Welcome to TSLL’s 5th Annual French Week & the First Giveaway!
Sunday August 9, 2020

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Welcome to French Week. A week many of readers along, with myself, have been eager to begin.

Do you have a glass of rosé handy? Perhaps a seasonal, simple French cuisine inspired meal at the tip of your tastebuds you cannot wait to try? I know I do. Regardless of the year, as you might imagine, French cuisine is always dancing about in my tastebuds’ dreams and as soon as summer arrives, rosé is my primary wine of choice.

Dreams of Provence immediately begin dancing about in my mind’s eye when I look at Inslee’s illustration above and with each sip of a French rosé wherever I might be in the world as I enjoy it. So while we might be enjoying our rosé outside of the terra firma of France, we certainly can raise a glass and toast santé wherever we might find ourselves this August.

To that end, I wanted to begin French Week with a giveaway that invites us to dine and enjoy ourselves with food and wine and wonderful friends and family. La Maison Jean-Vir is a home interiors company nestled into Saint-Pée-Sur-Nivelle which is in the SW corner of France near the Atlantic and in proximity to the border with Spain.

Founded in 1981, and while based in France, their designs are entirely inspired by the nearby Basque country while the linens are made in Portugal, a country known for its textile tradition. With a variety of different treatments available for their home and upholstery linens, each one provides long-lasting linen, thanks to anti-stain and water repellent treatments.

Maison Jean-Vier sells traditional cotton tablecloths, oilcloth and coated tablecloth in a vast assortment of different designs and brilliant colors. Personally, I am drawn to the myriad options of stripes (surprise, surprise! ;)).

One lucky reader will win one of their tablecloths, and good news – if you don’t want to wait to see if you will win the giveaway, they are currently having a sale. I highly recommend popping on over to their site and doing some shopping as they ship internationally.

~Pampelune Encre tablecloth~

But what would a beautiful tablecloth and the food prepared and presented upon it be without wine glasses? 😉

Included in this giveaway for one lucky reader (they will receive both one tablecloth AND . . . ) a pair of La Rochere bistrot (balloon) wine glasses. Le ballon “typique” des comptoirs de bistrot et cafés Parisiens.

~La Rochere Bistrot

Since 1475, more than 500 years ago, La Rochere has been making glassware in France, and their guiding premise spoke to me immediately as it aligned with living simply luxuriously beautifully:

“[La Rochere] does not consider daily life to be a meaningless notion, but rather filled with heritage, emotions and passion to accompany key occasions and small moments of happiness.”

You can shop all of La Rochere’s collections directly on their online shop or find them sold from many different businesses worldwide – Wayfair, Amazon, Macy’s, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

The TSLL winner of the giveaway will be able to choose their own tablecloth (1) that is lesser than 100 Euros in regular value/price and win a pair of La Rochere Bistrot wine glasses. All of the tablecloths seen above and below fall into this category, but there are many more, so be sure to peruse. Once you know which tablecloth you would prefer, leave your comment in the comment section on this post with the specific name and link to the direct page if possible.

And now to the giveaway.

How to Enter:

  • Leave a comment below including your first name (your email should already be associated with your comment, and I can view it on my dashboard, but it won’t be shared publicly).
  • In your comment, share which tablecloth you would prefer that is less than 100 Euros in regular value/price. Shop/Peruse the website here.
  • Enter by Saturday August 15th at 8pm Pacific Time.
  • Bonne chance!

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~Donibane Fraise tablecloth~
~Bilbatu Ramages Mangue~
~Ustaritz Vert Pin Green~
~Espelette Argile tablecloth~

Having an assortment of linen or cotton tablecloths is a simple luxury to have in the home. Based on the season, the occasion, our mood, dressing the table – small or large – with a tablecloth that elevates your mood and the meal is a great idea.

Be sure to stop by later today as each day this week, two posts/episodes will be shared and four more giveaways will be announced as the week unfolds (one will be exclusively for ad-free subscribers and one will be exclusively for monthly newsletter subscribers).

An additional post from the Archives to help you settle in to celebrating all things French – 25 Reasons You Might Be A Francophile

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Until your next visit back to the blog, à la prochaine!

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225 thoughts on “Welcome to TSLL’s 5th Annual French Week & the First Giveaway!

  1. I’m so happy it’s French Week! I love the table linens in France and on my last visit I came home with cloth napkins. The Ustaritz Terracotta tablecloth is beautiful. Looking forward to all your posts this week.

