TSLL British Week’s GRAND Giveaway! A Fortnum & Mason Hamper & Tea
Friday May 22, 2020

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When one thinks of London’s famed luxury grocery market Fortnum & Mason, one’s mind often drifts to wicker baskets. Correction, the wicker hampers. Ah, yes, and to receive a hamper from F & M is a grand gift for an Anglophile which is why I wanted it to be the Grand Giveaway of TSLL’s British Week yet again. It is a true treat to receive, and I cannot wait to give it to one lucky TSLL reader.

Fortnum & Mason is the home of the hamper (they sell 39 different combinations), and as I shared last year during the Grand Giveaway post, not only are you going to enjoy the treats and gifts in the hamper, but the hamper becomes a functional piece of decor for your sanctuary. In nearly every issue of The English Home or House & Garden UK or Homes & Garden UK, I will see at least one F & M black logo on a wicker hamper somewhere in the home (truly, it is very much like a Where’s Waldo? hunt).

Fortnum & Mason ships their hampers filled with their own preserves, teas and other delights worldwide, and every hamper and its contents is always less than if you were to purchase everything individually. Additionally, something that is important to note, some of the items included in hampers, including items in this hamper, are items you cannot buy individually (the preserves for example).

I have chosen Fortnum & Mason’s Tea Basket this year, perfect for a scrumptious Afternoon Tea and many wonderful Cuppa moments. Complete with tea options, fruit preserve options, tea infuser and mug, all you need to bring are the biscuits and scones. This basket ships Worldwide, so every TSLL reader can enter to win. Let’s take a look at the contents of the basket one lucky winner will receive.

The Tea Basket

  • A tin of Earl Grey Classic, a simple black tea flavoured with stimulating oil of bergamot
  • A tin of Royal Blend
  • The rich notes of F & M’s Assam Superb
  • Deliciously sweet Raspberry Preserve
  • Wild Blueberry preserves
  • Strawberry preserves
  • Silver-plated Tea Disc Infuser
  • Stripe Eau de Nil Mug

How to Enter:

  • You have 24 hours to enter.
  • Leave a comment on this post.
  • Giveaway closes at Noon Saturday May 23rd, Pacific Time
  • Winner will be announced Sunday on the blog in the final Round-up post.
    • If the winner doesn’t claim their giveaway prize by Tuesday May 26, a new winner will be chosen at random from the entrants.
  • Good Luck!!!


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291 thoughts on “TSLL British Week’s GRAND Giveaway! A Fortnum & Mason Hamper & Tea

  1. So glad that your podcasts are back! I hope you enjoyed your mini break. Looking forward to the rest of British Week and would love to enter this giveaway. Thank you!

    1. Your delightful hamper would be a wonderful pick me up. We could use it to have a picnic in the garden with our English retriever named Nellie McClung. The past few months of staying in would be brightened up with this lovely basket.

  2. Wow Shannon the giveaways are so generous and “simply luxurious” this year!
    Love these Baskets and the teas sound delicious!

  3. How lovely! If I were to win I would give it to my mother for her 88th birthday in July. She has always wanted to travel “across the pond” but has never had the opportunity. This would be like a little piece of Britain came to her.
    I love your blog and I’m so happy I came across it. I, too, think of my home as my sanctuary.
    Thank you!

  4. What an absolutely lovely tea basket full of yummy English treats!
    ~ XOXO

  5. What an absolutely lovely tea basket filled with yummy English treats!
    ~ XO

  6. Oh wow, this is quite a generous give-away and a delightful way to end the week! I’ve loved F & M teas since the early 90’s. I was fortunate to work in a tea shop that carried all the varieties and there isn’t one I don’t enjoy. Everything F & M produces is delicious but some of my favorites are: Assam, Christening Tea (a light Earl Grey), Royal Blend, Jasmine Green, and Elderflower Green.

  7. This is the best giveaway! I was in their shop in London last year and spent close to two hours there. You can actually smell all their teas. There hampers were beautiful but too large to carry in my carry on.

  8. Oh Shannon…what a wonderful hamper you picked for your giveaway!! Your generosity is so heartwarming!

  9. Great giveaway! I was just looking at this on the F&M site! Wanted to order it as birthday present to myself! Would love to win this!

  10. Lovely British gift! I would also love figuring out what to do with that wicker hamper once I’ve eaten all the goodies! Thank you!

