Paris, Relationships & Our Truest Selves: My Interview with Eleanor Brown
Saturday August 27, 2016

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“She hadn’t been the one who was wrong, who didn’t fit. She had been this girl all along. It had been the place that was wrong. And now, here, in Paris, she would see herself clearly. She could see who she had been meant to be, now that Paris was hers.” -excerpt from The Light of Paris by Eleanor Brown


~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #118

On today’s episode of the podcast, New York Times bestselling author Eleanor Brown joins me to talk about her latest novel The Light of Paris which was just released in July. Tune in to discover her inspiration for the novel, her thoughts on the key to successful mother daughter relationships, the importance of finding the strength within ourselves to be our truest selves and her favorite thing to do in Paris. It was a pleasure to have her on the podcast and I highly recommend the novel. It was a novel I devoured in a weekend and found many quotes throughout, much like the quote above, that captured my attention as essential realizations by the characters which were wonderful reminders to the readers about the journey we each have to travel.

~The Light of Paris 

~The Wicked Sisters

~Visit her website:

~Follow her on Twitter: @eleanorwrites

~Instagram: @eleanorwrites

~Facebook: Eleanor Brown

~Below, discover destinations visited and written about in Eleanor’s grandmother’s journal during her time in Paris during 1923-24



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Elanorbrown118 | The Simply Luxurious Life,

6 thoughts on “Paris, Relationships & Our Truest Selves: My Interview with Eleanor Brown

  1. Dear Shannon,
    I just have to say it : thank you !
    Your blog is a haven of elegance, heartfelt authenticity and graceful pleasure.
    As a young French woman living in Asia at the moment, I know I can find home away from home when I come to your blog.
    It’s also so inspiring to see that people outside of France can revel in French culture – I just wish some French people could be as enlightened as you are.

    Have a nice Sunday !

  2. Merci! for the most delightful French week!
    So many fabulous ideas, inspirations and insights.
    Really enjoyed this interview especially- (and so happy my tiny local library had her book available!) Can’t wait to read it as my Grandmother had lived in Paris before whsle was married for a time as a fashion design sketch artist.


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