Thoughts from the Editor: Rain, Daffodils & Sunshine

May 22, 2019

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“A lot of success in growing anything well is a blend of confidence and intuition. Have confidence in your intentions and build intuition by exercising it. Pay attention. Look carefully. Gradually, knowledge and intuition will combine to inform each other and make the next observation more meaningful. And so it continues.” —Monty Don in Down to Earth: Gardening Wisdom

Each day we wake up and our journey continues. During certain chapters or pages of our life, we may not understand that our journey is ever moving forward. It may not always be going in the direction we would prefer because we forget about our agency, but it is moving forward.

I shared yesterday on Instagram, the story of these petite daffodils seen above – Narcissus Yazz – not being sure if they would bloom their first year. But with time, three weeks approximately after my first round of daffodils bloomed, they shared their beauty as shown above.

With silk ivory pedals and delicate strength, they bask happily in the rain we have been having nearly every day this week. What always amazes me about flowers, and especially those emerging from a bulb year after year is how on seemingly fine stems, they stand erect with such sturdiness.

So here is what my daffodils have taught me this year and what I continue to remind myself: Our gardens and any garden we visit to draw from it strength and inspiration, serve as a reminder that beauty takes time. The beauty of our lives, the goals we seek, the outcomes we hope and work diligently for, take time. If we dig up the bulb in winter after having planted it in fall, we have interrupted the necessary journey it must navigate to break through the earth on its own and reveal the gem that it has to offer. As well, not only are we each stronger and more agile and sturdy than we realize, the events around us, and how they will unfold, come together, meander and then reconnect to influence our lives, presenting opportunities that we least expect and hard to understand from the outsider’s vantage point.

While we can plan and push for our dreams to materialize as we would prefer them to, we are not privy to all of the details that will bring us to our dream’s realization.

So in the meantime, while you are waiting for your bulb to bloom, and wondering why it has waited until mid-May when nearly all other similar varietals have bloomed in late March and April, use the extra time pre-bloom to dance with the life you have right now. Revel in the responsibilites you don’t have and the privileges you do. Revel in the good health you have now and the money you do not have to spend. Revel in the awesomeness of sunshine and rain and all that the marriage of the two can create, because you are part of that union, but you have to give yourself time to just be. Be present, savor, celebrate, so that when that awesome reality you’ve been dreaming about comes to be, you do not scurry off to the next “big” dream you have to attain.

Savor the daffodils when they bloom, fall asleep to the melody of the rain, and find comfort in the wisdom of the garden.


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Image: TSLL

4 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Editor: Rain, Daffodils & Sunshine

  1. Love the analogy Shannon.
    You can have a succession of daffodils and narcissi in the garden, if you choose your bulbs , there are early , middle and late flowering varieties.
    Another later flowering one is a little multiheaded white one called Thalia…….I think you might like it. It is not a miniature one , but is very slender , with delicate flowers .
    Are you able to see the coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show this week ?
    I think you would love it !
    So many stunning gardens, plants and flowers , including the one that the Duchess if Cambridge helped to design.
    Have a lovely day

    1. I have been enjoying glimpses of the show, and Duchess’s garden is lovely! Thank you for the recommendation of Thalia. I will certainly look into it. Thank you so much for your contribution and generosity sharing so many insights. I am, and I have a feeling, many TSLL readers are appreciative.

  2. I just woke up to this beautifully written to discover that it very much mirrored the exact sentiments I had just finished writing in my own journal. Love when the universe sends me gentle reminders that I’m on the right track. Thanks Shannon and enjoy your lovely bulbs and the full life around them.

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