    1. I enjoy your blog! So much inspiring information. Cheers to the F & M tea basket!!!

  11. What a tempting giveaway prize! Saturday is my 51st birthday…hoping I have birthday luck on my side! Thank you, Shannon, for adding immeasurable elegance to my existence in the four years I’ve been a faithful podcast listener and newsletter reader. You are a gem!

  12. Yeah! Tea is my go too. What a lovely way to pause during This time of unknown.

  13. It’s been a great week and The raspberry and blueberry preserves sound amazing! What a treat.

  14. Thank you for bringing endless joy to our lives through your podcast, books, and this website! It has changed the lives of mine and many others through countless ways.

  15. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for this great week, it’s been a pleasure!

  16. Hi Shannon. I’ve enjoyed this week’s British Week! Thanks for the great posts you’ve given us, and hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to win the F&M basket! Have a great weekend.

  17. What a truly Grand giveaway! I have enjoyed the teas from Fortnam & Mason For years. The first tins were brought back as a gift many years ago and brought about a love of fine loose leaf teas. British Week has been a joy!

  18. What an amazing gift! This would surely help me branch out from drinking only sweet tea.

  19. This week has been so fun! I’ve loved following along, my husband and I even started watching The English Game last night, thanks for the recommendation! Hope I win this lovely luxury!

  20. What a beautiful set! Everything sounds delicious and the basket looks wonderful! Thanks so much for these opportunities during the British week!

  21. Would love to win this lovely giveaway! What a lovely way to have a spot of tea! ??

  22. (Though if I do win I will need you to share a biscuit recipe to serve with these lovely teas and jams!!)

  23. This basket has items that sound so delicious. Really looking forward to your cooking episodes again. I have several new dishes thanks to you!

  24. What a delectable gift this would be! I would treasure the basket for years to come. Thank you for setting this up for us.

  25. Everything about that is gorgeous! Thank you for being such a light to my weeks!

  26. That hamper looks amazing! It would be such a treat to enjoy at home & make the days a little cheerier!

  27. I’ve been dying for an F&M hamper for years but can never convince myself to buy it for myself. I love this tea hamper! Great choice!

  28. This week has been amazing, Shannon! So many lovely giveaways, all of your winners will be especially lucky this year : )

  29. I love Fortnum and Mason. There is a little clock o the side of the building and in the hour Mr. Fortnum and Mr. Mason pop. I would love a hamper from “The Queen’s Grocery Store”.

  30. Thank you for another successful British Week, Shannon! Also, today’s This & That was great, I appreciated all the British mentions!

  31. Oh my that is wonderful! What an exquisite hamper perfect for a wonderful tea experience!!

  32. Dreaming of F&M tea and scones with strawberry preserves and clotted cream. Thank you for the sweet memory.

    Please show us the F&M wicker hampers in the home design shops you mentioned.

  33. Wow! What a awesome giveaway! I am excited to have participated in this week’s British Week!

  34. Oh my goodness, what an amazing hamper! I have a Williams Sonoma outlet store in my town and I am still kicking myself for not buying all the F&M things they had briefly. What an excellent choice to round out British Week!

  35. F&M baskets were my go to Christmas gifts this year, but I’ve never actually received one. We were lucky enough to have tea there as a family a few years ago and it is still one of our favorite teas to date. Have a lovely weekend!

  36. Walking through F&M was a highight of a London visit! I LOVE their window displays. My parents gifted
    an F&M hamper to two of our dearest English friends last year, and I admit I was more than just a little envious. This is a delightful way to finish off British Week!

  37. These are truly beautiful hampers! Last year when we visited London it was such fun to visit F&M. Such great giveaways this year, Shannon.

  38. This would be perfect at any time, but especially during lockdown here in the UK.
    Fingers crossed !
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter Shannon .
    Have a lovely weekend
    Anne ?

  39. When British week started, I had planned to ask my cousin who lives in UK to send me some Fortnum & Mason teas to try. And then you posted this giveaway! I’m so excited, I hope I could win this awesome gift from you instead:)) Thanks Shannon.

  40. Words can describe just how much I’ve enjoyed your posts this week. I am now totally hooked on Gardeners’ World especially Monty and Carol. I’ve found the series on YouTube and limit myself to one each day so I can savor the experience.

