10 French Candles I Love
Sunday August 11, 2019

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Scent is a powerful way to welcome beautiful memories of our travels, special moments and unique scents into our homes, and thus into our everyday lives.

For the past four years I have been welcoming different French candles into my own home, and each time it has felt like a special, pampering moment.

While I have purchased other candles, I gravitate toward French candles, admittedly with an obvious bias. But I have yet to purchase a candle outside of France that surpasses my favorites listed below.

Today, seven nine ten of my favorite French candles are listed below in the order I most enjoy. There are many more French candles to explore (and I do look forward to partaking in trying them out ;)). And I am quick to share that one candle I have not had the opportunity to welcome into my home, but look forward to is Trudon. Finally in early 2023 I had the opportunity to try my first Trudon candle! Find out where I placed it on the list below, but it was hard to rank as each of the candle companies make quality, natural scents that I absolutely adore and have enjoyed in my home over the years. While it tends to be the most pricey candle on my list, it also comes as one of the most highly recommended from many different people. With all of that said, the candles below are in the mid to mid-high price range, but their quality is superb, as they not only burn for a lengthy period of time, but offer luxurious scents, many being environmentally friendly as well.

~UPDATE 8/17/2019, noon: The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who stopped by and entered. Be sure to visit tomorrow (Sunday August 18th) for the final post of TSLL’s French Week which will share a round-up and the list of winners.

UPDATED 1/2023: This post has been updated to include more candles as I have experienced using them and enjoying them in my home.

10. Hypsoe

I was first introduced to a few of the candles included in this list by receiving them in Sharon Santoni’s My Stylish French Box which regularly includes one French candle. Once introduced, I continued to return to the companies to purchase my own candles as their scents were a pleasure to have fill the room it was placed. Hypsoe sells candles that offer beautiful scents as well as exquisitely unique candle cases such as the copper one seen below. Yes, solid, seamless copper. While most of their candles are contained in metal tins, they also sell a few scents in wooden bases.

~How/where to order: I order directly from the brand’s website (link shared above). You can also buy online from other shops such as FarFetch.

9. Rose et Marius

I was first introduced to this candle maker based in Aix en Provence with the arrival of one of Sharon Santoni’s My Stylish French Boxes, and I have fallen in love. The candle is poured into porcelain holders, many different styles are available, and you can choose from a long list of scents you prefer.


8. Un Soir à L’Opera

Generously luxurious scents contained in striking black holders, and their Nutcracker scent is a treat for the holidays. Inspired by beloved operas, each candle features artwork that alludes to the production. I have enjoyed La Bayadére and Don Giovani.

7. Maison Balzac

I must give a tremendous thank you to my good friend Veronique Waldron, the interior designer and owner of the decor boutique Studio Vero here in Bend. Having introduced me to two of the candles on my list, Maison Balzac is a new Parisian candle company (2012), and I would not have known about them had it not been for her knowledge of the decor world in Paris.

The founder, Elise Pioch, spent her childhood in the south of France, and while the candles are made in Sydney, Australia, and one of the two head office is located in Sydney as well (the second is in Paris), Pioch draws her inspiration from working in fashion in both Paris and Sydney and works with perfumers from Australia, France and Mongolia to create a wide variety of scents.

I love them.

Bonne Nuit, shown below, is infused solely with lavender essential oil, and is lovely to have beside the bed in the evening. There are many more scents to peruse, and mini candle option sizes as well.

~How/where to order: I order directly from the brand’s website (link shared above). You can also buy online from other shops such as The Standard, For Artists Only, and Ivy Muse.

6. Carrière Frères

From cedar, to cotton flower, to fig tree and mirabelle, the scents of mother nature abound at Carrière Frères. The brothers Carrière founded their candle company in 1889 and choose to work with sustainable and ethically sourced products. Producing only “singlular scents inspired by exotic or indigenous oils that fascinated the botanists and explorers of the 18th century. When melted, the wax releases the poetic “language of flowers and nature” thanks to finest quality ingredients”.

~How/where to order: I order directly from the brand’s website (link shared above). You can also buy online from other shops such as Beauty Habit, Amazon, and Adore Beauty.

5. Kerzon

The green candle holder is quickly becoming recognizable with the Kerzon candle brand. Does that shade of green look familiar to you? Perhaps reflecting on a walk through one of the many Parisian parks may ring a bell? Yep, Kerzon candle holders have a very similar green hue as the lounge chairs in the Luxembourg Jardins and the Tuilieries, as well as other lesser known, but still must-visit jardins in the city such as Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. (Shop Fermob chairs here and similar designs and colors here)

Using all-natural wax and made in the south of France, their scent offerings are vast, and some, as seen below, are designed to bring back memories of particular special places in the City of Light.

~How/where to order: I order directly from the brand’s website (link shared above). You can also buy online from other shops such as French Blossom, Milligram, and Smallable.

