Q & A with Heidi Wynne on Scarves, Effortless Style & Classic Films
Tuesday August 13, 2019

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When France and style are the topic of conversation, the item that immediately comes to my mind is a scarf. After all, the French and more largely Europeans seem to be born with the talent of wearing effortlessly a scarf in every season of the year without fuss or extravagance. In other words, the scarves look necessary, serve a purpose but also look trés chic on both men and women.

Of course, finding a quality scarf that will last and look and feel extraordinary can take time, which is why I invited Heidi Wynne of Heidi Wynne designs, a brand and designer that sells quality, luxury and classic style, to join us during this year’s French Week to share her style tips as well as introduce us to her collection of seasonal cashmere scarves and accessories.

As a customer of Heidi Wynne, I not only have in my wardrobe one of her light-weight Claudia scarf in lavender (seen above) but also her St. Tropez large brimmed sun hat in natural (worn by Heidi in her IG pic below along with her two pups). And with each item, I am confident they will be in my wardrobe for years to come with their timeless style and quality design.

From finding the just-right warm winter scarf to purchasing a simple, yet timeless summer accessory such as the Edgartown Clutch, the Playa Conchal Hobo (seen above and below) or the Mini French Market Tote to a lovely just-warm-enough light-weight cashmere wrap for the evenings once the sun has set, Heidi Wynne’s designs have what you are looking for.

~(l to r) Mini French Market Tote, Play Conchal Hobo, Edgartown Clutch~

With her expert eye inspired by her travels, each season customers will discover beautiful collections full of luxurious, classic items that will last for years to come.

Below Heidi has answered a handful of my questions about scarves, style, her passion for classic films and how they inspire her selection for collections as well as summer and travel essentials.

TSLL: Heidi Wynne cashmere scarves are timeless in their quality, design and colors. For any new customers who have never welcomed a cashmere scarf into their wardrobe, can you explain what you appreciate and enjoy most about having such scarves in your wardrobe?

HW: I love the luxurious feel of cashmere against my skin and find that they immediately elevate an outfit to look more pulled together and chic. If I am wearing a black dress I can add a pop of color with a red scarf or complete a look with a leopard print wrap. Even with casual denim and a white button down shirt adding a cashmere wrap will make the look much more polished and sophisticated. From a practical perspective, I love having the extra layer of warmth in the fall and winter. 

~Heidi Wynne Bela Wrap and French Market Tote~

TSLL: How do you recommend someone decide upon which color of scarf to purchase?

HW: Skin tone is very important as well as considering your favorite colors. Think about the colors you wear most often and to be safe perhaps start there. Black, navy and red tend to work on almost anyone. The trickier classic colors are buff, camel and grey as they can wash some people out. I think if you have a favorite color cashmere sweater that is a great place to start. If you are fair skinned like me, the Forest Green, Navy Blue and Merlot are all very flattering as well as Classic Black. I still wear the buff, camel and grey however they do wash me out during the late winter months. By March I am ready for a bright color like my Cobalt Blue Bela, Fuchsia Bela (a favorite of Elizabeth Hurley), Cherry Red Isabelle or Deep Purple Isabelle.

TSLL: How do you typically wear a scarf? In the summer? In the winter? 

HW: I enjoy wearing my cashmere scarves and wraps year round. My ultra lightweight Claudia Wrap protects my neck from the sun during the hot summer months and I carry my Bela and Alexandra wraps during the spring, summer and fall. Many restaurants and shops are chilly from the air conditioning and I love wrapping myself in a luxurious cashmere wrap to stay warm. Summer nights still can get chilly and a cashmere wrap is such a summer essential. My heavier weight Isabelle and classic Ingrid Scarf are perfect for the frigid winter months. I never travel without a cashmere wrap and they are so cozy, soft, and luxurious in place of an airplane blanket. I often spray a mist of Chanel perfume on the wrap so it smells like my home.

~bright purple Isabelle; light charcoal Bela wrap; navy Isabelle wrap~

TSLL: I’ve noticed on your IG Stories, you love classic movies. What are a few of your favorites and why?

HW: The Talented Mr. Ripley is a film that never ceases to inspire me. Gwyneth’s wardrobe, Italy, Jude Law on a Vespa- it has it all and is absolutely flawless. La Piscine is another favorite. Jane Birkin and Romy Schneider are timeless and so stylish and Alain Delon is one of my favorite actors. I’m unsure if it is old enough to be considered a classic yet however I Am Love, or any Luca Guadagnino film for that matter, is a favorite. Tilda Swinton’s wardrobe is on another level and Marisa Berenson is beyond chic in this film. The acting is brilliant. It is a beautiful film set in Italy and although melancholy at times I think the message of following your heart is an important one. Belle du Jour and Manon 70 are two of my favorite Catherine Deneuve films.  The YSL wardrobe in Belle de Jour, especially her red suit, is so classic and inspirational. I think it is one of the most beautiful fashion films ever made. For me, the plot is often secondary to the wardrobe although I did find Belle de Jour to be fascinating. Brigitte Bardot in Two Weeks in September (À coeur joie) is another favorite for her cozy sweaters, corduroy pants and the shores of Scotland. I enjoy any film with Brigitte Bardot and Sami Frey is another favorite. I am trying to post more of my favorites to Instagram as it makes me so happy when someone watches one of the films for the first time and tells me how much they enjoyed it. To be able to bring a simple pleasure to somebody’s life is so rewarding and there are still many more classics to be discovered. Lately I’ve been into Steve McQueen and watched the original Thomas Crown Affair and The Getaway. Faye Dunaway and Ali McGraw are so inspirational and chic in these films.

