The Grand Giveaway: A Fortnum & Mason Hamper
Thursday May 23, 2019

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It was a TSLL reader who first introduced me to the hampers of Fortnum & Mason (thank you Sue!). And as was shared earlier in the week in the You Might Be An Anglophile If . . . post, a hamper in Britain is a picnic basket. And a Fortnum & Mason hamper is pure goodness, by which I mean complete with food, drink, necessary accoutrements and available in a wide variety of combinations, sizes, food and drink preferences, special occasion options, prices and more.

Today, for the third and final giveaway of TSLL’s inaugural British Week (1stgiveaway – magazine subscription to one of four British magazines of your choice; 2ndgiveaway – a Roy Kirkham bone china Breakfast cup and saucer), a lucky TSLL reader will win The English Essentials Hamper from Fortnum & Mason. This giveaway is open to international readers as well, as Fortnum & Mason has quite a few hampers that ship worldwide (check their delivery option to determine which ones are available for delivery where you live).

With The English Essentials hamper, be prepped and ready to enjoy a quintessential English afternoon tea:

  • A full-size tin of F & M’s Breakfast loose leaf tea
  • A full-size tin of F & M’s Countess Grey loose leaf tea
  • F & M’s Piccadilly Biscuit Selection
  • F & M’s Strawberry Preserve
  • F & M’s Raspberry Preserve
  • Hot Horseradish Sauce (to add an extra kick to some smoked salmon perhaps?)
  • F & M’s Piccadilly Piccalilli
  • F & M’s Ultimate Hot Chocolate
  • F & M’s Icy Mints
  • F & M Waffle Tea Towel
  • And of course, the hamper!

One reason, of many, Fortnum & Mason hampers are a worthwhile purchase is that the total cost of the individual contents within each hamper is guaranteed to retail for more than you pay for the hamper and items combined. In other words, if you paid for each item separately that is contained in the hamper, you would be paying significantly more. This particular hamper has a value of 125 pounds, but there are hampers for less and hampers for far more. 

To visit Fortnum & Mason on Piccadilly in the bustling center of London is a trip to make even if you are simply going to window shop. Each time I have been in London, I have made sure to visit F & M’s, and during my first visit in 2012, I captivated by the grandeur, many floors and tea offerings. There are multiple restaurants within the building, and having visited during the holidays in November 2017, it was a sight to see decorated for the festive time of year. I have yet to have High Tea in their tea room yet, but I did take a peek in the room which is located on one of the highest floors – regal, serene and quite proper. Most definitely, make reservations and you are sure to have a memorable time. 

As well, before or after your visit to Fortnum & Mason, be sure to stop into Hatchard’s bookshop that is located next door – the oldest bookshop in the UK. It is a bibliophile’s dream with multiple stories of books to wander about and find comfort, and if there were two better paired shops to be situated side by side – one for tea and the other for books – I haven’t heard of it yet.  

But let’s get back to how to enter to win this F & M hamper!

First, I have been wanting to offer exclusive benefits for TSLL readers who have subscribed to the ad-free option (yearly and monthly are available – and discounted for the duration of TSLL’s British Week), and so am excited to announce:

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  • Simply leave a comment on this post having signed in with the email associated with your subscription, and the additional entries will be automatically given (you can also include that you are a subscriber to ensure you are given the exclusive opportunity).

For all TSLL readers, to enter the giveaway (which is chosen at random with, simply leave a comment on this post by Saturday May 25th.

The winner will be announced this Sunday May 26thon the final post of British Week. This giveaway is open to all readers wherever you may call home, and if you win, your signature will be necessary for delivery.

Interested in TSLL’s ad-free option? If you subscribe before Sunday May 26th, your subscription will enable you to be entered multiple times for this week’s Grand Giveaway depending upon which ad-free subscription you have selected, and all subsequent Grand Giveaways in upcoming French (2nd full week in August) and British (3rd full week in May) Weeks. Check out the limited time discount; all the details of subscribing and how to subscribe below. And good luck to everyone!