    Regarding the Fortnum and Mason giveaway, I just enjoyed a one hour long PBS documentary about F&M. The last time we were in London we stayed right around the corner from the store and walked past it every day. Such a treat! Winning this hamper would be a thrill.

    Thanks for all you do.

  41. Amazing! I came from a coffee culture in Melbourne, Australia and have now moved to the UK. A tea hamper would seal the deal and help me settle into tea culture indeed! Thank you Shannon!

  42. You have the best giveaways and the best sources of info. Even though I never win, I’m one of your biggest fans. Lol

  43. There is nothing better than Family and friends, sitting around a shaded outdoor table, sharing teas, jam and scones and laughter. It is certainly a lovely picnic basket from Fortnum and Mason. Thank you.

  44. Thank you, Shannon, for doing British and French weeks. Love listening to the podcasts. Thank you for doing the giveaways! Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

  45. I’ve been following you since almost the beginning of your blog, and this is the giveaway I am most exited about entering! Thank you for all you do to add simple luxuries to my life x

  46. Oh yes, that’s my cup of tea! I have already stared backing scones and have leftovers of clotted cream. Lot’s of love from Hyggen! To you all!

  47. This is such a beautiful set. Thank you for all you do to enrich our lives and help us be more luxurious 🙂

  48. What a beautiful gift that would be! Your British weeks are so fun. I am totally going as soon as I can!??☕️?

  49. Such a lovely (and generous) giveaway, Shannon! When we were first ordered to shelter-in-place, it wasn’t long before I ran out if my favourite tea. It took quite a while to arrive, and when it finally did, it brought me so much joy! That first sip was divine! I had no idea how much of a simple (but necessary) pleasure it was for me until I didn’t have it. Best of luck to all!

  50. What a great giveaway ! I am so glad you are an Anglophile as well as a Francophile . I enjoy your posts year round – I hope you will continue them for a very long time Shannon !

  51. I am crossing my fingers. Maybe I’ll pin one of your scone recipes now to pair with the preserves 😉

  52. Thank you for giving me a virtual visit to all things British this week. It was a beautiful escape during our lock down. The basket would be the icing on the cake!

  53. Fortnum & Mason was a highlight on my first trip to London. I ran out of my favorite tea, Fortmason, a while ago, and it would be such a treat to try a new blend. Making a cup of tea in the afternoons is now, more than ever, a ritual. Thank you so much for British Week and the generous giveaway!

  54. Oh, OH, Shannon! Nothing is better than this for a Grand Finale to your British week! Thank you so much for all you have given us this week in your blog. When I introduced my husband to my beloved London 2 years ago, we were fortunate enough to arrive at F&M just in time to see Mr. Fortnum and Mr. Mason come out to greet each other! ‘Course when I went shopping there, he didn’t waste time finding the wine bar below ground level either.

  55. What a lovely basket and how generous of you to give this to one of your readers.
    I so enjoy your British week. I want to thank you for adding so many interesting finds.

  56. Shannon, your choice of give aways along with all of your ‘this and that’ posts are always so thoughtful! The hamper and teas are simply just the right thing to get us through our current situation!

  57. What a sweet and generous gift..to sit out on my backyard enjoying a cup of tea and nature..my perfect day!

  58. What an amazing giveaway! Thank you for doing this and for your wonderful blog and podcast!

  59. Hello! What a lovely way to share tea with yourself or loved ones. F&M jams bring back any lovely travel memories! I and many others we not able to visit the RHS Chelsea Flower show, thanks for sharing your thoughts on gardening!

  60. What a beautiful gift! We visited London last summer and I treated myself to a tin of the Royal Blend. My daughter and I have been watching the Great British Baking Show during quarantine and this hamper would go beautifully with our scones!

  61. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! I have really enjoyed British week, Thank you Shannon

  62. Yes, this is so over the top! What a delightful giveaway to look forward to. The possibilities of that basket have my brain working overtime. Merci for such a generous gift. I always look for the TSLL in my email to start the day. You inspire all of us.

  63. This is such a decadent giveaway! I have enjoyed this British week so much, Shannon. I feel like it has infused itself towards the decisions I have made (roses in yard, dishes I rarely use), but mainly you have given me a cozy, warm and gentle feeling during this time of tumult.
    Thank you very much.

