The Grand Finale Giveaway: A Linen Sheet Set Giveaway from Parachute
Saturday August 17, 2019

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For just over one year, I have slept every night on vintage French linen sheets, and for me, it has been the sweetest sleep year of my life.

In the summer heat (my house does not have a/c), linen sheets keep me far cooler than cotton sheets ever were able to do, and in the winter, they keep in the warmth magnificently.

With each wash, linen sheets do become more and more lovely, and as I shared last year when sharing the history of linen and how it is made after having seen the flax fields in Normandy France (be sure to check out this post as well for details of where to find vintage French linens, cost, etc.), it is best to line dry, and wash them on the gentle cycle in your washer.

A bit of insight I have learned from this past year is that there is no need to iron them except for the monogram piece you see above that is folded over the coverlet or duvet. What a time saver that was for me to realize.

Understandably, we are not all going to be able to find, afford and sleep on vintage French or Belgium linen sheets. I too realized how fortunate I was last year finding the sheets I did at the price I did because as I saw at Les Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, the price for a well-cared for linen sheet is closer to 100 Euros (I paid 300-40 Euros last year, but the quality was not the same, close, but not quite).

And that is where Parachute Linen Sheets comes into the conversation. Granted, this is not a French company, but Parachute does source their linen from Europe from responsibility manufactured companies and craftspersons (not necessarily from France as I still cannot find which specific countries they source from – if you know, I am all ears). Parachute was founded in 2014 in Venice, California, with the purpose of bringing both comfort high quality and premium, accessible essentials, and they continue to be one of the highest rated linen bedding companies in the mid-price range.

As such, for the Grand and Final Giveaway of TSLL’s 4th Annual French Week, one lucky TSLL reader will be welcoming one of Parachute’s 3-piece Linen Sheet Sets into their homes to enjoy.

One difference between vintage and new linen that I do love is that there are now fitted sheets available, whereas vintage sheets are all flat sheets. As well, the three-piece sheet set does not include a flat sheet as most European beds simply use a coverlet as the top sheet. I actually use a top and a bottom sheet and a coverlet on top of the top sheet as you can see in my images. If the winner would like the extra top sheet, that will be up to them to decide and purchase, but TSLL will be giving away the fitted sheet (choose your size) and two standard pillowcases as see in the images below.

Linen 3-Piece Sheet Set (many color options)

~UPDATE 8/17/2019, 8pm: The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who stopped by and entered. Be sure to visit tomorrow (Sunday August 18th) for the final post of TSLL’s French Week which will share a round-up and the list of winners.


  • Leave a comment on this post with the color and size you would prefer should you be the lucky winner.
  • Enter by TODAY – Saturday August 17th – at 7 pm Pacific Time
  • Stop by tomorrow – Sunday August 18th – to see the announcement of the winners for all of the giveaways shared during TSLL’s French Week.

Bonne Chance!

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180 thoughts on “The Grand Finale Giveaway: A Linen Sheet Set Giveaway from Parachute

  1. I have always wanted a set of linen sheets! I would get a queen set in white if given the chance.

  2. Your posts this week are wonderful. If I were to win, I would be very grateful for white queen sheets.

  3. Oh, Shannon. You read my mind with this one. I’ve been saving up for some white queen sized Parachute sheets for quite a while now! (Their robes look absolutely dreamy, too.)

  4. Queen sheets in shore would be perfect for my guest room. Thank you for showcasing these on your blog!

  5. Shannon! This is beyond generous. What a fantastic give-away. Thanks for the chance of enjoying such a luxury.

  6. Let me just say you have knocked it out of the park this week, Shannon! I would choose queen size sheets in white.

  7. Such a generous gift! I would absolutely love to crawl into a cool crisp linen bed. Should I be so lucky to win, Full size in Blush ?

  8. What a lovely gift for whoever wins. As I am now having to limit my work hours to adapt to a surgical problem, I am in the process of turning my bedroom into the most relaxing and comfortable room in my home. I love the shore color, and I have a queen size bed. And thank you for all the wonderful content this last week.

  9. This an amazing giveaway Shannon! And what a delightful luxury! If I were to win I would love queen size in white.

  10. I’ve always dreamed of crisp linen sheets. Blush in full would be lovely. Thank you, Shannon!

  11. What great prize ?. I’ll join the seemingly popular white Queen club, if I’m lucky. Thanks for all of your lovely posts and podcasts. They’re a great escape for a few minutes of the day.

  12. Shannon,wow, what a marvelous way to end this week of treats. ????With much gratitude I would love a set of white queen size linen sheeting.

  13. Shannon, this has been such fun. Thank you
    I would love a set of white king sheets.

  14. I would choose the King size in grey. Thank you so much for the chance. I really enjoy French Week.

  15. Hi Shannon,
    I have always wanted some french bed linen! I cannot find even the type of linen here, so it would be great to win. Thank you for this offer.

  16. I so much enjoyed listening to your interview with John von Sothen just now as I ironed my collection of inherited English linen! I would love to own some French Linen! Thank you for this offer.