4. Secret d’Apothecarie

Quickly becoming my favorite French candle company, Secret d’Apothecarie has a similar look to Trudon candle with the crest or family label of the company in this case placed on the front of each candle. Their naturally scented candles made in France are truly luxurious, and as a family own company located in Normandy, the shipping is worth the scent you will experience in your home. View all of the different scents here, and enjoy each candle for 40 hours.

~The scent I continue to welcome into my home is Soirée au Château (patchouli et ambre).

~How/where to order: I order directly from the brand’s website (link shared above).

3. Astier de Villatte

Last, and my favorite still, Astier de Villatte. Creating large candles that evoke the scent of many different places around the globe, their simple aesthetic and beautiful scents reflects the quality of their design. While the website that shares all of their scents is not what it could be. Rest assured, when you decide on the scent you want (my list of favorites is long, but the Opéra, Marseilles, Jerusalem and Honolulu have been enjoyed in my home), you will not be disappointed. Studio Vero again introduced me to this brand created by John Derian who is know for his unique home decor accessories.

While hard to find, search the scent you want, and a long list of shops online that sell the brand will hopefully sell what you are looking for. (If you are in Bend, Studio Vero, sells these candles regularly, as we as Maison Balzac).

~How/where to order: I purchase mine at Studio Vero in Bend. Their flagship store is located in the 1st arrondissement un Paris. You can also find them at ABC Carpet & Home (online), Lucky Scent (online), Sue Fisher King (online), and many other candle shops online by simply searching for the scent you would like.

2. Bastide

When I think of Provence I think of lavender, so having a lavender scented candle that actually smells like lavender is a special treat. Bastide makes their Miel de Lavende in Provence and pours the paraffin/vegetable oil wax into a hand-blown amber bubble glass. This scent is magnificent, each candle burns for 45-50 hours and is sure to be perfect for welcoming summer in France into your home.

~How/where to order: I order directly from the brand’s website (link shared above). You can also buy online from other shops such as Cult Beauty (free worldwide shipping) and Neiman Marcus.

1. Trudon

It has taken more than 10 years of hearing about the beloved French candle many people from all walks of life swear by as the candle to enjoy in your home and/or businesses. From comedian David Sedaris and his sister Amy Sedaris to actor Jennifer Connelly and design houses of high renown such as Dior and Hermes, Trudon is their candle of choice. Granted, there are many a scent to choose from (and that too is part of delight of shopping at Trudon), but the high quality, the use of beewax to create each candle, more specifically “a wax paste which is made from vegetal matters, which is all-natural and allows for the best fragrances to be perfectly embedded in the wax” all come together in a candle that while for the traditional size is far from cheap – $140, delivers on each promise – beauty, quality of scent and environmentally respectful.

My first candle arrived just after the new year of 2023 said hello. Carefully packaged, and arriving swiftly – their customer service aims to immediately ship your candle, internationally or domestic in France, and in one week’s time, my package arrived here in Bend, with oodles of custom protection to make sure all arrived as it was packaged. While I purchased only the Petite candle ($55), and wanting to begin with the classic scent, Cire, I was delighted by the subtle, gentle, soothing scent it shared. Below is an image of the Petite size and Cire scent.


Having a special scent that you know will fill the rooms you enjoy spending time in with exactly what makes you feel welcome is a simple luxury, and not an extravagance. While candles are wonderful gifts to give, don’t forget to gift one to yourself.

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190 thoughts on “10 French Candles I Love

  1. Scent is a big thing for me. I worked at an office as a temp that was scent free. While I respect the idea it was miserable for me not to be able to use that sense. It’s like saying I cannot hear music.
    Lavender is a scent I love because the oil was used by my midwife after I had my 4th baby. The smell made me happy and still does.

  2. Candles are one of my favorite petite pleasures! I don’t know how I would ever choose from all of you lovely picks, but what a treat it would be! I’m looking forward to your French Week – and the arrival of my very first “Stylish French Box” based on your recommendation. Merci!

    1. I have always kept a scented candle burning in the bedroom as a way of winding down in the evening. I also use them when travelling to create a more welcoming ambiance in the hotel room or apartment where I am staying. I have tried many of the brands you have mentioned and have favorite scents from each brand depending on the season

  3. As I read through this post, I began to wonder, when was fragrance added as a regular course? Certainly candles have been around such a very long time out of necessity. Was it a luxury afforded only by the rich? Aside from this, I wonder how the French candles might be superior to the Brits? Is it that they have the “nose” for it? You have lovely taste and the containers of each are somewhat classic. Should I be so lucky to win the drawing, I would prefer you pick! Surprises are best!

  4. One of my favorite things to do is to have a candle going when I get home from a long days of hustle and work. The aroma the coziness makes me relax. Reminds me that is time to forget the hard part of work and to be grateful for so much in my life. I love readying your post and knowing that other incredible women out there have little ritual like me.

    bonne nuit

  5. I’m going to France for the first time in a few weeks and I can’t wait! French week is coming at a perfect time to remind me of all the things I love about the culture and what I want to do or see while I’m there. Thank you for putting everything together!

