Welcome to TSLL’s 2nd Annual British Week & the First Giveaway!
Sunday May 17, 2020

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Let’s travel to Britain this week, shall we?

After the roaring success and warm reception of last year’s inaugural event, I am so excited to bring it back and offer just as much British-inspired content for TSLL readers to enjoy.

As many of you already know, TSLL has held a French Week for the past four years (and it will continue this August – the second full week), and now TSLL’s British Week is another week not to miss if you are a fan of all things British.

I have viewed more British cosy mysteries during our recent time of confinement, watched Monty Don and crew in the BBC’s Gardeners’ World with studious attention more avidly than any other program as of late and explored my new found affection for gardening with great enjoyment all furthering the evidence that Britain has my affection.

Of course there is much more to Britain and the British culture than what I have shared above, but that is why I am certain there will be many more TSLL British Weeks to enjoy. We are only getting started, and started we shall with a giveaway to begin the week!

But quickly, for any new-comer to TSLL, what can you expect over the next seven days here on the blog?

  • Two British-inspired posts each day


  • Four giveaways
    • All products of Britain
    • Two open to all readers (including the one shared below in this post)
    • One exclusively for weekly newsletter subscribers
    • One exclusively for ad-free subscribers

Now to the first giveaway.

No, Norman is not the giveaway!! Silly, silly. 😉 Nor is that chair. I do adore it. How about a classic from Britain – a Brown Betty Teapot!

Since 1695, the Brown Betty teapot refers to the classic and trusted non-drip spout that is made of red Etruria Marl clay, sports a transparent or dark brown Rockingham glaze and a familiar portly body. By “1926 the Staffordshire pottery industry was making approximately half a million Brown Betty teapots per week. Despite this, surprisingly little is known about the object itself or its early history and design development. This affordable, utilitarian and unpretentious object has largely gone unnoticed, disappearing into the fabric of everyday life.” 

If you are a fan of British television, old and new, look closely in the background or at the details of the set. Likely, you will see a Brown Betty teapot being used. It was recently as I have been rewatching Madame Secretary starring Tea Leoni that I noticed even in this American series, a Brown Betty teapot was used. To say I didn’t offer a bit of a giddy grin upon its recognition would be a lie. 🙂

~Sizes, moving from the upperleft-hand corner movign clockwise: 4-cup, 1-cup, 6-cup, 2-cup~

In the twenty-first century, Brown Betty teapots are made by Cauldon Ceramics, and now offer a cobalt color as seen below with the one I welcomed into my daily routine as this year began. I have not looked back, and as soon as I found it to be truly a non-drip teapot, I was smitten and a devout fan.

Upon my “testing” and overwhelming approval (not that they need my approval) of the Brown Betty teapot, I knew I wanted to offer it as a giveaway during this year’s British Week. And now the time has arrived.

For one lucky TSLL reader, you have the opportunity to welcome into your home your own Brown Betty teapot. If you are the winner you will be able to choose from Brown or Cobalt and choose from the classic style in a 1,2,4, or 6 cup size. My teapot is a 4-cup teapot, and I regularly enjoy 2-3 cups each time without filling the teapot up entirely with hot water.

~my own Brown Betty teapot (in cobalt), 4-cup size, which is used frequently~


  • Open to all readers, international readers as well
  • Leave a comment on this post, including your color and size preference.
  • Enter by Saturday May 23 at noon (Pacific time).
  • Stop by Sunday May 24 to see if you are the lucky winner
    • If you do not email me to collect your giveaway by Tuesday May 26th, the prize will go to another lucky entrant.
  • For an extra entry:
    • I would like to invite you to share a captured moment of your own enjoyment of a cuppa and share on Instagram.
    • Simply tag @thesimplyluxuriouslife, and include in your caption “Sitting down to enjoy a cuppa and looking forward to TSLL’s Annual British Week #tsllbritishweek !”, and I will be sure to share on my IG stories as we enjoy this year’s annual British Week.
    • You are welcome to copy verbatim what I have quoted above or write your own text with the necessary tags (the tags will make sure I see your post and enter you into the giveaway).
  • Don’t want to wait? Buy your own teapot here from Cauldron Ceramics.

