Quintessential English Country Style in Guernsey

May 21, 2020

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Quintessential English country decor is found throughout this home located on the island of Guernsey located in the English Channel. To be able to call Guernsey home would be quaint and lovely simply to be so close to both Britain and France – but to be near the sea as well, idyllic.

Catherine Olasky and Maximilian Sinsteden, the founders and namesakes of Olasky & Sinsteden interior design firm are two American designers working in London. Having begun their firm in 2009, they both come with extensive and impressive resumes with Catherine having worked under and with Bunny Williams before moving to London to work for Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler, and Max working for David Easton and at Charlotte Moss for three years.

All of this is to say, their decor aesthetic, although they are Americans, is rich in English decor expertise.

Key Takeaways from the decor style:

  • The Dutch door in the kitchen creates a cottage appeal being able to welcome in fresh air, say hello to the animals out-and-about but making sure their muddy paws don’t waltz in before you have time to give them a wash. 🙂
  • The classic rolled arms of the upholstered chaise lounge above begs someone to sit, read and stay for a long, lovely while.
  • A white kitchen with thought pops of color keeps the space fresh, classic with a touch of personality and signature style.
  • Layers of prints, textures and vertical lines in the bedroom to create a warm, welcoming, cozy space.
  • Arched entry doorways and doors to match. Letting the architecture be the beauty rather than excess “stuff” and decor.
  • Crown molding throughout frames the home and elevates each space, providing a finished touch.
  • A soaking tub – keeping the faucet in the middle – most perfect.

I have selected my favorite pics for today’s Decor Inspiration post, see all of them below, and be sure to view even more images on O & S website here.

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7 thoughts on “Quintessential English Country Style in Guernsey

  1. So welcoming! They definitely came up with ways to compliment the architecture and keep it cozy.

  2. I have been to England many times and Guernsey is on my list of places to visit in the future. This just made me more anxious to visit . Thank you.

  3. Dutch doors make me happy! They’re so quaint and cottage-y! 🙂 I would love to visit Guernsey, as I’ve read a lot about it. Such a beautiful area!

  4. We are selling our home or trying to and moving to our beach house full time. The house at the beach requires some much-needed updates to be turned into a year-round house. It has been mainly a rental property all these years. I have been drawing inspiration from many sources this website being one of them. My family is teasing me that every room will have a different theme because I seem to love it all. This is another example of a wow moment for me. Thanks for sharing.

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