The World, Large & Small, Illustrated for Your Home, Kitchen and Life: A Modvin Paris Illustrated Giveaway
Monday August 12, 2019

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The art we bring into our home is something that takes time, but not all beautiful, memorable art has to be beyond our budget. As well, the art we welcome into our homes can be functional as well as beautiful.

Modvin is a continuing sponsor of TSLL’s annual French Week, and I am so excited to have them return this year as their illustrated travel, food, maps of the world, states and cities as well as French locale prints are unique and classic. Case in point, I have had their French les fruits et légumes de saison print in my kitchen for the past three years (see below). Not only is it aesthetically what I desired, but I do consult it from time to time to see what season a particular fruit or vegetable is at its peak flavor.

Offering illustrated print sizes from 8″ x 10″ to as large as 36″ x 24″ and even entire wall decals of illustrated prints, if you are looking for a map of your favorite state to frame and hang in just the perfect spot in your home (see Oregon’s below), your favorite country (see France, the Netherlands, Britain and Australia below), or your favorite city and even food, they have what you are looking for at an affordable price.

Shop their entire collection which continues to expand since I was first introduced to this husband and wife team over two years ago. Inspired largely by vintage illustrations and art, the founders, Crystal and Jorge, both have an architecture background and share a passion for both illustration and information design. After a few years working in commercial design firms, they decided to take the leap into the small business world.

Every component of each print is painted then digitally transferred into the final design. More often than not, each art print is the result of hours of painting, research, and iteration upon iteration of graphic layout.

One part of running TSLL blog is being able to find, meet and then share brands and products that are thoughtfully curated by talented individuals so that TSLL readers can discover beautiful, carefully curated items that arrive into their own lives and will be displayed and appreciated.

Let me share with you a few more prints that caught my eye.

As it is French Week here on TSLL, Modvin is giving away to one lucky winner one of their Paris Illustrated prints as seen below. Check out the detail of each illustration in the image at the top of this post as well.

~UPDATE 8/17/2019, noon: The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who stopped by and entered. Be sure to visit tomorrow (Sunday August 18th) for the final post of TSLL’s French Week which will share a round-up and the list of winners.

To Enter to win Modvin’s Paris Illustrated print:

  • Leave a comment on this post
  • Enter by Saturday August 17, at noon Pacific time
  • To see if you are the winner, stop by TSLL on Sunday August 18th for the round-up post of TSLL’s French Week where all of the winners of each giveaway will be revealed.
  • Bonne chance!

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

Modvin is offering a 15% discount for TSLL readers off your first purchase with promo code TSLL (limit one use per customer). Start perusing their illustrated prints here.

And for everyone to welcome a touch of France into their homes, specifically Paris, into their lives, Modvin is generously making available three free printables (see below). Click here to see and download.

Thank you Modvin for sponsoring TSLL’s French Week and bonne journée tout le monde!

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107 thoughts on “The World, Large & Small, Illustrated for Your Home, Kitchen and Life: A Modvin Paris Illustrated Giveaway

  1. I love the idea of using art as a way to celebrate your favorite vacation memories everyday!

    1. I have the vegetable/fruits in season in my home kitchen and a much smaller version in my vacation home. They are interesting to study, beautiful, and really brightens up a dark corner.

  2. Their art is so clean and fresh, and yet retro, love their stuff. I’m especially liking the “Anatomie d’un Repas Francaise”… and the Vegetables…and…Thank you Modvin and Shannon for the giveaway!

  3. I love these! Thank you for sharing. I think one of these needs to be in my kitchen … and bedroom.

  4. I just stumbled across your blog and I’m in love!!! You are truly an inspiration!❤️

  5. I have been eyeing the Anatomy of a French Meal for some time now. Modvin may be granted to have a presence in my home regardless of the giveaway.

  6. Shannon, your TSSL’s French Week is keeping me in touch with my adopted country while I am here in Portland Oregon for a High School Reunion. How delightful. I loved the interview on the Podcast, which I listened to this morning as I was processing/packing some of my US purchases from New Season’s and Freddy’s. I shared your blog with my hostess, who is a big fan of Sharon Santorini, and has her most recent publications. The excellent and engaging quality of your blog and podcasts are always inspiring. Thank You. We have sold our home in France, and have purchased an incredible longère in a “Bourg” about 15 minutes away from the small town we have lived in for 3+ years. I am looking forward to perusing your daily posts for some fresh new design ideas! A very exciting time for us. And our two dogs now have an acre of land to run around on! I can hardly wait to see them with their first touch of real freedom to safely run and experience the joy of a space of their own,with all kinds of new scents to explore.