  17. Is this contest open to people outside the U.S.?
    I’d truly appreciate a twin set – only available in white which is fine by me!
    Thank you, Shannon.

  18. Sweet sleep how I long for thee. I listen to the Simple Sophisticate podcast as I am falling into slumber each night! Having linen sheets would be the ultimate combo to drift away to dreams of France

  19. Blush, for a Double Bed would be divine & I would purchase the top cover as an early birthday gift to myself !

    Thank you for such a lovely week?

  20. Linen sheets are the best! Thank you for the opportunity, Shannon. I would love a king size set in an off/white color. Have a lovely weekend!

  21. This has been the hottest & muggiest summer we’ve experienced since moving back to SC. White linen sheets, in a size king, would be divine!

  22. Ah, linen sheets. What a luxurious treat! A simple, crisp set of white sheets would be such a delicious addition to my sanctuary. So classic and elegant. Thank you Shannon for this give-way and for sharing this lush line with us.

  23. Glad I’m not the only one to iron sheets. Guess I got that from my Gramma. King in white would be lovely!

  24. Looking forwa d to a leisurely weekend catching up on all of this week’s posts and podcasts! I would adore these luxurious sheets in blush!

  25. What a fabulous and generous gift – the stuff dreams are made of! I would be thrilled to win a set of white queen size linen sheets! Merci beaucoup.

  26. Very excited about this giveaway! If I win, I’d like the Queen size in white. Thank you, Shannon, for providing great information and education on lovely ways to make life a little more luxurious!

  27. Oh, I’ve always wanted some linen bedsheets! I would love a king set in white!

  28. This would be the perfect time for a set of “French linen” sheets for my queen size bed. After downsizing 3 years ago, I am finally able to switch out my large cherry bedroom set for furniture better suited to our home. After much soul searching and redoing I’ve realized that my style is country French, a perfect mix of traditional furnishings and the more relaxed feel of a country home. Off white sheets would look wonderful with our the distressed pieces we’ve chosen for the bedroom.

  29. A king sheet in white would be lovely! Thank you for offering such a fun contest.

  30. Oh la la, luxury indeed, what a lovely and thoughtful giveaway–our sleep is so very important, n’est-ce pas? Should I be so fortunate, I would love to receive size Queen in the crisp and cool white.
    (The history and making of linen is one of my favorite TSLL posts.) Merci, Shannon!

  31. Oh my gosh, you have the most wonderful giveaways! I love the pic of Norman snuggling in!

    1. -face palm- I forgot to write…king size, please! I guess I got too excited about your generous giveaway! Sorry!

  32. I would love to win a set of linen sheets, thank you for the opportunity. A Queen size white set would do very well.

  33. I’ve never slept on linen sheets, I’ve heard once you try linen… you will never go back! I would love a queen set in bone kindly.

  34. I would love to experience this simple luxury for the first time. Thank you for offering this give away. My bed requires two XL twin fitted sheets, one king top sheet and two king pillow cases.

  35. Oh how I would delight in white, Queen size linen sheets. My bed is my haven and I have dreamed of this experience…..oh I hope……?

  36. The sheets look beautiful. I would love to have a set of these sheets in white for a queen size bed. Thanks so much!

  37. Those sheets would be a dream come true! Queen size in white please. We would love them!

  38. Oo La La! What a great offer and I would be tickled to have a set of white in King size!! Thanks for the opportunity ?

  39. I’d love to win a white, california king set of these fiendish sheets. We just got a new bed that we desperately needed and this would be so sweet.
    All the best, Lois

  40. This is just lovely, Shannon! Queen in white would be perfect for these warm summer nights. Thank you for sharing and inspiring your readers!!

  41. WOW what elegant sheets. It would make me feel like royalty.
    If I were the winner I would love the sheets in Queen size in the Shore colorway.
    All the colors are beautiful though.

  42. White in king size would be wonderful! Maybe it’s a lucky sign but I have the little tea bag holder teapot that is on the tray in the picture. Thanks for another incredible French Week!

  43. If you are looking for someone who has loved seeing France through your writing and could never afford Parachute sheets, I’m your cheerleader! I would choose queen linen in white, please.

  44. These are my favorite sheets by far for color, comfort and fit. I’d love to try the linen.

  45. What a great giveaway! Thank you for sharing about this company as well. I love that they have such a wide range of sizes available. I would love to win a white twin set for my daybed.

  46. White in queen size would be a lovely upgrade for us.. Thank you for all your thoughtful posts. Your blog is really a bright spot for me every morning before work.

  47. I just bought a Parachute down pillow! Would California King in white be too much? ❤️

  48. I recently discovered the joy of linen. We rotate through a couple of sets of sheets and only have one set that is linen. Linen week on the bed is always a favorite!! White in queen would be dreamy.

  49. Wow, these sheets look fabulous!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win a set. My choice would be a king size in white.

