A Simple Everyday Luxury: A Gien Mug, giveaway
Wednesday August 14, 2019

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Acquiring the skill of savoring everyday pleasures and moments is a crucial ingredient of living an extraordinary life. And while one person’s everyday pleasurable moment may be different than another’s, finding what soothes you, what brings you to the present moment, is knowledge about oneself worth discovering.

For me, one simple everyday pleasure is sipping a hot cup of tea – in the morning and especially in the evening as the day winds down. Paired with a dark chocolate truffle, enjoying hot tea to sip and chocolate to nibble on punctuates the day’s completion and communicates to my mind that all has concluded, relax, and to just be.

Throughout Living The Simply Luxurious Life: Make Your Everydays Extraordinary and Discovering Your Best Self, the first few chapters share ideas, inspiration and benefits for welcoming daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal rituals into our lives. When we choose to elevate the everyday, our entire experience changes in the best possible of ways.

So today I would like to give away one of France’s treasures – a piece of Gien pottery. Specifically, I will be giving away one of their 10 oz mugs; the design will be the winner’s choosing from the selection shown below. I have fallen in love with my own Gien mug which is made of Gien faience. What is especially unique about Gien mugs is the thumbrest which is ergonomically correct and just feels most comfortable to secure the holding of the mug. I drink from my mug regularly (seen in two of my IG pics in this post), and with its light-weight, it has quickly become one of my favorite.

Here is a bit of history about Gien:

“Two centuries of craftsmanship go into the making of a single piece of Gien faience. Handcrafted in a converted convent perched on the Loire River, every stage of creation takes place in Gien, France: from locally sourced raw materials to authentic handcrafted designs and final production. Gien faience is fired at traditionally lower temperatures, giving it a unique richness and depth of color. Stronger than pottery or ceramics, Gien products are designed for everyday tableware.”


~UPDATE 8/17/2019, noon: The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who stopped by and entered. Be sure to visit tomorrow (Sunday August 18th) for the final post of TSLL’s French Week which will share a round-up and the list of winners.

To enter:

  • Leave a comment with the style of mug you would choose if you are chosen as the winner – see the entire selection here
  • Enter by Saturday August 17th at noon, Pacific time
  • Stop by TSLL on Sunday August 18th to see if you are the winner and claim your mug from Gien.

Bonne chance!

TSLL’s 4th Annual French Week posts thus far . . .

SUNDAY August 11th

MONDAY August 12th

TUESDAY August 13th

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165 thoughts on “A Simple Everyday Luxury: A Gien Mug, giveaway

  1. Wow, those are beautiful works of art. I would love any of them but the Roen 37 especially caught my eye.

  2. Ooh la la! So many beautiful mugs! I think Les Milets will be my choice if I win. So elegant! ?

  3. You are really spoiling us with your giveaways this week ! ?
    They are all beautiful, but Les Filets is my favourite ! Tres belle !

    1. I have been on a personal mission to curate an elegant, beautiful, feminine mug to enjoy daily. I make pottery (hobby) so I have many of my own ceramic mugs that I love, but am searching for a completely different esthetic and these mugs are just what I am looking for. I love the details, like the thumb rest, the beautiful art, it’s simply gorgeous! I would love to be the recipient of any one of these lovely mugs. Xoxo

  4. So pretty! I think I would choose the Rocaille White, but the Rouen 37 is a very close second. Both are simple elegance.
    Thank you!

  5. How fun! I would choose the blue and white oiseau…what a nice gift… I love your French week. Merci!

  6. I love the one I got in MSFB in May and see you do, too. ;o) It’s my new morning favorite. If you choose me, the greenery one would be my new evening favorite.

  7. Oh I love this brand of China. I have a lovely set of 6 small desserts plates, each with a different tart design. For the mug, I would like the oiseau blue if I am the lucky winner.

  8. Oh the white Pont Au Choux looks like a simply elegant cup to enjoy many sips of tea! Thank you

  9. Love a beautiful mug! All are beautiful but I would have to choose the Jardin Extraordinaires Paris one.

  10. Gorgeous! I would love the white mug with the blue border around the rim- Sharon

  11. There are several beautiful designs. I think Ca C’est Paris has a fun spirit to it that I’d adore.

  12. Such an elegant and lovely addition to my mug collection…each of which has such special meaning….the millefluers would be the new addition that would supplement my every day tea habit! Love!

