Luxurious European Home Decor Found in Bend, Oregon: Studio Vero
Wednesday July 17, 2019

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To have a touch of France and Europe in your own backyard is certainly something special, especially if your backyard is in Oregon, more than four thousand miles away. So when I first met interior designer Veronique Waldron three years ago, I felt even further convinced that I had chosen a town that spoke to my Francophile predilections.

At the time, Veronique was the in-house consultant and interior decorator for Nicole Michelle Decor, and it was in 2018 that she became the sole owner of the business, name aptly named Studio Vero.

Waldron’s expertise begins with her childhood and upbringing as she was born and raised in the French speaking part of Belgium. Regularly returning to Belgium and most recently Paris to attend the annual textile exposition in January, hearing her speak is music to my ears, and she has often said, we should try to speak exclusively French whenever I stop into the boutique (oh, how I would love this, but she may become frustrated with my minimal French). Regarding her upbringing, she has shared how it has influenced her approach to decor,  “I developed my sense of style and flair for color during my early life traveling with my parents throughout much of Europe”.

Partnering with European as well as international textile and home decor companies such as Libeco – known for their Belgian linen, Schumacher – the Paris-born founder who built a decor company importing the finest fabrics from Europe to New York City; John Derian Company – Parisian talent known for his unique, eye-catching home accessories; Les Indiennes – founded in India offering naturally dyed fabrics and textiles; and Maison Balzac – a new Parisian candle and parfum company, along with many more, Waldron is the expert of knowing the new textiles and trends available as well as helping customers curate the aesthetic in their sanctuary that will make them feel perfectly and luxuriously at home.

Having the eye for what colors, textures and details work best together has been a talent of Veronique’s since she was a young girl. At the age of eight, she decorated her bedroom with pink geometric shapes, tending to the curtains and bookcases, making sure it all worked well seamlessly together. Describing her ability to see and know what to put where and with what, “It’s in my head” and comes instinctively too Waldron.

Veronique’s Interior Design services include:
    • Wallpaper
    • Custom furniture and upholstery
    • Kitchen design & remodeling
    • Bathroom design & remodels & powder bathroom
    • Livingroom Makeovers
    • Space planning
    • Flooring & carpet
    • Color consulting & Faux Finish
    • Window Treatments & Bedding Design
    • Lighting

Paired with knowing how to cultivate a space that is luxurious and inviting echoes her upbringing in Belgium as her mother, whom she describes as elegant, clearly made an impression on Veronique in her youth. Dinners were sit-down semi-formal affairs with linen tablecloths, candles and one must arrive for dinner properly dressed as a means of conveying respect for the occasion and the guests one would be dining with.

If her mother taught her the elegance of home decor and entertaining, it was her father who inspired her business savvy and ingenuity. A business man who far surpassed his own father’s (Veronique’s grandfather’s) expectations for his future by building a successful plumbing and home construction business from the ground up culminating with more than 10 showrooms in Hasselt, Belgium, his success was seen first-hand by his impressionable daughter who ventured to America and has been sharing her talents with clients for decades.

~Veronique at the most recent Paris Déco Off . . . this past January~

Each time I visit Veronique in her boutique I not only discover something new or see something inspiring that I either bring home or look forward to bringing home in my future home when I finally own my home, but I also feel extremely welcomed. Veronique has a warmth about her and a sincere passion for what she does, offering clients who are seeking to personalize their homes, not only an array of options in a variety of shades and fabrics, but also easing their mind with her expertise working with companies who offer quality in spades.

My usual purchase is a French candle, as I have been buying either Astier de Villatte or Maison Balzac’s as of late (see below), but am always considering the other quality brands she sells in the shop. Clothing as well is available, such as California-based and organically sourced linens from Coyuchi, and I have to thank her for stocking signed copies of my books as well. The other book that she carries that is not available on Amazon and hard to find virtually anywhere else is a book any Francophile would appreciate having on hand especially when they are traveling to Paris, Ma Vie à Paris. And the dinnerware and tabletop items such as tablecloths and napkins are always something I am shopping for and welcome a few items at a time into my home. Perhaps you remember this floral and butterfly pitcher? Yep, a unique find from Studio Vero.

Have a look below at the abundance of beautiful fabrics, decor accessories, and clothing. Studio Vero offers signature, beautiful, high quality decor details and designs to help you curate a home you love to live in. A petite boutique located on SW Knoll Ave. in Bend, Oregon, bursting with comfort and touches of Europe, especially France, Studio Vero is a gem for the Francophile and anyone who loves and appreciates quality textiles and decor. I do hope you will stop in the next time you happen to be in Bend, and be sure to say TSLL sent you.

~samples of different fabrics to choose from and a glimpse of the signature brilliant turquoise terrasse chairs seen out front of the studio.~

~Coyuchi robe, left (as shared in a TSLL This & That a few weeks ago) and kitchen and bath linens (right)~

~A tremendous thank you to Studio Vero for selling signed copies of TSLL’s books~~

~wonderful discounts on beautiful glassware items (image captured yesterday, so be sure to pop in!)~

~lovely unique John Derian print pillows from Paris~


Visit Studio Vero in Bend, Oregon

  • 1465 SW Knoll Ave., Suite #102
  • 541.610.2371
  • Hours:
    • Monday – Friday, 10-5pm; Saturday 10-4pm
  • Follow on social media: | The Simply Luxurious Life

10 thoughts on “Luxurious European Home Decor Found in Bend, Oregon: Studio Vero

  1. Lovely store!
    If you make it up to Bellevue, WA, you should visit Maison de France on Main Street.

  2. Shannon how lucky to have her shop in your own backyard. Do take up her offer of conversation. An opportunity to practise one to one with a French speaker is not to be missed. Happy shopping?

  3. I appreciate you sharing this as well as all the other information and recipes you have posted.

    I would love to know more about the white pitcher. Material? Where made? Cost? May I order and have shipped?

    Thank you

    1. Kathleen, I know if you called or emailed VERONIQUE (link to her website is this post), showed her which pitcher, she would either ship to you or let you know how to locate it if hers has sold out.

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