10 Decor Tips from Chrissie Rucker’s For the Love of White decor book
Thursday May 14, 2020

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Fresh, restorative and welcoming.

I am drawn to lighter, calmer spaces that offer subtle touches of signature style. Often welcoming varying shades of white, ivory and cream, it is in the differing textures – fabrics, woods, hard surfaces – that create deeply tranquil rooms and vignettes immediately and upon closer inspection, an understanding of all the thoughtful detail and design.

The founder of the British home and clothing brand The White Company, Chrissie Rucker’s new book For the Love of White: The White and Neutral Home was a treat for the eyes as I perused through its many pages this winter.

Blankets of white room decor and detailed inspiration for anyone who dreams of lightening their space with a bit or a lot more white and neutral aesthetics.

“It struck me that white in the home is like the perfect little black dress. It’s simple yet effortlessly stylish, modern yet classic.” It also has a magical, calming, spa-like quality — it just works.” —Chrissie Rucker

She certainly makes a convincing argument for reconsidering incorporating more white and lighter hues into the home. Admittedly, I am already a convert as my previously owned home’s master bedroom was painted entirely white with white linens and window treatments, my dining chairs are upholstered in white linen and as I finally begin to redecorate my new kitchen, I will be painting the cabinets a shade of cool winter white. So perhaps this book only solidified further why I love this color palette, but it certainly did a smashing good job.

Throughout the pages, Rucker also dispenses style tips paired with images from her own homes (yes, she has multiple and white is not surprisingly her go-to color choice), as well as homes and havens of other designers, architects and creative thinkers. From locales near the sea, in the country, and in the city, readers will find ample inspiration for wherever they call home geographically.

But first the 10 Decor Tips to Note and Apply in our own Sanctuary:

  1. Keep the floral details simple with a single sprig of greenery picked from the garden as a single stem to place in a vase in the kitchen. When placed against a neutral backdrop, the greenery will pop with beauty.
  2. Combine old and new kitchen tools and decor – mix metals and woods, different finishes too as they all add depth and texture to the neutral space.
  3. Add texture in your white linens with antique lace detail or embroidery.
  4. Add simple touches to the bathroom such as tea lights, a green sprig of eucalyptus and bath salts to create simple decoration and spa-like luxury to the space.
  5. If you want a bit of color, add it through faded patterns in linens that give just a touch in their stripe or their subtle print. The subtly won’t overwhelm and will continue to create the serene environment of white and neutral tranquility.
  6. Bring in collections of wooden cutting boards that are worn and share soft edges to soften any modern space. The brown hues will balance the light white aesthetic.
  7. Keep the bedside tables small so that they do not become overwhelmed with excess. Place a vase of flowers and reserve enough space for a favorite book to keep the simplicity of the space.
  8. Let the stacks of matching white stoneware, plates and platters become an attractive display all on their own as much as offering functionality when needed.
  9. Stone tones – from lime-plastered walls to a dream of a French limestone fireplace, when adorned with seemingly simple textural or decor elements of varying hues, the statement is significant.
  10. Using glass jars, fill with knives, forks and spoons, creating useful storage but also ease of use as you bring them to the table during meals.

If you too are wanting to accentuate well the white you already have in your home or add more white and neutral hues and decor, these simple touches shared above will help the larger room components look stronger and even more magnificent without being overpowering.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and have selected a few images that caught my eye as you will see below. I have also shopped a few clothing and home decor items below as well. Be sure to stop by the blog all next week for more British-Inspired posts as TSLL’s 2nd Annual British Week takes place (May 17-24).

Linen V-Neck Shirt (blue also available)

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6 thoughts on “10 Decor Tips from Chrissie Rucker’s For the Love of White decor book

  1. Amazing photos! I love the white all times of year! Any information on white paint colors or numbers? White is such tough paint to select.

    1. While everyone’s preference will determine their best white for any project, always try a sample in your space with the light in the room, the other colors and fabrics it will be with.
      This article came out in WSJ in 2013 and I saved it as it shared the perfect Parisian Crème Paints – https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424127887323716304578481262531537982

      Also, winter white is highly a trusted go-to for a touch of unexplainable warmth. Currently I have a version of it on my trim throughout my house and I do like it. It is soft and not stark.

  2. So pleased to know that you managed to get a copy of Chrissie‘ s book Shannon, I thought you would love it !
    Mine was a Christmas present , love dipping into it for inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Sending good wishes to all of your students for their forthcoming exams .
    Here in the UK , GCSE and A levels have been cancelled because of the virus, and students will receive grades based on assessment of their work , as they have been unable to take their exams.
    My own children are all grown up now, and my grandchildren are too young to be affected , but I really feel for all the students who have studied hard, and now cannot sit their exams .
    Best Wishes

    1. Thank you very much Anne. I am very thankful they are still enabling the students to take the exams, even if they are abbreviated as schools in Oregon can only give Pass/No Pass grades whereas the exam is scored as normal. Phew! 🙂 Their hard work will pay off!

  3. I LOVE The White Company here in the U.K. Its decor items are timelessly stylish and I own a few pieces. I was gifted this book by my husband for Valentine’s Day when we knew we would be moving home. Our current home is done in light dove grey (almost white) and I can’t wait for our new home to be light, airy with touches of green and natural fibre.
    Great images selected too, that bathroom!

  4. Interesting in that when the white company started it was entirely white but gradually colour has crept in which is great. The world is full of colour and should be enjoyed. I love white and my farmhouse is mainly white inside but with a lot of oak beams and wooden flooring it always looks fresh. Rustic ďécor with old faded linens muslin linen curtains (in white) toile du jouy lends itself to a cosy look. Look forward Shannon to seeing how you incorporate white in your new home?

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