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Thursday July 21, 2016

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~UPDATE 7/17/2019: Nicole Michelle Decor has changed ownership, and all of the fine linens and home decor items customers loved can now be found under the new direction of interior designer Veronique Waldron. Her boutique Studio Vero is located on SW Knoll Ave. in Bend. Read this detailed post to learn more about her boutique and interior design services. 

The sanctuary of our homes provides us with restoration, a restful respite and a comforting place that recognizes and revels in our loves, our passions and our everyday pleasures. The desire of living a life of quality over quantity undoubtedly includes the place we call home. From the linens we sleep in, the details that accessorize our tabletops as we sit down for each meal and the furniture that adorns each room, all of which culminates to reveal a home’s character and thus the signature style of its inhabitants.

Stepping into the Nicole Michelle Decor boutique on Newport Ave on the westside of Bend for the first time earlier this spring, I felt I had stepped into a European world of quality fabrics and humble sophistication to adorn my two most beloved rooms in the home: the bedroom and the kitchen. My fascination led me to inquire if I might meet Nicole Michelle and share with you, TSLL readers, why I think this is a must-visit destination the next time you happen to pass through Bend, Oregon.


As the creation of this post indicates, she kindly obliged and to my delight I discovered a kindred spirit in our appreciation for living a life of quality, appreciation and conscious choice to invest in responsible products and a love for reveling in the simple everyday pleasures that life presents.

With her logo {Decor Refined}, I had an inkling we might hit it off, and as our conversation continued, Nicole Michelle Hunzicker reminded me why following your passion, listening to what catches your attention and your curiosity will never lead you astray.

Opening the doors of the cottage boutique in August of 2014, Nicole Michelle Decor offers linens and tableware sourced from around the world that will offer an authentic, unique touch not something easily replicated or found on the web. Selecting brands that are of high quality and timeless in their subtle, natural hues, as well as socially and environmentally friendly, customers can adorn their homes with peace of mind and satisfaction for years to come.

Nicole Michelle Hunzicker and her husband Andrew originate from Oklahoma, having visited Bend beginning in 2008 and settling down permanently with their three boys in 2011. With an appreciation for the south’s attention and appreciation for decor and having studied the History of Roman Art & Architecture at Oxford University in England, the blend of southern charm and English and European classic finesse without the fuss furthered her dream of opening her own boutique.

Since we share the choice of the word “refined” in each of our brand’s titles, I asked what comes to mind when the word is mentioned. Her response paints a clear picture of what customers will discover and enjoy when they step inside the boutique: thoughtful, conscientious, discerning, durable, signature, functional and of high quality.

Resonating with the theme of furnishing our sanctuaries with investment items that will last and hold great value as they were carefully selected and curated, Nicole Michelle Decor is a destination to dream, to plan and to fall in love with what you choose. I have a feeling you too will fall in love with this finest of luxurious linen and home decor destinations in Bend, Oregon, when you visit. Enjoy a tour of the boutique below as captured during my most recent visit.





~decorative black clay plates with a milk-glaze finish by Astier de Villate, based in Paris~


~wall art by Rebecca Puig, aka Sugarbook Designs~



~{below} Bath linens made from 100% organic cotton terrycloth, flat-weave Turkish towels, sumptuous Belgian eco-linen/cotton blend~

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.58.02 AM

~{below} Bed linens made with 100% organic cotton, offering Belgian linen duvet covers from Libeco, luxury European linens from SDH, hand-printed linens from Les Indiennes in India that are fair-trade, and hand-stitched quilts of the major cities you love from Haptic Lab~

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.57.49 AM

~{below} Table linens to complete your decor in your dining room or give as a hostess gift. Nicole Michelle offers 100% organic cotton, Belgian linen tablecloths, table runners, placemats, cloth napkins , hand-printed, hand-stitched, fair-trade table linens~

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.57.12 AM





~hand-printed linens from Les Indiennes, a fair-trade business based in India~



Nicole Michelle Decor offers personalized decor guidance with complimentary house calls as well as an interior designer, Veronique Waldron on staff to help you navigate and coordinate complementary fabrics, textures and colors that work best with your signature style. Learn more about Veronique here. As well, bridal registration is one of their specialities, being nominated for Oregon Bride’s Best Boutique Registry for 2016.

~Visit Nicole Michelle Decor at 1132 NW Newport Avenue in Bend 97703 (Across the street from Newport Market)

  • phone: 541.306.3000
  • hours: Mon-Sat 10-5; Closed on Sundays

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All images (except the three collages) via TSLL, Nikon 3100

Nmdecor | The Simply Luxurious Life,

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