Roy Kirkham Fine Bone China Giveaway
Tuesday May 21, 2019

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Funny story.

While I was traveling around France last summer, having happened upon Les Jardins de Villandry, the largest pottager in France, I purchased the Butterfly Garden Breakfast cup and saucer seen above (left-side). Thinking it was unique to that moment, which it certainly was in. many ways, upon arriving home, I discover it made by an English company – Roy Kirkham to be precise.

And as I began to peruse the website, I deeply appreciated my purchase even more. It was even my Francophile and Anglophile predilections had married in many ways, and the teacup and saucer became all the more special.

As seen below in the three Instagram images shared during the past few months, it is a regular cup of choice. With its slightly larger capacity, but not being oversized, I love adding hot water in the morning with a squeeze of lemon, having a saucer to prevent from leaving rings wherever I need to go about the house to start the day, always with something warm to sip at the ready.

Below you will see a few more Roy Kirkham collections that are quite stunning, but there are many more, so be sure to check out the entire site. As well, you can find some of the designs on Amazon.

The second giveaway of TSLL’s British Week is one Butterfly Garden Breakfast Cup and Saucer, exactly the same style you see in my images above and just below. Don’t worry, it is not the exact one I have been using. 😉 I will be sending you a brand new, pristine tea and saucer set.

To enter, simply leave a comment on the post by Saturday May 25th, and the winner will be announced on the last post of this annual week which will go live Sunday May 26th. Good luck and may we all have many more leisurely, comforting moments with our cuppas.

~Blue Chintz collection~
~Creative Writing collection~
~The Garden collection~
~Versailles collection~


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Tuesday May 21st

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146 thoughts on “Roy Kirkham Fine Bone China Giveaway

  1. So beautiful!!! My mother loved butterflies and just seeing those images made me smile thinking of her. She has been gone 2 years.

  2. Since I am a die-hard Anglophile I have to say that you are pushing all my buttons with the tea cups. Fine china is difficult to resist. These are beautiful. I don’t have any from this company.

  3. So pretty! There is nothing more elegant that a tea cup and saucer. I received one as a wedding gift, but have sadly broken it. Would love to have one to replace it.

  4. Tea and scones. A perfect match and a perfect match with my decor and style. Would love the addition to enhance my own simply luxurious lifestyle!

  5. Stunning! They transport you to the middle of an English garden with a relaxing cup of tea surrounded by flowers while birds chirp and butterflies flutter. Thank you for the opportunity to experience this little treasure.

  6. It’s so pretty, Shannon, and butterflies love to feast on the nectar of the buddleia shrubs…… fact another name for the shrub in England is the butterfly bush .

    I must also tell you that I ordered the Clemency Burton-Hill book on your recommendation, and I love it !

    Classical music is a favourite of mine , so having daily suggestions of specific pieces to listen to, and the little snippets of information she provides with each selection is such a treat ……..thank you so much for the recommendation.

    …………and the music is perfect to listen to with a cup of tea in a beautiful butterfly cup and saucer ……………a simply luxurious treat ?

  7. This butterfly pattern really speaks to me. My father created a butterfly garden, which my sister and I now care for since he passed away a few months ago. My family all drank tea together after dinner since I was small, and continue to share that today. It would be a treat to have this cup and saucer in his honor.

  8. Shannon, the design is very pretty and reminds me also of the artist, Marjolein Bastin. Have you been to Terra Botanica in Angers, France? If you love gardens, I think you’d enjoy it! Also, the gardens within the castle there are very impressive.

  9. Oh my goodness, what a lovely collection. It would be such a treat to have these in my sanctuary. Thank you for having such a neat giveaway!

  10. So lovely and cheery! The trail where I walk has a butterfly garden and I noticed this week that the flowers that attract the butterflies are starting to bloom and there were a few there. Looking forward to the coming weeks then the butterflies practically swarm the garden.

  11. Love butterflies and flowers – a beautiful combination and in fine china, even better. Thank you

  12. What a beautiful set. I actually keep beautiful cups in my office at work to enjoy my tea in throughout the day. There is nothing more relaxing than sipping on tea while working on a project.

  13. I love the butterfly design! It’s just perfect. I have to tell you, Shannon, listening to your podcasts has made me return to tea in the afternoon, after many years away from it. Thank you!

  14. So pretty! I love butterflies and have been excited to see more of them in our yard along with fireflies and hummingbirds.