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251 thoughts on “The Grand Giveaway: A Fortnum & Mason Hamper

  1. I would love a hamper and I live near a perfect place to use it: Allerton Park in Monticello Illinois!

  2. ??? what a wonderful giveaway!!!! I would be so “tickled” (in Shannon’s words, hehe) to win!

  3. When I moved to London I was constantly tripping over my flatmate’s F&M hamper that was in the living room and was wondering when the picnic was going to hurry up and happen. With time I soon came to realise there was no intended picnic, the hamper was empty and it was simply a display item. So I was amused to have this confirmed by you in an earlier post this week. It is very VERY British.

  4. I hadn’t heard of Fortnum & Mason until your blog posts a few days ago! What a treat it must have been to visit their store in London their products and packaging is so lovely whether I win or not I will ensure that I own one of their hampers! Lol

  5. Oh Shannon, what a treat!! I am soooo happy I became a yearly subscriber a couple of days ago! I can’t tell you how much I am loving your site ad-free. And thank you for this week, I am enjoying myself immensely!

  6. This hamper looks so lovely and I am in love with picnics! And I love British week! Thank you for sharing, Shannon.

  7. Have so enjoyed your British posts and would love to be entered in the giveaway! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  8. I love Britain (I lived there 7 years) therefore very much enjoying this British week. Thank you very much for the great posts!

  9. Oh my, what a coincidence… I was supposed to be heading to London to experience Fortnum & Mason, when I was hit with a with of vertigo. How funny to now see this post. As you can imagine, I would love a chance to win the hamper. What a lovely give-away you are offering.

  10. Fortnum and Mason products are THE BEST!! i would dearly love to be gifted with a hamper….what a luxurious treat that would be!!!!!!!

  11. Love Fortnum & Mason! Whenever we go back, I love to stop in the restaurant…thank you for this post, it brings back great memories

  12. Thanks Shannon, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying British Week (but then, I love all your posts). It feels like having a true mini-break to Britain.

  13. I think we are Anglophiles…one way or another. Enjoying your posts on all things British. Love them as much as those on France. “Europe. It’s where history comes from.” Eddie Izzard…..

  14. Today’s giveaway is, indeed, GRAND!! Thank you and Fortnum and Mason for a chance to have one of these hampers.

  15. When Wallis Simpson was waiting out her divorce decree in Felixstowe, the Prince of Wales sent her hampers from Fortnum and Mason to cheer her up! Classic….

  16. This week has been so fun Shannon! Thank you for indulging us with all these simply British pleasures!

  17. It is said that tea tames tears and thirst. It would be perfect timing to be able to give this to my mother, to gladden her heart right now. Thank you, Shannon for all you do!

  18. What a beautiful gift! Thank you Sharon for your thoughtful and thought provoking blog. Thoroughly enjoying he British week.

  19. Thank you for introducing us to these wonderful British items. What fun the hamper and tasty treasures. It is warm fuzzy feelings.

  20. What a wonderful gift! My best friend since college is British, and what a surprise it will be to present her with a proper afternoon tea from this Puerto Rican friend next time she visits me!

  21. This is THE giveaway – WOW! I’ve enjoyed British week! Thanks for all that you do!

  22. What a brilliant gift! I would love to have a piece of London in my little corner of Arizona!

  23. Wowzers! What an exciting giveaway…I’ve been so encouraged by your podcasts and blog to make the everyday lovely and to grow as a strong single woman…Thank you!

  24. We should all take the time to break from our routines and have a picnic somewhere. Simply being away from walls, noise, electric lights makes one feel a part of nature. This hamper appears to be very special. Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  25. I would love to enter! What a lovely week you have planned for us a such a scrumptious basket – and perfectly timed to use it all summer long. Thank you!

