7: 6 Ways to Create a Chic Sanctuary
Monday October 6, 2014

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“If we could make our house a home, and then make it a sanctuary, I think we could truly find paradise on Earth.” Alexandra Stoddard


~The Simple Sophisticate Podcast – Episode #7

No matter what the size of your home, the place you lay down each night, the place where you rejuvenate your mind and body, can be your sanctuary. Ultimately, the goal is to create a sanctuary that allows you to feel more at ease the moment you cross the threshold no matter what has happened at work or wherever the day may have taken your schedule as well as replenish you to be at your best when tomorrow begins.

With simple ways to decorate, organize and accessorize your home, you too can create your very own chic sanctuary. Here are six simple tips:

1. The Power of Color & Light

The color of your walls whether you choose to paint them or wallpaper them can have a tremendous effect on your mood. For example, your bedroom – the room in which you spend 1/3 of your day – should instill in you a feeling of calm and comfort. Choosing soft neutrals for this particular room is never a bad idea, as you can always bring in personality with furniture and other decor accessories. So long as we remember that colors have power over our moods and initial responses when we walk into a room, whether we are conscious of it or not, we are, at least subtly, affected. Click here to view a study and what each color could potential induce regarding our moods.

Natural lighting is another important element to consider when moving in, renting or purchasing a home. How much light does each room receive? Ideally, having at least two walls that have the ability to bring in outdoor sunlight in nearly every room is preferred, but typically logistically impossible. However, keep this mind. Which rooms do you spend most of your time in? Will it feel like a dungeon or is there enough light?

~For more specific ideas & details, check out Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide

2. Lighting

Floor lamps, table lamps, scones, pendants, chandeliers. You name it, the lighting you choose has an influence on the mood that is created in each room of your home. For example, the only place you should insist on overhead lighting is in any room where precise attention is being paid – the kitchen, bathroom, the laundry room, sometimes in the office. Otherwise, do your best to cast the best lighting possible with table lamps, floor lamps and wall lighting. If you already have ceiling lighting – chandeliers, built-in can lighting, add a dimmer to control the “temperature” of the room.

3. Create Vignettes

Vignettes offer the opportunity to add touches of polish paired with personality throughout your home. Defined simply as a beautiful grouping of objects such as books, vases and other collectibles, a vignette serves not only as a glimpse into your preferences, travels and tastes, but also is a wonderful to jump start conversation. (Click here to view two simple vignettes in my own home, and here for 8 simple steps for styling your own tray for any room in your home.)

As to where to find all of these details to include in your vignettes, outside of your travels, stop by consignment decor boutiques or yard sales. Two great places to save money and find unique signature items. Below is my latest find at my favorite boutique, a decorative tabletop bowl:


4. Use Natural Fibers

From bed linens, to slipcovers and throws to snuggle up in on the sofa, paying attention to the fabrics that will surrounding your body is worth paying attention to. Choosing natural fibers, such as 100% Egyptian cotton for your bed linens is one of the simplest, yet necessary investments to make when it comes to ensuring a sound night’s sleep. For less than $50 on Overstock.com or Amazon, you can purchase a bed sheet set and be blissfully in a deep slumber upon their arrival. Also, don’t forget about the pillows. I recently purchased this down feather pillow and have been falling fast to sleep until the morning. Lastly, invest in quality bath linens. My go-to towels are from beecrowbee which are made out of bamboo. Have a look here.

5. Create Rooms of Comfort

Wherever you like to spend your time in your home, a kitchen nook, a reading chair or your office, take time to curate spaces that beckon you to sit down and just relax. Another way to decorate or stock such nooks of comfort are to create shelves of comfort – for tea or coffee in your kitchen or lined walls of books and favorite reading material. The goal in creating rooms of comfort is to create a luxurious space where you can enjoy and look forward to enjoying your everyday routine. Your bedroom is certainly not a place to forget, so add a lavender candle, a favorite book or two and get rid of all the unnecessary.

6. Tend to It

While initially cleaning one’s home may not be all that attractive or chic, it is a necessary component to our ability to enjoy our sanctuary. And eventually, when we create daily, weekly, and seasonal cleaning routines, we will no longer have the drudgery of house cleaning as we will have smaller, simpler tasks to do along the way. Click here to view and print The Simply Luxurious Life’s Cleaning Schedule. 

Whether you do the cleaning yourself or hire someone to help, once you understand the powerful benefits of living in a clean home, the rest of your life will be better able to flourish as you will either have less stress or more time to do what you need to do and do it well.

Most importantly, the sanctuary we call home is a place to relax, unwind and then recharge for tomorrow. By investing in these simple ideas up front, you are ensuring continued comfort and far less stress for the long haul as you go about chasing your dreams and enjoying your life. Consider your sanctuary an integral piece to the foundation of your simply luxurious journey, because it truly is that powerful.

~The Book! Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide


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4 thoughts on “7: 6 Ways to Create a Chic Sanctuary

  1. Shannon, this is wonderful! Jennifer’s blog and yours are the two that I follow religiously. To have your pearls of chic wisdom at once is too good to be true!

  2. Shannon,

    You provide such positive inspiration each week. Jennifer L. Scott’s books (both) are wonderful and practical reminders of living intentionally and delightfully readable. I am looking forward to yours in January to add to my cherished collection.

    Thank you,

    Holly C.

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