Have a look below at more images of my own Brown Betty in use. It has been quite busy. 🙂

~Every Sunday morning, my Brown Betty provides the hot tea.~

~Be sure to continue enjoying British Week with today’s second posting: 18 Ways to Enjoy a Good Cuppa

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242 thoughts on “Welcome to TSLL’s 2nd Annual British Week & the First Giveaway!

    1. So gorgeous! I would love a cobalt 4 cup one. Seems like the perfect size to share!

  1. What a lovely little pot!
    I would choose the 4 cup Cobalt color. Thank you for all the work and love you put into all you do. I have been enjoying your page for years! -Melissa

  2. Looking forward to British Week and I do love the Brown Betty. A 4 cup Cobalt would be a lovely addition to my collection.

  3. I love the history and tradition behind this teapot and would be so delighted to own one. I would love the brown, 4-cup.

  4. Lovely! They are all so nice, but the 1 cup in blue speaks to me! Looking forward to British week posts!

  5. I love tea and thats a wonderful teapot. I grew up having tea with my grandma so it would be amazing to have my own teapot. I would choose the cobalt 4 cup. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  6. How funny but I just started Deborah Crombie’s book A Bitter Feast and there is an illustration of a Brown Betty! I’d love a cobalt blue four cup. So looking forward to this week!

  7. Hi Shannon, I listen to The Simple Sophisticate pod cast in the morning while working at home now and I always drink a cup of tea during your show.
    I would love to win a 2 cup Cobalt color teapot.
    – Andrea

  8. Would adore the original Brown Betty (though in cobalt, 4 cup please!)…I am a true Anglophile!!??????

  9. Excited for what you have in store for this week. While your French posts are how I found your blog years ago, I love your British-inspired posts. The single cup cobalt blue would be my choice and if I won, I would take it to work as a reminder to take a mid-morning break for a cuppa.

  10. What a beautiful prize! A 2 cup in cobalt would be lovely. Thank you for creating this week.

  11. I love all things English as my grandfather came to the US from England when he was 5 years old. I believe I would like (love)the original brown in the 4 cup.

  12. Oooh! Tbis is so fun, Shannon! If I were to be so fortunate, I would love a 4-cup in cobalt!

  13. Dear Shannon,

    I have followed your beautiful blue teapot in your blogposts, especially the Sunday ones with the newspapers. I love your cobalt blue color, and would enjoy having the same one (blue, 4 cup) too.

    Thank you for all you are doing and for this lovely teapot opportunity.

    Best regards.

  14. Oh, yes! My darling husband knocked the entire end off the spout of my old Brown Betty on the kitchen faucet a few weeks ago & I have yet to replace it — we’re making do with a pretty pot my sister gave me a couple of years ago that dribbles like mad! I’d choose the 6-cup Cobalt one should I win, perfect for home & company.

  15. Looking forward to British week! Thank you for doing this again! Cobalt blue 4 cup.

  16. I am an avid tea drinker, every day at 2:30 is my tea time, and frequently as part of my bedtime routine. I had never heard about the Brown Betty before, thank you for teaching me something new tonight!! My tea pots always dribble, I had accepted this as normal, so a tea pot that doesn’t do this would be magical.
    4 cup cobalt would be my preference should I be chosen.

  17. Yay! I’ve been so looking forward to British Week. Should I win the teapot, I would choose a 4-cup in cobalt.

  18. Just this week I had to cancel my first trip to England/Scotland. Two glorious weeks with friends this July. I have a Brown Betty with cracks in it. I would love a blue 4 copper!

  19. Hi Shannon. I enjoy a cuppa in the evening. Would love the brown 4 cup. Thanks for sharing your curiosities with us all.

  20. Oh ? how lovely! The blue 2 cup one if I am lucky to win!
    (blue is my favourite colour & 1 cup is never enough!)

  21. Hello, thank you for such a nice giveaway. I would be happy to receive 6-cup Cobalt pot.

  22. Love these series!!! Also wanted you to know I’ve recommended your podcasts to my work team who are still confined to home. So many good and relevant thoughts are shared – thank you!

    Love a cuppa of my Earl Grey in a Brown Brown Betty!

  23. A prized centerpiece of most English kitchen tables, so beautiful, functional, and beloved.
    I love the traditional brown but OH how gorgeous the cobalt blue!!! 6 cups sounds perfect. I have the perfect cozy to keep the tea warm too.
    What a delightful prize to start off this exciting time!