  50. Those sheets look so comfortable! I would choose a king size set in Indigo (although I would worry about waking up with a slight blue tinge to my skin – does the dye bleed?)

  51. The sheets sound Devine. A king size white set would be absolutely amazing ?

  52. California King in shore! I recently brought a percale sheet set from them and they are awesome, but it’s still a bit hot here. Linen would be lovely.

  53. I would love to have this wonderful sheet set, Queen, white. I have your new book and I love it. Keep up the good work.

    1. Queen sheets in white would make my sleep before school starts so wonderful. As a teacher I have been having back to school nightmares….Yikes #needbettersleep

  54. I have read and researched Parachutes Sheet set. This is by far the best giveaway that will last a lifetime of great sleep. If I am the lucky winner please send me a King Size white sheet set fingers crossed ??

  55. Queen sheets in white would make my sleep before school starts so wonderful. As a teacher I have been having back to school nightmares….Yikes #needbettersleep

  56. Always wanted to try linen sheets! Fog or grey would go great with my purple bedroom. Fingers crossed!

  57. I am a long time linen lover, wear it almost exclusively year round. However I have never been able to afford good linen sheets(for my queen size bed), sadly. I tried some from Target, but they were scratchy and uncomfortable. I would take just about any color. I tend to especially love aqua or white, but the blush color in the Parachute line is my favorite. Nice to read your linen love!

  58. You are so insightful and we just love the site so much! I am familiar with Parachute, I once ordered a percale set, but have never experienced linen sheets.. Really hope this will give us that chance! 🙂 I would LOOVE to experience it on my Queen in color Shore! It just states their linen is crafted in Portugal from the finest European Flax. Thank you for all you do! -Jordan

  59. So beautiful! We love making our room feel like a hotel room so that it is a true sanctuary. We have a queen size bed and fog would look beautiful! 🙂

  60. Love your blog! Can’t think of a better way to sleep but on beautiful white linen sheets. I can imagine sleeping in on a lazy Sunday morning with my Cavalier King Charles and Portuguese Water Dogs. Queen size, white please.

  61. Could definitely sleep on linen here in New Orleans! Queen and white. Thank you for your great content during French week!

  62. Linen sheets sound lovely! Sleep is such an important part of your health. I would love the sheets in Cal King in Coal. Thank you for the opportunity!

  63. Linen sheets are absolutely the greatest! Especially on warm nights. Would love to have this set in Queen and white.

    Merci, Shannon

  64. My favorite night is Clean Sheet Night. Fingers crossed for:
    – Color: White
    – Size: Queen

  65. How wonderful! I would be thrilled to have a king set in grey. We just had a baby two weeks ago, and would love to get these for my wife, as she goes through recovery and midnight feedings.

  66. My linen sheets just got an irreparable hole 🙁 so this would be perfect. I would love to win a queen set of cream sheets!

  67. Thank you for all the lovely inspiration! I know my 11 1/2 golden retriever (and me) would enjoy the luxury of a white 3 piece queen size set. Merci!

  68. Hey, Shannon! Thank you for the information about Parachute. The older I get, the more I appreciate things that are “simple and luxurious.” ?

  69. This is such a great giveaway! I just love you to pieces. If I am lucky enough to win, I would love king sized sheets. Thank you!

  70. What a luxury! White set in queen size would be wonderful! Thank you for your generous giveaway.

  71. This week has been a delight – thank you! If I were to win the sheets i would like to have queen size in white, please.

  72. I’d love to try sleeping in linen sheets !
    King size in shore ,or blush , or any colour ? would be absolutely lovely , if I’m lucky enough to win.
    Thank you so much for a wonderful French Week Shannon , I have enjoyed it every day.
    Have a great weekend.

  73. Oh Shannon what a fabulous week you have given all of us! I would love the white sheets, size full. I’ll probably never get out of bed!

  74. How luxurious would (queen size) be, from the bed, the clothes line and to iron with scented lavender water!

  75. Oh my goodness–these look gorgeous and comfy. I’d love to try the color grey in full.

  76. Shannon what a lovely French week. Even though I live in France it just reminds me why I chose to be here now. I love linen in any shape size or form and would choose white in the double size. Merci bien. ?

  77. I’m going to France in October and have been avidly reading your posts all week. if I am lucky enough to win the lovely linen sheet set, I would like Queen in white.

  78. What a most luxurious way to enter into fall. If I had the opportunity to win, I would love a set of linen sheets in Queen size, blush ?

  79. I’ve really been enjoying French week. Love reading about your adventures. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. Winning a set of these lovely sheets would be fabulous and if I’m lucky enough to be the winner a set of shite, king-size sheets would be perfect.

  80. The lovely white sheet set in queen size would be a luxurious treat! French Week has been great! And now I need to try out some delicious bread and butters!

  81. There is no better way to end the day than a little touch of luxury.


    King in white

  82. French Week has been wonderful. I would be thrilled if I won the sheets in white, queen size.

  83. Woohoo!! I would love to win….we have a California king!! Thank you! I love your podcast.

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