  6. I seem not to use candles in the summer and your this post reminded me jus have much I’ve missed them! There is something so soothing about having a candle lit. I was very intrigued by the Carrière Frères, especially the Orange Blossom scent.

  7. What a lovely post. Candles are an essential simple luxury in our home. I would love to try your number one pick –
    Astier de Villate in Opera or Jerusalem. ?

  8. What a lovely list! I read this after returning home from being on call in the hospital and immediately began to relax while reading your descriptions!

  9. A lovely gesture to begin the 4th annual TSLL French Week with a giveaway of french fragrance. And, I adore the beautiful illustration by Inslee! Many of my weekends begin (and end) with the TSLL French playlists, a perfect accompaniment with breakfast or relaxing end of the day. I am looking forward to this week’s posts and podcasts!

  10. What a great giveaway to open French Week. I agree with the first comment that I would have a hard job choosing!

  11. What a fun week and a generous giveaway to add to the celebration. All of the candles described sound lovely and I would be happy to receive any of them. Astier de Vallette in Opera or Marseille sound especially intriguing.

    1. I have never traveled to France (still a dream!), but always look forward to your French week and love the beautiful inspirations you share in your posts!
      I will be sure to visit a few local French cafe’s (just found a new one) this week to sit with a hot cuppa something yummy and read your posts.
      Thanks for everything you do by inspiring others to live a curated, stimulating life they love!
      Oh and as for your generous candle giveaway – should I be lucky to win one- I will let you surprise me, I would be honored to have any one of them in my home sanctuary! Bisous xoxo

  12. What a wonderful list of candle possibilities you give us here! I would choose the Astier de Villatte in the Marseilles “flavor” because I love that part of France so much.

  13. Shannon such a delightful way to open up French week. You have an exquisite taste in candles. I adore candles and have indulged in two of the above. It’s such a simple way to indulge one’s senses and be transported briefly to a favourite place or an exotic spot. I love the Hypsoe copper candle and if I were lucky enough that would be my choice but any of the above would be graciously accepted?

  14. I prefer subtle scents. I think I would choose something from your number 1 choice, if I was one of the lucky winners. Thank you for the suggestions and candle inspiration!

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  16. As a lifelong Francophile I was thrilled to fiscover your work. My lavender plants have not done as well as I would have liked this year, so a Bastide lavender candle would be a perfect remedy. I love the line but have not tried their candles.

    1. Online is a great way, and depending on the boutiques in your area, as if they stock them as my local decor boutique stocks many of these on the list today. Most of the candles are linked to their direct website, and you can order from them as I do.

  17. You have made me over the years appreciate how to add a luxurious end to my day! Lavender is a part of that whether in a candle or a linen spray…love your post…who knew so many wonderful options to end…or start…or in the middle of a day!

  18. Absolutely adore scented candles! Even if I can’t run to the Marche for fresh flowers, I love lighting a candle. I actually like candles to correspond with the Season(Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer).
    Thank You,

  19. Bonjour Shannon! I can’t tell you how excited I am to start TSLL French week! I’ve been anxiously waiting ever since you announced it some months ago! Candles are a little luxury that is worth the investment, in my opinion. I have never purchased any of these lovely brands, so I am having a hard time choosing which one I would want if I have the pleasure of winning the giveaway! I am looking forward to hearing your podcast tomorrow!!

  20. Thanks for the great post. I love candles especially the ones with lavender, which is why my choice would be Bonne nuit of the Maison Balzac. All the others sound marvelous as well.Merci!

  21. Scent can transport one anywhere. Just close your eyes and take a deep breath and you might be anywhere. Thinking about another visit to France, I’m hoping we get a chance to visit Provence in the near future. All of these candles are lovely but I think perhaps Bastide’s Miel de Lavende would be my choice.

    1. I love candles they always make my home not only smell good but it also gives it a warm homey feeling

  22. I just love lighting a candle at work. I set it where I can see it but a client cannot if they sit at my desk. Something about lighting the
    Candle is so calming and breathing it in resets me. Thank you for putting your candle loves in one place!

  23. How to decide!?! I think I would trust your favorite, Astier de Villatte, or go for that lovely green and Kerzon.

  24. Enjoyed this post as candles are such a huge part of my daily living. i look forward to coming home each night a lighting a candle as a start to a hopefully relaxing evening. I’m thing the Bonne Nuit would be a lovely scent for my sanctuary.

  25. Merci for the fun chance to play along for this lovely little giveaway. We have candles lit year round here in northwest Connecticut~even outdoors! I love an unexpected flicker and a surprise whiff of scent that always stirs some emotion. Bon chance to all!!! ??⚜️?

