My Favorite British Inspiration on Instagram, So Far
Wednesday May 22, 2019

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Social media can indeed have drawbacks and can be too much a part of our lives, but it is with thoughtful use and an understanding of how it can either inspire us or deflate us that we can use it to add a smile, provide inspiration or keep us informed without becoming overwhelmed.

Since 2017, I have begun to follow far more British-based Instagram accounts which, if you know me, you know I follow very few accounts for the sole reason that I want to see what the people/companies/groups/etc. are posting and not miss a post.

It is a delight in the morning, as I am getting the day started, to see inspiring bucolic images from the English countryside, as it is the case with America’s west coast eight-hour delay, they are well into their afternoon. Both France and Britain greet me in the morning, and for that reason I do enjoy social media’s abilities.

Today I’d like to share with you ten Instagram accounts that I enjoy following. This list undoubtedly will grow, but again, it is about what inspires me, makes me smile and brightens the day. Often the images are simple, seasonal and human-free so I can imagine myself in the moment taking it all in, but at the same time, I cannot escape sharing that I do follow a few royals. Continually inspired by the Duchess of Sussex for many reasons, the Duchess of Cambridge is as well a tower of strength and inspiring most definitely (we can support and respect them both, am I right? After all, we only fill the coffers of the tabloids we wish would not be prevalent in our society by falling for their destructive media ploys for ratings).

I would love to hear, and I have a feeling TSLL readers would as well, who/what British accounts you enjoy following. Please do share in the comments and click through on the IG handle or their corresponding image to view their account and follow along if you so choose.

Hope and Wander (@hope_and_wander)

Lake District (@lakedistrict)

Visit Isle of Wight (@VisitIsleofWight)

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (@kensingtonroyal)

Living in Devon (@livingindevon)

Vintage Blossom (@_vintage_blossom_)

AJ Photography (@lensereflection)

Frances of Hardie & Wilder (@francemehardie)

Skye O’Neill (@skyeoneill)

~For more than 42 additional London IG accounts you may want to follow, click here [London Evening Standard]


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4 thoughts on “My Favorite British Inspiration on Instagram, So Far

  1. Morning, Shannon.

    You might enjoy Sarah Raven’s instagram, @sarahravenperchhill
    Beautiful flowers !
    You can also buy bulbs and seeds etc from her Nursery at Perch Hill .(mail order )
    Monty Don sometimes mentions her in Gardeners World , her combinations and collections of bulbs are glorious, wonderful colours and forms .

    Also Jane Cumberbatch has an interesting account , she has also written books on interior decoration , Pure Style is one of them , but she also has a marvellous one on colour . @ janecumberbatch

  2. Hi Shannon I follow Monty Sarah Raven and please look at lizearlewellbeing. She is a delightful person has her own magazine and is a great advocate for women’s health nutrition etc. I love her IG?

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