  2. French week! I’m so excited! Looking forward to a great week of content, thanks Shannon! If I were to win, I love the Ascain Gris tablecloth. So beautiful!

  3. So excited for French week! I can just envision the cheery yellow of the 4S Ramages Mangue tablecloth on my patio table outside, our favorite spot for family supper these quarantine days. Thank you for bringing so much joy with each post!
    Can’t wait for the next season of the podcast to begin! ?

  4. Love your content.
    Love all the cloths. Signed up for their Instagram. Oilcloth is a fave. But those striped ones and colors awesome.

  5. What an amazing start to French week!!! Thank you. If I’m that lucky I really Like Bilbatu Hortensias Reglisse 170×170. The floral pattern is So pretty.

  6. Sounds so wonderful! We can all live vicariously fir now, until we can visit our home away from home: France. I live the cheery yellow of Mangue! Looking forward to joining you this week. Daughter taught in France for two years !!

  7. Pampelune Bleu Encre or Donibane Ocean tablecloth 🙂 I love the shades of blue. Happy French Week! Thanks!

  8. Dreaming of France, my heart is in the South of France

    Pampelune Encre tablecloth~ s’il vous plait

    Merci beaucoup

  9. France pulls me in ❤️ I absolutely love the St. Jean de Luz Blanc tablecloth and omg those wine glasses are just lovely.Merci beaucoup Shannon

  10. Another lovely giveaway. Thank you for having this. I really like the Ustaritz Vert Pin Green table cloth.

  11. Shannon, I love the Ainhoa Gold Tablecloth. It is the perfect colors for my kitchen. I am in anticipation of French week and it has started with a bang! Thank you for the opportunity.

  12. SO excited for French Week! I would choose Berrain Fusain as it would go with just about everything.

  13. French Week! ???????????? I would love the black Bilbatu Hortensias Reglisse. I own both sets of black and white dishes. Thank you for your creativity & passion in producing this event! ?❤️

  14. Bonjour Shannon, I have recently discovered your blog and podcast and love them! I am a French expat (Paris) and live in the UK (North West). I love the Pamplune bleu encre tablecloth (so much like the one my grandma had when I was little) https://www.jean-vier.com/en/nappe/2237-tablecoth-pampelune-bleu-encre.html or the donibane pepper https://www.jean-vier.com/en/nappe/1928-donibane-nappe-donibane-poivre.html. Looking forward to more French inspired living!

  15. Thank you for French Week 2020! I’m so excited to read all Your entries this week. J’adore Donibain Ocean tablecloth. It reminds of the French Riviera! Tu es tres magnifique! Merci boucoup!

  16. Hooray for French Week and what a terrific introduction to this year’s series by introducing us to a wonderful French manufacturer. If I were to win, I would select the St. Jean de Luz Blanc. I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  17. Hi Shannon! So excited for another French Week. I’ve been following since the first year. I love the Ustaritz Vert Pin Green tablecloth.
    Many thanks for this chance, what a perfect giveaway idea with the glasses. Merci

  18. Donibane Frasie is lovely and what a wonderful giveaway to the start of your French Week

  19. Pampelune Bleu encre is my fave. Thank you for something exciting to look forward to amidst the troubles of the world

  20. So looking forward to our virtual trip to France with you this week Shannon. I so look forward to this every year!! I love the wine glasses!

  21. Bonjour mon ami!

    I’ve been looking forward to French Week since you announced it on your blog! The Pampelune Bleu Encre tablecloth is that perfect blend of casual everyday and a hint of “this is something special”. And the wine glasses? Perfection!!!

    Thank you for another virtual taste of France.


  22. Happy French week!! In preparation, I’ve been re-listening to many of the prior Francophile inspired podcast episodes! I would love the Espelette Argile table cloth!

  23. Off to a fabulous start for French Week! Looking forward to it.

    I’d like to enter for the giveaway as well, and I’d choose the Bilbatu Ramages Mangue (the yellow one) 🙂

  24. Shannon – Thank you for all that you do! Your impeccable taste and attention to detail is inspiring ? I love all of the tablecloths but 4S Ramages Mangue is my absolute favorite ? I can already imagine the 4S Ramages Mangue tablecloth with a beautiful vase of handpicked flowers and a lovely carafe of rose wine ? on top. Laura

  25. Hello Shannon,
    I love French Week and have been eagerly waiting for it to arrive.
    The linens are lovely. I particularly like Ainhoa Reglisse.