  64. This is a delight!
    The thing I look forward to most during this time of staying at home is having a pot of tea beside me after dinner is sorted, watching pride and prejudice for the zillionth time (BBC version of course) or another favorite film or tv series.

  65. I truly admire your eye for detail like in this case noticing the the F & M logo in the magazine. You following your curiosity and sharing them on the blog has definitely introduced me to so many wonderful things and set me on my journey to discovery. As always a great post and thank you for introducing me to this luxurious looking hamper!

  66. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! Your ability to find such beautiful things amazes and inspires me.

  67. I love the tidbit about the baskets in photos, what a fun new thing to do while perusing magazines/Instagram accounts.

  68. A hamper from Fortnum and Mason would be amazing. I grew up reading All Creatures Great and Small and Tricki Woo send hampers to his favorite vet. I think my love of England started there!

  69. Oh my….. what a lovely giveaway!! I have enjoyed British week immensely! Thank you for for your wonderful blog/podcast, Shannon.

  70. It has been such an enjoyable week — and I am so happy to have been able to “travel” a bit! It’s been a bit gloomy with Poldark having ended, The Crown Season 3 and Outlander Season 5 over. Your British Week is a welcome and cheerful part of the day!

    Thanks so much for all you do!

  71. Oh my! what a fabulous giveaway. A Fortnum & Mason hamper has always been on my dream list and what could be more perfect than a Tea Basket.

  72. This is a wonderful and generous giveaway! Whoever wins will be a very lucky person.

  73. Reminds me of All Creatures Great and Small when Mrs. Pumphrey would send James just such a basket after he treated her precious dog Tricky Woo.

  74. What a simply wonderful prize!

    Best of luck to all and thank you Shannon for the lovely possibility of winning such a luxurious gift.

  75. What a wonderful basket to share with our English retriever Nellie McClung in the garden.

  76. “If you are cold, tea will warm you;
    If you are too heated, it will cool you;
    If you are depressed, it will cheer you;
    If you are exhausted, it will calm you.”
    – William Gladstone

    This hamper would soothe my soul through such trying times as these ?. Wishing everyone light and positive vibes.

  77. What a wonderful grand prize! For my 40th birthday two years ago, we went to England for the first time and I was thrilled that we went to Fortnum and Mason for a traditional afternoon tea. The turquoise plates, lovely sandwiches, desserts, scones, preserves and endless choice of tea…it was truly the highlight of our trip! To win would be a wonderful reminder of that day!

  78. I’ve heard great things about their preserves. Would love to give them a try. I foresee a picnic in my backyard.:)

  79. Earl Grey is my and my husband’s favorite tea! Nothing better on a cold night in Alaska!
    I’ve never been fortunate enough to have F&M tea in my home…

    Thank you for the chance at this amazing give away!

  80. I’ve been following your podcasts and blog posts for a few years now. I’ve found some great books, movies, and articles on your This & That posts. They are my favorite. You and I couldn’t be more different in so many ways, but the things we do have in common, like the love of all things British, and the desire to grow and learn, keep me coming back.

  81. Grander than grand! A truly lovely hamper. Such a generous giveaway, thank you as always, Shannon!

  82. What a lovely basket! Thank you Shannon for a lovely distraction this week with a delightful TSLL British week 🙂

  83. Thank you Shannon for your inspiring blog, and especially thank you for indulging us Anglophiles! It is such a special treat and a welcome escape into something lovely and simply luxurious.

  84. Oh my goodness! A F&M tea hamper would be the ultimate pick me up in these times and it’s such a luxurious treat. Thank you so much Shannon for all the wonderful and generous giveaways you have arranged for British week.

  85. How marvelous it would be to share a proper tea with my parents post-quarantine. Their summer trip to the northwest and Lake Louise to celebrate my mom’s 50-year career in education was cancelled. ???✨

  86. what a fabulous and generous prize of beautiful British tea goodies! So enjoyed this series!

  87. This is such a lovely and generous giveaway. Thank you Shannon for sharing your passions with us❤️

  88. What a truly wonderful give away! Fingers crossed to be selected to enjoy this!

  89. Fortnum & Mason is one of those places I dream of visiting on a trip to London.

  90. What a lovely little give away and so perfect for British Week!

  91. Thinking of my mother right now. She loved giving fancy tea parties! She would even take baskets filled with goodies and a thermos of hot tea to nursing homes to have little tea parties with some of her church friends. We called her the Queen Mum. I miss her so much but am keeping up the tradition of hosting teas.

