A Year’s Subscription to My French Country Home Magazine, Giveaway
Friday August 16, 2019

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The talented woman behind the French lifestyle blog My French Country Home, My Stylish French Box and Brocante, Burgundy and Provençal Tours in France, and who I feel fortunate to call my friend, Sharon Santoni, has stepped into the magazine world, and Francophiles are celebrating.

At the beginning of 2019, Santoni brought to fruition a dream she has had for some time to publish a magazine full of beautiful inspiration from the land of France, share recipes for the kitchen, decor ideas for the home as well as introduce readers to artisans and destinations that only someone who lives in France would be privy to.

My French Country Home magazine is available in both digital and print formats and is published six times a year.

With quality that rivals top decor and lifestyle magazines around the world, having had the opportunity to read three of the four issues that have been released (a new issue is released every other month), Sharon Santoni has done it again.

The first four issues of My French Country Home

Escape to France with each issue, plan your next trip, be inspired to welcome a touch of France into your everyday life, and know that the woman behind the magazine is working with a wonderfully talented team of photographers and writers that each have an eye for that special je ne sais quoi that seems to only be found in France.

In support of TSLL’s French Week, Sharon Santoni is offering to one lucky TSLL reader a free year’s print subscription to her magazine My French Country Home! Thank you Sharon!

~UPDATE 8/17/2019, 8pm: The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who stopped by and entered. Be sure to visit tomorrow (Sunday August 18th) for the final post of TSLL’s French Week which will share a round-up and the list of winners.


  • Leave a comment on this post no later than Saturday August 17th by 7pm Pacific Time.
  • Stop by Sunday August 18th to see if you are the lucky winner (the announcement of all winners for each of the giveaways will be shared).
  • That’s it! Bonne Chance!!

Check out the images throughout this post as they are all ones you will enjoy in issues of My French Country Home magazine.

~photo credit (l to r) Lise Kvan; Sharon Santoni~
~photo credit: Franck Schmitt~
~photo credit: Franck Schmitt~
~photo credit (l to r): Anne Soulier; Franck Schmitt~
~photo credit: Franck Schmitt~

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132 thoughts on “A Year’s Subscription to My French Country Home Magazine, Giveaway

  1. What an exceptional way to experience what France has to offer, while enjoying the comforts of home!

    1. Such a fabulous gift and one which would bring a regular taste of living in France! Thank you for a wonderful week of Francophile bliss, Shannon ??

  2. So many wonderful giveaways this week!
    Thank you for these special postings on France and the French experience.

  3. Oh my gosh! Of all the giveaways, this is the best!! I LOVE this magazine. It reminds me of summers spent in the south of France, and of the beauty I continue to long for and cultivate!

  4. I received one issue of MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME print magazine, and all I can say is: more, please.

    Thank you.

  5. Ohh this is such a nice give away! I am in live with your blog and podcast and I really appreciate your hard work Shannon. You are the close friend that is always there with your soft voice and intelligent advice…I don’t know how many Spanish bloggers do you have, I hope one day you will become trendy, I am your Spanish manager somehow carrying you in your podcast version driving all M30 long and reading your books at the Metro☺️ Hope we can meet someday in Madrid! Lots of live from your francophile Spanish reader, take care my Shannon?

  6. Shannon, thank you, this week has yet again been such a treat! I love being introduced to new sources and finds of the French genre. “My French Country Home” certainly falls in that category!

  7. thank you for this wonderful opportunity and for your support and respect for Sharon.

  8. Thank you Shannon for another amazing TSLL French Week! It has been such a joy and I look forward to new posts and podcast episodes this week to take me on a mini break to France 🙂

  9. What a lovely treat to see in my inbox! I adore the French Chic style of interior design. My mother is huge on French Country so I grew up with that style as well.
    Thank you for another fantastic week Shannon!

  10. This new magazine is a dream come true! Thank you for the possibility of seeing the first few released. I can not wait to subscribe and enjoy my new adventures in France!!!

  11. Shannon, you have given us a wonderful French week. I’m revisiting all your posts.
    To receive Sharon’s magazine would be the icing on a cake. Thank you, Nancy

  12. I would love to be the lucky recipient of this wonderful prize! Thank you for all the hard work behind the scenes of the beautiful photos!

  13. I follow Sharon’s beautiful instagram account and find it is one of the loveliest ones I have seen. Would love to win a subscription to her magazine. And thank you Shannon for a marvelous French week!

  14. How exciting it would be to find that in the mailbox.
    This week’s french content has been such a treat, thank you.

  15. Oh my goodness! What an Awesome gift it would be. I admire your generosity….

    God bless

  16. What a lovely treat it would be to win, then I could dream away my days looking at this magazine!

  17. Given how beautiful & inspiring her books & blog are, I’m sure the magazine is just as wonderful.

  18. Thank you for this chance. I follow Sharon on Instagram and am always inspired by her posts. Her books are also wonderful with images and ideas that I return to often.

  19. I recently have become obsessed with French living. I love your podcast and absolutely adore your books. One day I would live to visit France. It’s such a beautiful country and the people seem so authentic. I think there are alot of lessons us Americans can learn from the French, and I’m so inspired by your efforts to teach us them. Bravo to you! Keep up the great work. I look forward to your posts and podcasts. I would love to get my hands on those magazines 🙂

  20. What a way to escape to France! I would lose myself completely in every issue.

    So, I’d love to win this one, Shannon!

    Thank you.