  26. Good afternoon Shannon, lovely start to French week. My favourites are the yellow Ramages Mangue or the blue Bilbao Vagues cloths, beautiful Provençal colours.
    Best wishes, Sue.

  27. Thanks as always for you inspiration!!!! I am looking forward to this fun week! My favorite would be the Ustaritz terracotta tablecloth. I like the versatility.

    Best, Laura

  28. Hooray for French week!! I love, love, love this week and all of the beautiful content you provide! I would be thrilled to win the St Jean de Luz Blanc tablecloth.

  29. Excited to experience French week with you! Did I miss the notice of fee to subscribe? I know it was in the survey, but were there more details shared after? Please advise.
    And about those linens, the idea of oilcloth interests me, my grandma had oilcloth table cloths and I am curious about the new generation of that antique. And the French blue is always my favorite.

  30. You are so sweet to giveaway something so gorgeous. These are beautiful and perfect time as our house is almost finished being built. I love your blog and have your books on order too!

    They’re all beautiful but if I had a choice it would be the Espelette Argile tablecloth.

  31. I am so excited about French Week and the opportunity it gives for a relaxing cyber vacation before heading back to the classroom next week! I love the look Of the TerraCotta tablecloth and warm, summery feeling I get from looking at it. Thanks, Shannon, for this week long welcomed retreat!

  32. Hello Shannon! I have enjoyed reading your French week posts these past years. I love the Ustaritz Terracotta tablecloth thank you for the chance to enjoy this textile in my home.

    Carrie P.

  33. How beautiful! I would love the Donibane Fraise pattern. I appreciate the chance to participate.

  34. Hello! Thank you for this opportunity! I was drawn to the Ustaritz Terracotta cloth and can see it on my farmhouse table! Lovely!

  35. Hi Shannon!
    J’adore the white table cloth… burraine fusane!
    Love having your posts and podcasts to look forward to each week…

  36. In times like these when we cannot travel, your blog is such a wonderful way to escape. I love the Pampeleune Encre Bleu tablecloth!!

  37. What a great find! I love the high contrast floral Bilbatu Hortensias Reglisse tablecloth. Dark florals are always so glamorous!

  38. Happy Annual French Week! I have been looking forward to this week (and also the reveal of your new range) for quite some time! The table cloths are divine and it’s hard to choose just one so I will mention two: Bilbatu vagues Bleu or the Pampelune Bleu encre. Merci!

  39. Shannon, I love the sunny, calming, beauty of 4s ramages mangue. I was drawn to it immediately.

  40. Hi Shannon,
    Happy French Week! Fell upon your blog and posts about a couple months ago, thanks for sharing your tsll it is inspiring!
    The table cloths are all beautiful but my favorite is Ustaritz Terracotta. The wine glasses are also lovely.

  41. There is nothing better than a striped tablecloth to form the base of a lovely dinner to be had. Love the Ustaritz Terracotta. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  42. Hi Shannon, I look forward to French week and your content each year! No travels this summer to France but perhaps we can surround ourselves with the ambiance of France in our own backyards. I love French blue and the Bilbatu vagues bleu tablecloth is lovely! Merci!

  43. Such beautiful linens! Thank you for the delightful giveaway. I love the Donibane Poivre!

  44. I think that the Tablecloth Blue Bilbatu vagues Bleu is perfect. It is such a beauty. It is calming and beautiful at the same time.

  45. Thanks for another Lovell post about my native Country. I would love the Ustaritz design

  46. Hello Shannon….oh JOY!!! I so look forward to your French Week…I am smiling from ear to ear. ? Love your generous give-aways. Thank you! The coated tablecloth in blue: Saial Flots Bleu, would be perfect for hosting a summer dinner for my family…which includes 6 nieces and nephews ages nine and under (hence the coated tablecloth?)
    Can’t wait to see what new French finds there are to discover.

  47. The Ustaritz teal and orange stripe reminds me of summer. Teal beaches with orange tangerines ?

  48. I am French Canadienne since 1628 and my ancestry is 3/4 French & 1/4 Basque (a surprise). I love the gold stripe. It reminds me of sun shine and sailboats. Diane

  49. Beautiful start to French week! I can just imagine sipping wine from the glasses! My favorite tablecloth is the “Tablecloth Yellow 4S Ramages Mangue.” Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. The beautiful Jean-Vier tablecloth St Jean de Luz Blanc is my heart’s desire to freshen up my dining table since we are eating at home way more often. I love to entertain and could definitely use a beautiful new tablecloth to add a little much needed joie’!
    Thank you!