  24. I am from England and so would love a cobalt 4 cup please. This would remind me of my father who loved his cup of tea. I really enjoy your posts.

  25. What a great first giveaway! I can’t wait to enjoy all of the posts of British week. As a a Brit who is a Francophile it seems somewhat indulgent to enjoy a week about my own Nation but I know your posts will be so enjoyable and interesting to read.
    Thanks Shannon!

    1. I realised I hadn’t specified – I’d choose the 4 cup pot in cobalt 🙂

  26. So looking forward to British Week! I’d definitely go for the six cup teapot in brown, and gift it to my boyfriend who’s from England (but lives here in the US). He’s been on the lookout for a new teapot for a while, but is particular about what he uses, and I know he would love this one! I’ve heard him mention a Brown Betty as a good option a few times, so I’d love to surprise him with one! (Plus it’s so classic.) He drinks a lot of tea, so it would definitely be put to very good use and loved very well. 🙂

    Thanks for putting in all the effort to make this British Week happen!

  27. I’ve really been looking forward to British week 🙂 I would love the cobalt 4-cup teapot.

  28. 4cups of Cobalt please! Would look beautiful in my yellow, blue, and white Italy inspired kitchen (lots of lemon decor)

  29. They are wonderful! In the last few months I’m re-watching the Poirot series and re-reading the books. And there’s something about it that just makes me want to drink my tea from a lovely romantic porcelain cup (I’m using my late grandma’s set) and eat some cookies. Having a teapot like this would make it even more enjoyable =) My favourite is blue, 4 cups.
    Thanks for all the inspiration and good vibes coming from your blog, podcast and books!

  30. Good morning Shannon Enjoying a cuppa, made in a pot with loose leaves, as I opened your post. Tea made in a cup with a bag just doesn’t taste the same. As you have often said, the ritual of waiting for the kettle to boil, warming the pot (essential) then waiting for the tea to brew makes the experience and enjoyment of a cuppa all the more special. With very best wishes, Sue

  31. Amazing…there’s nothing quite as good as a cup of hot tea! I’d love the cobalt 4 cup!

  32. Tea is the calming force! Twinings earl grey is our evening choice. Inspired by your posts always. Would love the 4 cup cobalt blue!

  33. I am listening to all of your podcasts, from the beginning. I listen while I cook, while I walk, while I clean! Love them.
    I am a tea drinker. In the mornings I have black tea, in the evenings I have herbal teas.

  34. I am a fan of English breakfast or Earl Grey, and the cobalt in 2 or 4 cup would be lovely.

  35. I love Brown Betty Tea pots! I would love 4 cup cobalt for my own. Earl Grey would’ve even better from it!

  36. Dear Shannon,

    Thank your for the giveaway. I have seen these teapots, but never quite knew what they were. Thank you for the education. I love the little blue two cup pot. It’s just me so, that would be just perfect.

    Warmly, Kathleen

  37. I’ve always admired the utilitarian nature of these teapots! I’d love the 6 cup in cobalt. So looking forward to British week! Thanks, Shannon!

  38. Such a wonderful way to start this exciting week! Cobalt, 4-cup, please!

  39. My husband and I have been drinking copious amounts of tea during quarantine! We’d love to share the cobalt 6 cup teapot.

  40. What a lovely way to begin the week! I would choose a beautiful cobalt blue 4 cup teapot. I’m so excited to begin this British week! Thanks, Shannon, for all the amazing content you bring!

  41. Thank you for the chance to win. My choice would be the blue, 4 cup just like dame Judi dench on my fav episode of “as time goes by’. Lol

  42. What a lovely giveaway….thank you! Cobalt, 6 cup would be perfect for our family of 5. Have a beautiful day Shannon.

  43. What a bang on way to commence TSLL British Week! Cobalt Blue in the 4-cup for me! 🙂

  44. While the blue is gorgeous, the brown would be my preference as it reminds me of my Nana’s kitchen! Her’s was always at the ready on its’ own trivet right beside the stove!

  45. Oh how lovely! Thank you for sharing the history of the Brown Betty Teapot. I would love to win one exactly like yours, 4 cup colbalt. Have a wonderful week!

