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Apr 15, 2010

Last week I decided to take on the challenge “Bag, Tag, Bag” offered by Fallon of a lovely being  and  reveal to you, my readers, what accompanies me on my day to day adventures.  So here we go!
While the purse itself isn’t nearly as luxurious as a Hermès  Kelly Handbag or a Birkin, it has served me well during these past few winter months.  Nine West is always one of my dependable go-to stores when I need a simple change of seasons tote that will work well going to work or poking around in boutiques on the weekends. And undoubtedly, I was struck by the plum that was so prevalent last fall as well. In taking these photos while the sun was streaming in, it came to my attention that it’s time to search for my spring bag.  (Couldn’t be more thrilled to have a necessity to shop for!)


As far as what is inside this day to day bag of mine:
*Jason Epstein’s memoir Eating – the recipes are written as though they are stories – such a unique style.
*Hobo‘s clutch – an unexpected birthday present that makes me smile just looking at – love the colors!
*A scarf – for the ever moody weather we’ve been having recently, besides I don’t need an excuse to wear a scarf – one of my favorite accessories, even if I do have to take this one off when I reach my destination.
*PaperBlanks idea journal – I always need something to write down ideas in for Simply Luxurious, thoughts, quotes I come across, things to add to my shopping lists, movies and books I need to pick up and read/see and this serves as the perfect size.
*Bobbi Brown lip gloss – simple, lovely – necessary!
*My pretend blackberry – enV3 phone and Palm Pilot – someday, they will meld into one. Twitter was tweeting away as I took the photos.
*Fiji water – something I always need to drink more of.


*wine bottle opener – During my first trip to France, I picked up this key chain/wine bottle opener, and it has been with me for over ten years.  Can’t say I’ve ever used it, but it’s a great conversation starter.
*hair accessories – sometimes my hair just has a mind of its own, but this way, it still looks fabulous.
*Altoids Smalls – perfect size
*Crabtree & Evelyn lotion

*my old house key – love the unique look (although the picture doesn’t do it justice) and the reminder of what I get to go home to.

*ball point pen – why did I ever write with anything else?

*business cards – with the help of Zazzle

A work in progress, as you can see.  Always looking to add a bit more luxury little by little.

I must extend a thank you to Fallon for forcing me to be honest about what hides inside a woman’s most private possession. And to extend the same invitation that was offered to me, to any of my readers, let me know if you’d like to post your bag for Bag, Tag, Bag – I’d love to have a peek and I’m sure your readers would as well.

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