  51. French week is awesome. The giveaway is a plus. I like the 4SW Ramages Mangue tablecloth. The wine glasses are elegant. Would be a nice ray of sunshine in these troubled times.

  52. The Ascain Indigo tablecloth is gorgeous and would transport me to the French countryside. Since travel to France is out of the question right now, I need to re-create it in my backyard. Always enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for French Week!

  53. French week, alors! I the
    ~Ustaritz Vert Pin Green tablecloth~ 🙂 Having croissants to kick off this week! Thank you for all your hard work.

  54. A great start to another French week – I look forward all year long! I really love the 4s Ramages Mangue tablecloth – perfect for fall evenings at home.

    All the best Shannon! Christina

  55. So excited for this week and all the content to come!! Would love the 4S Ramages Mangue, such a bright way to liven up a dreary day. Thank you! Kristin

  56. Wow, these are gorgeous! I would love a Donibane Fraise, it is beautiful! I am so excited to see what french week is all about! Thanks for all you do!

  57. Hi Shannon! Thank you for another wonderful French week! Look so forward to this week and now the British week every year. Would love the Pampelune Bleu encre tablecloth.


  58. Salut Shannon,
    You’ve already transported me to la belle France.
    I absolutely love the espelette argile cloth.
    So glad for the chance,

  59. Hooray for French week! ??❤️ My partner and I both like the St. Jean de Luz Blanc tablecloth. The 180×180 size would work best for our table.

  60. Bonjour, Shannon,

    Your generosity exceeds once again! What lovely tablecloths. It would be wonderful to have the ‘Ascain Blue’ indigo tablecloth in 170 x 170 (cm) for my little space. Especially as my husband is of Portuguese heritage!


  61. Oh! How beautiful all the linens are…my favorite is Saial Flots Bleu. I missed my annual trip to Maine, so a little bit of ocean colors would be wonderful.


  62. I love the colors of Saial Flots Bleu and 160 X 160 will keep it at 99 euros.
    What a wonderful giveaway!
    Thank you,

  63. I’m so happy it’s French week! I always enjoy your recommendations. My favorite is the St. Jean de Luz Blanc. All of my best! Deborah.

  64. So excited for French week! I love the simplicity of the Berrain Fusain white tablecloth and the wine glasses are so elegant. Can’t wait to see what is coming up this week.

  65. Let’s hear it for French week. I’m in love with the 4S Ramages Mangue tablecloth. My color du jour. Fingers crossed!

    Would love to listen to the French playlists. Maybe I need to check into Spotify. You always inspire me to try new things.

    1. My first TSLL French Week! I so enjoy all your posts and feel myself relax as I read along and discover the wonderful things you write. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

      I would live the Berrain Fusain tablecloth!

  66. Shannon! What a generous treat to kick-off the special week. I choose the Ustaritz Vert Pin Green Tablecloth – all of these colors go beautifully with my decor! Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  67. So excited French Week is finally here. I am obsessed with the 4S Ramages Mangue Tablecloth -Yellow. This tablecloth would elevate my dining room table with year round cheer.

  68. Love the black and white stripe. It would go so well with some black and ratan place settings I just purchased.

    A new Netflix French show to share “Call My Agent” a must see been binging all weekend…love it

  69. What a wonderful give away! It brings me very sweet memories as my grandmother was from a town close to Saint Jean de Luz. I love the Ainhoa Atlantique, 180x180m. Thanks!

  70. Hi Shannon, it’s French Week! Yay! I would love the Tablecloth Brown
    Espelette Argile. Thank you! — Suzi

  71. Hi Shannon,
    What a lovely giveaway!
    The purple tablecloth would be my choice. It’s rich and beautiful.
    Thank you for the always lovely work.

  72. So excited for French week!! And, so excited to know about this brand. Thanks, Shannon! My favorite is the Pampelune Blue encre. Looking forward to the posts this week!