  46. I had a 4 cup cobalt Brown Betty for years but it was broken in a recent move. Would love to replace it.

  47. They’re beautiful, too. I would choose a brown 6 cup — plenty to share when my family visits.

  48. The classic English teapot! I think the secret is that it makes the tea taste even better! I have three boys (14, 12 and 9) and have introduced them to the ritual of tea. It brings comfort during this especially unsettling time. I would love the 4 cup cobalt, what a gem! Thanks Shannon!

  49. I am so looking forward to all you share during the Brit Week. The cobalt blue 4 cup is perfect if I am lucky enough to be chosen.

  50. Your post brings back so many happy memories of our own Brown Betty and the important part it played in family life while growing up, back in the old country. Would love my own 4 cup cobalt blue one. Thanks!

  51. I am so happy to read the 2nd British week! As a big tea drinker, I would love to get the 4-cup version ?Take care and stay healthy!

  52. Love all of your posts, Shannon! My father is from Yorkshire and tea always reminds of visiting family there and sitting in many living rooms enjoying tea and biscuits. Would definitely adore a cobalt 4 cup teapot.

  53. I would love the 4 cup cobalt, please! We were stationed in England for five years and this would be lovely!

  54. Hi Shannon: I would love to win a Cobalt Blue teapot, 4 cup size, just like yours. Keeping fingers crossed, and looking forward to British Week.

  55. I was jealous of your cobalt teapot and would love one of my own! Four cup would be ideal.

  56. A 2 or 4 cup cobalt one would go smashingly with my Polish pottery mugs! Thanks for doing British week! So fun!

  57. Good morning, Shannon! Thank you for this lovely opportunity to travel to Britain this week, and I would adore the cobalt 4 cup if I am the lucky winner. 🙂

  58. Tea is one of my favorite things to have along with a little cookie. I usually have 2 to 3 cups a day. I have an evening cup with chamomile and lavender to soothe me to sleep and dream of England and other far away places I hope to visit.Shannon , your blogs are so inspiring and I look forward to them so much. I would love a cobalt 1 cup brown Betty teapot set.

  59. I am such a tea enthusiast, every morning I drink a pot of tea, it has been nice and relaxing during quarantine…I would love the cobalt 4 cup….thank you for this opportunity.

  60. Excited to see the return of British Week and pick up some nuggets of info from you and perhaps a dripless tea pot! Cobalt blue 4 cup would be lovely, thank you

  61. So happy it’s British week! I would love a 4 cup cobalt Betty!

  62. Ever since our first visit to the UK in 2017, my sister and I have switched from coffee to tea. We love the soothing ritual of it. I’d love the 4 cup cobalt!

  63. This is my favorite week on the blog! So looking forward to it, thank you so much! A cobalt 4-cup would fit in very nicely at my place. Three cheers for British Week!

  64. I love your blog and podcasts – and I read your books over and over again. Thank you for your quality content. I am rather new to tea, but am enjoying it immensely. I would enjoy a 4-cup blue cobalt.

  65. I would love to win the 4 cup in cobalt. Thanks for all your comforting words during this time. Reading your newsletter is like sitting down for a chat with a dear friend.

  66. Oh how I’d love a 4 cup cobalt tea pot! I am loving all the shows on Acorn, do you have Acorn? I love all the British shows!

  67. I have so been looking forward to British week. What a perfect start! I would love the 4cup in cobalt.

  68. Hello! Yes, Brutish cozy mysteries have been wonderful these past several weeks!
    Love this teapot & a Brown 4-cup would be perfect!!

  69. As always thank you for the wonderful giveaway!! My choice would be 4 cup Cobalt blue.

  70. I love British Week! And a teapot giveaway, so kind. If I was the lucky winner, I’d choose the 4 cup in Cobalt.

  71. If I can’t have Norman (Rats!) I’d like the Brown 4 cup. Thanks!

  72. Wow! I love drinking tea and wouldn’t it be lovely to be the lucky winner. Ready for British week! Thanks Shannon.

  73. I’ve been eyeing this teapot for months! Would love the cobalt 4 cup! Can’t wait to see what British Week has in store for us!

  74. Yay,Yay, it’s the British!

    Love, Love, Love!

    Especially the four cup Cobalt Brown Betty.

    Looking forward to all your posts this week.

    Yay! Yay!

