28: The Modern Woman’s Lifestyle Grocery List
Monday March 9, 2015

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“Being a woman no longer means being silent and subservient. A modern woman is strong, but in a subtle, confident way that doesn’t need to be abrasive. A woman’s looks can be helpful, but her brains will always propel her to where she wants to go. A modern woman is well-educated; she is up on what is going on in the world around her so that no one can pull the wool over her eyes.” –Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide

Throughout the duration of TSLL blog, many lists have been shared: back-to-school/work, weekly grocery, travel tote packing, 10 wardrobe essentials and maintaining a simply luxurious life – just to name a few. But after perusing through some of my favorite magazines over the weekend and tending to my to-do list to stock up on certain lifestyle basics that had run out, I realized there was one list that has not yet been shared – the lifestyle grocery list.

What is the lifestyle grocery list?

Any item that requires  money in your budget, but doesn’t occur regularly (i.e. weekly or monthly), minus food or clothes. This list includes a variety of arenas of our lives as keeping these items stocked allows for our lives to run more smoothly, our confidence to soar, a healthy balance between work and leisure to be struck, networking and relationships to remain strong and our knowledge of the world to regularly stimulated and informed.

1. Stationery

From thank you cards to basic blank stationery and even the annual holiday cards, make a point of trying to stock up before you run out, as you never know when you’ll need them, but you’ll always be glad you do have them at the ready. (TSLL Rec ~ Inslee Stationery)

2. 2-3 Intriguing Books

Whether you have a book on your nightstand next to your bed, in your purse or prepped and ready next to your favorite reading chair in the living room, have two or three books of different genres so that no matter what your mood, you will always have something to dive into. Here are three categories I have found to cover all of my bases of potential moods and interests: leisure (cozy mystery, beach reading, etc), literature (classics, award-winners, etc) and non-fiction (how-to, biographies, history, lifestyle, inspiration, etc)

3. Favorite tea, coffee or drink of choice

Knowing you have your favorite coffee in the morning ready to help kick off the day or your favorite sipping tea in the evening to unwind is a wonderful comfort to bookend the day. Be kind to yourself when choosing your varietals, and remember that such a simple luxury can make a very big difference. (TSLL recommends ~ Palais des Thes Montagne Bleue, BeeCrowBee black lavender, Mariage Frere Vert Provence)

4. Trusted Make-Up Basics

Thankfully make-up doesn’t need to be purchased each month, as it can become expensive, but it is a necessary purchase to include in our budget. Whether you are an extensive routine, or something simple, be sure to have these five basics stocked: concealor, blush, lipstick, primer, and mascara. After all, when we look are best, our confidence receives an extra boost and we are better able to forget how we look and focus fully on what we are doing.

5. Necessary Hair Products

Now this list, similar to the make-up list, will vary based on you, but for a general list, most of us need products to help us prep, style, hold, and repair. And to maintain a blow-out as not everyone washes their hair everyday, having a dry shampoo is always a good idea.

6. Candles

Lately, I have fallen in love with having scented candles around the home. Especially during the chillier months, candles offer the similar touch as fresh flowers as they cozy up the space and soften the mood. (TSLL Recommends ~Archipelago, Diptyque – Santal & Lavender)

7. Bubble Bath

Dipping into a warm bubble bath at the end of a long day or during a leisurely weekend is a simple pleasures that must be enjoyed from time to time. While yes, a bath without bubbles works just as well, there is just something lovely about the texture, opaque appearance and often scent depending upon which varietal you purchase. These are my two favorites: verbena & lavender.

8. Journal

Ah, the outlet for self-therapy, expressing gratitude, keeping a personal history, cataloging ideas, and anything else that prompts you to write, having a journal on-hand at all times is something I highly recommend. Often purchased twice a year, sometimes once, a journal is a trusted companion that doesn’t cost all that much to maintain.