  73. What a great start to my favorite week. I like the pampelune encre. ?? can’t wait for the rest of the week ❤️

  74. I am loving both the Bibatu Agues Bleu as well as the St. Jean de Luz Blanc. Thank you for alerting me to this neat company, I loved perusing their site and bookmarked it!

  75. Awww French week at TSLL. So excited for this time of the year, dreaming to the day I can get back to France for summer holiday. I was born and raised in Spain ?? I know exactly the patterns in the tablecloths that you are talking about. I can see having dinner, setting the Tablecloth Black Ainhoa Reglisse. Enjoying a nice chilling glass of wine, having the most intellectual
    Conversation with friends. I still can dream …
    Je suppose que c’est la vie pour l’instant


  76. Oui!!! It’s French week!
    I love the Ustaritz tablecloth especially.
    Merci beaucoup ?

  77. Sooo excited for French Week! I believe it was your blogging and podcasts on France that led me to find you in the first place! ? I love so many of them but the Espelette Argile would be exceptionally pretty! Thanks so much for our virtual trip to France!


  78. Hi! Denise from Ontario, Canada. Hope I still qualify! Would love the Ustaritz Terracotta table cloth!

  79. Thank you for bringing French week to all of us. It’s so much fun and inspiring.
    My favorite table cloth is the St Jean de Liz Blanc.

  80. Most excited about French week! Thank you for continuing to introduce me to beautiful brands and ways of doing that enhance my everyday. The Bilbatu vagues Bleu tablecloth is beautiful!

  81. Shannon – I cannot thank you enough for your quality advice and recommendations. I love the 4S Ramages Mangue tablecloth. I have a set of 12 LaRochere bee goblets and love them. I’m sure the wine glasses you are offering are just as lovely. Thank you for your generosity!

  82. Such beautiful giveaways for the start of French Week! I particularly love 4S Ramages Mangue.
    Merci. Sabine

  83. Hello, looking forward to the week to come!

    Table cloth – Ascain Indigo

    – Stefany

  84. There is something so classic about the Pampelune. I love the look of a French table, not as formal and with an ease that’s deceptively hard to emulate.

  85. Bonjour, Shannon! You do the best give aways. These tablecloths are beautiful and when I look at my favorite — the golden 4S Ramages Mangue — I think how perfect it would look in our kitchen, especially on a typical cool, foggy Pacific NW morning when I crave some sunshine. I’m looking forward to this week so much — it’s been a long & wearying summer so far & I think we all need & deserve a touch of France to cheer us up. Thank you!

  86. Hi Shannon,
    I have bought and read so many of your book recommendations. You are truly a great source for books, clothing, recipes and anything French! Thank you for all the hard work that goes into each blog, podcast and Vodcast – I so enjoy it all. Yay – and now French week – trop amusant!

    I would love the Donibane Ocean tablecloth if my name is picked.


  87. Hello!
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful blog that focuses on the importance of living our best lives while enjoying the simple things in life.
    I look forward to all of your insight and I love the Iruna Soleil table linen. It makes me smile.
    Have a wonderful week.

  88. So excited for French Week – I think it is my favorite! Would absolutely love a Ustaritz Terracotta tablecloth to go with my terracotta kitchen floor! Thank you as always 🙂

  89. So very excited for french week! Wow such beautiful linens. I absolutely love the brilliant Ramages Mangue. Such a gorgeous mango color! Looking forward to all you have in store for the week!


  90. Yay! Love French week. I like the very classic St. Jean de luz Blanc tablecloth. As always, you are the best Shannon.

  91. Merci for transporting me back to France! I know the Ainhoa Reglisse table linen would set the stage for a delightful garden event.

  92. Sumbilla Multicolor is perfect for my back yard. It’s a casual spot that expresses my personality (there’s a Buddha meditating, and also a happy hedgehog to greet you). Thank you for giving us this opportunity to both discover a new vendor and perhaps win a lovely prize. As if the blog wasn’t prize enough…..

  93. BONJOUR!! I am so excited for French Week….exactly what my life needs right now. To celebrate the french week, I finally treated myself to a year subscription with no ads! I am officially after many years, both books and endless podcasts….a member of the blog! After exploring the beautiful linens, I have finally settled on St. Jean De Lux Blanc…..simple and traditional. However, I can’t lie that my eye appreciates Espelette Editeur— takes me to an umbrella at the seaside! I look forward to the week ahead! Merci Beaucoup!