  26. So luxurious and something you wouldn’t buy for yourself. Would be delighted to receive this!

  27. Fabulous giveaway! Thoroughly enjoying British week thus far. With love from (a very sunny) London

  28. I love the F&M products I have managed to try in the states (like their teas!), and I have dreams to visit one day in London. I would absolutely love to be entered into this giveaway! Thank you!

  29. How lovely! The basket and your posts…thank you for all your dedication and love & for sharing year after year. It is greatly appreciated!

  30. I had the pleasure of visiting England for two days last summer. I didn’t make it to the store but was able to get a few goodies from Harrods. A hamper would be a great reliving of that trip!
    Thank you for the chance.

  31. I’m going to London for the first time this summer British Week has certainly increase my excitement! Maybe I can get a little taste of London before I go… ?

  32. Shannon, Love your posts! Thank you for all you do to keep us inspired to live well.

  33. I love Fortnum & Mason! I will be in London next month and I’m looking forward to going back!

  34. What a lovely treat, Shannon! Going off on a picnic with a full hamper is a delightful luxury and one that should be experienced often!

  35. I love picnic hampers, tea, Fortnum & Mason and all things British! We are planning a trip to take our daughter to London for the first time. This would be the perfect way to get her even more excited for our upcoming adventures. Thank you for the opportunity!

  36. Thank you so much for the daily inspiration. I love your blog as well as your cooking videos. Wishing you a wonderful day!

  37. I visited my brother who lives in London a number of years ago and he suggested that we visit this place. Wonderful English items. Of course while in London we had to have tea.

  38. I would love to receive this hamper! ! I just love F&M ! I was fortunate to experience their lovely Afternoon Tea twice during our visits to London.
    Thank you for including me in this giveaway!

  39. High tea at F&M is a true delight — and one I remember still!. So happy you are doing British Week!

  40. Fantastic giveaway!! Thank you, Shannon. My husband recently returned from a London with a box of F&M Champagne Truffles ??? YUM!

  41. Given how crazy-awful things are in the United States right now, it would be wonderful to have F&M’s hamper to remind me that there are soothing and classy things still in our world.

  42. What a fabulous giveaway to end your British Week! Have loved the entire week. Thank you.

  43. I’ve been in love with these hampers for years, ever since I saw them distributed for the Queen’s Jubilee!

  44. Good afternoon Shannon, I’d love to be entered into the draw! I’ve had my eye on the small shaped hamper, as shown in your London Cottage post, for some time. I’d definitely include the rose flavoured tea to pair with a piece of Turkish Delight. With very best wishes from England, Sue

  45. During our last visit to London, my sister, husband and I splurged on high tea at Fortnum & Mason, and it was indeed spectacular! This hamper looks like the perfect reminder of that treat!

  46. This is so generous! I absolutely adore all things Fortnum & Mason. What an incredible treat for your readers!

  47. What a lovely gift!

    Fort Mason is my favorite tea. It is so fragrant and lovely and such a pleasure to sip. A Fortnum and Mason hamper would be such a lovely respite from all the unhappiness going on in the world today. Just something to remind us that there are still some civilized people left.

  48. Hi Shannon,
    This feels a bit like a British version of one of Sharon’s My Stylish French Boxes!
    I am a monthly subscriber and love being able to enjoy your posts w/o ads.
    Thank you!

  49. This is such a lovely and thoughtful giveaway. I am so thrilled for the person that receives it. This has also inspired me to create my own little mini hampers for an actual picnic or an indoor picnic during stormy weather. I am loving this week’s posts!! Thank you!

  50. Picnic like Royalty! A hamper from the Queen’s favorite grocery store. I remember well when you shopped the first floor with a morning-coated, striped-pants young man following you with a basket on his arm to place all of your choices. Made everyone feel royal. I’m so glad my husband saw Mr. Fortnum and Mr. Mason greet each other when we walked by!
    I would love to have an F&M hamper. Thank you.