  13. Paris, a wonderful reminder of my visit and lovely afternoon break with tea. Thank you Shannon for French week.

  14. The one that is the Darling Dog —Mug – Peter & Moustique . It reminds me of the dog that we had growing up.

  15. What lovey mugs. I really like the black birds on the white background. Thank you for sharing your discovery. ?

  16. I am enjoying the French week Shannon. Brings back some wonderful memories. I would love to have a Oiseau Bleu mug to sip tea from.

  17. Definitely one with blue. I have a hodge-podge collection of favorite mugs but they all look lovely together with a little blue in common.

  18. Beautiful Shannon! The Paris Jardine takes you right there while you sip the journee.
    Bon Journee!

  19. What a wonderful giveaway! So hard to choose – my eye was caught by either the Songe or the Paris a Giverny. I’d likely go with the latter, because Monet’s work has always inspired and uplifted me. Looking forward to Sunday and the big reveal.

  20. What a treat to enjoy a favorite tea (or coffee) in such a beautiful mug! I would choose the Paris-jardin extraordinaire mug because it reminds me not only of the quintessential Parisian jardin but also of my favorite NYC park—Bryant Park.

  21. They are all amazing but I would choose the jardins extraordinaries. I work in a basement with no windows or natural light so to sip tea from that mug during work would help bring some of the outside in and serve as a reminder to make sure I leave the basement for fresh air once a day.

  22. They are all so beautiful. I think maybe the jardins extraordinaries. Thank you, Shannon, for the giveaway.

  23. Shannon, thank you for such a lovely giveaway. The mugs are all so beautiful, it’s hard to choose just one. With that said, I think my favorite might be Tulipes Noires. Merci milles fois!

  24. They’re so beautiful and unique. I love several. If picking one, I would go with Songe. Merci

  25. I would love a blue, white, yellow theme! I may even use it as office decor or a bathroom makeup brush holder, if that is allowed 🙂

  26. I love and rootle out beautiful & different mugs, such a joy to start the morning with or enjoy in the wind-down! These are gorgeous, thank you, Shannon, for the introduction to this company. If I could only have one in my life—and could not begin my own collection of these, which I will now most likely do, thank you—it would have to be the..ok 1) Bouquet; 2) Sologne-Rabbit; and 3) Rocaille White. And for my husband, Pont Aux Choux en Bleu.
    Thank you for the intro and the give-away!

  27. I so like the Gien Faïence. The oiseau bleu is a beautiful mug. Thank you for French week, as I am thoroughly enjoying your posts.

  28. They are all beautiful but I love the Jardin Extraordinaires because of the beautiful colors.

  29. So lovely. I have one Gien mug, but would love to own the Songe mug. It is truly “dreamy”.

  30. I am reading this whilst drinking my first cup of tea (Ceylon) before heading for work. This is part of my morning ritual so I am sure that a Gien cup would be very appropriate. I like the white one with the blue line.
    Lovely reading you as usual!

  31. Les tasses extraordinaires vraiment! Seeing that my tea is always le thé tisane, I’d would simply love Bouquet ? , else Jardins Extraordinaires .
    Merci chère Shannon

  32. These are so beautiful – I’d be happy with any of them. If I can’t have them all, I would choose Millefleur 🙂

  33. I’d really love to win the Paris à Giverny mug…its simply gorgeous and would brighten my day! Thank you for the chance!

  34. The mugs are beautiful! I love the extraordinaries Jardin, you can just imagine yourself sitting in le Jardin starting the day with a lovely cup of tea.

  35. What a delightful giveaway! All are beautiful but the Paris or Jardin mugs transport me to those places and let me dream!

  36. They are all so lovely! I would choose Jardins Extraordinaires if I am so lucky to win! Thank you!

  37. The Jardin extraordinare is so pretty. It reminds me of the simple and beautiful days spent in France. Love it!

  38. Tea is a beautiful daily ritual for me as well. The Les Oiseaux – white background is exquisite. ?

  39. Beautiful mugs, and my favourite is the Jardin Extraordinaires Paris mug. Quite popular one 🙂

  40. How fun are all these mugs! They trully represent the meaning of simple sophisticate. If I were to win one, I would choose the One called “Jardins Extraordinaires” because ir reminds me of les Jardins du Luxemburg in París and what a wonderful time I did have when I visite them the first time! A good walk theough them with maccarons in hand. La Plus Belle Ville dans le Monde!

  41. I love the Gielg. Mug.They are so light and the design is beautiful.I like the white with the blue border.Thank you so much for French week I love it.

  42. Paris a Giverny looks like an impressionist picture I have. It would be be perfect cup of tea with a treat & a good book outside. My idea of a beautiful afternoon. Love them all!