  15. What a beautiful presentation for treats and lovely baked goods for a tea gathering.
    Makes treats an extra special events.

  16. Dear Shannon,

    This is so interesting and fun! I have just started to have a cup of tea each day at about 3:00. It causes me to stop what I am doing and sit quietly for a few lovely minutes. As I continue the ritual, I find I look forward to it very much, especially during a stressful or busy day. I found myself wondering why it took me so long to discover this wonderful British tradition! The cup and saucer are lovely, and i like that you said they are a bit larger in size. Thank you!

    Warmly, Kathleen

  17. What a beautiful pattern and lovely set. Thank you for the introduction to company and the chance to receive this set.

  18. When I came across your website about a year ago, it felt as though I had a new friend in a way. It reminded me there are still good, modest, kind, patient, and stylish women. It gave me a new strength to be exactly who I am without any worry. I have printed quite a few of your podcasts and put them in a binder for quick and positive pick me ups! I look forward to each new one. Thank you!

  19. Hi Shannon

    During my childhood, we usually drank tea out of beautiful teacups that had been passed down through the family. I am very grateful for these special memories.


  20. Such a pretty design Shannon. I cannot resist butterflies. My garden is full of butterflies I love teatime and served the correct way from a teapot in a cup and saucer. Tastes different somehow. I stop for tea religiously about 4pm in France (where I now ive). If it isn’t possible to stop I can get a bit grumpy.Even my English conversation group is called “A cup of Tea”?

  21. *Squeeee!* Oh how I’d love to use this set to sip tea and nibble on a fresh croissant while screaming at my children to stop touching my stuff and leave me alone. 😉

  22. I looked on Amazon and found the Concert mug for a birthday gift for my brother. He loves music and coffee. I can’t pick my favorite design, but do love the Butterfly.

  23. This china is just lovely. Butterflies are my mother’s favorite and make me think of her sister and grandmother, who loved butterflies also. Thank you for the chance to win!

  24. Oh my goodness, I love butterflies and I love tea, and what a gift it would be, thank you for the possible opportunity.

  25. I have been seriously looking at this set with such longing, post after post. If you gave us the link earlier, I missed it, my apologies, but thank you for sharing here!
    I am so enjoying this series. Thank you Shannon!!

  26. My husband kids me about having a cup of tea all by myself using a pretty cup and saucer. But this ritual lends itself to making the ordinary special. Plus I love the tinkling sound the cup makes when I place it back on the saucer 😉

  27. So pretty! My great grandmother passed & suddenly butterflies started following all of the women in my family around even off season. It’s been 15 years now and it still happens ♥️

  28. This is idyllic. I am down to my last fine china cup and saucer in a beautiful set I’ve had for many years (my way of saying I’m not clumsy, ha) and was devastated to learn they don’t make this particular set anymore. So I sip and watch and wait (soooo carefully) waiting for the right replacement to fall in love with. I’m so surprised I’ve not stumbled across this company yet, thank you!

  29. Such a lovely set! I’m new to your blog and podcast and all I can say is thank you. I’ve been needing something like this. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

  30. Lovely is the right word for it! And the butterfly looks so real 🙂
    English Breakfast tea from this cup and time to watch the squirrels in the tree outside my window.
    Kind regards
    ~ Lana

  31. TSLL’s British Week is so much fun! Thanks for the giveaways. You have impeccable taste, and whoever wins the Roy Kirkham cup and saucer will be so lucky. Of course, I hope it’s me.

  32. Let me count how many ways I LOVE this china!!! I’m crossing my fingers to find my name in the winner’s circle. Thank you.

  33. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing. And thank you for your lovely and inspiring blog and podcast! I’ve been a dedicated follower for 3 years now and you’ve influenced my life for the better and brought so much beauty and thoughtfulness into my daily life. Thank you again.

  34. Such a pretty pattern. It reminds me of a butterfly decorated plate that was a gift to my grandmother around 1906. We both loved butterflies. She used it so much over the years that the pattern was almost worn off, leaving just shadows for the butterflies in spots. After she passed away I used it until a few years ago when it accidentally crashed to the floor into pieces beyond repair. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win this beautiful cup and saucer.

  35. Butterflies are all over my home. My husband gave me butterflies in my tummy the first day I met him and they continue to do so after 40 years.

  36. AT this point, I’m echoing what everyone else has said, but what a lovely set! Very charming and a perfect way to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning!

  37. This would be a great set to get! It’s so delicate! It would be a great treat to be able to drink my favorite English breakfast tea from this set.