  92. What a fun and generous giveaway! I look forward to each of your podcasts and now I have family/friends listening.

  93. The hamper alone is a great gift. All of the goodies inside make it phenomenal. What a great celebration of Britain! Well done, Shannon

  94. What a lovely prize! And a lovely piece of information about the company too!

  95. Spent a wonderful vacation in England touring the country and visiting friends. Always looking for a way to bring a little of that vacation here. The wicker hamper would be perfect!

  96. This is truly the penultimate. LOVE the details on the tea infuser, love the mug, the hamper, the contents…thank you for offering Shannon. WHEEEE British Week!! 😀

  97. Well, when I saw this beauty I smiled, for the first time in a while! I am an F & M fan. I gift tea, cookies, preserves, candies to friends and family for Christmas and Birthdays. I swoon over these baskets all the time, never quite in my budget though. Whoever wins I wish them a wonderful picnic in the glorious F & M Hamper. thank you for this from me and my dreams!

  98. What a jolly good basket! If I win, everyone is invited for a cuppa.

  99. What a wonderful giveaway! I’m imagining a luxurious afternoon tea in my garden with this beautiful hamper!

  100. Oh goodness, what a prize! I have literally dreamt of receiving a Fortnum and Mason hamper since quarantine began; pursuing the website, imagining which one to order. How lovely!!

  101. Such a treat, I order the zroyal Bken regularly. I recently found out j was 68% British. I was adopted and was told differently, so this explains my live of a things British fro. This California Gal.
    Love a your post.

  102. I had some Fortnum and Mason biscuits when I went to England two years ago and I still dream about them. I imagine the tea and preserves are just as wonderful.
    Thank you

  103. I lived in England for one year, so I am another Anglophile. It would be a dream to own this lovely wicker hamper from Fortnum & Mason to carry my teas, and I am imagining myself on a warm and sunny afternoon to enjoy tea outside in the garden. I am an avid tea drinker, so I would love Fortnum & Mason collection of teas part of my tea menu. Yes, the preserves would be brilliant!

  104. A treasure basket filled with yummy goodies! You are very generous and it would be an honor to win your British Week Grand Giveaway! Thank you for making my day bright Shannon!

  105. What an exquisite hamper! I love everything British, and I love your British week!

  106. This is a great giveaway. An Afternoon Tea at F&M was a lovely experience during our visit to London. I’ve purchased teas but not the hamper. Thank you for this opportunity to win this prize!

  107. What a beautiful gift that perfectly encompasses this British week! I visited London for the first time this past October and absolutely fell in love. So happy to have found someone else who loves it as much as info, that I can follow and gives great inspiration!

  108. What a lovely give away. I was thinking of ordering a hamper to help soothe working from home stress. I would LOVE to win this hamper. Love FortMason tea.

  109. Goodness, I’m number 157. A truly wonderful hamper full of tasty items. How fun. Now where would I place the hamper?? ? Good luck everyone.

  110. Ahhhhh that’s so exciting! I’ve been debating which one I’d want to get but winning one would be lovely! ? Moreover, I’m so happy for the new podcasts and this week has been wonderful -thank you Shannon!

  111. Thank you for this. I want to curl up with a cuppa and some British programming. Loving the basket so much.

  112. What a lovely gift, those delicious preserves and teas! Nothing is better than an English cream tea and that hamper is fabulous.
    I have loved all of your informative posts this week, what a lot of work, thanks very much and get some much needed rest.

  113. I love F&M Royal blend! I’ve been obsessed ever since I tried it after Meghan Markle gifted it and some banana bread to a family on she & Harry’s Australian tour! Lol my Anglophile is showing for sure! Thanks for offering this giveaway! I love the blog and the podcast!

  114. This will be lovely for Tea Time! I’m learning to “be still” and enjoy the quietness and stillness of life. Tea time is my favorite time of day!

  115. Oh, my, what a GLORIOUS gift this would be! I’ve always dreamed of receiving an F&M hamper & this would truly be a dream come true! I wish everyone luck — what a fortunate bunch we are to even have this opportunity. Thanks, Shannon!