  43. What a beautiful selection! I would choose Jardins Extraordinaires…those little bistro chairs say France to me!

  44. One can’t have too many mugs! I especially like the Millefleurs for two reasons — red is one of my favorite colors and flowers are my passion. I’m not familiar with Gien products and would love to add this delightful mug to my coffee sipping collection. Even in hot Arizona I start every day with a relaxing cup of hot coffee. Thanks for the chance to win this product.

  45. I would choose the Sologne XL Deer for my dear husband’s birthday in September. He loves his morning coffee in an XL size cup.

  46. Oh my–how lovely! All the mugs are delightful, but I think I’m partial to the Indigo or Rabbit designs. Loving all the new French Week posts and giveaways!

  47. Asa a daily tea drinker I would love to drink in comfort from a Gien mug. Ça c’est Paris would remind me of my favorite city.

  48. The mugs are all lovely! My favorite design is the Songe. I love drinking tea in the colder months, which are quickly approaching…

  49. The ‘Oiseau Blue’ would make a beautiful addition to my blue and white mug collection! Stunning giveaway. Fingers crossed!

  50. Such beautiful mugs. If I win, I’d like the Paris Paris mug for a friend or the a C’est Paris!

  51. Wow, these are all so gorgeous! There’s nothing better than drinking tea from a beautiful mug to start your day! It’s hard to choose but I’m loving the simplicity of the Songe mug.

  52. They are all beautiful! It’s hard to choose. If I have to pick just one, it would be the Rocaille White.

  53. These are absolutely gorgeous and it’s so hard to choose but I think my favorite is pont aux choux

  54. Wow these bugs are gorgeous! I would definitely choose the les filets mug with the little evergreen tree and would happily drink hot coco out of it while watching the snow fall in the winter!

  55. They are all so beautiful, but I would have to pick: Mug- Ca c’est Paris!…there is no way to misinterpret what this mug is all about! 🙂

  56. Lying in bed with a cuppa tea and some Lindt chocolate whilst catching up on French week. Love how my fingers warm up around a good mug 🙂

  57. Hi Shannon, I’ve admired Gien for many years and dreamt of adding one of their beauties to my collection! My pick would be the beautifully whimsical Songe cup. xx

  58. My favorite is definitely Songe (with the green leaves appearing to fall from the top of the mug). So simple and delicate looking, it would be a “dream” to have. Thank you for this opportunity.

  59. Thank you for sharing this! This is why I love your blog/ podcast… always learning about new brands and ideas! Rocaille White is looks so delicate and lovely ?

  60. What a lovely useful item for French Week giveaway. Gien’s pattern “Songe” is beautiful!

  61. What a lovely giveaway! Thank you for the introduction to these beautiful mugs. I would choose the Songe… pretty for either tea or a morning cafe au lait!

  62. I collect mugs and this French style collection is everything I love. I was attracted to the Paris A Giverney as it just is beautiful. But the Oiseuu Bleu is the one that I would choose as blue is my favorite color. Merci Beaucoup for the chance to win. The Gien Mug thumbrest that is comfortable to secure the holding of the mug sounds luxurious.

  63. Sologne-Rabbit would be my choice. Thank you for the opportunity to win a lovely piece of art.

  64. Truly gorgeous Shannon. Such generous giveaways.Tea tastes so much more delicious from a pretty cup or mug and Gien is is a true classic . I really don’t mind which design. The one with the chairs in the garden would be most appreciated. Merci bien?

  65. What beautiful mugs and the other items from the company look wonderful too. I would pick the Toscana XL. Thank you!

  66. These mugs are all so gorgeous. The detail of blue in the handle of les files makes it my favorite.

  67. I had the opportunity to visit Gien and loved looking through their shop there. I purchased a florol dessert plate as a souvenir.
    Since I love blue and white, and the bird motif, I would choose the one you have on your desk.

  68. Oh what a lovely moment it would be to sip a chai tea in my “bouquet “ Gien faience mug! Tres bien!

  69. Bonjour mes chéries! These mugs all look lovely, but my favorite is Paris à Giverny. I have a soft spot for Monet, and visiting his garden was a dream come true for me. The mug would help me relive my visit. Merci!

  70. J’adore these charming mugs. The Filet Rouge matches my dinnerware. I look forward to a nice cup of tea and a good book to go with it. Thank you for all the charming giveaways and introducing us to these unique finds!

  71. Oh, they are all so beautiful, Shannon, but the Bouquet mug is my favourite. The beauty and colours of the flowers would make it a real pleasure to use.
    Merci beaucoup for a fantastic French week!