  26. A fantastic selection of beautiful candles! Can’t wait to try one or two in my own home. The Bastide lavender candle sounds particularly lovely 🙂

    Another French candle I absolutely adore, though it is certainly a splurge, is the Christian Tortu Provence l’hiver candle. It is truly an intoxicating scent!

  27. I’m excited that French week is here! I love naturally scented candles, and would be so happy to try one of these, especially in a true lavender scent that reminds me of Provence!

  28. Good Morning, Shannon! As with all your other commenters, I too am looking forward to French week. Thank you for always reminding me that everyday can be simply luxurious no matter what I have going on if I just am intentional about it.? I agree a candle is the perfect touch to do that! I am a candle hoarder & candle snob.? I Love good quality candles! Thank you for an opportunity to win! It would be hard to choose but definitely fun to choose! Blessing!?

  29. What a great post! Your description of your favorite candles gave me a sense I was smelling each and every one of them. I live in Bend in the summer, and will be making my way to Studio Vero to check out the candles!

  30. French week is finally here and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for this year!

    One of the ways I unwind in the evenings is drinking tea by candle light.

    All of these candles sound heavenly and I love the photos you’ve taken to showcase each one. The lavender ones sound especially delightful!

    Thank you for taking the time to put together another French week 🙂


  31. Thank you for the lovely list! I would definitely try one from astier de villatte!

  32. So looking forward to this week. I love burning my candles in the morning during my quiet time. Thank you for the giveaway.

  33. Kerzone.. Astier d V.. ANY Candle would be Wonderful ??‍♂️
    Tips… you may / might know..
    Always burn a candle for a hour or more to stop the dreaded hole down the center..
    Put in the freezer for an hour.. burns slower..
    Keep wick short to counter black smoking wick..
    Bonne Chance!!!

  34. I would love the Villa Medicis Candle
    by Astier de Villatte. It would be perfect for my kitchen. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  35. Hello Shannon,
    I’m so looking forward to your French Week…makes me smile just thinking about it! Love candles…particularly on fall/winter days. I have a small collection, and it’s delicious to choose which scent captures my mood and the activity I’ll be involved in. Living in a smaller town, it can be difficult to find high-quality candles. Buying online can be challenging…every well-written description sounds appealing to me, and I tend to be particular about scent. What a happy thought to have all your suggestions to pursue through on this rainy Wisconsin day! Thank you. ?

  36. I love candles! I burn them as often as possible. In winter, I like a woodsy scent that is reminiscent of a wood burning fireplace (ours is gas). The Carriere Freres In Firebrand sounds perfect. This is the first summer that I have been lighting my candles in lighter more herb/floral scents. Astier de Villatte In Marseille has piqued my interest. Thank you for the give away!

  37. I’m so excited French Week is here! I’m especially loving all these candle recommendations. I recently moved into a new home and one of the first things I unpacked were my candles. I lit them as we unpacked and it really helped make the place feel like home. Also, I love lavender so the Bastide and and Maison Balzac candles sound amazing! Can’t wait to try them!

  38. How serendipitous that your French week coincides with my trip to France! I know I will enjoy reading your posts even more when doing so surrounded by all things French. I love candles and would be thrilled to win one from you.

  39. What a lovely giveaway! I share your love of lavender – would love to try the Maison de Balzac Bonne Nuit, but I’m also intrigued by the Secret D’Apothecaire Palais des Roses (that jar ?)

  40. I love French Week and am looking forward to this week ahead. I also enjoy a beautiful candle and find the presentation is almost as important as the scent, to me.

  41. Thank you for the opportunity to share the French candle experience. I would love to be surprised with any of the candles offered.

  42. Hi Shannon!

    I’m so looking forward to French Week. This coming week is the first week of school here, and I’m excited to have all of your posts to read as a boost this week. What a very lovely giveaway!

  43. Hi Shannon,

    I love French Week! And such a great idea for a give away. I’m quite curious to know what the Honolulu scented candle smells like. Sounds incredible but I am open to many of the other beautiful candles on your list. I recently purchased a green fig scented soy-based candle made by Pure Home Couture. Very attractive packaging and beautifully scented and I have yet to light it. If I am to be one of the lucky winners, please choose one for me!

  44. Thanks for introducing me to lines and scents I’ve never encountered. Orange blossom sounds yummy.

  45. Goodness I have lost count of the number of candles I have burned over the years. It has become a ritual that a candle placed on the stove gets lit when I wake up and pour my first cup of coffee and is the last thing I blow out in the evening before I go to bed. Candles provide a beautiful fragrance to a room but also have a calming factor to them. I have never burned a French candle and would be interested to see how they differ from what I’m familiar with. Your list makes my head spin — so many choices. This is an exciting giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to receive one. Yes, even those of us who live in Arizona burn candles year around!