  94. Hi Shannon. I have recently discovered your page and really enjoy everything that you share with your readers. i have never been to France but hope that one day i will have the chance to visit. i love the wine glasses and love the Ustaritz Vert Pin Green. the colors bring to mind happy thoughts and a sense of calmness.

  95. These are so beautiful! The Berrain Fusain is calling my name. Thank you for sharing this brand!

  96. Happy French Week! You always have the most beautiful items in your giveaways!
    Thank you for your generosity and for sharing these products and ideas!
    The Saial Flots Blue tablecloth is simply gorgeous!

  97. I am so happy to be part of the 5th annual French week! My favourite is St Jean de Luz Blanc.

  98. Shannon,
    Thank you for offering such a wonderful giveaway. Your posts have been very inspiring on how to bring elegance into my home, however simple it may be. The Donibane Ocean tablecloth is very pretty.

    Thank you.

  99. Oh these look so classic and French. I hope to travel to Portugal in the next few years and had no idea they were known for their textiles. Thanks for sharing such good info!

  100. Hi Shannon,
    I travelled to basque country last year! The Ustaritz Vert table cloth reminds me of some of the colors I saw there. Such a beautiful place! I love French Week!!! ⚜️ ??

  101. Hi Shannon, this is Karen. Oh, French Week! I love the table linen Bilbatu Vagues Bleu. I can see my table setting now with my wines glasses filled with a wonderful wine from Provence.

  102. French Week! What a respite during this crazy time. Thank you, Shannon, for helping to keep our minds off of some of the misery in the world.
    I’m so excited about this giveaway as I purchased the last and only tea towel several years ago in a local shop that matches the St Jean de Luz Blanc 180 x 180 cm tablecloth! https://www.jean-vier.com/en/nappe/253-st-jean-de-luz-nappe-st-jean-de-luz-blanc.html This is just what I have been looking for. Fingers crossed!

  103. Hi Shannon! So thrilled my first french week. I do not have any tablecloths, and this giveaway makes me realize I’m missing out. My dining table would love the Espellette Argile Brown tablecloth. Cheers, and thanks for all you do! – Adel

  104. Bonjour, Lauren here! I love the Tablecloth Brown – Espelette Argile. Joyeux French Week!

  105. Whete did the time go?Another French week and such a lovely giveaway Shannon. A fine crisp tablecloth sets the tone for something delightful whether it is just an apéritif with canapés or a full blown meal of several courses. If I were lucky enough I would choose the Ustaritz terracotta as it would match a terracotta wall in my kitchen. Thank you for such a generous offer?

  106. I am delighted that French Week is again upon us! A lovely giveaway, I particularly like Tablecloth Ainhoa Atlantic! Perfect for Florida, where I live.

  107. Hello!
    What a beautiful and generous giveaway! Thank you for this week’s posts, Shannon; they have been much anticipated all summer! French Week is decidedly one of the best weeks of the summer and a wonderful antidote to the slight sadness comes with August and the realization that summer is soon coming to a close.
    I love the 45 Ramages Mangue (yellow) tablecloth. It reminds me of Provence and long and leisurely lunches on the terrace. 🙂


  108. Wow what a great tablecloth! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fabulous item! I don’t know why but I did not know that there was an add free subscription to your blog. Humm something to think about this week.
    I think if I won the tablecloth I would choose would be the White Berrain Fusain. It is a nice understated color but elegant.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  109. Enjoying French Week so much this year – even more than usual probably because of being quarantined for so very long. A week to read and spend dreaming of being somewhere else 🙂 Your giveaways are always special and I like the tablecloth St Jean de Luz Blanc. The glasses are also beautiful.
    Thanks for such a cheerful week

  110. I love your blog and have just subscribed. I have bought a number of things you recommend and having both a French and British focus during the year is an absolute bonus. Also coincidentally I visited Bend last year as a result of my husbands commitments which was one of my favorite trips. If I were lucky enough to win, I would be very grateful for the Bilbatu Hortensias Reglisse (Black and White Hydrangea) tablecoth.

  111. Meals just seem extra special when you are surrounded by a lovely table setting, thanks for reminding us of these little luxuries!

  112. Bonjour! I’ve been looking forward to French week ? The Tablecloth Red Ustaritz Terracotta is beautiful.

  113. Waking up this am in rural France (living here for almost 3 years after being in Bend for over 30 years) it’s perfect weather to put on my 100 Stars robe (I love it!!). My choice of a table cloth would be Tablecloth Red
    Pampelune Tapas
    and even if I were to win, I plan to buy from the company. Thank you for turning all of us on to such wonderful things, especially right now when we can’t go shopping much. Merci.

