TSLL’s 4th Annual French Week Round-Up (giveaway winners announced – all seven!!!)
Sunday August 18, 2019

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With each year TSLL has its annual French Week I am tickled to be introduced to readers who share how they incorporate seemingly simple, yet life elevating rituals and routines inspired by the French culture. The readership of TSLL continues to grow and is a vast international community of varying ages, life experiences and interests, and even if you do not consider yourself a Francophile, the one thing that seems to be the common thread here in TSLL community is that we wish to live well and find the goodness and the joy that is in the everyday.

The more I do my best to make a conscious effort to look for the everyday moments, sights, tastes, and experiences that make me smile with delight, the more I find them. From choosing clothing that is made well and lasts, but most importantly makes me feel my best, to the French candle that I light in the evening before I drift off to sleep to be enjoyed while I read a chapter or two in the book that has my attention, to the determination to grow my own potager even if it is only a few square feet in size, to stepping into the kitchen and cooking with quality, seasonal ingredients just picked up at the market placed in a simple French market tote. These are just a few ways in which the French culture has inspired me to slow down, savor these awesome everyday routines and appreciate how rich and fortunate we truly are.

~In 2018, episode #188, I share 18 Secrets & Lessons from the French Culture you may enjoy checking out.

Today is the last post of TSLL’s 4th Annual French Week, and most importantly, I want to say thank you to every single reader, new or a long-time regular for years, for taking the time to stop and see, and most of all, find enjoyment and inspiration, in the content that is shared during this special week each year. It is a pleasure and a privilege I don’t take lightly when I decide what content to include, and I truly feel fortunate for your time and interest as so many posts are shared in a short amount of time.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the SECOND FULL WEEK in AUGUST, as that is when TSLL’s French Week will return in 2020. But before we start getting ahead of ourselves, the announcement of the winners of the seven giveaways.

Winners of the SEVEN Giveaways:

Winners – Please email me by Wednesday August 21 at info@thesimplyluxuriouslife.com and include a delivery mailing address. Upon receipt of your information, we will arrange for you to receive your gift. Congratulations!

Everyone Receives an Exclusive Discount! All TSLL Readers don’t forget about these exclusive discounts:

  • Olive & Branch — Use the promo code TSLL to save 15% on your own French Market Tote or any of their French decor finds
  • Modvin  — enjoy a 15% discount on your first order with promo code TSLL

Well, French Week has officially concluded. C’est fini. C’est tout.
Jusqu’à l’année prochaine!

But there will always be a dash of French-Inspired content here on TSLL, so be sure to stop by. We are returning to our regular posting schedule beginning tomorrow. Below are a few TSLL dates to note:

  • TSLL’s Fall Shopping Guide will be posted on Sunday September 1st (here on TSLL blog)
  • The Simply Luxurious Kitchen, season 2, the cooking show will premiere on Saturday September 7th (here on TSLL blog or wherever you subscribe to your podcasts – it’s a vodcast, but it’s also available wherever podcasts are in video format)
  • The Schedule of Season 6 of The Simple Sophisticate podcast will be shared tomorrow, Monday August 19th (here on TSLL and wherever you subscribe to podcasts)
  • Season 6 of the podcast — The Simple Sophisticate, all new episodes, will kick-off on Monday September 2nd (thank you for understanding as we (me :)) take two weeks off from the podcast to prep for the new season.

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17 thoughts on “TSLL’s 4th Annual French Week Round-Up (giveaway winners announced – all seven!!!)

  1. Shannon, thank you so much for such a glorious week, so very much fun! And I am so looking forward to the new season of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen. Merci pour Le Semaine de Francaise 2019–and well done, you.

  2. I enjoyed French Week and I learned so much. You put your heart into everything you write and do. Thank you, Shannon! ?

  3. Many many thanks Shannon, what an outstanding French week you shared with us!☀️????
    Huge congratulations to the lucky winners, such fantastic gifts.???
    Bon week-end les trois????

  4. Hi Shannon. Agree with the previous comments, a great French week. I’m also looking forward to TSLL Kitchen. I want to learn to cook more and better as I lurch toward retirement. I’m already planning my new kitchen, its contents, etc. It will be something to fill my days when I’m no longer working (if that day ever arrives!) 🙂 Thank you again for all of your thoughtful posts.


    1. What exciting new chapter to leap into! I am very excited for you and I am confident you will discover tips and tools to increase your prowess in the kitchen AND make it a truly enjoyable experience with the upcom8ng season of the show. ?

  5. Feeling kinda sad that French week has wrapped up, but the new Simply Luxurious Kitchen podcast softens the blow immensely. Can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up?

    1. Looking forward to the premiere as well! Improved audio this season! Thank you to all viewers for the feedback of what they loved and what would increase their viewing experience. I did my best to keep as well as add/tweak what I could. September 7th will be here before we know it. ☺️

  6. There will be some very happy winners out there !
    Well done everyone , enjoy your prizes , and thank you Shannon for organising such lovely treats .
    French week was so enjoyable , I loved the blogs, podcasts and all the beautiful photographs , lots of inspiration every day.
    Thank you for all your hard work Shannon………you make it all look easy, and I’m sure it isn’t ??
    Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I’m really looking forwards to the cookery vodcasts .

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