  46. They all sound intoxicating and all so beautifully packaged! I would of course love to win any of these, thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  47. Candles are something I used to have a hard time justifying spending money on, but a partner got me turned around on that as bubble bath with candles are pretty much the best thing I can think of, especially since my days are full of stress due to a packed schedule. (I am a sculptor getting ready for a show in October so all days are long days!) The Astier de Villatte in Atelier de Balthus sounded dreamy and I love the idea of a scent inspired by a studio. Thank you for this list!

  48. Ahhh FRENCH WEEK! My favorite time of the year. And certainly extra special this year for me as I am home on leave with my newborn. It’s been hard to find anytime to relax or to focus on myself, but reading you blog (and new book!!) has helped me focus a little bit on me while I learn to become someone new. And thanks for putting together all these giveaways! Can’t wait to follow. I was surprised that the very popular “Diptique” did not make your candle list! But I love that you’re introducing readers to lesser known French candles. Would love to try one!

  49. I have been looking forward to this week. I listen to your podcast every day. Thank you for all you do. I look forward to the rest of the week and beyond.

  50. Hi Shannon, so happy French week is here! I’d love to try any of your favorites. Absolutely love your blog.

  51. Your post on the power of scent is the essence of the simple luxurious life. The right candle raises the mundane to the sublime!

  52. A good candle makes a huge difference. So many can be overpowering and burn poorly. I am so excited for French Week and the arrival of my very first Sylish French Box. My newest issue of Sharon’s magazine is with me as I travel to Florida to help my father.

  53. My granddaughter spent a year in Aix. She loves lavender so much, she got a tattoo on the back of one arm! I know the Bastide Lavender would be thoroughly enjoyed and loved!

  54. I love candles and always have a drawer full of beautiful ones I find. I light them almost every day and also give them often as hostess gifts. I can’t wit to try the ones on your list as well as to visit the shop in Bend on my next trip there. I can’t really choose which one I would like to win, because I intend to try them all!

  55. I live in Bend, and it is so obviously time for me to visit Studio Vero! Thanks for the recommendation. Here’s to French Week!

    1. Oh, do enjoy your visit! You will find a new brand of candles she is selling as well. The name is slipping my memory at the moment, but happy shopping and say hello to Veronique (or Missy, her assistant) for me when you stop in. 🙂

  56. For my last birthday I received a Bastide soap and body wash gift set from a dear friend with whom I studied abroad in France. I would love to try the Bastide candle, as I am loving the body products!

  57. Bastide Lavender is one I would love to try. Lavender is so soothing. But, to be honest, all of these sound absolutely lovely!

  58. Thank you Shannon for your wonderful blog and podcast which are always filled with uplifting thoughts! When I was in my twenties, I lived for a time in a boarding house next to the Park Monceau in the 8th in Paris, and the Kerzon Parc Monceau candle scented with tuberose and jasmine is just too adorable! Wishing you and all your readers a “joyeuse semaine française”!

  59. What a fantastic way to kick off the eagerly awaited French week. Thank you for these great suggestions, luuuuuve this post!
    What a privilege it would be to win one of these beauties.Roses or lavender candles would always be my first choices. It would be awesome to try from your first and second suggestions, but hey, if I were to enjoy such a surprise,I am sure that you will pick very special ones.
    Toujours merci beaucoup Shannon??

  60. Thank you for introducing me to so many different brands of candles. My favorite, for many years, has been Diptyque Gardenia or Feuille de Lavande. I love both and purchase them from Nordstrom. I would love to win one of your favorite candles. Thank you ?

  61. Dear Shannon,

    Like you, I adore fresh flowers and the Maison Balzac SAINTE T candle celebrating the life and grace of Sainte Therese de Lisieux, known as the patron of florists sounds like a candle that would be Simply Luxurious! I so hope I get to try it as a Giveaway winner!

  62. French candles are such a luxury and I would love to try Soiree au Chateau. Looking forward to French week. Thank you for sharing your adventures!

  63. I would feel so lucky if I won one of the French candles, as candles burn constantly in my home. My love of Provence would be of course lavender which I never can get enough of. Thank you for all your suggestions & where to also purchase them that I will be looking into.

  64. Last year, the publishing press I formerly interned for put out a book that was an essay in notes on the author’s emotional experience with perfume and how scent shaped her life. Since working on the book, how I personally perceive and understand scent has been completely transformed. Candles are a must in my home now. 🙂 I’m excited to try out your suggestions, Shannon!

    P.S. If anyone is at all curious, the book is “throughsmoke” by Jehanne Dubrow. It’s a short, but enriching, read.

  65. Thank you for sharing these lovely candles! I’m so looking forward to French Week!

  66. Candles are one of my simple luxuries. I often light one while enjoying a glass of wine and relaxing in the evening. Looking forward to French Week!

  67. I am so glad that French Week is back again! I’ve been looking forward to it every year since it started. I would love to win Astier de Villatte’s Mirianbad scent.

