An Olive & Branch French Market Tote Exclusive Giveaway for Ad-Free Subscribers (plus a discount code for all readers)
Thursday August 15, 2019

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A double handle or a single handle. That is most pressing question when it comes to deciding which French markets tote to purchase, because the easy question to answer is, Do I want a French Market tote? And in my life, the answer is an emphatic YES! 🙂

The second question is easy to answer, but sometimes finding a French market tote if one isn’t in France is difficult. Functional and simply lovely, the classic French market tote is ubiquitous at every market in France (see the image below). Stacks upon stacks, hanging in abundance, and so much so that the choices become a Francophile and market shoppers paradise. However, upon returning to the states, finding such a market basket can be a treasure hunt as they are difficult to find.

But no longer does it have to be difficult to find the basket you want if you a trip to France isn’t in the near future, nor does it have to be expensive. I am so excited for Olive & Branch to be a sponsor of this year’s French Week because it was last year during French Week that I discovered Pam Plançon’s online shop, and she graciously introduced herself and offered to sponsor the following year’s annual French Week.

Founded in 2004, Olive & Branch has been providing beautiful European and French made products for their discerning customers to welcome into their homes and everyday lives. Priding themselves on offering quality French or French inspired products, their prices are excellent (similar French Market totes are sold for far more online), and they are dedicated to superb customer service. Most of their items from their shop are direct imports from France as they travel to France often to shop, source and enjoy the culture that is their adopted home making sure they can bring the beauty of France to shoppers around the globe.

Olive & Branch offers many wonderful baskets beyond the two showcased here today, as well as many other unique and beautiful decor items. For all TSLL readers, O & B is offering a special discount of 15% off your order when you use the promo code TSLL.

Giving away one French market tote to a lucky TSLL ad-free subscriber, the winner will be able to choose from two of their most popular baskets (see below). And again, the most pressing question is: Do you want a double handed tote or a single, long handled tote?

~Olive & Branch double handled French Market tote (12.5″ x 18″)~

~Olive & Branch long handled French market tote (12″ x 18″)~

For awhile now, I have been contemplating this very question, and it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to use a tote with a double handle that I made up my mind. My experience took place in Louviers when I attended Susan Hermann-Loomis’ cooking class this past July. During the last day of the class, she gave us a guided tour of the market and then let us roam about on our own. Asking her the very question I had been pondering, she said, “Well, try them out.” She had one of each and a few more, and so I did. And my decision was quickly made: the double handle would be perfect.

Let me explain. When I head to the market, the market tote is empty, and carrying such a light-weight basket with the long strap over my shoulder is often cumbersome because it flops about, falls off my shoulder, etc., etc.. So it is when I am heading to the market and before I purchase my produce that I prefer the short handles to hold onto as it weighs next to nothing. However, once I have my produce, being able to place the long strap over my shoulder distributes the weight better and makes the rest of my market exploring far more comfortable and less straining on my arm. Again, this is just my two cents, but if you too have been curious as to which basket would be best and you only had one basket, just a few things to consider. After all, if you are a TSLL ad-free subscriber, you may just have to make this decision. 😉

~my new French Market tote from Olive & Branch – the double handled option~

To all TSLL readers, while this an exclusive giveaway, I did promise there would be five giveaways during this year’s French Week. We have already had three (here, here and here), and this particular giveaway is additional and is not part of the five. There will still be two more giveaways to come in the next three days, so be sure to stop by. As well, there will be an additional giveaway exclusively for TSLL weekly newsletter subscribers and will only be disclosed in the Letter from the Editor that is sent to subscribers’ inboxes (it will not be shared here on the blog). So be sure to subscribe to the weekly newsletter as well to be able to enter that giveaway (the newsletter goes out each Friday).

Now to the giveaway and how you can become a TSLL Ad-Free Subscriber to be able to enter to win.

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  • Bonne Chance!

~UPDATE 8/17/2019, noon: The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who stopped by and entered. Be sure to visit tomorrow (Sunday August 18th) for the final post of TSLL’s French Week which will share a round-up and the list of winners.

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40 thoughts on “An Olive & Branch French Market Tote Exclusive Giveaway for Ad-Free Subscribers (plus a discount code for all readers)

  1. Hello Shannon I am absolutely loving French week. The double handled basket would be a lovely, treasured reminder of holidays in Provence. Best wishes Sue

  2. Hi Shannon. I would prefer the double handle for exactly the reasons you mentioned. I’m so enjoying the weekend farmers markets in Michigan this year. Thank you for all your encouragement and inspiration.
    Regards, Georgette

    1. You’re most welcome Georgette! And thank you for your support of TSLL. Your time and interest is deeply appreciated. Bonne journée and happy market shopping. 🙂

  3. Hi Shannon! Would love the double handle! Sincerely enjoyed today’s podcast and am enjoying listening to all the previous ones. I’m back to 2017 now and dreading the day I’m all caught up!
    Thank you so much for your inspiration and all the joy you have brought into my life by discovering you!

  4. What a fantastic give-away! And, oh so french. The double handle basket takes me back to the markets found throughout France. TSLL posts and podcasts inspire and transport me to my “happy place”. Thank you Shannon!

  5. I am so glad you are enjoying your basket! It looks great and I know it will be well-loved. Thank you for including me as part of French Week!

  6. I concur with you, and all the others, it is absolument the double-handed basket!
    So practical— and chic! And thank you, Shannon, for, not just this give-away, but, sincerely, the gift of your blog. I really do mean that. It is a treasure I look forward to, a respite of erudition, calm, and un petit peu de savoir-faire. And you have enlarged my library quite a bit, and my TBR list! It is my pleasure and honor to be able to subscribe to the ad-free edition of your most lovely blog. Merci beaucoups!!

    1. Rona, thank you so much for your support of TSLL and active engagement. Your comments are always constructive or celebrator, in other words, always forward thinking and positive. Thank you.

  7. The giveaways are all wonderful! Now the market tote that is universal. What clever items to offer everyone. Once again so excited to get the chance to win — fine, sturdy product.

  8. I love the tote bags and have never had one like those. It would be a real treat to win one!!

    1. They are wonderful – simple and understated but exactly what one needs. Thank you for all of your support of TSLL and your continued interest and time. Bonne chance!

  9. what a treasure this would be to have! I now have time to spend journaling and the double handled tote would be the best to pack everything up to take to the coffee shop and spend time. thank you for these opportunities.

  10. French week has been a joy to read each and every day! You have outdone yourself.

  11. It would make my day to carry my teacher gear in that tote for the new school year. Fingers crossed.

  12. Beautiful, classy and a simple luxury for my trips to the Farmers Markets. A double handle would be lovely. Love the podcast for my drive to and from work. Thanks so much.

  13. Those bags are gorgeous. The double handle version would be a treat for all the reasons you state. Practical and chic.

    Your French week output had been superb Shannon. Meticulous research as ever.

  14. Shannon, once again you have made French week a wonderful experience. I would love the double handled tote! So special.

  15. Hi Shannon – I’m at the 11th hour here, but I think I still have a few hours to enroll/comment. I would love the double-handled tote. I am enjoying French week, but it has coincided with a very busy week at work, so I’m just now catching up. Thank you for all the wonderful posts.


  16. Double handled, please! I love your weekly newsletter. I get fashion and decorating inspiration plus a good deal of food for thought from it.

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