Thoughts from the Editor: My Ultimate Everyday Luxury – Christy Linens
Wednesday April 8, 2015

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As a lover of luxury, paralleled with simplicity, one of the first items I invested in after acquiring my first professional teaching job was to save up for a quality headboard, pillow-top mattress and soft bed linens. It took two years, but I can still remember when each of the items were delivered to my Portland apartment on Nob Hill. It was in that moment that for some reason I felt like an adult, a woman. More in terms of my financial status than anything, with regards to the fact that I could afford and appreciate what I had saved up for.

While many might not understand my predilection for white (after all, I do have two dogs), I am innately drawn to its fresh, clean aesthetic. There is a chic, luxury to its use as it requires careful tending and attention. Since I can remember, as an adult, I have always selected white duvets and sheets to fall into my restful nights. So when Christy Linens reached out to me, offering the opportunity to experience their luxury bed linens, I was most eager to oblige.

What I hope you’ll notice in the images of the linens is the intricate detail and woven design. I purposefully chose the Maddox White bed set because while it is classic, the design (if you look closely), is less feminine and more modern which perfectly adhered to my classic, yet contemporary approach to not only my surroundings, but everyday living.

A few interesting facts about Christy Linens. Did you know?

  • Founded in 1850 in England, they supplied towels for Queen Victoria
  • Provided the towels for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation
  • Became the official Wimbledon Championship supplier of towels in 1987
  • The first bed linens collection began in 2003

Needless to say, I’ve been sleeping in the luxury beyond my expectations ever since their delivery a few months ago, and I do set a high bar.

If you’re wanting to create your very own sanctuary (after all, we do spend 1/3 of our lives in our bedroom), click here or read chapter five of my book where I go into more detail.

The benefits of a good night’s sleep are profound, as I shared in depth on the blog a few years ago, but many always ask, How can I insure an uninterrupted, lengthy night’s slumber? I have always been protective of my sleep and immediately notice the quality of my day slipping when I haven’t been given between 6-8 hours. Below are a few ideas I have found to be helpful in ensuring a deep, restorative night, as well as medical findings from the Mayo Clinic:

  1. Stick to a sleeping schedule, even on the weekends – there will always be exceptions, after all, we must enjoy ourselves and lose all track of time, but feel no obligation to stay up late on the weekends because “that’s what grown-ups do”. No they don’t. Grown-ups respect their bodies and minds and go to bed when they need to. That’s what grown-ups do.
  2. Create an evening ritual – I shared a few of the ways I enjoy winding down each evening in this post from the editor a few months ago.
  3. Turn the heat down – nothing will wake you up faster if the room is warm and your body temperature is soaring and thus, you are sweating. Stay cool. Drop the thermostat to the mid-50s (Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius).
  4. Turn your mind off – Whether you unload on your journal, get lost in a book to forget about the day or what I’ve been doing lately is mediating for 5 minutes before I go to bed, do what you can to flip a switch on your mind, or you will have a  hard time slipping into sleep.
  5. Be a savvy eater and drinker – Each body will be different, but try to refrain from overeating and over-drinking. Whether it’s caffeine that just doesn’t help (for some, it doesn’t matter), or one too many drinks of anything that will keep you going to the bathroom all night, keep yourself in check.
  6. Hydrate – While limiting our liquids before bed is a good idea, drinking water before you go to bed will help hydrate your body, and flush toxins. Try Cameron Diaz’s suggestion which I have instituted in my own daily habits – drink one glass of water before bed and have a bottle on my night stand to drink one glass when I wake up.
  7. Limit stress – While it may sound like a no-brainer, when we reduce the unnecessary stress in our lives and continue to do so on a regular basis, our night’s of sleep increase in quality. While journaling and meditating will help, when we have less to filter, it makes it all that much easier to let go and relax at the end of the day.
  8. Exercise regularly – when your body has expended itself during the day, it is ready to rest and recharge. But if its full tank of energy has yet to be depleted, it will have a hard time relaxing and drifting off into the land of Nod. While it is best not to workout right before your turn in, whatever works for your schedule is what is best for you.
  9. Add relaxing scents – While I prefer either lavender or sandalwood, lighting a candle each night as I read, is one of my favorite simple rituals in the evening. It provides a subtle effect, but has become something that signals to my mind, it is time to unwind, slow down and go to sleep.

Each of these items are simple, but have revealed themselves through scientific findings and personal experience to work. I do hope you experience a restorative evening each night. It truly is a foundation to living well, as when we awake rested, we are more apt to be in a better mood, perform at our best and see amazing results.





~Disclosure: Christy Linens gifted TSLL with the linens that are styled in today’s post, but my comments are unabashedly my own. I’m smitten, to say the least and highly recommend. 

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6 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Editor: My Ultimate Everyday Luxury – Christy Linens

  1. I love your bedroom I need to establish a good night routine. This is work in progress. Hugs from France

  2. I am so glad I saved money to buy a great mattress. It has been about eight years and its still a great mattress. My advice is to have a pillow top on both sides of the mattress for flipping purposes. It costs a bit extra but has extended the life of my mattress perhaps by 8 more years. I also took your advice and just recently got a set of white Egyptian cotton sheets 600 ct and I will never look back. The luxury is beyond anything else I’ve had before.

    Oh and now I have one more thing to save up for!! A new pretty duvet from Christy Linens 🙂

  3. Le sigh! Looks so comfy, calm, and inviting – and I love the PB bed. I had the same one until recently when I needed to downsize.

  4. What a relaxing sanctuary! I too love white and have all white linens and furniture. I find it very refreshing and makes everything seem inviting and clean. Thanks for sharing your find, Shannon! 🙂

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