Easy is Never Appreciated
Monday April 12, 2010

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“The progress of your life

toward peak experiences

in all aspects of living

will take time.

Arrive at new ways

gradually, and you will

leave your old ways

too far behind

for easy return.”

Patience, patience, patience.  Another quote that I’ve always played back in my mind works equally well here, but is a bit less eloquent, “In time, the grass turns to milk.”

Regardless of which aphorism you gravitate towards, the message remains the same – stay the course, one step at a time preceding in the same direction toward your goal.

It is so much simpler to believe such advice when you’re sitting at the other end, having reached your intended destination,but for those of us who are still grappling up the ladder, at times feeling as though we are barely hanging on, it seems the destination will never be reached.

Instead of looking for inspiration from someone who has succeeded (if that doesn’t work for you), why not look back upon your own successes? Even if they appear to be small, they are indeed a source of inspiration that you can hold on to, reminding you that you can stay focused.  Remember when you were a weary freshman, and it seemed ages before you would be the “wise” senior in school?  In hindsight, the time flew and all it took was steps forward in the right direction.

Or how about that most desired object or trip or first home which seemed a million miles away.  You eventually purchased it after working two, sometimes three jobs or excruciatingly long hours in your career field –  you may not have enjoyed each step, but you made it because you could smell the scent of sweet reward at the end.

The thing I believe many people forget is that discouragement and impatience weed out the wannabes.  Millions of people want to be published, but the few it seems that do, simply followed through.  Settling and impatience and the belief that you don’t deserve what you are willing to work for are all thoughts that need to be eliminated from your mind if success is your goal.

Agreed, some have it much easier in getting and reaching their dreams, but do they appreciate it as much as you will when you arrive at your desired destination?  It doesn’t matter, because you aren’t them. You have but one life, stop making excusing and step forward – again, and again and again.. . .   Each step will not be enjoyable, but so many others will be, and ultimately, you have to want it badly enough to persevere.

So today, I give you a twofer.  A nod to the movie Hitch:

“Do you know the definition of ‘perseverance’, Miss Melas?  Continuing in a course of action without regard to discouragement, opposition or previous failure.”

Remain determined, and let the others slowly become impatient because it truly comes down to, how badly do you want to make it happen? After all, nothing worth having ever came easy.
Have a most lovely start to your week.

6 thoughts on “Easy is Never Appreciated

  1. You’re amazing. I’ve bookmarked this post, and will whip it out anytime I feel like quitting at something I know that I want (but feel like I will never get). Ah I remember all those years ago, feeling like school just WOULD NOT end. But it did, of course, and I did well. And that’s a success to me. So thank you! 🙂

  2. Patience is a characteristic I don’t own yet, but I’ll make all effort to loose my bad habit of being inpatient and become patient. I guess, the article about ’42 practical ways to improve yourself’ will help me with it. Again, thanks for sharing this post/link with us! ^^

    xoxo Sandra

  3. Dear Shannon,

    Your post is so inspiring!
    You have a beautiful and brillant mind!
    I never miss any of your posts. You are such an inspiration!

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