  72. Thank you Shannon for this opportunity to win such a lovely mug! I love the Paris mug! I love French week-it is wonderful to see your pictures! I joined Instagram to follow you there!

  73. What a beautiful collection! Thank you for the introduction to this!! I love the Ca C’est Paris mug…so cute:)

  74. Oh do I love sipping from special mugs- I’ve not heard of this brand before. This is why we love you Shannon, for always introducing beautiful little luxuries. My favorite is the Songe mug with little leaves at the top- but I love them all!

  75. So hard to choose! I would welcome (and treasure!) any of these into my home, but the Songe and Rouen 37 speak to me with their classic, simple designs.

  76. Such lovely cups, such a fun giveaway! My favorite is Oiseaux, followed by Songe Thank you so much!

  77. Thank you for another fabulous French week! Tea is serious(ly relaxing) business in my household. The oiseau blue mug is beautiful.

  78. What a wonderful giveaway! I love them all but the Songe especially caught my eye. I love the leaf design at the top. Very beautiful.

  79. Oh my the mugs are all beautiful! What a wonderful way to enjoy my tea in the afternoon. I love them all! Thanks Shannon

  80. Would definitely go for the Jardin! Looks exactly how I picture France in the summer. Gorgeous!

  81. I would choose Toscana, regular or large size. I really like the colours and delicate pattern.

  82. These mugs are quite beautiful but I am partial to those with blue/white designs 🙂

  83. Beautiful! Love your site. I would choose the Toscana, it’s delicate pattern reminds me of summer.

  84. Wow! These mugs are so beautiful!! If I had to choose one to drink my tea in, it would be the Bouquet mug! I love the flower design, it is so elegant.

  85. Songe would be my choice. Thank you for this fun contest, you’re very generous. I did not know about this brand before now it is quite lovely, so thank you!

  86. Good china makes SUCH a difference! I never knew this until I finally bought some high quality china teacups/saucers. Maybe it’s my imagination, but tea tastes better in lovely, well-made cups. I love the Jardins Extrordinaire mug you featured.

  87. having tea was my first introduction to hospitality. it would be so calming to sit and have tea in my backyard with the pink mug. thank you for your many reminders of taking care of ourselves and enjoying life.

  88. My morning coffee and afternoon cup of tea are some of my favorite simple joys- I love the Paris Jardins Extraordinaires mug!

  89. Good morning!

    Your description of the lightness of the mug caught my eye. I love the look of Millefleurs and could see myself enjoying my coffee from it.

  90. Que c’est beau! I would love the Paris A Giverny – just love the beautiful gardens. Merci Shannon!

  91. So difficult to decide. I think I especially love the Les Oiseaux Mug – Green Background.

    Thanks so much for such a wonderful website. How do you do it AND work? Amazing.


  92. These are lovely! I think I would choose the Pont aux Choux, in either ivory or blue. Unique and classy!

  93. I buy mugs from each country I visit! Last year in France I wasn’t able to fit it in my suitcase so I left it with my friend who let me stay with her! This would be a great addition to complete my collection! I would choose rouen 37 for sure!

  94. L’Oiseau bleu is my favorite among all of the lovely Gien mugs. Merci, Shannon!

  95. I would love to sip my French roast coffee in any of those wonderful mugs. Thank you so much for providing such beautiful content on your blog. You are an inspiration.

  96. I have been to the Loire Valley—but I didn’t know about this company! I love especially the “Oiseau Bleu” mug with the dear little bird.

  97. Tulipes Noires, the entire collection is stunning. Simple, classic, elegant. I would bring the whole set home is I could.

  98. The mug- filet rouge reminds me of french kitchen towel, and wouldn’t it be lovely to sip tea in that exquisite mug and day dream about being in France?

  99. What a lovely and generous gift! I would choose the mug with the black and white scheme, and two birdies sitting on a branch!

  100. THE Green white background my is my fav, I can see me drinking my morning tea out of it, I want to win!

  101. It is difficult to choose. I love the toscana, the rouen 37, Paris A Giverny, Paris Jardins Extraordinaires. Any of these would be a great addition to any relaxation time

  102. French Week has been wonderful. Thank you. I would enjoy sipping my coffee or tea from the Songe mug.

  103. Goodness….I’ve just had time to read this post. Lovely mugs…would love to have one. I love the way it’s made. They are all nice, but I think my favorite is the first one in the picture. Thank you, Shannon, for such thoughtful gifts.


  104. I like the Les Filets mug! Simple with a touch of my face color blue. Thank you for having the giveaway!

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