  51. What a fantastic giveaway! And thank you for the great information. It will come in handy on our trip to England this summer.

  52. I have a dream to someday have afternoon high tea at Fortnum & Mason in London. This hamper looks amazing! Thank you, Shannon for all that you do!

  53. Wow! What a fabulous opportunity! What a fabulous prize! Many many thanks. Your “column” is the first Email I read when turning on the computer. Always full of interesting information. Thanks again, Ouida

  54. Dear Shannon,

    This is the best!! Tea for me and Hot Chocolate for my husband. Thank you!

    Warmly, Kathleen

  55. The thought of enjoying a picnic in the park with a F&M hamper sounds delightful! Thank you for all of your lovely posts this week.

  56. Thank you for introducing the British Week into your repertoire, Shannon! I am very much enjoying all the posts.

  57. My daughter has been asking why we never go on picnics so I want to be sure to do that this summer. How fun it would be to take this basket along! (P.S.–Just signed up for a yearly subscription. I love your blog and the ads take away from the beauty of your posts)

  58. Really enjoying British week Shannon here in France.Feeling a tad homesick. What exquisite giveaway from F&M. The packaging is so.pretty High tea there is a delight. Be sure to book a table when you’re next in the UK. This week has flown by. Have a great weekend?

  59. So quintessential is the English hamper! I have been fortunate to visit London twice, in March 2011 and in September 2012. How I would love to return! Living in Canada I am lucky to have exposure to many things Anglophile. Thank you for arranging this British Week and all the fun giveaways!

  60. The Fortnum and Mason picnic basket with all the very British contents is just totally awesome. Your website is also totally awesome. Enjoy every podcast and every post that you make. I would subscribe if I could, but can’t right now. Some day will definitely subscribe. Thank you for all the simply luxurious fun from your website! That in itself is a winning gift for us all!

  61. I have always said in my next life I want to be BRITISH so maybe this lovely F&M hamper would be a great start!

  62. Hopefully in my next life I’ll come back British but for now I would love this hamper for my wife!

  63. I would love to have a date with my husband and have this as the gorgeous centerpiece!!

  64. Oh Shannon, you simply MUST have a tea service at F&M!! It is a true Anglophile treat. We were there in the spring of 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  65. Wow !
    This would be an absolutely fantastic treat !
    I’m keeping my fingers firmly crossed…………I would love to win one of Fortnum and Masons Hampers ………..thank you for arranging such a lovely prize, Shannon.

  66. What a brilliant giveaway! Fortnum & Mason is definitely the most British institution I can imagine 🙂

  67. Hi Shannon, this is truly the ultimate gift idea for the tsll British week! If you get a chance to get one or go online, the FM Christmas/holiday catalog with all the different hampers to order for the holidays is a fun way to spend time daydreaming!

  68. Thank you for dedicating an entire week for this series, all of the posts have been so beautiful and interesting

  69. Shannon, I have been to Fortnum and Mason but never had tea there. I plan on doing that the next time I am in London.

  70. Hi Shannon

    I am sure the winner of this lovely gift basket will thoroughly treasure this wonderful prize.


  71. What a fabulous giveaway, I really enjoyed my visit to F&M in October, we had great fun shopping for Christmas ornaments for gifts. And also had the pleasure of having a snack in the coffee shop.
    Thanks for this gift opportunity.

  72. Enchanted by Liberty of London on a trip to London two years ago. Fortnum and Mason will be a priority on the next trip. Thank you for repeatedly exposing us to those people,things and places that delight us and enrich our lives!

  73. Shannon, this looks lovely. I’ve not heard of Countess Grey tea. I bet it’s delicious. Is it similar to Earl Grey or Lady Grey? (I always spell grey with an “e”. Just looks better that way. ☺️) Thank you for British Week!

  74. F&M is always a treat when I visit London. The latest additions to my tea collection are Royal Blend and Darjeeling – the former savoured in the morning and the latter something to look forward to in the afternoon with a treat. Would be great to try some new F&M products!