    1. I am so excited for you and your family and especially your pups! Your new home and place sound lovely! thank you for sharing and introducing the hostess to the blog. I am very grateful!

  7. These are gorgeous pieces!! Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful content.

  8. OOOO, Shannon! I’ve seen photos of their prints and longed to have one of my own. I’d love to win this giveaway, but will certainly appreciate the offered discount to purchase also.

    Thank you.

  9. Shannon such beautiful prints from Modvin. I collect maps and food related prints . I have a postcard size picture quite similar to l’anatomie d’un repas Francais . Would love to have a print that size in my kitchen. ?

  10. Love the prints, simple, classy yet elegant….thank you as always for sharing your lovely ‘finds’

  11. These are wonderful! I love the food themed prints. Thank you and Modvin for the giveaway.

  12. I absolutely ADORE the Modvin print I won during a past TSLL French week. It is such a special way to show my French passion in my home. I would love to add more Modvin to our space!

    1. These prints are so fresh, clean and beautiful – just what I am looking for in my gallery wall! I will peruse their site that find just the right I inspiring selection for my home! Thanks for sharing! Bisous xoxo

  13. I love the Modvin prints! The style is so pleasing. Thank you for introducing them to me!

  14. These are beautiful! I’ve never seen them before but I’m off to the website to see what else they have!

  15. These prints are lovely. I could imagine having the Paris print in my entrance hall at home:-) Many thanks for the interesting Post!

  16. The prints are beautiful and so charming. I would love to have any one of them. Thank you!

  17. Art is a great way to give your abode some soul! I’ve bought several pieces at flea markets. Truly, some art just speaks to me.

  18. Thank you for the chance to win one of these delightful prints! They would brighten any room.

  19. I love the elegant simplicity of the Modvin prints. Merci Beau Coup for hosting a lovely giveaway!

  20. So excited-I found some leftover heavy stock paper and printed out the downloads-now all they need is a friend to go with them!

  21. These are new to me. They have a whimsical quality and quite nice. Merci for the introduction.

  22. The colors are so pretty on these prints and I love how each location captures what they are known for. Beautiful!

  23. Good morning Shannon, absolutely Love Anatomie d’un repas Francais print, this would really cheer me up after a difficult period in my life. Best wishes from the UK

    1. Update! Have ordered the print. The very generous offer from Modvin of free international shipping makes this affordable to the UK, many thanks to TSLL and Modvin.

  24. Ooohhh! I love these. They’re all beautiful (and unique), but I must admit that I’m especially taken with the UK print! 🙂 Great giveaway!

  25. I just love the style of the Modvin great way to show My love of Paris in my home.

  26. What gorgeous prints…………….thanks for the opportunity to be the lucky winner and also for the printables that are available.

  27. I LOVE decorating with maps and these are gorgeous! I’ll definitely be adding some of these to my collection soon! Thank you for introducing us to this brand!

  28. I having been eyeing the Modvin food prints since I saw the picture of your kitchen! Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life through your blog, podcast, cooking channel and all of the other mediums through which I can glance at your simply luxurious life!

  29. The Modvin prints are lovely, aren’t they. I have two small ones that cheer me every morning in my kitchen.

  30. The three prints that caught my eye: Paris, France, World. More fun giveaways, thank you!

  31. I have the perfect spot for all things Paris and lovely! A lovely gift a print would be…

  32. I saw a Modvin print on your website and loved it and had to order it. It is beautiful and I would love another. Thanks Shannon for introducing us to wonderful products.

  33. These prints are quite charming! Thank you for introducing me to these new pieces of art!

  34. I love that you included the Austin print!! I’m just up the road from there, and it’s a unique city full of treasures to discover.

  35. I have map goals. I would love to display the places I’ve visited to help keep lovely memories alive. These maps and prints are beautiful!

  36. Love ?these prints! A perfect way to recall a visit to la belle France ?? or be inspired to make one!

  37. Thank you for this wonderful offer Shannon – much appreciated. So delicate and detailed they are!

  38. What beautiful and creative prints! I have a lovely calendar of theirs. Thank you for introducing us!

  39. The artwork is beautiful. I love the simplicity. The colors are crisp and would brighten any room.

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