Why Not . . . Shop Consignment Decor?
Wednesday February 5, 2014

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Just as our sartorial choices reveal our personality, so too can our sanctuaries that we slip home to each night to find rest and rejuvenation before stepping out into the world the next day to do it all over again. Our homes can become a canvas of our passions, our experiences, our dreams and our sense of humor. And one of the best ways to infuse our homes with our signature style without breaking the bank is to stop into a locally owned consignment decor boutique.

During the holidays, I stepped into a boutique in Walla Walla, Washington, DeBouche, and immediately lost all track of time as treasure after treasure caught my eye. With my current project of giving my living and dining room a facelift, I knew instantaneously that I had found a destination for the finishing touches that would complete my tabletop vignettes and add the polish and personality I was looking for.  And as you will notice in the images below, it was an additional plus that the founder Terry Baker and her daughter Amy Reser included consignment designer clothing, shoes and accessories throughout the store as well. Coach, Furla, Louis Vuitton (see what I discovered from Paris via Walla Walla here), Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Kate Spade and other top designers can be found. So even if you’re not in the market for decor, be sure to shop their consignment clothing.

Today I’d like to share a few of the benefits shopping at consignment decor boutiques can offer. Much like consignment clothing, it requires time and patience, but the reward in the end is the discovery of unique and intriguing pieces that you will appreciate far more than a cookie cutter design everyone and your neighbor can pick up for themselves at a moment’s notice. After all, shouldn’t our homes resemble a bringing together of the world we’ve seen, love and cherish? And the only way to do that is to invest the time to gradually and patiently meander along our journey looking for the exact perfect for us item, as the final result will be rich with rewards, comfort and delight.

1. New Fabric with a Classic Structure

One thing DeBouche offers are classic pieces of furniture completely re-upholstered with new, contemporary colors, fabrics and designs. So while you are bringing home a previously used piece of furniture that offers a classic or retro shape, in its own way, you are also able to enjoy a brand new item as well that hasn’t been replicated.

2. Unique Lighting Details

Terry and I had a conversation about where to find chic, yet affordable lamp shades, and while it takes time, as you see below, she knows where to find lighting details that you won’t find at your local Home Depot. With lamps ranging from $40-$100, I was absolutely impressed with the thrift and eye for detail and style that is available.


3. Original Items

As mention in #1, while the chair form may have been purchased decades ago, the fabric and cushions are brand new which refurbishes the life of the item and offers the signature look that will fit perfectly into that little reading nook you’ve been rearranging.


4. Signature Accessories

The majority of my time when I stop into decor boutiques is spent hunting for the precise accessories and details to finish a tabletop, an empty shelf or stemware for a buffet that can start a conversation between strangers. And in a consignment shop, the possibilities are endless.


5. Retro Decor

Each one of us has an aesthetic we gravitate toward. Perhaps we have fond memories of our grandmother’s shag rug in the seventies and nibbling on cookies while lounging on the floor away from mom and dad. Or maybe a favorite film such as Designing Woman starring Lauren Bacall grabbed our attention years ago and we want to create a similar look or feel as to evoke a certain mood. Whatever your preference, stepping into a consignment shop invites you to experiment with what catches your eye. Trust it, try it and who knows what you’ll unearth.

6. Save Money

The key to living simply luxuriously is to become a savvy shopper. More should not be the goal, but rather a focus on acquiring items that have value and function as you need. The commonly known piece of advice by William Morris “Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful,” most certainly shouldn’t be forgotten. And when you have the opportunity to stop into a consignment decor boutique, you are exposed to more opportunities of beauty without having to break the bank.


 7. Respect the Planet While Welcoming Style into Your Home

While a consignment boutique isn’t an antique shop, it still provides the opportunity to discover well cared for items that are in need of a home. Rather than purchasing another item at retail price that countless other shoppers can easily get their hands on, choose instead to reveal your ingenuity and expertise by hunting for the perfect item to fit in your home. And in doing so, also feel assured that in a small way, you reduced your carbon footprint.


“Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well-being.” Albert Hadley

While the dream of hiring an interior designer may ease our headaches and happen with the snap of our fingers, taking the time to carefully decorate our homes so that they reflect the person we are, the journey we’ve traveled and the person we’re becoming is something that can’t be done with hired help.  Maybe your home isn’t exactly as you’d prefer it, but I have a feeling that it is slowly evolving into what you need it and want it to be. Have patience with yourself and enjoy the treasure hunt along the way. 


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9 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Shop Consignment Decor?

  1. Shannon, I love this post! I really like the way the store has displayed the accessories (dressing ) on the furniture! And I remember that lovely LV you found!

    Wish they had an online store?

    Have a great day!

    1. Michelle, Terry really has a talent for staging furniture and the accessorizing of the clothing, shoes and handbags is icing on the cake. I have a feeling if they did create an online shop, they would be very well received. Great suggestion!

  2. Let me just say that the consignment shops in my area DO NOT look like this one! I’m doubting they let you buy online but I’m gonna look anyways. I saw so many cute shoes and other things I would snap up! xo

    1. I’m finding in my area there are more good consignment stores in bigger cities like Toronto who are taking advantage of selling online. If you do some searching online you’ll find many great consignment stores online in the U.S. They may not all sell online but we found if you call them you can arrange to pay by phone and arrange shipping. Just be careful with this method as it can get expensive returning a piece of furniture on your dime. I usually prefer to see and touch these items before buying BUT we did order a great bench for the front door and it worked out. Keep looking the good shops can be harder to find…but worth it!

  3. I’m a big consignment fan. When I switched from a large contemporary home to a small historical one, I swapped my furniture for that of a more appropriate age and scale at several consignment shops. It was a great way to get a whole new look on budget.

  4. Great post! When my hubby and I just started our business years ago and had very little money to live on we could count the pieces of furniture we owned on one hand : )… some of it was used and the rest was donations. We shopped consignment stores, garage sales etc. my hubby was not a fan at first but after he scored (his words then ) his first bargain in a really good quality shirt fir a fraction of the price he got it, we could get more AND better quality for our money. It made us more selective when did start buying new more often. Some of our friends insist on new and I respect that but I do think they’re missing out some great character pieces like vintage doors in place of closet doors, mantels etc.

    I live the mirrored night tables in the one picture. I’ve been searching for similar here in Ontario (just outside Toronto) with no luck. I’ve checked EBay as well. It’s driving my DH nuts as we are now using those cheap (but really versatile) fold up end tables so many of us have as night tables. If any of your readers are from Toronto or Ontario and know of a good source for mirrored night tables please let me know. I don’t mind online sources but with our Cdn $ low right now it’s more expensive to cross border shop : ( I love Nordstroms!

    Happy Friday All,

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