9. Truffles

As I’ve mentioned several times on the blog, in the book and on the podcast, one of my favorite rituals if I haven’t indulged in dessert is one dark chocolate truffle paired with a cup of black lavender tea. A simple luxury that always satiates my taste buds and signals to my mind that its time to unwind, Arrowhead Chocolates are always ready to be enjoyed.

10. Razors

A razor that is primed and ready to work its magic is a simple item we may take for granted. Making sure we are not using a dull razor as well will help avoid razor burn and unnecessary stubble.

11. Toothbrush

Sometimes this item is something I forget about and keep brushing away with a bristles that really aren’t doing much. Every six months, help your teeth and your gums out and pick up a new toothbrush.

12. Skincare

Certainly items that are worth the investment, caring for our skin will allow our best selves to shine and prevent unnecessary pre-mature aging. From cleanser to moisturizer, eye cream, scrub, masques, and body lotion, have a look here for tips on how to create glowing skin.

13. Planner Refills

As someone who still using a hold-in-your-hands planner, this requires an annual refill. While I have tried to go completely digital, the writer in me needed to physically be able to write, erase, pen-in the events of my everyday life. Scratch this from your list if you are paperless. (Franklin Planners)

14. Make-up Application Tools

Each woman’s make-up routine will be different, and aside from the brushes we use and clean, we will need to keep stocked the disposable items such as: cotton balls, Q-tips, sponges, etc.

15. 2-5 subscriptions for regular reading material

Part of being a savvy citizen, individual and wise decision-maker is knowing what is going on in the world. Also, having when we stay abreast of news in our fields of interest, we have ample conversation topics and deepen our own knowledge base as well. Here are just a few ideas of subscriptions you may want to include in your reading repertoire: local newspaper, world/national newspaper, periodicals, hobbies, etc. Below is a potential list of specific publications that I have in the past or currently enjoy that you may be interested in:

16. Business Cards

Whether you run your own business, work for a company, teach, or simply are done working in the traditional work-force, having a card to quickly hand someone that contains your information is always a good idea. After all, you are your brand, so enjoy designing your card if you have that luxury. I prefer to use the online printing business Zazzle, as they offer great prices and endless options so you can design the precise card to match your vision. (Vistaprint)

17. Nail Polish

Even if you have the luxury of paying someone else to do your nails, having polish and top coat at home is a good idea for chips and touch-ups. As someone who does her own pedicures and manicures, having these two items fresh and full is a good idea for whenever I can squeeze in this pampering activity.

18. Stamps

While much of the correspondence we are involved in doesn’t required stamps, if we are sending cards and using our stationery, we will need to have stamps.

19. Prescriptions

If you have any type of prescription whether for health, eye-sight, etc, this is a must-have item to budget for whenever the cycle is about to run-out.

20. Perfume

Perfume can last six months to a year and still have its potency, but not having it always makes me feel naked. Since it is an item that doesn’t need to be purchased as often, investing in a quality fragrance is a wonderful idea.

21. Flowers

If I can, picking up flowers weekly is ideal, but either due to the season or my budget needs, this may not always happen. While a discretionary purchase, purchasing flowers and bringing them home can add a warm and welcoming touch.

22. Dry Cleaning 

Necessary, but not always on a regular basis, keeping a little extra available for such moments when your favorite dress, blouse or skirts need to be cared for is a worthwhile investment in your style, presentation and confidence.

23. Calendars

Perhaps your planner refills involve a calendar element as well, but if part of your home decor is hanging a wall calendar, this is a yearly expense to budget for.

24. Fitness Passes

Depending upon your fitness regimen, you may already pay a monthly gym fee or not attend a gym or classes at all. As someone who attends yoga classes, I purchase a pass with a certain number of classes and it runs out once I’ve used each pass. This is not a monthly expense, but something I need to budget for when it is about to run out.

Primarily, the reason to be aware of our lifestyle grocery list is to recognize what our budget needs to be prepared for, rather than being surprised when we run out of items we depend on regularly. Not all of these items will be on your list, as I have compiled it from what I tend to need and use in my own life. Please do share items that you feel I should add, as I am always looking for feedback.

