TSLL’s 2nd Annual British Week Round-Up & Giveaway Winners Announced
Sunday May 24, 2020

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“There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.” —Lin Yutang

Today is the final day and this the final post of TSLL’s 2nd Annual British Week. I have sincerely enjoyed the online shares of and glimpses into TSLL readers’ Favorite Cuppa moments (see them all here on IG), hearing of the ways in which the love of the British culture was introduced into your lives and why it remains a love and curiosity.

To say this week was a success of a celebration of all things British would be an understatement, and it is in no small part due to you, TSLL readers. Thank you for taking the time to stop by, share a kind word, have a look at something new or interesting and just in general, share time with a community of like-minded people – the Anglophiles of TSLL. 🙂 This week was so successful that you all helped overwhelm the website Friday and Saturday so much it had to take a break (TSLL could not be viewed for about one hour), to which I say it was a wonderful hiccup to have to deal with – thank you! 🙂 And deal with it we did as my tech team (who I am deeply grateful for) was on it immediately. We have since updated a few things to ensure such an overwhelmingly positive day of many ventures to the TSLL blog won’t bring it to a temporary halt in the future. 🙂

While this year’s TSLL British Week may have concluded, rest assured, it will return next year and will be held during the third full week of May. Just in case you do not want to wait that long for a similar week of celebration, as I know many of you are also Francophiles as well, TSLL’s 5th Annual French Week will be coming up this August, the second full week, so be sure to stop by for a similar week of posts and giveaways, but per the title, a celebration of all things French (peruse last year’s French Week posts here).

As a parting gift of sorts, and a way of saying thank you to every reader who stopped by, long-time reader and new, I wanted to offer a discount on a special exclusive to TSLL British-themed item in TSLL’s Shop – A Cuppa Ideas Notepad (see below).

You can find all of TSLL’s notepads here in TSLL Shop, and for the duration of Memorial Day, enjoy 30% off A Cuppa Ideas notepads whether you purchase one or a three-pack with promo code BRIT30. (shipping will still apply.) The discount ends on Monday May 25th at midnight (Pacific time).

A Cuppa Ideas notepads

  • exclusive to TSLL, custom Inslee full-color illustration, British vignette
  • tear-off notepad
  • 4″ x 7″
  • 50 pages
  • white recycled paper 20lb wt.

Now to the winners of the FIVE GIVEAWAYS presenteed this week.


  • Winners, if you find your name listed below, please email Shannon (me!) at giveaway@thesimplyluxuriouslife.com with the following information by or before Tuesday May 26th:
    • Full name
    • Shipping Address
    • Phone # (for shipping company’s purposes)
  • Contact me by Tuesday May 26th or you will lose the opportunity to claim your prize.

The winner of a classic Brown Betty teapot from Cauldon Ceramics (the color and size of the winner’s choosing) is Kimberly (comment #103).

The winner of a Barber Basket Myrtlewood Large Trug is Tara (comment #15)

The winner of the Thomas Smith’s Royal Sussex Trug, size no. 4 is Ad-Free subscriber Leah Granada (comment #13)

The weekly newsletter subscriber who is the lucky winner of a Emma Bridgewater teacup and saucer is Rona who was the 72nd email received of 211 entries.

The winner of the GRAND giveaway of Fortnum & Mason’s Afternoon Tea Hamper is Brenda in Virginia (comment #58)

Thank you to everyone who entered. I so enjoyed reading each of your entries and commments. Your generosity of good spirit, oodles of inspiration and recommendations, enthusiasm and sincere interest in all things British made this week very special for many fellow TSLL readers who stopped by. I only wish I had more giveaways to give. Thank you for participating if you entered any or all of the giveaways.

If you are new to TSLL blog, please know that I post regularly each week per the following schedule. I do hope you will stop by and check out the topics that interest you as they all speak to the mission of living simply luxuriously:

  • Mondaya new podcast episode of The Simple Sophisticate airs OR a Motivational Post to start the week (the next new podcast episode will be Monday June 1st (episode #282), view the schedule for the remainder of Season 6 here.
  • Tuesday a Style Inspiration or Outfit of the Week post
  • Wednesdaya Why Not . . . ?, Lifestyle or post inspired from Shannon’s Daily Life
  • Thursday — a Decor Inspiration post
  • Friday — a This & That post – full of finds and news to keep you in the know about films, books, sales, and more
    • on Friday morning, TSLL Weekly Subscribers receive their weekly delivery which includes a round-up of the past week’s posts, a head’s up on the upcoming topic for the podcast, an exclusive letter from the editor to inspire you as you step into the week and still more.

And if you are a regular viewer and have been contemplating becoming an Ad-Free subscriber, today is the final day to take advantage of the limited discount. Take a look at the savings below:

  • Monthly Ad-Free Subscription
    • Enjoy the first month FREE, when you subscribe during British Week. Each following month the regular $6.99/mo will be charged to the account you register with. Use the promo code ONEFREEMONTH
    • If you would like to enter today’s giveaway and would like the monthly option, simply do not use the promo code, and you will be automatically entered.
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Well, that wraps it up!