  116. Wow! What a prize! This is Amazing! What a great end to BritWeek! Thank you! 🙂

  117. Hello, Shannon! Thank you for setting up this wonderful giveaway. I always look forward to reading your weekly newsletters and listening to your podcast episodes (they are as delightful as they are informative). Thank you for all that you do! 🙂

  118. Perfect way to celebrate staying at home and relaxing with High Tea!

  119. Hi Shannon, I have really enjoyed TSLL’s Annual British week! I have enjoyed your posts and have purchased the Beatrix Potter book you recommended! Thank you for sharing inspiration and ideas, your posts are a delight to read!

  120. Unfortunately … we need all the inspiration and imagination that we can absorb right now to get us through this unfortunate and trying time. For me …. that is with you. Take me away …..

  121. London is my favorite city…I would so love to win this!! Thank you for hosting!

  122. What a lovely hamper! I’ve not tried F&M. I’m a huge fan of Betty’s in Yorkshire. Your blog is inspiring!

  123. TSLL provides gentle reminders of the beauty that surrounds us daily, but only if we choose to see it and appreciate it. Thank you, you have given me a new lens to look at my life.

  124. I love tea and this gift will be a luxurious present. Thank you Shannon.

  125. What an exquisite selection of British goodies! I would absolutely love to receive this. Earl Grey tea takes me right back to being a little girl and having tea parties with my mom and grandmother. Earl Grey was always the tea of choice and I loved it! Started sipping tea when I was 3! Lovely week of posts, Shannon! Thank you for all you do! Congrats to however wins all these glorious giveaways!!!

  126. How wonderful it would be to open a Fortnum basket on one of those chilly rainy afternoons?

  127. Oh my goodness! What an amazing giveaway! I’ve always wanted one of their baskets! Thank you for all you do! I have loved British week!

  128. I had an amazing week reading all the posts on the blog. Thank you, Shannon!

  129. You have outdone yourself with this issue of This and That!! I’ve ordered several books and will be on the lookout for the movies. I’ve been binge reading WWII books lately so “The Last Vermeer” is really enticing to me. Well done, again!

  130. Wow loving the giveaways! This would be amazing to win! Thank you for doing the giveaway.

  131. Oh, what a nice give-away!! Love the turquoise color of the tins. Thank you very much.

  132. Now this is a truly luxurious gift!!
    Lived in London for two years but never made it to fortnum and mason sadly!
    Whoever wins will be very lucky indeed!!
    ( fingers crossed )

  133. I was recently introduced to your podcast and blog and I’m so happy I was!

  134. I love afternoon tea and to have a truly authentic one is a real treat!

  135. I am missing being able to visit London for day trips by train during lockdown so would love to win this to remind me of past visit and to look forward to future visits . I often pop in the shop when I visit to see the tea and coffee and their ladies beauty room is lovely to check out too.

  136. This would be just a perfect way to experience a trip to F&M without leaving North America. Please enter me in the draw for this very generous and simply luxurious hamper 🙂 Beautiful to give one of us such a brilliant treat. Thank you for your delightful posts which take me right back to London!

  137. Your podcast is a gift, a refreshing and worldly perspective. I wish for both my daughters a life as full and content as yours. The wisdom and insight you provide weekly feeds my sole,
    magically transporting me. Thank you for your vision and common sense.

  138. One of my favorite memories of my mom is of her drinking a cup of tea at 4:00 each afternoon on the back steps even on hot Texas afternoons. If I won this basket, I would take it to Texas once the assisted living residence she lives in lifts it’s restrictions and enjoy that cup of tea with her. She just turned 87 last week (and my birthday is today) and I haven’t seen her in 6 months. She’s the one who introduced me to TSLL blog many years ago when she was still using a computer.

  139. Dear Shannon,

    This is such a lovely gift! Thank you for going to all the trouble to make the F&M hamper available as your British Week “giveaway”. The entire F&M store, and especially the ground-floor food halls, is so beautiful – I could stay there all day browsing and sipping tea. Did you know that F&M sells products from Prince Charles’s Highgrove Estate, including honey. One of my favorite Christmas ornaments is a small eau de nil beehive from F&M last year. The preserves in your photograph look almost as scrumptious as your Mom’s!

  140. Hi Shannon,

    Absolutely love British week! Fortnum and Masons is wonderful. We enjoyed our visit to their wonderful store and tea salon last year. It would be so great to win the basket. Looking forward to another trip to England soon.