Most importantly, living well, living simply luxuriously is about living consciously and handling those items which are completely in our control. Being prepared, looking our best, and feeling our best are three things that we can influence in a variety of ways. Why not do all that we can?

~If you would like a clean PDF Lifestyle Grocery List complete with blanks to fill in to your necessary items.


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23 thoughts on “28: The Modern Woman’s Lifestyle Grocery List

  1. This is almost identical to my own list, although I never thought of it as a list before. Now I have a name for it

  2. Shannon,

    I have enjoyed your blog for years and am now enjoying starting my Monday’s with your lovely podcast.

    I just have to say I have been looking for a terry lined shower cap for ages so I was laughing this morning when I heard you going on about it. Something so simple really can make life more enjoyable.

  3. For additions to the list, I would say that my Clarisonic replacement heads and good pens are two things on my list. I get a pack of expensive colored pens every year for Christmas from my mother-in-law and it is one of my favorite little indulgences.

  4. I’m glad you included candles on the list. They are one of my favorite things to help me relax. My favorite candles are sold by Voluspa.

  5. Hi Shannon, I love your podcast and listen to you regularly. However, I am a little concerned about your website (today is my first time on it). I’ve noticed you’ve used a lot of Madewell’s photos and not given proper art credit for such. These are not your photos, and are photos of a company and an artist that have payed and worked hard to produce these (not to mention 6 months of preparation, long photoshoot days, and months of editing). Please give credit where credit it due.

  6. I love this list! As the mother of three teenage girls, I am excited to have them read your book as you offer such inspiring messages on how to live and meaningful, joyful, and authentic life. I was curious if you have any recommendations for tea, candles, or even perfume you love. I realize that taste is individual but it would be lovely to have a starting point. Thank you so much for your blog. It uplifts and inspires me.

    1. Absolutely! I have updated the post to include my picks for tea, perfume and candles. Just click on the links. Thank you for passing along the book to your girls. 🙂 I do hope they enjoy and find something they can apply to their lives and their journey.

  7. Hi Shannon, I so much needed this today. I was wondering if any particular wine should be added to the list. Not the ones we buy at the supermarket but just something a little more fancy 🙂

  8. In regard to stamps, I like getting the seasonal floral ones to use for postage. The love stamps are also fun to use, especially when sending something to family members.

    Grocery stores often have cut flowers for a nominal cost. This week I was able to get a bunch of daffodils for less than two dollars!

  9. Great list! I would also add DVDs of movies / TV shows I have seen and loved (and therefore want to own and watch again) and music (old or new) to update my collection

  10. I love your list, Shannon! It looks very similar to mine, but I would add a monthly facial and massage. I keep a separate account called “health and beauty” and every month when paying the bills I set aside an amount for my monthly facial. I figured out that my trips to the hairdresser cost the same as monthly facial and massage session would do so I started cutting and colouring my hair myself and now reserve the money for my monthly bliss!

  11. Great list. I would add an up-to-date passport. Because you never know when an opportunity for adventure might arise.

  12. Thank you for sharing your list with us. I agree about tea, mmmm I love beautify, exotic, all-kinds of tea xxx

  13. Good one… As I’m a green minimalist, I would actually subtract a few things, but I have also two additions: lemon-water – I get it from turkey (well I live in europe, but i think this might be available in the US also)… It’s not that kind of water you drink, it just smells wonderful – so you could use a drop behind the ear (cools also)… it’s antibacterial so you can clean your hands with – so nice in summer and i always put some drops in my steaming cleaner…
    and Tictac

  14. You mention fragrance in your list. What is your fragrance personality? Any particular favorites that you wouldn’t mind sharing? Do you switch up your fragrance with the seasons at all?

  15. I would add “Tailoring” to this list. I love what a good tailor can do for my wardrobe to give that added polish to my clothes and general presentation!

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