  68. Your blog always contributes to ‘learning something new every day’. What an interesting post about candles and where to purchase them. If I was lucky enough to win, any of the lavender scented ones would be very much appreciated.

  69. Oooh, this is a great giveaway! I’m a sucker for candles that have a nice sandalwood smell, so I think I’ll have to throw my hat in the ring for Secret d’Apothecarie’s The Hermitage or An Evening At The Castle as my second option.

  70. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I would choose Hypsoe Or Jaune or Kerzon Places des Vosges.

  71. Oh how I love French candles. I have several from dipyque so I am excited to see other brands here! I have always been curious about the Kerzon candles and would love to try one first in Île Saint-Louis and second in Place des Vosges, two of my favorite spots in Paris! 🙂 SO excited for TSLL French Week!

  72. So excited for French Week!!! I would to win Astier de Villatte or Secret d’Apothecarie

  73. I am intrigued by Astier de Villatte’s Opéra scent, and I can almost smell Bastide’s Miel de Lavende based on your description.

  74. A long time lover and traveler of France, I know I will enjoy this week.
    I too love lighting a candle at the end of the day, so relaxing.
    Really look forward to your blog Shannon. Thank you!

  75. Thank you for hosting this event. Scent is such a lovely Hygge touch for the home.

  76. I will throw my hat into the candle give away ring! I have not explored the world of scented candles but I have been learning to developers and appreciate my sense of smell beyond food! This could be a lovely way to find out what all the fuss is about!

  77. I’m so excited for French week! I love lavender so I would really enjoy Maison Balzac Bonne Nuit. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  78. Looking forward to French week. Thank you for the opportunity to win a candle. I’d be thrilled with any of them!

  79. I love your blog and all things French. Looking forward to the week! If a winner I would like Bastide’s Lavende candle. Thank you for the work you put into this.

  80. So happy that French week is here. It is also the first week back to school for most Florida districts. I teach high school Biology. We have a no scent policy in school due to so many students with various sensitivities. I usually light a seasonal candle when I get home or on weekends. I would love to try a Kerzon candle – Jardin du Luxembourg. It is a lilac and honey candle. My grandmother grew a row of lilacs behind her garden which bloomed with the most wonderful scent every year around Mothers Day. It is the one thing I miss about her garden in New York, for I cannot grow lilacs here in Florida. Thank you for the French week and the giveaway!

  81. Great post – would love any candle. I always have a seasonal scent burning each evening… a nice glow and a cozy feeling. Currently using an fresh orange scent….very fresh for summer.

  82. Hey Shannon!
    I’m looking forward to French Week. Also, the information about Berthe Morisot is so interesting. A movie should be made about her life.

  83. Oh, this is a wonderful giveaway. Candles always create a special moment and after spending time this past June in Provence, a reminder of that time sounds fantastic.

  84. I would love to win any of the candles. What a wonderful way to kick off French Week!

  85. Lovely pics with flowers, reading material and a lovely candle. Looks so cosy and inviting ?

  86. Am enjoying reading all of your recommendations and descriptions on French inspired living! I look forward to more through the week. Your pics are truly inspiring, also! I love seeing your handsome lads when you are going for walks or just hanging out at home.

  87. I hope my family is always reminded of the cozy ambience of a candle lit. I make it part of our evening ritual. Sometimes I light one as everyone begins to return home from their days. Other times I wait until after dinner. I greatly appreciate your posts as they have helped me to plan our vacation. Your podcast has been such a joy.

  88. How lovely it would be to come home and light one of these candles and be carried away by its scent. I would love to have one lite while doing my nightly yoga. I would love to win any of these candles.

  89. What an awesome giveaway! I am a huge ‘scent’ person, so I was excited to read about all these ‘new to me’ candles. The Astier de Villatte Cambridge candle sounds lovely, as do the Monte Carlo or Cabourg variations. I love trying new scents! Looking forward to each installment of the 4th annual French Week. Thanks, Shannon!

  90. Thank you for sharing your favorites! I love all kinds of candles, but for this post, I would choose Astier de Villatte in the Naples or Cambridge scents. Good luck to everyone, and thank you for planning this fun week for us to enjoy with you!

  91. Bonjour!

    What a lovely way of beginning this year’s French Week. I love the diptyque candle fragrance, CYPRESS, for the lovely Pacific Northwest-beach type of scent. But these French candles are so good too. I have enjoyed the ones in Sharon Santoni’s boxes also. It would be just grand to try one of the fragrances not yet experienced.

  92. What a fabulous giveaway! Thank you for adding some illumination to others through your blog and sharing your favorite candles.

