Top 10 Episodes of The Simple Sophisticate
Sunday December 27, 2015

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On September 8, 2014, The Simple Sophisticate podcast was launched, and since then has continued to evolve and broaden its audience and be downloaded more than 600,000 times. From the beginning, each Monday morning a new episode becomes available to listeners and continuing on Sunday January 3rd, the Au Courant Weekly will return and be available each Sunday morning as well. Two new episodes each week.

The journey of podcasting has been quite fascinating and enjoyable, and in many ways ignorance was the best gift. As I jumped in head-first, mistakes were made, adjustments have been tended to and I am certain there are more to come in the future. Since 2014 a better microphone and system have been purchased (the first episode with the new equipment can be heard here and you can see my office/studio below), and I continue to try to improve my presentation as I tend to repeat phrases for emphasis and speak too closely to the microphone (thank you for your patience). However, it has been a fascinating journey, and I am tickled that listeners, returning and new, continue to find the podcast inspiring, helpful and insightful. Ranking as high as #5 on iTunes Self-Help list when it debuted in 2014, it continues to rank very well each week.

I want to thank all of you who upon tuning in enjoyed the podcast and took the time to write a review on iTunes. The reviews make a tremendous difference in rankings and whether new listeners decide to tune in. I know I am bias, but TSLL readers and listeners continue to be some of the most loyal and involved audiences, which means a lot as I know you have busy and fulfilling lives of your own. I want to make sure you know how appreciative I am for your continued support and interest. The taking of your time means the world.

As mentioned on the last episode of 2015 (7 Reasons 2016 Will Be a Wonderful Year), this is the only week of the year (each year) that TSLL blog (top blog posts lists of 2015 will be shared this week) and podcast takes a holiday. However, I want to leave you with a requested list by many listeners of the Top 10 Episodes of All-Time on The Simple Sophisticate.

It did not go unnoticed that within the top 10 episodes, “Style” and “French-Themed” posts were quite popular, and I will take this observation with me into 2016 as I begin planning episodes for the new year. However, there were six episodes that were downloaded significantly more than the remaining episodes that while not reaching the top 10 deserve to be shared. I list them here first in the Honorable Mention category following (in reverse order) by the Top 10 Episodes of The Simple Sophisticate. Simply click on the link or image to be taken to the show notes where you will be able to listen, read or download as you welcome 2016. Thank you for tuning in! Tune in Sunday January 3rd for the first new episode of the new year!

~Honorable Mention~

11.  Authenticity: The Courage to Be Yourself

12.  17 Habits to Become More Charismatic

13. 6 Ways to Live Fully Each Day

14.  A Modern Woman’s Lifestyle Grocery List

15. 8 Ways to Become the CEO of Your Own Life

16. The Importance of Selecting the Best Reality

Top 10 Episodes

10.  7 Components of Building a Signature Style
9.  The Francophile’s Style Guide: The 14 Essentials
8.  How to Unearth Your Inner Francophile

7. How to Create a Chic Sanctuary

6.  The French Way: How to Create a Luxurious Everyday Life

5. Love Food, Love Your Body: 10 Simple Tips

4.  Confidence: How to Gain It & Why It’s Invaluable
3. 10 Essential Wardrobe Items
2. 6 Steps for Mastering Your Money
1. The 8 Pillars of Building a Simply Luxurious Life 
Topepisodes | The Simply Luxurious Life,

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Episodes of The Simple Sophisticate

  1. I’ve been listening to your podcasts since before I was actually reading your blog! I absolutely love your lists (fellow list-lover here!) that cover a range of points-of-view on the topic of each episode. Even though I have a completely different style aesthetic from you, I can still find a great deal of value in the thoughts you bring to the table, and that’s something that makes you different from a lot of other voices that are trying to spread a similar message. You recognize that perhaps not everyone is focused on fashion trends and present your points so that even someone who feels most herself in a pair of jeans, a flannel, and a pair of beat-up Converse can see the value in what you’re saying. Your podcasts are a gem and I look forward to listening to what you bring to the discussion in 2016.

    1. Nicole, thank you very much for your comment. Your point was very well made. We all are drawn to different sartorial aesthetics based on what makes us feel most comfortable. And as such, there really are no rules, but when it comes to life, even though each of our end points may be different, we each have something amazing within ourselves that is waiting to be discovered, encouraged and enabled to shine. Thank you for tuning in. 🙂

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