2016 TSLL French Week Round-Up
Sunday August 28, 2016

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The Simply Luxurious Life

Well, à l’année prochaine (until next year), the first TSLL French week has wrapped up, but not without me sharing something I just discovered, and I couldn’t NOT share with you. After all, reservations are filling up fast, and it would be an amazing experience. You may remember that earlier this year I shared in a Decor Inspiration post that Julia & Paul Child’s home in Provence was for sale. Well, it wasn’t on the market for long, but how it all worked out is good news for us all: you can rent it and stay in her 3 bedroom home through Airbnb. I am not kidding. I would not joke about this. Visit the reservation page here and discover even more beautiful image of the property. 

And on that note, I will bid adieu to a week that was full of fantastic conversation, comments and truly was a pleasure to curate and share with you all. Below are all of the posts (11!) that went live this week. And rest assured this will be an annual event. Simply find Coco Chanel and Julia Child’s birthday’s on the calendar (August 19 & 15th respectively), and the first Monday that falls between the two will kick off the annual TSLL French Week. Have a wonderful remainder of your weekend. À demain (until tomorrow)!

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~Style Inspiration: French Street Style

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~Why Not . . . Be Fascinated by the French Culture?

~Soufflé au Chocolat: Simple, Not Scary

~Decor Inspiration: French-Inspired California Cottage

~Outfit of the WeekEffortlessly Feminine Chic

~This & That: August 26, 2016 {French books, French films, French clothing and more!}

~Life Lessons from Julia Child & How to Flip an Omelette

~Paris, Relationships & Our Truest Selves: My Interview with Eleanor Brown (podcast)

~And for more French-Inspired living posts, recommendations, blogs, etc., visit TSLL French-Inspired Living page

The Simply Luxurious Life

5 thoughts on “2016 TSLL French Week Round-Up

  1. SHANNON!!! J’adoré la semaine française! I have been studying french (again) for the past few years at the Alliance Francais and just as I was considering taking this term off, your French Week happened. I could not get enough!
    Je suis inspiré! Merci cherie!

    1. What a wonderful French resource. I would love to have an Alliance Français here in Bend. Thank you for your feedback on TSLL French Week. It was so much fun to pull together. 🙂

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