  93. Oh my goodness!!! I felt like i was on a mini vacation, browsing the different websites looking at all those beautiful candles (while i’m at the office and should be working lol) . Absolutely in love with the Secret D’Apothecarie, Family Christmas & Charlotte Dreams sound like i could just eat them! Bastide’s Au Coin Du Feu sounds like the perfect candle to light as the weather starts to chill here in Atlantic Canada. Thank you for sharing !! <3

  94. Thank you for sharing these favorite selections! I just moved to San Francisco from the Midwest and am missing my old home. I love your suggestion to use scent to transport oneself to places both familiar and/or loved (the Midwest or Paris for me!). I think a French inspired scent will do wonders to make my new home feel quickly like a place I love ?

    Also enjoyed listening to your podcast about visiting San Francisco! I picked up lots of tips and inspiration for exploring my new city. Thanks for the episode! A tout à l’heure.

  95. I love candles so much that I started making my own and selling them on Etsy hahah (erinyes candles)!!!! I would love to be able to try one of these French brands 😀

  96. I light candles in summer as well as winter. The scent helps me to write during the day and the warm glow creates an ambience for evening. I’ve never tried your candle choices but they seem very elegant indeed. I always look forward to French Week! Thank you!

  97. So many lovely scents and holders! I’m loving the Kerzon green holder. Looking forward to the week of France goodness!

  98. Thank you Shannon. What a wonderful way to start off French week! I can’t go to France (yet), but the opportunity to possibly enjoy some of the scents is truly a luxury! I am obsessed with candles, I use them all year long. Thank you for the detailed list of quality candles. Looking forward to the rest of French week!

  99. Just reading the descriptions on the Astier de Villatte catalog was wonderful journey! I love the scents of almonds, lemon, lilac, violet, and cinnamon and burn candles all year long. Maybe it’s because it’s brunch time, I find myself wanting a slice of pastiera and an expresso at Scaturchio in Naples.

  100. Can you tell me more about the Bastide candle? I’ve been eyeing them on the Neiman Marcus site, but would like an honest opinion.

    I don’t mind spending a higher price on a good candle, as I tell my friends, if I spend that much, I better smell my money burning. Do these candles have good throw? I was very disappointed in Dyptique candles because the one I purchased had no smell 🙁 I found that the cheap Glade candles had more scent that those candles.

    Thanks for your insight.

    1. There is a reason I did not include Dyptique on this list. I have had them in my home, they were nice, but when I began welcoming these French candles into my life, there was no comparison. Bastide is on my list for a reason. I was introduced to the brand through Sharon Santoni. I hope this helps.

  101. Looking forward to see if I can buy one of these candles. Just burned through a candle I bought at Marshall’s, great scent but didn’t last very long. Would love to try the lavender and if not the orange blossom. Thank you for such a nice and practical giveaway.

  102. I love all things French and my daughter loves all things candles. It would be wonderful to receive a candle for her and I would let you pick. Thank you for The Simply Luxurious Life blog; it is a favorite simple pleasure of mine.

  103. How lovely! Good candles feel so luxurious. I would love all of those but would probably pick the Bastide lavender or the Maison Balzac Bonne Nuit.

  104. As always, you inspire me. I just got up to light a favorite scented candle to enjoy on this lovely summer evening! Thank you Shannon!

  105. I light a candle every night after cleaning up the kitchen. It’s like my way of saying “okay work is done, time to wind down”. I have never had a French candle, the most expensive candle for me has been from a local company, Tyler Candle.
    I love French week!

  106. Shannon, thank you for producing French Week! I’ve been patiently waiting for weeks. I’ve not been disappointed. Thanks for sharing your French experience with us. I am intrigued by the beautiful luxurious candle. In be thrilled to win one.
    Merci Beaucoups!

  107. Such a wonderful way to begin French Week. I have candles through out my home.
    My favorites I have received in my Stylish French Box. Your list of favorite brands has sent me down a bit of a rabbit hole :). Love exploring new brands. Thank you

  108. I look forward to French Week all year! I love all candles, especially floral scents. I would not be able to choose. Send one of each?

  109. When we moved into our new home 5 months ago, I painstakingly chose the fragrance that would fill these walls the moment we walked in the door, because the sense of smell has such a way of making a house a home. I wanted our family to feel at home in this new space and there is nothing better than an amazing candle to create a sense of warmth. Candles are one of the many petite plaisir that will always remain a favorite, and I absolutely love these recommendations! The Opera or Jerusalem especially intrigue me. Thank you for sharing your simple luxuries with us to enjoy!

  110. So enjoying French Week Shannon?. Each one of the candles sounds divine, it would certainly be difficult to choose. Wishing you well.

  111. Bonjour, Shannon!
    Just discovered your blog through Pinterest, and I’m loving reading through your archives. It’s great timing, as I’m a Francophile, as well! I’m starting a book called The Bonjour Effect to improve my language skills for my next visit. 🙂
    The first gift I received from France was lavender essential oil from Provence, so the scent of lavender evokes memories of high school and first love for me. Therefore, my choice from your list would be the Bastide candle, should I win your drawing.
    Looking forward to continue reading your lovely blog! Merci!