~Belle de Jour~
~I Am Love~
~I Am Love~
~The Talented Mr. Ripley~

TSLL: Summer footwear preference – espadrille or tropiezenne/gladiator sandal?

HW: My favorite summer sandal is the K Jacques Picon (I own seven pairs in a variety of colors) and my new Made in Italy AERA Vegan Leather Python Sally Sandal. I love the python sandals with a black silk slip dress for a night out and my K Jacques are so comfortable that I live in them all summer long. I recently brought four pairs for a weekend in Sag Harbor as they are lightweight and easy to pack. My favorite espadrilles are a low wedge by Stubbs & Wootten.

~AERA Vegan Leather Python Sally Sandal~

TSLL: What are a few of your summer wardrobe essentials?

HW: An Ulla Johnson printed cotton midi dress, a Danielle Fichera Collection shirtdress, my Heidi Wynne Claudia Wrap in pale grey or buff, my Heidi Wynne Bela Wrap in Deep Violet, Black, Classic Pink or Soft Blue, my K Jacques Sandals, my Oliver Peoples Shades or Ray Ban Aviators, my Heidi Wynne Panama Hat or St Tropez Raffia Sun Hat and my Heidi Wynne Marella Wicker Satchel, Ava Sisal Satchel or Edgartown Raffia Clutch. A summer dress, sandals, cashmere wrap and straw hat and bag is my summer uniform.

~Heidi Wynne Edgartown Clutch~

TSLL: What are your travel carry-on essentials?

HW: Darphin moisturizer, Valmont eye cream, a Heidi Wynne cashmere wrap and cashmere eye mask, Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, Rodin ollio Lusso Lip Balm, Kosas Weightless Lip Color in Rosewater and a good book. Right now I’m reading Educated by Tara Westover and Winners Take All by Anand Giridharadas.

~Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, Heidi Wynne isabelle Cashmere Wrap, Kosas Rosewater Weightless Lipstick~

TSLL: What items in your home make it feel like home?

HW: My dogs, the fireplace, Diptique Feu de Bois candle, Pellegrino, herbal tea, coffee table books including Tonne Goodman’s Point of View, Marella Agnelli The Last Swan, Lee and Happy Times by Lee Radziwil.

~Point of View by Tonne Goodman~

TSLL: Best advice ever received and applied?

HW: Let it go. This is the best advice I’ve ever received and what I always encourage my friends to do. Almost every time I don’t let something go I regret it. The happiest people keep things moving along and choose their battles wisely. (Unless it comes to politics in which case I think speaking out against bigotry and hate is critical as these are very dark times.) Not worrying about what others think is also valuable advice and fortunately that gets much easier with age.

TSLL: Since it is French Week here on TSLL – what is a favorite destination or locale you recommend visiting in France? Why?

HW: Everyone tends to spend time in Paris; however, there are other beautiful cities to explore. The shoot for my men’s collection took place in Tours as the model is from there and I think it is well worth a visit. The Tours cathedral is magnificent, the bridges crossing the Loire River are impressive especially the Pont Wilson. Not far from the cathedral, in the garden of the ancient Palais des Archevêques (now Musée des Beaux-Arts), is a huge cedar tree that is believed to have been planted by Napolean. There is rich history in Tours including medieval buildings in Place Plumereau. 

I want to thank Heidi for taking the time to share such thoughtful and detailed answers. I am now more than ever intrigued by her detailed and inviting description of Tours to find time to explore the area the next time I return to France.

Be sure to visit Heidi Wynne designs online here at HeidiWynne.com and follow her on Instagram (@heidiwynne) to see what inspires her in her everyday living and travels as well as see how customers from around the globe style her scarves.

TSLL’s 4th Annual French Week posts thus far . . .

SUNDAY August 11th

MONDAY August 12th

11 thoughts on “Q & A with Heidi Wynne on Scarves, Effortless Style & Classic Films

  1. I think I need a cashmere scarf this year! I love to wear them as wraps, scarfs, accessories… now to select the color that best suits me!

  2. Wow! I must try these, Shannon! Especially since she presents a lineup of all my favourite classic films and stars. Talented Mr. Ripley, Thomas Crown Affair … anything Tilda Swinton.

    I love the way the french wear their scarves in so many ways! I have invested in a few Hermės 60×60 scarves throughout the years and love to try new ways of tying them. When I travel, I tie one of them around the handle of my bag and use it as a belt, turban, top, around my hat, you name it, to style my outfits.

    Hermės have a great collection of “Knotting cards” with different ideas and instructions, that you can find on eBay. They also have an app with the same name. Even though you don’t want to invest in Hermės scarves, you can use the ideas with any classicly shaped carrės (60×60).

    Wishing you a lovely french week!

  3. Shannon what a feast in this interview with talented Heidi Wynne . You have oozed French chic so graciously into this French week. What a privilege to read this fabulous interview. Tous je voudrais dire, merci madame Shannon,j’apprécie ça énormément!????????

  4. I had never heard of Heidi Wynne – thank you so much for introducing her to us. I’m definately a scarf person and love a beautiful, soft scarf with a faint smell of my own perfume which is particularly comforting on a plane journey.
    You may or may not have heard of Begg & Co a Scottish cashmere scarf maker – not cheap but again, soft and beautiful colours. I have a couple and absolutely love them.
    Thank you for another great post!!

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