  75. Have been eagerly looking forward to British Week! Cobalt and 4 cup for me, thanks!!

  76. Tea is something that my husband and I look forward to each morning. I would love the four cup cobalt. How wonderful to bring beauty to a calming ritual.

  77. I would have to trust your style and get the cobalt four cup! So beautiful. I love British week!

  78. Theese days lets celebrate all we know! With a cuppa or two. We have our national day today, (search photos on Google of 17. mai.) The children and future day! I love the cobolt 4 cup. We have nearby Blaafarveværket, today a museum but where they tok out this blue stone to make cabalt.
    To the King and people f Norway whereever you are: Hipp Hipp Hurra!

  79. Even though I’m an Emma Bridgewater (English) pottery fan, I would love the 4 cup brown Betty. Take a look at Emma’s wonderful cups, etc. to go with this teapot. Perfect for British week.

  80. Glad to see so many participants! Regardless of who deserves their own Brown Betty (because I believe whoever is the lucky winner – well, it was meant to be!), Shannon has gotten me hooked on afternoon tea with almonds, cheese, and fruit slices (whichever fruit is in season). Loving lavender & lemon by Celestial Seasonings these days. And of course, brewed by the pot and not by the cup!

  81. The cobalt blue, 4 cup is lovely. Tea makes everything better. Looking forward to the posts this week.

  82. Shannon,
    My first memory of searching for the perfect tea pot was in Victoria, Canada. I found an amazing 6 cup cobalt Brown Betty like pot. It was the late 80’s. It survives still today…many military moves later and the 2018 7.2 Alaskan earthquake.
    I’d love to have a 4 cup in cobalt.

  83. You are so kind! If I win, I would love the 4 cup cobalt. I hope I win!

    Thank You

  84. I would love the cobalt 2 cup teapot! It looks like it would make for very cozy days while we’re at home!

  85. Hello Shannon! I’m excited about British week! I would love the 4-cup cobalt blue! Thank you so much for all the inspiration on TSLL!

  86. I love seeing these pots in the shows I watch (I tend to watch mainly British TV). I love a brown Betty in a 4 cup size!

  87. The 2 cup cobalt would be perfect in my long awaited kitchen upgrade! Replacing’ 35 yr old melamine cabinets with A classic birch and a classic teapot would be a perfect, and well used) accent.

    Looking forward to this fun week Shannon!

  88. I would love the cobalt blue in 4 cups. Thanks for the incentive to comment. I have been meaning to. Thank you for keeping me feeling both cozy and invigorated about simple pleasures during these challenging times. I look forward to seeing your blog for a “pick me up”. x

    1. Biggest Anglophile ever here! I’d love love love a brown 4 cup! I drink sweet milky tea every morning and cover my pot with the cutest tea cozy!

  89. I have been looking forward to British Week! I think a blue one cup would be fun to enjoy at tea time.

  90. A cup Betty pot would be a perfect addition which I see has the potential to be my muse for a still life painting as well while enjoying a cup of tea!

  91. I’m thrilled to see so many comments from avid readers of your blog, so I can count on your uplifting posts for a long time to come. I came for the French posts, and like the British ones just as much. Truly your work on this blog has been a comfort in my life for the last year, more so now than ever. (I wanted to tell you this anyway, even apart from the giveaway, but if I win I would like the cobalt 4 cup.) Thank you, Shannon, and keep writing, you have dedicated fans!

  92. I would love the cobalt blue one cup, since I’m the only one in my house who drinks tea ? So cute, and such a fun giveaway!

  93. I’m new here and enjoying this blog immensely! I’m also an Anglophile and this is perfect timing. I love the cobalt blue, 4 cup.

  94. Why not join the RHS ? Now is a great time as Virtual Chelsea starts tomorrow . (The Chelsea flower show online this year) They also send a terrific magazine every month and there are lots more perks for members. Carry on gardening : – )

  95. I love this! It’s time to retire my tea kettle as it is beginning to rust and looks terrible. I love the cobalt 6-cup.

  96. I love all things Britain! The cobalt one cup is adorable. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  97. I have English heritage and I’m an avid tea drinker. I would love to serve my morning Earl Grey in the Cobalt 2 cup pot. Thank you Shannon!

  98. Hi Shannon,

    I would love the cobalt blue teapot in the 4 cup size too, it’s so simple and elegant! Just lovely.

    Thanks a mil.

