Why Not . . . Age Brilliantly?
Wednesday April 14, 2010

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I was recently inspired by a theme on Oprah entitled “Aging Brilliantly”.  Women between the ages of forty to ninety-two (by the way each one looked stunningly gorgeous) shared bits of wisdom on how with each year they gained, they saw it as an opportunity to live an even more fulfilling life.

Whether it be in regards to keeping our skin taunt and supple or to challenging our minds, keeping it constantly quick and nimble, each of the suggestions below are a mixture of their suggestions coupled with my own tweaks and additions.

I find it funny, but whenever I’m flipping through a magazine that offers beauty or health tips for each age group progressively, I can’t help, after reading up on my age, also reading through the tips of the age I am about to reach.  It’s almost as if I’m trying to, in my own odd way, get ahead.  Get ahead of what, I’m not quite sure really and as to whether it’s working or not, I’m not quite sure either, but nonetheless, here are more tips to help each of us “get ahead” and continue to stay as youthful on the outside as we feel on the inside.

Have a look, I think you might enjoy it.  And if you have tips you would like to include that have helped you continue to add luxury and pep to your life, I would love to hear.  Please share.

Enjoy your Wednesday!


1.  Learn, Learn, Learn

“Learn as much as you can all the time, every day, every year of your life.”  I recently read somewhere that by continually challenging your mind and learning something new – a crossword puzzle or even how to fly a plane – it is as if you are drinking from the fountain of youth.  As we all know, the power of the mind is impressive, so by keeping it quick and agile, we allow ourselves to keep up with the continual progression of society.  Reading is one of the easiest ways to incorporate learning into your daily routine, but learning can also be done in physical ways as well.  For instance, learning a new sport – tennis, chess (yes, chess is most definitely a sport of the mind) yoga, or dance.  Go ahead, what is it you’ve been curious to try but were a bit timid to do so?  Why not give it a go?


2. Live Your Passion

Take the time to find your passion and live it.  Challenge yourself to find it if you haven’t discovered what makes your heart sing just yet.  It’s out there.  Trust me.  Once you find it, you’ll know.  What has come to my realization more often than not with the more people I talk to about discovering their passion and purpose is that it usually doesn’t happen upon you gradually.  It usually smacks you in the face. And in an instance like that, you’ll know it and most certainly won’t be able to forget it.


3. Be Resilient

“Things can be tough at times, but you can make it.  You really can.”  Ask anyone who has spoken to someone who has years of experience, and they will usually attest to this statement.  We are stronger than we realize, we simply need to get out of our own way.


4.Find Uplifting People

Once you’ve decided to live a life of hope instead of cynicism, love instead of hate and one in which you seek wisdom instead of remaining ignorant, find people who support this mission. Too often, people are pessimistic because they are afraid of being laughed at for what they believe will be perceived as having silly hopes.  First of all, is there ever such a thing as silly hopes? Set the example that life only gets better with each year that passes, but, yes, it will have to be a conscious choice to make it so.


5. Take Care of Yourself

“You’ve been given the most magnificent machine you’ll ever be given – your body.”  Take care of it – food, water and vitamins and pamper it – sunscreen, lotion, and kindness.  My father is a perfect example of someone who is nearing sixty and has always been active.  Just recently he shared with me (and I have heard him say it before, but it bears repeating), ‘we must take care of ourselves so that when we finally are able to live each day without the office beckoning, we can go out and enjoy it to its fullest.’

I can honestly say, I’ve never seen him happier as I have these last nine years since he’s retired.  If he’s not out golfing, and doing quite well I might add, he’s flying, rafting down the river, or outside simply enjoying time outdoors.  This man is not “acting his age”.  Something I strive to mimic.

While I probably didn’t say it as perfectly as he did, the sentiment is still the same.  Our health is the foundation to a life of fulfillment.  Without it, we have nothing.  So take care of yourself and don’t feel guilty for needing to take a rest or for splurging a bit on that luxurious La Mer moisturizing face cream, but also, get moving and break a sweat.



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3 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Age Brilliantly?

  1. oh…I REALLY like you!

    I think you’ll like me as well….

    I’m excited to explore everything about you (via your blog – which is so lovely!)

    I don’t know how old you are, I’m guessing my age… but let me discover on my own.

    sooo happy to have found you. The comment above me did not leave a blog address, so I jumped back one more and found you! what a treat 🙂

  2. love love love this!!

    As someone who is in the process of rediscovering myself after the death of my husband this struck so many chords!!

    I have a feeling I will be popping back in here often.

    Shirley xx

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