  21. I was able to flip through the electronic version of the garden issue and it is gorgeous!

  22. I love Sharon Santoni’s books, and I’ve been eyeing her new magazine. It looks delightful, and I’d love to win a subscription! She’s so inspiring!

  23. This is incredible! Thank you for the generous opportunity to win a free year subscription to this beautiful magazine!

  24. Hooray for French Week and such an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity— love love love TSLL! ❤️

  25. I would love to win a gift subscription to My French Country Home magazine! I have read Sharon’s blog from the beginning and shared her beautiful home and blog with family and friends, sometimes tiring them with my accolades?.

  26. Never been to France, but when I do go, I’ll have some great guidelines from you, Shannon. Merci!

  27. The photograph are absolutely beautiful. Would love to a subscription to My French Country Home! thank you.

  28. Each new giveaway is better than the last! This looks like the perfect French touch for any home!

  29. I hope I am the winner. Love everything French. I traveled there 10 years ago – the best 10 days of my life. I am certain I will return for a lengthy stay.

  30. This is such an exciting give away! I am a huge fan of all that is French. Thank you for all you do.

  31. 15 years ago this August we spent our honeymoon driving through Provence, but have not had the chance to go back since. This is a region I have loved and visited many times and miss dearly, for the many beautiful reasons highlighted in this magazine!

  32. Your giveaways are inspired! Sharon Santoni’s photography is just beautiful—i’d love to win this!

  33. Just got Sharon’s book out of the library today. This magazine would be front and center on my coffee table. Plus, I could keep it. Thanks, Shannon!

  34. I’ve never seen this magazine at any of the stores I go to. What an awesome magazine to have a subscription to. France and anything French is everything I dream of. Would love to win this giveaway.

    1. In these challenging times, your blog is an inspiring soft landing place. Thank you again and again .

  35. What a beautiful magazine! Sharon is a very talented lady with a real eye for loveliness.

  36. These photos are dreamy. I’m in the midst of a remodel and I’m totally inspired. ❤️

  37. The magazine sounds wonderful! I would like to sit down and enjoy the pages. What a nice giveaway.

  38. Thank you for a wonderful French week and all the giveaways. I look forward to this week all year. ?

  39. What a lovely magazine to find in your mailbox. Please enter me in the drawing.

  40. This looks like an exceptional magazine – the pictures I’ve seen from it are just beautiful. What a wonderful gift!!

  41. Oh how wonderful! I have been considering subscribing, so this would be a great treat!

  42. What a delightful gift this would be , merci Shannon et merci Sharon!!! Fantastic pictures, a dream come true for any passionate Francophile.????☀️?

  43. Thanks for the Daily Rituals Women at Work & French Twist book recommendations. Absolutely love them. I also enjoy how you link to related older content. You have so many gems filled with timeless advice. Oh and thanks for the giveaways too! ?

  44. How lovely to be able to enjoy my love of France, every three months. Wonderful prize .

  45. Oh, how didn’t I know about this magazine?! What a perfect way to escape to France. I would love a subscription.

    Thanks Shannon. Much to explore here.

  46. Have so enjoyed French week…..If I was lucky enough win I would gift these to my daughter, she would be thrilled!

  47. What a great offer – the covers on your blog photo look beautiful and Im sure the inside pages are even better! Thank you.

  48. I am new to your site and books which are such a pleasure to delve in. Thank you for sharing your energy and time in allowing me to indulge in a bit of the French beauty and its lifestyle.

  49. How exciting it would be to receive these beautiful magazines. I would love it – thank you!

  50. That’s amazing, it’s really a beautiful magazine. I have Sharon’s books, I highly recommend them, too.

  51. Thank you Shannon for this wonderful opportunity & for all your tips and advice throughout the year.

  52. I love all these French Tips you have provided and getting the magazine would be icing on the cake!! Merci

  53. What a lovely magazine. I would love to win the subscription. Thank you Shannon for the opportunity.

  54. What a wonderful exciting possibility! You have extended such fabulous giveaway opportunities to your readers, thank you

  55. I was fortunate to see a copy of this beautiful magazine. I would love to win a subscription. Thank you!

  56. I love this!!! First week of school under my belt, and now I can read all of the French Week Posts #teacherlife

  57. The simple, yet elegance of it all…all week…thank you for sharing,,,truly continues to inspire!

  58. Love Sharon Santoni and her lovely blog. Her blog, like yours, is a gentle stop along my travels to rest and enjoy images of our world. A subscription to her magazine would give me a place to escape and daydream of the place i will likely never visit. Thank you for the opportunity.

  59. Oh my goodness, I have and love Sharons books and definitely need her magazine. I’m sure it will be beautiful!

  60. Hello Shannon As a follower of Sharon Santoni’s blog a subscription to her lovely magazine would be pure escapism. With best wishes, Sue UK

  61. That’s an awesome giveaway. It has been a great French Week and no doubt a lot of hard work

  62. I love following Sharon Santorini on Instagram and would be delighted to be the lucky one to win her magazine for a year!

  63. Those photos look like I could just step right in! They don’t look too staged, as if you’ve just happened upon someone sharing their day with you.

  64. Love this magazine! Your podcast is one of my favorites and I always look forward to your Francophile and Anglophile posts!

  65. After receiving a ‘My Stylish French Box’ from Sharon, I would love to receive her magazine! The cherry on top 🙂

  66. Sharon has a very keen eye and great taste a la francaise Would love to receive her magazine to build on my knowledge of french style. Merci bien

  67. What a wonderful way to wile away an afternoon…dreaming of living the French life…maybe even planing a trip!

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