  99. Hi Shannon! I love your podcast, you inspire me. I would love a 4 cup in cobalt.
    Have a simply luxurious week. ?

  100. Hi Shannon,

    I would love the cobalt in the 4 cup also. Such a classic, just like you!

  101. So excited for this week! I love your site and podcast!
    I would pick the Brown Betty teapot in cobalt, 4-cup size. ?

  102. What a lovely way to start the week! I would love the 4 cup, cobalt and will read while I enjoy my afternoon cuppa! Thank you!

  103. I love British Week! And would love the 4 cup in cobalt. Thank you for offering it.

  104. Just stumbled onto your blog due to British Week and I am really excited to see your posts! I love the four cup pot, now all you need are some Digestives! (The dark chocolate are my favorite!)

  105. Oh my, it’s wonderful to see so many readers participating! I would so enjoy the cobalt color 4 cup.

  106. I think a cobalt 4 cup would be darling. Your blog and podcast is always so lovely and a bright spot during this quarantine!

  107. Yay!!! British Week!! I’m excited to see what you’ve meticulously planned for us! I’d love a4cup cobalt Brown Betty.

  108. 4 Cup Cobalt for me!

    I’ve bad British week on my calendar for weeks and have been anxiously waiting your return after AP testing! I’ve missed new content on your podcast and an excited to have you back!

  109. Shannon, I look forward to this “trip” to all things English. Yes, to a 4 cup cobalt blue teapot. Thank you, Dallad

  110. I successfully made my first batch of croissants yesterday (ok, over the course of 2 days) thanks to TSLL Kitchen. ?Freezer full of croissants to enjoy, and would love a cobalt blue size 4 to help seal in my simple luxuries.

  111. Never knew about this particular little teapot! Lovely! Cobalt, 4 cup would be my choice.

  112. I purchased my Brown Betty after you had written about your Brown Betty purchase. I enjoyed reading the history of the tea pot. Every cup of tea from it is a moment in time and history while enjoying a lovely cup of tea in my mother’s bone China tea cup. The cobalt blue 4 cup would be a wonderful addition for my Sunday tea time.

  113. PLEASE with Honey on TOP!! 4cup Cobalt Tea POT……Love this week is here! ☕️???

    1. I love it when practical meets pretty! A brown 4 cup Brown Betty would make me smile!

  114. Perfect looking teapot. I would chose the cobalt 2 cup teapot if fortunate enough to win. Looking forward to British week. ☕️

  115. The 4-cup cobalt would be fantastic to bring a bit of British coziness to my afternoon routine of winding down in my favourite armchair with a book and a pot of tea!

  116. I’m excited for British week. My first trip to London this summer has been canceled. I’ve been watching BBC series during the stay at home order. It’s been fun to spot Brown Betty in them all. The cobalt 4 cup is lovely.

  117. Love British week! I would love to pour my tea from a four-cup, cobalt blue teapot. Thank you Shannon for such a lovely website and podcast.

  118. I grew up in England, Mum was British, and she always said there wasn’t any problem that couldn’t be solved with a good cup of tea. My fondest memories as a young adult are going to her house and her first words were always, “Hello, darling, I’ll put the kettle on.” I’d love to win the Brown 4-cup teapot.

  119. Hi Shannon, thank you so much for sharing where your gorgeous teapot is from. I’ve really enjoyed your posts about the bliss of simple delights such as savouring a lovely cup of tea. I just love the look of the cobalt blue colour and the 4 cup size would be just right for me ☺️

  120. Hello Shannon, I found your blog through your podcast (which I love listening to as I get ready in the morning). I’m excited for British week and would love to have a cobalt 4-cup teapot 🙂

  121. I’m fairly new to your blog and was immediately smitten. (And my husband is loving your recipes!)

    The cobalt blue Brown Betty teapot would be a welcome addition to my breakfast tray. Wish we could share a cuppa together.

  122. I know this was pre-planned, but British week is just what we need right now! I am excited to enjoy each part of it and spend some time thinking about all things Britain instead of all things Coronavirus! Thank you!!

    (Hoping to win a 4 c Cobalt! So pretty!!)

  123. They are such a classic teapot. I would love a four cup in cobalt after seeing yours.

  124. Hello Shannon
    Thank you for again bringing this wonderful week of British inspiration back! It is such a joy to read these posts (I enjoy all of them but these ones in particular).

