. Do Something Before Work

Too often the morning routine is rushed and frazzled because we want more precious moments of sleep.  The flip side of waking up earlier than necessary is to create a positive framework for the day.  Try to complete something that you either will have to do later or rather enjoy.  For example, give yourself enough time to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea while reading the newspaper or catching up on your favorite blogs, go for a walk and greet the day, have a few more moments with your significant other, or head to the gym with the other early birds.  The intent is to choose something that energizes you for the rest of the day.

2. Bring the Outside In

I recently made the decision to bring a bit of life and color to my work desk.  Fresh flowers will, I’ve made this promise to myself and for the sanity of my work life, always be on my desk.  If flowers are not your idea of a luxury, why not find a bamboo plant, after all, they are said to bring good luck.  Regardless of what it is from the outside you bring in, the idea is to bring life, color, movement into your space which will initiate a feeling of calm.  Give it a try and see how you feel.

3. 9 to 5 Fashion Show

The majority of us are at our jobs approximately 250 days out of the year.  Why not consider this a time to display our best wares? (as long as they’re work appropriate)   Looking your best immediately boosts your confidence, relays to those your work with that you are a professional and expect to be taken seriously, and sets a standard that appearance, while admittedly only the first stepping stone, is important to creating the right impression for the company you work for.  Now mind you, clothing is obviously one of the biggest parts of this package, but not the only part. Don’t forget proper grooming and the bow on the top, a genuine smile.  If you know you look fantastic, it can’t help but translate in to a more optimistic and hopeful mood that will undoubtedly spill over into the rest of your day.

4. Arrive Early

Don’t throw your hands up at me yet.  I know I just asked you to wake up earlier, and now I’m asking you to arrive at work earlier, but consider this.  By arriving thirty minutes early, you’re already on the offensive.  This extra time gives you an opportunity to fine tune the itinerary you have set for the day, take a deep breath and eliminates the likelihood of rushing through your day.  Granted, it still might happen, but at least you have given your to-do list a fighting chance.  The bone I will throw you, after all, if you’ve made it this far, you’ve woken up potentially one whole hour earlier than you normally do, leave work on time.  No extra hours tonight.  You’ve earned it.

5. Create an Atmosphere

If you are in a business where you have your own work space, set the tone.  Play some music.  For me, I play smooth jazz – pretty much anything without words because I hear words all day long.  Whatever will provide a bit more serenity in your day, bring it into your workspace.

6. Vocalize Your Appreciation

Whenever you are given a sincere compliment by someone, how does it make you feel?  Try to jump start this sentiment by paying someone in your workplace a genuine compliment.  It may have to do with the work they’ve done, or it could be in reference to an item of clothing they’re wearing.  Whatever it is, say it, don’t just think it.  A positive work environment does wonders for the morale of any place of business.  The thing to always keep in mind is to be honest.  People will see right through a brown-noser.

7. Have a Plan

In order to feel you have accomplished something during your day, create a to-do list at the beginning during those extra thirty minutes you have allowed yourself.  By looking at a visual itinerary, you allow yourself to have an objective to achieve by the day’s end.  I know the feeling I find when I get to cross something off feels almost as rewarding as completing the task itself.

8. Learn Something New

No matter what your line of work is, try to always have an open mind as you go about your day.  Now, this advice is to be kept within reason, but by learning something new everyday, you are allowing yourself to grow, to improve, and prevent the narrow-mindedness that sometimes creeps in when we work at a monotonous job.  If you don’t feel you can find something in the work itself, have Merriam-Webster send you a daily email with the word of the day or pick up the newspaper while on your lunch break and learn a new food recipe in the Home section.

9. Take a Break

Regardless of the day you’ve had, you will need to give yourself a break, and while a Kit Kat would be great too, that’s not what I’m referring to.  Some may be able to take a break at lunch, but sometimes this turns into business as well.  Try to find some time during your day where you can decompress, take a deep breath and not feel hurried, rushed, pressed or sought after.  One of my colleagues brings a book to work with her every day and instead of conversing with others during her lunch time, simply sits a bit away from everyone and reads her book of pleasure.  Otherwise she is very social and engaging, but we all know to give her some time to unwind.  Whatever works!

10. Give Yourself a Reward

Now this reward may be found at work, but most likely it will be found after you have left the office.  It could be in the form of a happy hour, time with a friend, a quick beauty pick-me-up, or time with your feet up when you first arrive at home.  Whatever you choose, let it be something you will look forward to as you are working during the day.

These are just a few ideas that hopefully will bring more moments of luxury into your hectic work day.  If you’re inspired to bring even more into your life, take a look at the links below. Each of these sites have an overwhelming abundance of ideas on how to increase your mood and state of mind as you go through your work day.

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Also, going through the work week, trying to stay upbeat and positive the entire time is one thing, but quite a bit of our mood is determined by how we approach each week, what happens outside of the workplace in our personal lives.  Take a look at my tips for giving the week a fighting chance.  Things that you can do the weekend before Monday rolls around to get your week off to a great start.

I hope this Wednesday finds your place of business buzzing with positive energy, yet grounded by a state of tranquility.  Enjoy!

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13 thoughts on “A Luxurious Work Day

  1. You know on the rare occasion I have gotten up early like that, you are so right…made the day so much better just feeling like I had a little life time to myself before I blew out the door. I look forward to reading more of your blog, this post really made me think!

  2. OK, I love reading your blog because it never fails to inspire me. I want to print almost everything you post and tack it to my wall as motivation to live a better life!
    XOXO fallon

  3. Fallon, Blue Bee Style, Andrea – glad I could be a bit of inspiration. These types of comments alone, are a huge part of why I write. Another part for writing these posts is to remind myself what works because sometimes life takes over if I’m not careful.

  4. Sorry I missed this one last week! I love the idea of doing something nice before work (in theory I manage that, but sometimes the alarm clock gets swatted in favor of snoozing) and flowers on the desk are just wonderful!

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