  114. Bonjour- J’aime beaucoup le Coated tablecloth in
    Sumbilla MULTICOLOR! C’est très jolie! ?


  115. Hello Shannon,

    This giveaway is so much fun and a real treat! The yellow 4s Ramages Mangue ( 170×250) would be perfect for my kitchen.

    Thanks for the opportunity! ?

  116. I am so enjoying French Week! Ustaritz Vert pin would be my choice. Thanks, Sharon

  117. COU COU!
    The French week post spoke to my heart and is setting the tone of fond memories for my day. I studied in Versailles and Evian for 6 weeks. It definitely was the best gift my parents gave me for a lifetime. I have been a dedicated Francophile ever since and went on to study and teach French. The Espelette Paon would complement my freshly stained deck but most of all it would put me in a state of reverie. We had the good fortune to stay a week near Isle sur Sorgue in 2007. This tablecloth would help me relive those precious dining moments, especially during this dire time. MERCI Millefois! Joann

  118. Hi Shannon, I just discovered your podcasts this year, and have devoured all starting from the beginning! I am currently up to date. Thank you for your inspiring posts! Reading your second book currently. I love the Espelette Argile tablecloth.

  119. Hello Shannon.
    The “Tablecloth Green-Ustaritz Vert pin” is my favorite.
    I’m really enjoing this french week. Can’t wait to travel to France for the first time.

  120. Dear Shannon,
    Thank you so much for French week and for this fabulous giveaway. It is so hard to select one pattern as the designs are all lovely, but, if I won, I would choose St Jean de Luz blanc.
    Merci beaucoup!
    Best wishes,

  121. Having spent the last 7 Septembers in Provence, I am sad not to be going this September. However, I am trying to focus on my gratitude for the last 7 Septembers there and French Week is certainly helping me do just that. Thank you, Shannon!
    After perusing the website, I have fallen for all things “Bilbatu vagues bleu!”

  122. Bonjour! The Black and White Pampelune Encre definitely speaks to me and will be perfect for my dinner parties. Thank you for French Week. I really do live and breathe everything French. I look forward to your newsletter each week, which always makes me feel so good. Merci.

  123. I love the simplicity of the St Jean de Luz Blanc tablecloth. Merci for the opportunity! Cheers, Allison

  124. Bonjour! It’s been such a busy week for me getting ready to teach in a whole new way… so happy for French Week to bring me some joy and relief!
    The Bilbatu Hortensias Reglisse is lovely to me.
    Have a good school year and stay safe,

  125. Hi Shannon, I’d love to celebrate a French meal with friends with a table set with the lovely Rampages Mangue print table linen! Oh La La! Merci!

  126. Beautiful and well curated selection of articles. I loved the St Jean de Luz Blanc tablecloth. Perfect for every ocassion.

  127. I’m so happy for French week! In the midst of so much chaos and not being able to travel, it’s like a breath of fresh air. I am so thankful you are bringing a little bit of France to us! I would love the Ustaritz Terracotta tablecloth to freshen up my dining room table. Looking forward to learning more about French week! 🙂

  128. French Week is a treat in itself, so this giveaway is icing on the cake. There’s such grace to a meal when it’s presented upon a simply elegant tablecloth. I can envision one on the St. Jean de Luz Blanc along with my husband and I enjoying our wine in the La Rochere Bistrot set. Merci beaucoup for this unique opportunity.

  129. Oh my! what beautiful linens. My choice would be Bilbatu Vagues Bleu. Thank you so much for this chance to own one.

  130. I would love to gift my mom the Tablecloth Black with the hydrangea pattern (Bilbatu Hortensias Reglisse, €89.00). Not only is her last name Flores (which means flowers in Spanish), but she’s planning on finally purchasing a new home at the end of this year, which she richly deserves after sacrificing so much during our childhood years. I’d love to see this cloth on a brand new dining table that we can all gather around.

  131. My favorite is Bilbatu Ramages Mangu. Such a cheerful cloth. Than you Shannon for this fantastic giveaway.

  132. What beautiful linens! I would choose the cheery yellow table cloth (Bilbatu Ramages Mangue) as it reminds me of my mom.

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