    I would love to win the Cobalt 4 cup to use for my daily afternoon tea!

  125. The Cobalt 4-cup looks divine! Thanks for the terrific give-away, and for lots of inspiring posts to come throughout this week!

  126. I love the cobalt 4-cup! I also love how this is such a ubiquitous symbol of beauty in the everyday. Cheers!

  127. G’morning, Shannon,

    Lovely London-style weather in Seattle this morning. The 4-cup Cobalt would be ideal, although any size, any color would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for enabling us to travel to the English countryside together.

  128. Hi Shannon,

    As a fellow Anglophile, thank you so much for hosting an annual British Week! I would love the Cobalt 4 or 6 cup. My favorite tea is Darjeeling! Cheers!

    Chris Wilson

  129. Hi Shannon,
    Francophile, Anglophile, I go either way! In any country I do enjoy sitting down to a nice afternoon cuppa served appropriately in a lovely vessel! Cobalt 4 cup for me please 😉

  130. Thank you for doing the giveaway! Brown one cup would be my preference. Thanks!

  131. I loved learning about the Brown Betty. I have to say I do like the cobalt better though. A 4 cup would be lovely. I would like to share a cup with a friend.

  132. Thank you for this generous offer! I have been a devoted tea fan since our honeymoon in England 35 years ago, and enjoy tea every morning and afternoon. I have a lovely teapot from travels to Normandy, however, it is too delicate for daily use. I love the story behind these British pots, and really appreciate the dripless spout! I would be so grateful to receive the 4 cup Cobalt Betty!

  133. I am so happy I found your blog, Although we are so different, we are so much alike and I admire your commitment to bring contentment to life.
    I would love to sit on my porch in the high plains of eastern New Mexico to enjoy my tea. I am partial to the one cup pot in traditional brown.
    Thank you.

  134. Gorgeous giveaway! I am in love with The blue 1 cup pot to taste my tea in my Italian kitchen, hope to win!!!!?

  135. Yay British week! Cobalt 4 cup is my fave. Love seeing all the readers enjoy a cuppa on your stories. A true delight 🙂

  136. I absolutely LOVE these teapots! I would take the 2 cup in Cobalt. It would be a perfect companion for my daily afternoon tea.

  137. I have looked forward to this week since British Week ended last year! I was actually in London researching my new bio on Beatrix Potter right before the Corona-crazy happened. We were supposed to be in England for two weeks with plans to go to Cornwall and the Lake District, but my 78 yo mother (who was traveling with us) fell and broke her ankle on the third day we were there. We had to leave immediately to come back home for her to have surgery. However, we found out right after we landed that we would’ve had to leave anyway due to the travel shutdown just a few days later.

    It was very disappointing (and painful for my mom), but we had fun while we were there–and I got to do some research at the V&A Blythe House before everything fell apart. I am thankful my mom is doing better (although it’s been a long process/recovery) and that we made it home safely. But…I hope to go back when life gets back to normal!

    I would love the 4 cup in Cobalt. I think it would make me feel better. 😉 Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  138. Tea time would be sublime with a stunning 4-cup Cobalt Betty! Thank you, Shannon!

  139. I love all things British and timeless…I’m asking for an authentic English tea set for my birthday! I would love the cobalt blue 4 cup??

  140. Ohhh what a lovely way to enjoy daily tea! It’s the simple pleasures. I would love the original brown 4 cup as a perfect kitchen addition.

  141. Something new to further my tea obsession! How lovely…a cobalt in 2 cup would be perfect. Thanks for keeping our spirits and hopes up during this unprecedented time!

  142. Love your podcast! I’m a new fan and going through all the back episodes! The podcast has been a wonderful background while I paint all my white horse pasture fence. Big job this year and it is so much more enjoyable with TSLL coming out of the speaker on my phone. If picked I would appreciate the cobalt blue 2-cup teapot please.

  143. I’m so excited you are doing another British Week! I’ve been trying to add more tea into my routines and love enjoying a cup as I relax and read a book, so it would be fun to have a proper teapot! 🙂 I think my preference would be a brown 4-cup teapot.

  144. That teapot is lovely! I love enjoying tea in the afternoon when I take my break at work.
    The color Cobalt is my favorite and for 4 cups is perfect.