  38. Tea, a favorite ritual of mine, – and this lovely tea cup set would certainly elevate tea time to a new high. So many lovely pictorial options!

  39. I’m happy to be visiting the UK at the moment and enjoying your British Week posts! Perfect timing!

  40. Butterflies … what could be better than seeing this pattern with every sip of tea or coffee. Butterflies remind me of my mother who I lost a few years ago. Butterflies always put a smile on my face and gives my heart that fleeting feeling of having once been young and carefree. I can envision a table set with these stunning dishes and a beautiful flower center piece. So excited to enter this giveaway.

  41. So cute! As a child I loved anything with butterflies on it, but as I got older I tried to lean to a more “grown up” aesthetic (stripes, solid,etc). As I go through my 30’s I am being drawn back to the beauty and symbolism of the butterfly. On Monday, I pulled out an old necklace with a delicate rose gold butterfly charm on it and have been wearing it (Daily Connoisseur Chic Assignment) and getting so much joy from its beauty.

  42. Being British and living in the US I would love my daily cup of tea in this beautiful set! My wedding dress was called Papillon and had beaded butterfly panels so this would remind me of my special day.

  43. My favorite small pleasure is always a cup of tea served in beautiful china! Would be a lovely to have.

  44. What a beautiful pattern! Coffee and tea always taste better in a beautiful cup. Thank you for bringing this brand to my attention, Shannon.

  45. How beautiful this pattern is…and a reminder that we are constantly evolving! I love the way a beautiful tea set can make the everyday so special! I love this week’s posts. Thank you!

  46. Beautiful set! Just became a subscriber today – cheers to you and this blog, and many thanks

  47. What beautiful tea sets. We have many many mugs, but no traditional tea cups and saucers with which to drink our tea! It doesnt get more Anglophile than this. Thank you!

  48. We bought these lovely tea cups for our children’s school teachers at the end of the school year a few years ago- filled with Belgien chocolates for extra appeal;)

  49. What beautiful china. Loved your story about how your Butterfly Garden teacup and saucer became even more special to you after you discovered its English and French connection.
    Thanks for the chance of becoming a lucky winner!

  50. Love butterflies ? and love England so much I moved there. So much more to discoveries yet to be found in this beautiful country!

    1. What a beautiful, elegant set. Perfect both for an Earl Grey in the morning, to put one in the right mindset to win the day, and a Rose Tea in the afternoon, enjoyed while reading a book.

  51. I love beautiful tea sets but had not heard of this maker before. Thankyou so much for introducing them to us!

  52. I was coming to say that I love the butterfly cup, but then I scrolled down and saw the blue chintz and the library collection and made flappy hands of joy.

    I may need to get them.

  53. Thank you for this British week. Well done. Love the tea cup & saucer. Having a set like that would certainly speak to my English soul & make my mornings that much more brighter.

  54. Oh my goodness! I love all of these, but the ‘Creative Writing’ collection made my book-loving, creative-writing heart beat even faster. However, the butterfly design is simply delightful as well. 🙂 All I can say is WOW! I am so glad to learn of this new-to-me company.

  55. Oh, the creative writing set!! How gorgeous. I collect teapots from every country I visit (I am blessed to travel quite a bit for work), and I love displaying them in my home. Every one has a good memory associated with it. Luckily, my husband and son could NOT care less about our home decor as long as the teapots get used to brew souvenir tea to share together!

  56. I love the simple beauty of a tea cup and saucer. I haven’t officially started collecting them, but I do have several–including a couple that my grandmother hand-painted before I was born. I do love your photographs, on each of your posts; I could sit here for hours (and have done so several times), just scrolling through, reading & enjoying.
    Thank you!

  57. Oh my goodness, the creative writing collection! They have got a customer for life, they should be thanking you Shannon for getting so many people hooked on their china!

  58. This china tea set is so lovely! Did I say how delighted and thrilled I would be to win! Absolutely charming!

  59. Lovely choice. It’s a bit of a joke at work that I just can’t drink out of big clunky mugs or polystyrene. I get fine bone china mugs at TJMaxx or home goods and it’s what my teenage boys are used to!! Although if I won this it would have to be on the “mums only, dont touch” shelf ?

  60. Wow, beautiful! A cup of something warm is always a good accompaniment to a good book or magazine.

  61. You are keeping me going this week, Shannon. It’s the quiet rituals that ground me for the day. Thanks for the opportunity.

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