This & That: August 26, 2016

Aug 26, 2016

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The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson

A lovely novel set in Stockholm intended to remind us of how little things enjoyed in our everydays have a very powerful effect on our lives is the premise of Jonas Karlsson’s The Invoice. The main character is a man who loves his films and his routines, but when he receives an invoice for an unexpected and absurdly high figure, his world is flipped upside down as he tries to figure out if indeed it is true and how to rectify it.

Mastering the Art of French Eating: Lessons in food and love from a year in Paris by Ann Mah

Released a couple of years ago, I picked this book up at the library recently and thought it fit in perfectly with #tsllfrenchweek content. A memoir organized by regions of France as Mah tours the French country while her husband has been assigned to a year-long post in Iraq, she becomes a master of eating French cuisine. Unexpectedly having to journey alone, she is not alone for long as she shares the food and culture she discovers.

Only in Naples: Lessons in Food and Famiglia from my Italian Mother-in-Law by Katherine Wilson

A memoir to love, having just been released this past April, Katherine Wilson shares the traditions, the cuisine and the beauty of the Neapolitan culture, all the while falling in love herself with Salvatore and becoming enamored with the wisdom of his mother as well.

—Work Clean: The life-changing power of mine-en-place to organize your life, work and mind by David Charnas

Released this past spring, the culinary concept of putting everything in its place “mise en place”, is the foundational inspiration as David Charnas takes this successful concept outside of the kitchen into every arena of our lives. With interviews from chefs who make it work for hundreds and hundreds of dishes each and everyday, he breaks it down into 10 major principles. Recommended by TSLL reader Anna, I want to thank her for sharing this title with me because it is right up my alley and perhaps yours as well.

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Francophile Find

Blind Date

Released in France last year, this romantic comedy juxtaposes two tenants who need starkly different things in their lives in order to achieve the goals they have set. With merely a wall that separates them, the battle ensues and the humor begins. Have a look at the trailer below.

Up for Love

I am truly grateful for the recommendations my TSLL readers send me, and this film was one such example. Released just this past May in France, Up for Love involves a pair that first meet over the phone, and when they finally meet in person, well, there is more than a bit of a height difference. The comedy commences and the question dances around, is there a particular “height barrier” for real love? I cannot wait for this to be available on Netflix. Have a look at the trailer below.

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Club Monaco Lutecia Top (striped)

I couldn’t compile this week’s This & That without a Breton top. A simple budget find, this light-weight striped top is a classic essential in a capsule wardrobe for fall or spring.

Eric Bompard A/W 2016 Collection

One of my favorite French clothing companies, Eric Bompard’s quality is superb. And their know-how with cashmere is hard to beat. Having just released their new collection, be sure to check the entire season out (their scarves this season are stunning), but also stock up on the classics that you may need to complete your capsule wardrobe. They will last for many seasons, and as someone who likes to layer, I have my eye on their second skin polo neck pullover in 70% silk and 30% cashmere. Happy shopping!

Le District in New York City

“New York with a French attitude”. Established last year in the World Financial Center in downtown Manhattan, Le District is a destination for Francophiles. Touted as the “French Eataly” of Manhattan, The New Yorker profiled this destination in last week’s issue. With three separate restaurants and four different districts (garden, market, cafe and restaurant), you will find all of the delicious fare and drink that reminds you of France.



~recipe for Caramelized Pears and Blue Cheese Tarts~

The feedback from the inaugural TSLL’s French Week has been overwhelmingly positive, and it certainly prompted the appropriate question, Why haven’t we done this before here on TSLL blog? Well, I don’t have a worthwhile answer for that except to say, perhaps I feel I am getting a better footing of what the language is all about, and I want to share what I am discovering about French as well as the culture.  I want to bring as much as I can to you, TSLL reader because I know what it’s like to live somewhere where you don’t have access to the resources (now, while I don’t have a lot here in Bend, I do have more than in the past) that help lovers of the French culture learn even more.

The conversations, comments and emails I am receiving this week have been wonderful, and I look forward to continuing this annual tradition each year kicking off around Coco Chanel’s birthday. And because it is TSLL French Week, there is an extra episode of The Simple Sophisticate airing early tomorrow morning to wrap it all up, so be sure to stop by the blog or tune in on iTunes, iHeartRadio or Stitcher. It is an interview with an author I was delighted to have on the podcast and am excited to share her book and a conversation that I have a feeling you will immensely enjoy (Paris, life, relationships, yep, all topics are discussed).

But don’t forget, every twelve hours a new post goes live this week, so there is one more coming today and then the final culminating post and podcast episode will wrap it all up on Saturday morning. I do hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for taking the time to stop by the blog. Below are a few posts you might enjoy, some French-inspired and some just great reads.

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