  112. Bonjour!
    I am new to your blog and podcast, I look forward to listening every morning. We are heading to Paris in October to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we are beyond excited! Thank you for providing such thoughtful, entertaining and evocative material, it certainly is music to my ears and comfort for my eyes!

  113. I am enjoying French Week. I would love to win a candle but it would be difficult to choose one.

  114. I’d never heard of Hypsoe or Secret d’Apothecarie until now. I love the typeface on the Maison Balzac. Great giveaway!

  115. French week is always the best. I love the candles. My favourite is secret d’apothecarie soiree au chateau

  116. Shannnon, I can imagine you coming home from a hectic day and unwinding with a book, a cup of tea and a candle glowing throughout the house.
    The best way to end a day.
    I would choose Rue de St. Honore. Sounds amazing.

  117. I loved how you shared the pictures of the candles in your home Shannon! Since I have yet to try any of these scents/brands, I would ask you to pick for me. I trust your taste completely!

  118. I have a few my stylish french boxes but haven’t met these candles before. Based on your introduction, I really would like to try the brand Carriere Freres.

  119. I’ve been meaning to try the Bastide figue d’ete candle! I’ve tried diptyque ones in the past and I am such a sucker for a luxury candle. I’ll put all of these on my list of what to try!

  120. Definitely Kezon because: green! I love the scent of geraniums so Place des Vosges would be my choice. Geraniums always remind me of my mum. Second choice is Tuileries Palais Royal because joy smells like lilacs!

  121. Am surely enjoying French week and your accounts of your most recent trip. My choice in candles would be any lavender scented one to help with my sleep issues.

  122. During our hot summer months, I enjoy lighting an orange blossom scented candle (as well as wearing Jo Malone’s orange blossom scent). There is just something uplifting about such a fresh scent when the weather is so hot.

  123. I agree with the comment Marie made in reference to a scent free work place. I love simple, clean scents and I do have some fresheners in my vehicle so we all go to lunch and I drive everyone is always commenting on how nice my car smells. I wish my work place could as well. 🙂 I listen to you everyday on my way to and from work. It is a nice way to start and end the day. Thank you.

  124. Love, love, love these recommendations! I am always looking for special candles. Lighting a candle is a simple luxury I enjoy after a long day that fills the room with warmth and a beautiful scent. I would love to receive either Secret d’Apothecarie (Midsummer Night’s Dream) or Kerzon (isle St. Louis or a fig or apple scent) – so charming! I enjoy your podcast on my drive to work. It always inspires my day. Thank you!

  125. Thank you for these wonderful recommendations! I have actually been searching for new candles- there’s something about fall coming up that cues my mind to stock up on some new scents. Candles are also a big part of my self care- it instantly changes the atmosphere at home to feel a little more cozy and peaceful. Happy French Week! ♥️

  126. Not only are the recommendations welcome, but it is also such a pleasure to read the life appreciation comments of others. I love to have sandalwoods and orange blossom scents in my home in winter and “green” ones in summer. So many interesting choices …and so many new things to tryl

  127. Candles, a simple yet amazing pleasure! I would adore the Soirée au Château but my second choice would be any of those of your choosing. Thank you!

  128. I love your French Week and it is such a special treat to read all your wonderful posts. I am planning my first trip to France over my Christmas holiday. I am a teacher like you so I have limited opportunities to travel during the year. I have never tried a French candle brand but love the smell of candles burning in my home. Thank you Shannon for making this week extra special.

  129. Can anyone ever have too many candles or light in their life? A lovely gift this would be!

  130. French Week has been such a treat for my eyes, thank you! This give-away is also quite special. It’s hard to choose a favorite out of the brands you have described. I’d rather have you pick and let it be a surprise 🙂

  131. I would love to win one of these candles! Candles are such a thing of joy, and I always have one on my desk to help me through a long study session!

  132. being a florist, I have always enjoyed fragrances. thank you for introducing me to these new ones!

  133. Squee! I want a candle. I would love the green Kerzon or the Maison Balzac Bonne Nuit!


  134. I went to France last May! Take me back with one of these candles! I’ve been loving French Week 2019! Thanks for sharing as always!

  135. Now that my kids are getting a little older, I can light a candle during the day but my daily luxury is lighting one after they’ve all headed to bed and the house is still and the dog is lightly snoring next to me while I read a book or watch a movie. The Bastide Miel de Lavende would get my vote since there is nothing more calming than lavender. Thanks for the chance to enjoy the sweet fragrance of France, Shannon.

  136. What lovely choices and inspiration! I would let you pick – and add the excitement of anticipation!

  137. My choice would be the Bastide candle, the lavender scent and amber glass jar are perfect.!! I have been following your blog daily since 2010 and enjoy listening to your podcast every week . I have not yet been to France but look forward to going one day soon. Thank you !!

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