  141. To receive a hamper as a gift is always nice, but to have one from Fortnum & Mason is just brilliant! If I won one of these tea hampers, I would be overjoyed! Home tea party for 2, my son and myself in lockdown. I make the scones, then out into the garden!

  142. Diving back into old episodes of the podcast throughout the last couple of weeks has been like a soft reset. It’s also been a lovely reminder of why I set out to create a simple and luxurious lifestyle. Thanks for all you do ?

  143. Can not wait to return to London one day to shop at Fortnums again. Absolutely love that place. One of my favorite stores in the world.

  144. Hi Shannon, what a wonderful basket! Thank you for such opportunity. I love the British week 🙂

  145. Hi Shannon! It’s so lovely of you to offer such a wonderful basket of teas & goodies. As usual, your taste for all things British (and French) is impeccable. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a prize.

  146. This has been a great fun week this year, Shannon. Have enjoyed all of your British-themed posts and giveaways. This one would be a real treat to receive – my husband and I are consciously drinking less coffee and more tea – also we lost our picnic basket in our last move and were just saying yesterday that we need to get another one 🙂 Whoever gets this will know they have something special.
    Thanks again for a very enjoyable week

  147. Oh I would love to win this. My daughter and I often visit and have happy memories of having afternoon tea in the cafe.

  148. This is an amazing giveaway. Your blog is absolutely lovely. Very soothing to the soul. I’m so happy I’ve found you!

  149. I have just discovered your beautiful blog. The F&M hamper is lovely for a spring time afternoon tea. Such a great idea for a giveaway!

  150. Fingrs crossed, just need a nice riverside picnic spot to watch the world go by.

  151. What a beautiful giveaway! A great way to enjoy some tranquility in these times.

  152. So lovely, especially when we can’t physically travel to England right now!

  153. Oh wow what a prize, this would be so lovely to, I love having a catch up with my daughter over a cuppa (as you can tell I’m British!) and a cake and what better way than with this hamper, much love chanelle

  154. I am hoping for a trip to Fortnum & Mason next Spring with my daughter for her high school graduation, but this lovely hamper would Hold us until then!

  155. Shannon, I have enjoyed British Week! We went to London this time last year and while there, we were able to visit Fortnum and Mason! The store is amazing! It would be so wonderful to win the most generous prize! Thank you for adding so much joy with your blog and podcast!

  156. Hello Shannon,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway. I would love to win it !. It would remind me of this marvellous tearoom in the centre of London. I already went several times and I hope to go back someday.
    Many thanks too for all you do through your blog The Simply Luxurious Life. I love it so much.
    Best wishes.

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  169. I have Fortnum & Mason bookmarked but I’ve never been able to order from them — this is a great prize! Thanks!

  170. I have Fortnum & Mason bookmarked but I’ve never been able to order from them — this is a great prize! Thanks!

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  175. Hello Shannon The Fortnum and Mason hamper is like a Burberry Trench, immediately recognisable and timeless. When I spot one of the baskets in a magazine I imagine having one propped open and filled with Lavender! Very best wishes from England, Sue

  176. Baskeyremonds me of my Best memory from my 1981 trip to London, food hall at Harrods.

  177. Thank you for a wonderful British week! I really enjoyed it. It was nice to escape for a few minutes each day.
    This basket looks like such a treat!

  178. This looks amazing, Shannon! This takes me back to my time living in London – stopping by F & M was always such a special treat!

  179. I LOVE British week! I also love your blog and books I read your blog every morning with my coffee and feel as if I’m having a lovely un-rushed visit with a friend. Please keep writing:)

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    I have been an avid reader of the blog since maybe 2013 and love your books!

    I feel I am cheating entering given I live in Scotland but the weather is so windy what I would give to be cosied up with some Fortnum and Mason Tea.

    Sending love and light

    Anna x

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    Cheers to living a simply luxurious life ?

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  201. I was lucky enough to visit London this past February and truly enjoyed experiencing Fortnum & Mason. What a beautiful department store! I even brought back some of their Royal Blend tea which I continue to savor 🙂

  202. That hamper is sure to be an heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation. Can you imagine the memories taking it on picnics??

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    You’ve spoiled us this week, Shannon! I read the newsletter, listen to the podcast (they’re back…yippee!), & stop by the blog weekly and must admit the themed British & French weeks are truly a favorite. It’s clear how much work & care you put into them. Thank you!

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