  75. This has been such an enjoyable week on your blog. Thanks so much for all the work you’ve put into it. And yes, I would love to receive this hamper 🙂

  76. Thank you Shannon for a fabulous week of British treats and now the chance to win one of Britains classic hampers.

  77. I have always loved your French week, but I think I’m loving British Week just as much! Thanks for sharing, and for the wonderful giveaway.

  78. Oh, that looks lovely – I’ve had their peach preserves years ago, and they remain a very fond memory!

  79. As a longtime Anglophile mistakenly born and raised in the Mid-Atlantic, I am thrilled to have just found your blog. A hamper? Oh please!

  80. Hi Shannon. I would love to own/win a F&M Hamper. I am yearly subscriber because I enjoy your blog so much. I’m also a life-long tea drinker so the contents would be thoroughly enjoyed. Cheers to you for putting together such a wonderful way to start my day, tea and reading your blog and enjoying your Instagram photos.

  81. What a beautiful basket!! I have been looking for one such as this for this summer when we love to drive the blue ridge mountains. This basket would be perfect to carry our lunch. I absolute adore it!

  82. This is so lovely! I’m a huge fan of F&M teas. Have you tried their champagne butter? You can get it at Williams-Sonoma!

  83. This week has been so much fun – thank you Shannon!
    P.S. I’m about halfway through your first book, and loving it! I’m reading it slowly so I can savor and take notes. 🙂

  84. What a delightful prize–I would so want to win.
    I first went to London in December of 1992–with a group of ailurophiles (cat lovers) for the London show.
    We were there for a week before the show–and for several days afterward.
    I was able to indulge in a bit of shopping–presents for family & friends.

    The amazing thing–several of the larger stores shared a Christmas theme–Christmas in New England with Yankee Candle. I live in western Massachusetts–and the flagship store for Yankee Candle is about a 30 minute drive.

  85. What a fabulous prize! I have always wanted an Official Picnic Basket! To have it already stocked is even more lovely!

  86. What a terrific give-away! F & M teas have been my favorites for decades now. You can’t go wrong with any of the blends- all are so very delicious.

  87. Dear Shannon,
    Thank so much for the British Week!

    I have so much to catch up – having away from home, with a fickle internet -, but would not want to miss this giveaway.

    I have to say that this is the first time that I participate on a giveaway over the internet – maybe I get lucky… Beginners luck, that is. 🙂

    Good luck everyone,

  88. Love that you’re having an Anglophile Week as well as your focus on all things Francais! I adore Britain as well as France, would love to win this hamper! Thanks for making the offers!

  89. Visiting F&M on Picadilly was one of the highlights of my trip to London/England. I LOVED that store and took so many photos of the amazing window displays. Quintessentially Anglophile-ish! I would be thrilled to win an English Essentials hamper from Fortnum and Mason. A dream come true!

  90. I recently discovered and am enjoying your podcast and newsletter. I saw the reminder this morning to sign up for this giveaway. The hamper looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  91. I can spend hours in Hatchard’s much to my husband’s chagrin:) and Fortnum’s is indeed magical. Thanks for the chance to win the beautiful hamper. Cheers!

  92. Oh my goodness, that hamper is heaven in a basket! I want to visit F&M RIGHT NOW!! I will have to content myself with their website and its inspiration for a while….

  93. Everyone is saying what a beautiful gift. Not me! I want it for myself. This hamper of goodies needs me.

  94. Hi Shannon,
    What a wonderful give away! I love being a yearly subscriber. Your blog, podcasts, and now cooking videos are wonderful. I’ve gone back over this past year and listened to all of them from the beginning. Completely worth it!

  95. I recently bought a portable, roll-up picnic table to go with my picnic backpack, and this hamper would be the pièce de résistance of my collection. Fingers crossed!!