May you have many memorable cuppa moments, much growth in your garden, and oodles of everyday moments to savor as we stay calm and carry on. Cheers!

A Recap of the Week: TSLL 2nd Annual BRITISH WEEK POSTS

Enjoy perusing last year’s British Week, TSLL’s First Annual and all of the posts that were shared here.

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25 thoughts on “TSLL’s 2nd Annual British Week Round-Up & Giveaway Winners Announced

  1. Thank you so much for this week Shannon, I have looked forward to enjoying your posts with my morning cuppa. We now have French Week to look forward to!
    With very best wishes from England, Sue.

    1. Hello Sue !
      Always good to see you posting on the blog.
      Hope that you are coping OK with the lockdown .
      I love French week too !
      Best wishes from Lancashire.

  2. How exciting for all of the winners ! ??
    Congratulations , enjoy your prizes.
    Stay safe and well, wherever you live , I know that Shannon has readers all over the world , so we are all at different stages of how our countries are dealing with the corona virus.
    Having Shannon’s A Simply Luxurious Life blog to read and the podcasts to listen to Is always something I look forward to, and most especially in these toys turvey times .
    Thank you Shannon ??

  3. Thank you for a fabulous British week. It is clearly a labor of love and greatly appreciated! Congrats winners and again, “Thank You“ Shannon.

  4. I was prepared to congratulate the winners and say how really, we are all winners because we have been the happy recipients of all the lovely British Week posts and Insta stories, which have been absolutely stuffed full of ideas and books and recipes and musings…and OH MY GOSH, I won the Emma Bridgewater teacup and saucer!!! I am shocked, and absolutely delighted!! Thank you, Shannon!!??

  5. As always Shannon, You inform and inspire and in this day, that gift is a special one. I’ve read your books and followed you for a long time. Best wishes to you and thanks for a mini-vacation this week. I am looking forward to August as well. Your insights are very important for those of us seeking a more graceful and elegant life. To the winners, congrats to you. Such a generous and thoughtful way to introduce English lifestyle.

  6. Congratulations to all of the winners! This is my first year to participate and I loved the blogs, photos, book suggestions. My friend (who introduced me to you Shannon) and I are almost finished completely book #1 (we are doing it together). I’ve learned so much. Have already purchased book #2 and look forward to delving into it.

  7. Once again, not only did you piqued my curiosity, but I have learned so much. Thank you for all of your time and research. Interestingly my biggest takeaway from this week is not British influenced. The phrase (from The Simply Luxurious Newsletter) “and my patience continues to be strengthened” gave me a chuckle. And then I realized this is the perspective I’ve been reaching for. Moving forward I will be reminding myself – I am being strengthened. Thank you

  8. Congratulations to all the winners! This was my first British week and it was so much fun information. I look forward to seeing what French week is all about as well. Thanks for great experience Shannnon. I think I will spend some time today perusing wallpaper options and enjoying a cuppa!

  9. Thank you, Shannon, for a lovely, taste-full week of British lovelies! I really enjoyed each day, each posting and anxiously awaited the next. I definitely WON this week even without my name on your giveaway list. Plus, is finally gave in on my longtime desire for my own steamer lounge chair as found on the Cunard lines transatlantic ships. Soon I’ll be sailing along under my pear tree with all my favorite English mystery writers.
    Bo voyage as we move into a new style of summer!

    1. So happy for your new addition to your home! The lounge chair will be a wonderful seat for tranquil moments. Thank you for your comment and visits during this year’s British Week. It was truly a pleasure of mine to bring it to everyone. ??

  10. A big thank you Shannon you have been a wonderful tour guide for this Jolly Holiday in England! You’re writing, posts, and the simply luxurious treats that you introduced me to are wonderful souvenirs. I am going to treat myself to one of those baskets of tea once I’m working more hours.
    I so look forward to our trip to France Viva La France. a bientot.
    Also thank you to my fellow Travelers I have enjoyed reading your posts and learning more.
    Blessings, Dallas

  11. Thank you Shannon, it has been a wonderful week full of new ideas and beautiful
    Inspiration. That you so freely share luxurious (see what I did there?) information with contagious enthusiasm always makes my day (and week ).
    Already looking forward to French week.
    Thanks again and congratulations to the winners.

  12. My grandsons live with me and have done so for over seven years. This week was to be my grandson’s graduation from high school. Both he and I have worked really hard for seven years to get to this week, but alas, life had other plans… this week was difficult and I absolutely know that I wasn’t the one graduating but your British week and all its posts and giveaways were a wonderful, soothing, desperately needed distraction for me. Thank you and yes, I will keep reading because a simple, luxurious life is a beautiful state of mind. Thank you.

    1. Genoa, I am so sorry for the inability to celebrate such a wonderful and hard-earned life milestone for your grandson and his support (you!). Your comments are deeply appreciative. May the celebration that is coming be lovely and forever memorable. ?

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