  145. I just discovered you this past year (end of 2019) and have so enjoyed your blog, videos, and now – British Week! Just reading the posts and looking at the lovely pictures brings a smile to my lips, a little bit of joy each day.
    The Cobalt 2-cup is best for me 🙂

  146. Love these teapots. I have a larger one and would love a cobalt 4 cup as sometimes my larger one is just too big.

  147. What a lovely teapot. I’d go for 4 cup, Cobalt were I the lucky winner.

  148. Thank you Shannon for repeating British week. Looking forward to it as was planning a visit this month but can’t for obvious reasons.Being British and living in France I was surprised how much I enjoyed last year’s offering. I am a teaholic and would like to replace my Brown Betty which in a mo.ent of madness I gave away a few years ago. If I were lucky enough I would like the cobalt 4 cup please. Thank you so much?

  149. Very much enjoying British week, thank you Shannon. The brown 4 cup Brown Betty would go perfectly with the tea cups my father passed down to me.

  150. I think the cobalt blue 4 cup is the perfect choice. I have a pretty little 1cup pot i bought at gatwick years ago i use for herbals and earl gray but most days i just dunk a bag of tetley in a china mug. It would be a treat to win this gift, for sure. Cant wait to see what else British week brings us!

  151. Hello Shannon,

    British and French weeks are my absolute favourites! And what a beautiful gift to kick off British week. I’d love to have tea from the 4 cup cobalt one. Wishing whoever wins this iconic teapot copious amounts of tea their way and plenty of enjoyment. Thank you for hosting such a formidable giveaway.


  152. Hi Shannon
    Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into TSLL! I go on my daily walks with my dog and sing along to the little jingle and work my way through your podcasts. Makes my walks all the more enjoyable!
    I adore Brown Betty’s and would love to own a dark brown 4 cup to enjoy a hot cup of tea after my walk??????

  153. Thank you for British week! I would enjoy the 6 cup Brown Betty Teapots in traditional brown.

  154. I’ve wanted a Brown Betty for years. I’d choose a cobalt two-cupper if I were to win.

  155. I love and collect teapots from all over the world. I would love to add the Cobalt 6 cup teapot to the family. Many thanks!

  156. I actually have a 2-cup brown Betty that is 20 years old, but has since chipped. I would love to have the cobalt 6-cup Betty. Thank you!

  157. All lovely teapots! I would love the four cup cobalt! Thank you for providing this opportunity.

  158. Thank you so much for doing this, Shannon! This giveaway (and British week) is a lovely way to lighten things up during the current pandemic. I hope you’re staying safe and well!

    Cobalt, 4 cup

  159. Love your posts! The 6 cup Cobalt would be perfect for teatime when my sisters visit!

  160. I would love the 4 cup, cobalt teapot! Looking forward to joining you with a cuppa and your podcast!

  161. I’d like the 4 cup cobalt like some I know with good taste 😉 I love decorating with blue too.

  162. Hello, Shannon. If I win, I would love the brown 4 cup. Thank you for all that you do! 🙂

  163. “I’m a little teapot
    Short and stout
    Here’s my handle
    Here’s my spout.
    When I see the teacups
    Hear me shout:
    ‘Tip me up
    And pour me out’”.
    Has to be an original Brown Betty 2 cup for me to go with the famous children’s rhyme!!
    Thanks for bringing this famous British teapot to a wider audience.

  164. Hello Shannon,
    Thank you for your giveaway. I absolutely love drinking tea, especially English tea, and my favorite brew would be wonderful in the Brown Betty teapot in cobalt (2-cup size).
    Best wishes

  165. Shannon, this teapot will transport me back a few years when my youngest daughter studied abroad in London. Her sister and I were lucky enough to travel with her to University and spend New Years Eve there, leaving her in January for 5 months. If won, I would give the teapot to her; I’m sure she’d love the COBALT BLUE 4 cup. She now lives in Brooklyn, NY and could use something to brighten her day! Thanks for all you do.❤️

  166. I love tea time! I have it every day around 3 pm! I add a bit of cream and sugar. Having a Brown tea pot that holds 4 cups would be perfect for afternoon tea. I hope to train my daughter up in this tradition. It’s beautiful!
    Thank you for this opportunity to learn more about taking breaks and slowing down the pace of life!
    !!Virtual Hugs))

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