  96. What a marvelous idea to have a picnic. Although I wouldn’t necessarily have to win this hamper to do so–it would definitely up my picnic game.

  97. This basket would be ideal for this time of year – I’m so ready for a picnic in Missouri.

  98. This hamper would be absolutely perfect for our next picnic in Wine Country! What a lovely gift, I would be overwhelmed with joy to win!

  99. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your British Week content…and your give-away offerings are quite marvellous!

    Your blog is a constant source of inspiration and ideas that resonate so specifically with my tastes!

    I am an annual blog subscriber, and wonder if I am able to take advantage of the annual discount currently offered, and have the renewal effective following the end of my current subscription (July 22)?

    Merci Beaucoup Shannon!

    1. Sabine, What I would do by the end of the day today is cancel your current subscription and then resubscribe with the codes. You will be paying for June twice, but the annual renewal cost will be reduced to $60 every year.

  100. Now this is an incredible gift, quintessentially English and stunning. I lived in London for three years but never made it to F and Ms! If I win though, I’d love to send this to my mum in Scotland. She would adore this!!!!
    Thanks for the generosity and thoughtfulness behind the giveaway!

  101. What a beautiful hamper! I love tea – Earl Grey is my favorite – but I have not tried F&M yet. It would be lovely to have the opportunity! Thank you for the giveaway.

  102. Wow, Shannon! What fabulous prizes! Fortnum and Mason is quintessentially English; I love their teas, especially their Christmas blend.
    Thank you so much for such a lovely Anglophile week of articles and giveaways.

  103. As a self-proclaimed Anglophile, I am loving British Week! Thanks for all the Brit-themed inspo!

  104. So happy I am not the only Anglo and Francophile out there! I used to think I had to choose lol! Such a beautiful giveaway! Thanks for this chance!

  105. Last year while on vacation in London, I left my husband and boys in the hotel and spent hours at F&M! It was heaven!! This is every Anglophile’s dream come true 🙂

  106. Your blog is the first I look at each morning, every post gives me something to think about and lots of times leads to further research. Keep them coming.
    Winning a hamper from Fortnum & Mason would be a dream come true!

  107. I have been an avid reader for a couple of years already. Love the casual chick way you inspire us to live our lives. xo

  108. I was in London last week and had tea at F&M. What a delight! This store is a treat for all the senses with it’s beautiful displays, teas, chocolates, clothing, excellent service and it’s famous hampers that you can fill with special treats!

  109. Beautiful give away! I have read your blog for many years and always appreciate your thoughtful content. I have the perfect spot on Lake Ontario to enjoy this lovely hamper. Cheers!

  110. What a wonderful giveaway!! My sister and I were lucky enough to have high tea at Fortnum and Mason this past December and it was a lovely experience! The whole store is amazing and a hamper filled with their goodies would be so amazing! 🙂

  111. This would be perfect to take to the Shakespeare Festival here in St. Louis this summer! Thank you again, Shannon! For this giveaway and a memorable week of excellent content.

  112. This is indeed a lovely hamper. I was at Fortnum and Mason about two weeks ago. I loved smelling all the tea in the tea tins. The shop certainly has it own special charm.

  113. Would love to have this hamper …a good excuse to have a tea party with my tea drinking friends! I had Fortnum and Mason on my to-do list for London but you know how it is…so much to see and never enough time. It just means another trip to the UK to plan for next year…with Fortnum and Mason at the top of the list this time! I’m loving this weeks posts!! Thank you Shannon ??

  114. Quintessential British- living in the Peak District, close to Chatsworth estate we enjoy the typically English afternoon tea.

  115. What a luxurious treat! I love Fortnum & Mason and always make a special visit when in London x

  116. This is an absolute dream! I had the opportunity to visit F & M a couple of years ago. However, I was traveling with my three young sons and told I was doing “unauthorized shopping”! Not quite the experience I had dreamed about but it was worth every second. What a treasure!

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