Life Lessons from Julia Child & How to Flip an Omelette
Friday August 26, 2016

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Lately I’ve been reading As Always, Julia: The Letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVotoand the more I hear her voice in those letters, the more I completely love her and am inspired to be myself. Just be myself. And so, as I mentioned earlier this week, I become more in awe of a woman who adored food, determined to understand how to cook well as inspired by the French and didn’t edit who she was. With a few quotes for inspiration in this penultimate post of TSLL French Week, as well as a video of how to make an omelette from her PBS cooking series The French Chef (she has a great trick for how to practice the omelette flip that looks so complicated and it involves . . . beans! Take a look.), I thought this a fitting way to wrap up the week and perhaps provide breakfast inspiration for tomorrow morning. Bon appétit!

~The Omelette episode is in season #9, episode #18


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4 thoughts on “Life Lessons from Julia Child & How to Flip an Omelette

  1. I grew up seeing her program–my mom watched it. She really is inspirational, with her positive, can-do attitude. She is completely right about food.
    If you want a modern-day Julia, check out the books and blogs of Patricia Wells.

    1. Love Patricia Wells. She actually was given Julia’a stove that she had in Provence and gas it in her kitchen in the same region of France today. To have known Julia, must have been pretty special.

  2. Merci! At 48 years old, I made my first omelette that didn’t taste like rubber and didn’t turn into scrambled eggs!


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